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Setting Western Reach, Tamriel
Time Period 3E 397
Developer Vir2L
Nokia N-Gage
Release Date
11 Nov 2004 (NA)
23 Nov 2004 (EU)
Shadowkey promotional poster design

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey is a portable spin-off game in the TES Travels series. It is available only on the Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD. It takes place in the region known as the Western Reach, which borders the provinces of Hammerfell, High Rock, and Skyrim.

"War comes to Hammerfell, danger and ambition consuming three kingdoms. But some dangers arrive not upon studded boot, but move in stealth among the shadows. For a war of magics roils in the shadows, mixing with, and as dangerous as the war fought with steel. But unknown to kings and High Mages, the flames of war will forge a hero. It is this hero's destiny to alter theirs, and change the world of... Shadowkey."
—Shadowkey introductory text

Quest Information

  • Quests — All the quests upon which you can embark
  • Narrative — Brief description of the Shadowkey storyline

Gameplay Information

  • Attributes — What are your basic stats?
  • Classes — Information about the advantages gained through playing a particular class
  • Creatures — A list of creatures and hostile NPCs you may face in the game, fit with pictures, statistics and combat strategies
  • Items — Listing of all the items in the game and what they do
  • Multiplayer — Information on the co-op mode featured in the game
  • Races — An Argonian in the ice of the north? It can be done.
  • Spells — Listing of all the spells in the game, their effects, and where to find them

World Information

  • Map — Scanned version of the map that comes with the game
  • Map Schematic — Simplified version of the in-game map
  • NPCs — Listing of all the named people in the game
  • Places — Listing of all the places found in Shadowkey

Miscellaneous Information

  • Cheats — Less honest ways of getting what you need
  • Concept Art — Archive of concept art released for the game
  • Credits — A list of those developers whose hard work you cannot gauge
  • Music — Information on Shadowkey's soundtrack
  • Wallpapers — Official wallpapers, available in various sizes


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