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Lore:Rituals of the Harmonious Masters

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Rituals of the Harmonious Masters
Religious doctrine surrounding Stendarr and the promotion of his healing magic

Some Elves disdain to venerate the et'Ada Stendarr on the grounds that he is the Apologist of Men, and thus unworthy of worship by the Children of Aldmeris. But if these narrow folk would open their souls to Stendarr's mercy, they would understand that Stendarr in his love cherishes and protects ALL mortals, even—perhaps particularly—those who are less fortunate in their heritage.

It is for this reason that we of the Sect of Harmonious Masters have dedicated ourselves to adapting the magic of Stendarr's Light into spells of healing that can be employed by all the mortal races, not even excepting the beast peoples. The restorative virtues of our rituals and ceremonies are equally efficacious for every race. They can be cast by individuals of every blood, no matter how degraded, so long as they have the will and the wisdom to learn how to use them.

As Stendarr, in his boundless mercy, has given all mortals the potential ability to employ his magical gifts, we of the Harmonious Masters feel honor-bound to provide knowledge of these spells to all the peoples of Nirn freely and without hindrance. We can think of no higher cause than to improve the general welfare of all folk in every culture.