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A Demigod is a divine being of unclear specifications. It is possible they are the Aedric counterpart to the Daedric Demiprinces,[1] making them the offspring of any divine being of non-Daedric origins and a lesser being. In some cases, the term might simply refer to a very powerful spirit.

Known DemigodsEdit


  • Umaril the Unfeathered was supposedly the son of an Ayleid and a god of the previous kalpa,[2] possibly making him a demigod.
  • Dearola, the Daughter of Hircine, is termed a demigoddess,[13] but would be more accurately described as a demiprince.
  • A Bosmer named Thurindil claimed to be the son of Julianos and Mohi-Titona, Queen of Akavir. If true, this would make him a demigod, however it is much more probable these are the ramblings of a madman.[14]
  • Baan Dar's daughter was known to manifest as a female elf named Aniel.[15]

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