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Second Era depiction of King Orgnum

The Kingdom of Pyandonea, is the kingdom of the Maormer, one of the first ruling kingdoms on Nirn, and located on the island continent of the same name. Other than scant details discerned from interactions with the Maormer, hearsay and legends. According to long-untranslated tapestries within the Crystal Tower, the kingdom was established in the Early Merethic Era after a phenomenally wealthy Aldmer nobleman named Orgnum attempted to instigate a rebellion against the rulers of Aldmeris - the ancestral homeland of the Aldmer. The coup failed and Orgnum and several other clans was exiled from Aldmeris to an island continent surrounded by an impenetrable mist, known as Pyandonea.[1][2][3]

It was on Pyandonea that Orgnum styled himself as king and "Voice of the Free Maormer People" over the other exiled clans most loyal to him. He then began marshalling his organized and well-disciplined forces in preparation for a triumphant return.[4][1] Not all Maormer remained part of his kingdom and over time some breakaway clans descended into near-barbarism.[5]

The veil of mist surrounding Pyandonea prevented Orgnum from ever disturbing Aldmeris, but that changed when the Aldmer migrated from their homeland and settled on the Summerset Isles, located north of Pyandonea.[2] The Kingdom of Pyandonea made countless attempts to invade the Summerset Isle backed by a strong revanchist policy.[1] For almost every year of the First and Second eras, Pyandonean forces led by King Orgnum harassed the coastlines of Summerset.[2][6] They were also known to have pushed further north, as well, and harassed the coastline of Valenwood during the Interregnum.[7]

The extent of the kingdom's territory outside of the island continent remains unknown, but they have been known to sign treaties with independent states. One such treaty was with Khenarthi's Roost in the mid-Second Era whereby the Maormer Enforcement Squadrons agreed to not perpetrate unprovoked acts of aggression towards merchant ships in or around the port city of Mistral, in return for fifteen percent of all registry fees and excises.[8] Orgnum has supposedly ruled the kingdom as its sole monarch since its founding in the Merethic Era until at least 3E 110, partly due to his purported status as "a deathless wizard" who grows more youthful by the century.[2]

Known RulersEdit

King Orgnum (ME??? - ???)