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Lore:Azandar al-Cybiades

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Azandar al-Cybiades
ON-npc-Azandar al-Cybiades.jpg
Azandar al-Cybiades
Race Redguard Gender Male
Born Kozanset
Resided in Hammerfell
Appears in ESO

Azandar al-Cybiades was a renowned Redguard arcanist, known for his exceptional expertise in the realm of magical theory and practice. His unique approach to harnessing the power of magic set him apart as a brilliant theoretician in the field. His world-class talent, power and knowledge was compared to likes of Morian Zenas of the Arcane University.[1][2][UOL 1]


Kozanset, place of Azandar's origins
Azandar casting magic

Azandar hailed from Kozanset. He was of modest origins, with no known family history of magical talent. However, his innate brilliance and unimpeachable talent led to his selection for a tutorial scholarship at the esteemed Shad Astula Academy, an honor rarely bestowed upon individuals from such humble backgrounds. During his time at the academy, he demonstrated a remarkable understanding of Daedric realms, rivaling even the most respected scholars. While his contributions to the arcane arts were undeniably significant, Azandar's unconventional methods and cocksure attitude also earned him a reputation for being both enigmatic and controversial. Azandar's magical prowess was rooted in his connection to a bonded tome, a unique source of power that sets arcanists like him apart from traditional mages. His magical abilities drew from Apocrypha, the realm of Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge. This connection allowed him to access unparalleled depths of arcane knowledge and manipulate reality through the use of intricate sigils and glyphs. From Azandar's perspective, arcanist magic was a tool—a means to an end. He viewed his connection to Apocrypha as a valuable resource and had a detached outlook on the tome's power. While some arcanists pledged themselves to Hermaeus Mora, Azandar did not feel the need to do so and remained focused on his own goals.[1][2][3]

Despite his undeniable brilliance, Azandar's overconfident demeanor and penchant for complex wordplay earned him both admirers and critics. His audacious approach to magic, as well as his tendency to disregard consequences, led to various controversies throughout his career. One noteworthy incident in Azandar's past revolved around his involvement with Telenger the Artificer. Telenger, a renowned Altmer scholar within the Mages Guild, embarked on a lengthy excavation of a mysterious Aldmeri ruin in Skywatch, teeming with planar magics. Concerned about the potential impact on the city, Telenger adopted a cautious approach. Recognizing the need for an expert in the intricacies of aetheric constructs within the site, he invited Azandar to join his research team. However, a mere two weeks later, Telenger returned to find several changes. Portals to other realms were securely sealed, magicka wells were capped, and Azandar was in the process of moving his belongings to the site. While the exact nature of their interaction remains undisclosed, Azandar boldly asserted that he was doing Telenger a favor by closing what he regarded as commonplace portals, "only interesting to children," and potentially dating back to the Aldmeri era.[1]

During his travels, Azandar encountered three notable Apocryphal figures: the Fate Crone,[4][5] the Blind Man,[4][6] and the Baron of Breakers.[4][7] He summoned the Fate Crone for conversation, was visited by the Baron in his dreams,[4] and decided to avoid confrontation with the Blind Man in the antihelix of the Wind.[5][6][7]

Azandar researched a number of Oblivion planes, such as Coldharbour, Apocrypha, Evergloam, Colored Rooms, Deadlands, and Spiral Skein.[8] He visited places within Apocrypha such as Colorless Pool and Abyssal Sea,[9][10] and planned to find entry to the Clockwork City.[11] The initial realm beyond Nirn he ventured into was Fargrave, a place he recalls fondly.[3]

Though scholars largely agree no mortal beings live on planets of Arkay or Akatosh, Azandar was an author of the theory that the power Ayleid Wells reroute back towards the heavens could be collected by someone on these planets.[3] He created a replica of the Fateweaver Key to honor the research adventure of a lifetime.[12]


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