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The Naga-Kur (known as the Dead-Water Tribe in Tamrielic) is a tribe of Nagas, a rare breed of Argonian. However, they seem smaller than the pre-determined average size of others of their kind. Their village is known as Dead-Water Village and they control vast swaths of northern Murkmire and are greatly feared by the Argonians of the surrounding villages.


Natives were an insurgent group based in Skingrad County that operated sometime in the early Fourth Era. Known for their distinctive arrows and modes of attacks, such as beheading the people they ambushed. They were allegedly funded by the Thalmor.[1]

Natural OrderEdit

The Natural Order was a cult devoted to the worship of the Daedric Prince of Pestilence, Peryite. They were a venerated group filled with nobles and aristocrats who secretly followed the Prince. Little is known about them, but Larina Hanus, a scholar on the Daedric cults, claimed that they are on the opposite end of the spectrum of demographics, in comparison to the Diseased, another cult of Peryite, which conversely consists almost entirely of self-described social castaways.

Nerevarine CultEdit

The Nerevarine Cult, associated with the Urshilaku Ashlanders, believes that the Tribunal—the three god-kings Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil—are false gods whose power is stolen from the Heart of Lorkhan. Instead of worshipping the Tribunal, the cult is devoted to a mortal leader who died of his wounds after victory in the Battle of Red Mountain: Lord Indoril Nerevar. Vivec was his lieutenant, Almalexia was his queen, and Sotha Sil was his wizardly advisor. The cult also believes that, in the end, Nerevar will return in a new incarnation (the Nerevarine or Incarnate) to reunite the Dunmer and bring down the gods they see to be false.

Night KnivesEdit

The Night Knives were a minor cult of Namira worshipers headquartered in Western Skyrim sometime during the Interregnum. They were known to have techniques in rimming their tables with umbral frames; shadows made up of coherence energies specific to Namira and/or Hermaeus Mora.


Nightblades are opportunistic adventurers known for their ability for getting in and out of trouble. They wield magic and use it to enhance their mobility, concealment, and stealthy close combat. They move swiftly and with haste by darkness and use spells to benefit their circumstances. Nightblades thrive on conflict and misfortune, spell and shadow are their friends. Believed to be the most intriguing and shadowy of people, they trust their luck, cunning, and intelligence to survive, combining the skills of thieves with the powers of mages. They have a sinister reputation, as many nightblades act as thieves, enforcers, murderers, or secret agents. The mastery of their arts allows them to thrive as infiltrators and spies. Their presence is seldom seen but certainly felt.

Trickery, illusion, stealth, and agility make for a deadly combination, giving nightblades an edge in war. Nightblades also wield Night Magic which not only grants them additional magicka, but increases the accuracy of their spells. They're capable of creating night runes which ravage the souls of foes while siphoning life-force from them. In the Second Era, nightblades were known for their use of Shadow Magic. Despite shadow stepping being commonplace in a nightblade's repertoire during this time teleportation spells were seemingly no longer associated with them come the Third Era. The term nightblade was considered a fancy title with little relevance to the magic educators.

Nighthollow ClanEdit

The Nighthollow Clan, also known as the Night Lords, was one of the first vampire clans to emerge, and thus is almost as old as the curse itself. They inhabited a section of Blackreach located beneath the Reach. They feasted on the power of the Dark Heart at the risk of being consumed by it. Their vampiric features were masked by pallid grey skin and deep black eyes, a side-effect of their reliance on the Heart. The clan had their own written language, recorded in a script known as Void Runes.

Nightingale TrinityEdit

The Nightingale Trinity, usually called simply the Nightingales, are a trio of highly skilled thieves dedicated to the service of Nocturnal. Members are typically chosen from the higher echelons of the Thieves Guild. Although there is no formal association between the two factions and most guild members are unaware of this arrangement, the Trinity is usually very influential on how the guild operates. Nightingales claim they created the guild phrase "walk with the shadows.”

Members of the order take the Oath: the Skeleton Key must remain at the Twilight Sepulcher, the Temple of Nocturnal, which must be protected from all threats, even in death, until Nocturnal accepts the spirit of a Nightingale into the Evergloam, her plane of Oblivion. In return, Nightingales use the abilities granted to them for whatever they see fit to do in life. Contrary to popularized misconceptions, the Oath is considered a business transaction rather than a religious matter. While most members certainly take the Oath very seriously, they are not worshipping Nocturnal as a deity, but respecting her as the patron of thieves.

Nightmare HostEdit

The Nightmare Host was an undead horde led by a lich consisting of ghosts, skeletons, vampires, and zombies. They served the Camoran Usurper and fought in the Battle of Wightmoor, which was one of many conflicts during the greater conflict in which the Camoran Usurper invaded western Tamriel.


A Nisswo (literally "Nothing-Speaker" in Jel) is a priest of a caste dedicated to Sithis. They are native to Black Marsh, and their ranks consist primarily of Argonians.

Nisswo have served two very different roles in Argonian society over the years, shifting from a ruling class in the pre-Duskfall era of Black Marsh to a priest class. In the modern day, Nisswo priests are collectively known as the 'Clutch of Nisswo', and share the goal of spreading the many truths of Sithis, no matter how contradictory they might be.

Nycotic CultEdit

The Nycotic Cult was an organization of daedra worshippers that were active during the middle of the Second Era and had activities to the west of the region of Vvardenfell in Morrowind, with bases both in the Shulk Ore Mine and in and around the ancient Hlormaren Stronghold. Despite being daedric worshippers, they pledged their allegiance to none of the known princes and instead worshipped a being known only as "Nycot" which is also the origin of the name of the organization and could be a mistranslation of Clavicus Vile, the Prince of Bargains.