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Amaund Motierre
(RefID: 0003B43B)
(lore page)
Location The Bannered Mare
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 4 Class Bard
RefID 0003B43B BaseID 0003B43A
Other Information
Health 73 Magicka 63
Stamina 59
Primary Skills Conjuration, Speech
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes, until Hail Sithis!
Voice Type Unique
Faction(s) DBAmaundMotierreFaction
Amaund Motierre

Amaund Motierre is a Breton of questionable background and employment, first encountered within Volunruud with his bodyguard Rexus. He plays a major role in the Dark Brotherhood questline, during which he hires them to assassinate the Emperor. Upon meeting Motierre, you are given a note with vague instructions for three separate killings. It is then revealed that these contracts will set the stage for the death of the Emperor, the main contract for which the Dark Brotherhood has been hired.

Motierre is a cautious man, refusing to divulge any information about himself or his aims. He also refuses to outright reveal the names of the first three targets in his note, instead offering a necklace to cover the costs of investigating the vague instructions therein. Delvin Mallory identifies the necklace as being uniquely made for members of the Emperor's Elder Council, which leads Astrid to deduce Motierre's motives: "Motierre, you naughty, naughty boy. Hiring the Dark Brotherhood to help you rise beyond your station. Delicious." After completion of the contract, Motierre expresses his profound gratitude, saying that you have done the Empire a greater service than you might realize.

He wears fine clothes and a pair of fine boots. When he moves to the Bannered Mare, he also carries a flawless garnet, a flawless ruby, a sapphire, an emerald, and a diamond.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Silence Has Been BrokenEdit

Motierre in the tomb

When met at Volunruud during the quest, Motierre will greet you upon sight:

"By the almighty Divines. You've come. You've actually come. This dreadful Black Sacrament thing... it worked."

You will be presented with three dialogue options:

Topic Dialogue
The Night Mother heard your pleas, Motierre. "Yes, um.... So it would seem. Well, I won't waste your time. I would like to arrange a contract. Several, actually. I daresay, the work I'm offering has more significance than anything your organization has experienced in, well, centuries."
You have opened the door to darkness, little man. "Oh, I know. I know. But I'm so glad you're here. Please, allow me to state my business. Surely your time is as valuable as my own. I would like to arrange a contract. Several, actually. I daresay, the most important work your organization has had in, well... centuries."
(Remain Silent) "Right, then. You prefer to listen, is that it? Well, you must represent the Dark Brotherhood. I certainly wasn't expecting anyone else. So I'll cut to the chase. I would like to arrange a contract. Several, actually. I daresay, the most important work your organization has had in, well... centuries."

All will lead to:

Go on.
"As I said, I want you to kill several people. You'll find the targets, as well as their manners of elimination, quite varied. I'm sure someone of your disposition will probably even find it enjoyable. But you should know that these killings are but a means to an end. For they pave the way to the most important target. The real reason I'm speaking with a cutthroat in the bowels of this detestable crypt. For I seek the assassination of... ...the Emperor."

Once again, you will have three responses to choose from:

Topic Dialogue
Leaders rise and fall. Business is business. "Oh, wonderful. You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that. So much has led to this day. So much planning, and maneuvering. It's as if the very stars have finally aligned. But I digress. Here, take these to your, um... superior. Rexus. The items."
You want us to kill... the Emperor? Of Tamriel? "That is correct. What I ask is no small thing, of course. But you represent the Dark Brotherhood. This is... what you do? No? You must understand. So much has led to this day. So much planning, and maneuvering. Now, it's as if the very stars have finally aligned. But I digress. Here, take these. They need to be delivered to your, um... superior. Rexus. The items."
(Remain Silent) "It's a shocking request, I know. But it is inside the purview of what you Dark Brotherhood types do. Isn't it? If history is to be believed? You must understand. So much has led to this day. So much planning, and maneuvering. Now you're here, as if the very stars have finally aligned. But I digress. Here, let me give you these. They are to be delivered to your, um... superior. Rexus. The items."

Regardless of how you choose to respond, Amaund will end with:

"Rexus will now give you two items which must be passed along to your superior. The sealed letter will explain everything that needs to be done. The amulet is quite valuable - you can use it to pay for any and all expenses."

If approached again:

