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Valenwood, the realm over which the Camoran Dynasty ruled

The Camoran Dynasty, also known as the Camorian Empire, was an aristocratic dynasty that ruled Valenwood for much of its history.[1] One of the earliest known dynasties in Tamriel, its founding by King Eplear is an event traditionally regarded as the beginning of Year Zero of the First Era.[2][3] Eplear's success in uniting the inherently wild Bosmer has been argued to be one of the greatest military feats in Tamriel's history. The Camorans remained in power for centuries afterwards, even resisting the aggressive expansion of the Alessian Empire, until Valenwood was conquered by the Second Empire in 1E 2714 following years of unrelenting warfare and the devastation of the Thrassian Plague. The Camoran Dynasty survived, but the Empire broke its influence by granting independence to Valenwood's lesser nobles.[3]

When the Second Empire fell in 2E 430, the Camorans unsuccessfully attempted to reestablish their reign, but Valenwood's territories had drifted too far apart culturally to be united and the region descended into conflict.[3] Valenwood would briefly achieve unity under Camoran rule only twice during the Interregnum, and then only as a member of the first and second Aldmeri Dominions. At the time of the first Aldmeri Dominion in the Sixth Century of the Second Era, Aeradan Camoran was crowned king and joined the Dominion to defend his realm against encroaching Colovians in the north.[4] Viewed by some Bosmer as disrespectful of the Green Pact, Aeradan was forced to fight a civil war against the Blacksap Rebellion led by his cousin Gelthior Camoran, and later suppressed an attempted second insurrection by Gelthior's sons Gorinir and Lorchon in 2E 582.[5][6] A subsequent dispute over the succession between the Camoran heirs in 2E 830 led to the intervention of the Altmer and the crowning of Camoran Anaxemes, who pledged fealty to the king of Alinor and thereby ushered in the second Dominion. Anaxemes was then forced to cede much of his power to the Thalmor, a congress of Bosmeri chieftains and Altmeri diplomats who proved modestly effective until Tiber Septim swept them away.[1] Gorinir family was a cadet branch of the Camoran royal line.[7]

Under the Third Empire, the Camorans retained the throne of Valenwood as figurehead monarchs.[3] The year 3E 249 saw another dispute arise over the Camoran succession, a dispute which soon escalated into a massive war that threatened the whole of the Empire. One claimant to the throne, Camoran Kaltos, conquered most of Valenwood in two years with the aid of Haymon Camoran, also called Haymon Hart-King, another claimant and Kaltos's chief advisor and sorcerer.[8][9] Against Kaltos's wishes, however, Haymon declared war on the people of Colovia and marched his armies north.[8] Kaltos pleaded with Haymon to return to Valenwood, but Haymon betrayed him and claimed the Camoran throne for himself, thus becoming the Camoran Usurper.[8] The Usurper's armies ravaged western Tamriel for nearly twenty years, driving through Hammerfell all the way to High Rock while Kaltos unsuccessfully fought to stop him.[10] At last the Principality of Dwynnen marshaled the other city-states of High Rock and joined forces with Camoran Kaltos to defeat the Camoran Usurper at the Battle of Firewaves;[9] Haymon Hart-King was killed in the battle.[8]

Known CamoransEdit

  • Merchant Camoran's mother — Mother of the eventual wife of Eplear. (possibly apocryphal)
  • King Eplear — Founder of the Camoran Dynasty, first king of the whole of Valenwood.
  • Merchant Camoran — Wife of King Eplear. (possibly apocryphal)
  • Calarthor Camoran- Member of the Camoran Dynasty who died in battle.
  • King Aeradan Camoran - King of Valenwood during the Interregnum.
  • Gelthior Camoran - Cousin of Aeradan Camoran attempted to usurp the throne from him at one point but was unsuccessful.
  • Lorchon Camoran - Son of Gelthior Camoran, followed in his father's footsteps with a rebellion attempt but was quelled.
  • Gorinir Camoran - Son of Gelthior, joined his brother in the failed rebellion attempt.
  • King Anaxemes Camoran - The Bosmer king of Valenwood during the formation of the Aldmeri Dominion in 2E 830.
  • Kaltos Camoran - Campaigned for the Camoran throne alongside his sorcerer and advisor, Haymon Camoran.
  • Haymon Camoran - After betraying Kaltos and taking the Camoran throne for himself, Haymon became known as the Camoran Usurper and proceeded to wage war on western Tamriel before eventually being defeated.
  • Kaalys - Bosmer Mistress of Haymon Camoran, would later give birth to the Usurper's child.
  • Mankar Camoran Son of Haymon Camoran and Kaalys, leader of the Mythic Dawn cult that sought to bring destruction to Tamriel with the assistance of the Daedric Lord Mehrunes Dagon. Was defeated by the Hero of Kvatch.
  • Ruma Camoran - Daughter of Mankar Camoran, joined her father's efforts to usher in a new age, was defeated by the Hero of Kvatch.
  • Raven Camoran - Son of Mankar Camoran, joined his father's efforts to usher in a new age, was defeated by the Hero of Kvatch.
  • Celia Camoran - Notable figure whose identity was hijacked to help with a grand heist of an Elder Scroll.



  • The Camoran Usurper reportedly fathered an illegitimate son named Mankar who was born just prior to his defeat.[8] This son shared the same name as Mankar Camoran, an Altmer who led the Mythic Dawn cult, suggesting both are the same individual.