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Lore:The Four Abominations

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The Four Abominations
by Vinicius Imbrex, Archbishop of Chorrol, 1E 10511087
A description of the unnatural enemies of mortals, which are hated by Stendarr

Thus Stendarr looked upon the world of mortals, and he found it afflicted by Abominations. And he made it known unto his priests, resolutes, and templars, that these unnatural profanities are abhorrent in his sight, and are to be exterminated by the Righteous without halt or mercy. For these Abominations are each and every the eternal enemies of the mortals of the Mundus, and shall not be suffered to abide among us.

And these Abominations are four in kind, and may be known thusly:

—The DAEDRA, those unworldly horrors that are not of the Mundus, but come from Oblivion to inflict cruelty and death upon the mortals of Tamriel.

—The MANBEASTS, those mortals who through traffic with the bestial Hircine do change their skins for those of animals, preying thence upon the innocent.

—The RISEN CORPSES, those restless undead whose rotting bodies persist with loathsome and unnatural vigor, sowing fear and agony among the living.

—The DEATHLESS VAMPYRES, who feed horrifically upon honest citizens, regarding righteous mortals as mere cattle to sate their unholy hungers.

Know these Four Abominations, O ye righteous, and gather to slay them where're they appear.