"Is there... something else you need?"
Who are you, Motierre? Who are you, really?
"I performed the Black Sacrament, contacted you people, because I thought you guaranteed discretion. Is this no longer so?"
Why do this? Why have the Emperor assassinated?
"In the year 3E 41, Emperor Pelagius Septim was murdered in the Temple of the One in the Imperial City. Cut down by a Dark Brotherhood assassin. His killing ushered in, shall we say, a necessary change in Imperial policy. There are those now who wish for a similar change. I am sorry, but that's all I'm at liberty to say."
We'll require... significant compensation. Can you pay the price?
"Oh, my furtive friend. When Emperor Titus Mede II lies dead, there will be gold... a fortune in gold. But so much more! It is said that the Dark Brotherhood, in recent years, has been in decline. That you lack the power, wealth, and respect of days past. Is it not so? If you do this, if you kill the Emperor... Oh, how the masses will fear and respect you."
This is a complex contract. I need more details.
"The logistics of such an endeavor will be staggering, I know. There will be several minor assassinations necessary. Leading up to the... main target. As I mentioned, the amulet I gave you is exceptionally valuable, and will certainly cover the costs of all these other unpleasantries. The sealed letter explains everything else, in detail. It should be delivered to your superior. Whomever that may be."
You do realize this is treason...
"You think I don't know that? If anyone learned of this meeting, my corpse would swing over Solitude for a decade! But what I ask of you... it must be done. There is too much at stake."
You can trust your servant to keep this secret?
"Oh, Rexus is no mere servant. He has been with the Motierre family since I was a child. I trust the man with my life."

Hail Sithis!Edit

When spoken to after the attack on the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Amaund will be shocked to see you:

"What is it? I said I didn't wish to... be disturbed."
We have unfinished business, Motierre. / Sithis is due a soul. Wouldn't you agree? / (Remain silent)
"By the gods. You... you're alive! But I had heard... your Sanctuary... Please! You mustn't think I had anything to do with that! I wanted the Emperor dead! The true Emperor! I still do! It was Maro! He..."
The Emperor. The real Emperor. Where is he?
"You mean, after all that's transpired, the Dark Brotherhood will still... honor the contract? Why, this is astounding news! Wonderful news! The Emperor is still in Skyrim, but not for long. He's onboard his ship, the Katariah, moored offshore in the Solitude Inlet. But you must hurry! If you can get onboard that ship. Kill Titus Mede II, as contracted... I will reveal the location of the dead drop that holds your payment."
Commander Maro. Where is he?
"Ah, yes, I can imagine you'd want to settle that score. Last I heard he was at the Solitude Docks, conducting the Emperor's departure."
This ship, the Katariah. How will I get onboard?
"Well, I don't know. It's in the Solitude Inlet - that's the channel just north of the docks. I suppose you should go to the docks and... swim?"
What kind of security should I expect?
"Surely you're joking? This is the true Emperor, not some half-Septim lookalike. He'll be surrounded by elite bodyguards, I'm sure. You'll have your work cut out for you. Still... everyone assumes the Dark Brotherhood has been completely destroyed. They may be a bit more lax than usual."

As you leave he will say:

"Please, make haste. The Emperor's ship won't stay moored forever. We won't get a chance like this again."

If approached again:

"Don't you have all the information you need? Please, the Emperor isn't going to kill himself. Hmph. Now wouldn't that be a blessing..."

Amaund will be very pleased once the contract is complete:

"Aha! You're back!"
Titus Mede II lies dead.
"I know! I know! I received the news not moments ago! Ha ha! This is glorious! My friend, you may not realize it, but you have served the Empire, indeed all of Tamriel, in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Ah, but you care little for politics, am I right? You want money! And money you shall have! Your payment waits for you at a dead drop. It is inside an urn, in the very chamber where we first met, in Volunruud. Now please, go. Collect your money, and let us never look upon one another again. Our business, thank the gods, is concluded."

When spoken to again, he will be bothered:

"Your payment awaits. And don't worry, I'm not stupid enough to betray you."
Actually, Motierre, there is one more thing...
"And what might that be?"

You can choose to continue with one of three options:

Just a favor... for an honorable man.
"You assassins and your riddles. It really does get very annoying, you know. Now if you'll excuse me..."
Today is the luckiest day of your life.
"Ha! Well, I certainly do feel that way. Now, if, um... you'll get going?"
(Remain silent)
"Yes? No? Nothing? Very well, then. If you'll just... get going now..."

Whichever your reply, Motierre will dismiss you with:

"Oh, for the love of Mara, would you please just go?"

After this point, he will remain in the Bannered Mare for the duration of the Hail Sithis! quest. Once the quest is complete, he will leave Skyrim for good. If you decide to kill him instead as the Emperor requested, he will say as he dies:

"But... we had a deal..."


  • He is voiced by Alexander Brandon.
  • If you ask Babette about your contract during The Silence Has Been Broken, she will say "The man you need to speak with, his name is Motierre? That's a very old and powerful Breton family, firmly established in Cyrodiil. Most curious..." One member of this family, Francois Motierre, was part of the Dark Brotherhood questline in Oblivion and another, Mirabelle Motierre, was part of the Dark Brotherhood in ESO.
  • You can kill Amaund—either through your own volition or as the Emperor's last wish—in order to claim a small amount of gems, worth a considerable amount of money.
  • There are two different versions of Amaund Motierre:
    • The version found in Volunruud during The Silence Has Been Broken has a baseID of 0003b43a and a refID of 0003b43b. He has tied long hair with no beard.
    • The version at The Bannered Mare has a baseID of 0004e64f and a refID of 0004fa2f. This one looks slightly more unkempt and haggard, as he is starting to grow a beard and his hair is shorter and not as finely groomed.