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(RefID: 000198A5)
Home City Solitude
Location Temple of the Divines
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 4 Class Priest
RefID 000198A5 BaseID 000132A2
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 50
Stamina 70
Primary Skills Speech, Two-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type MaleEvenTonedAccented
Faction(s) CrimeFactionHaafingar; SolitudeTempleoftheDivinesFaction; TownSolitudeFaction
Rorlund and Silana speaking.

Rorlund is a Nord high priest of the Eight Divines in Solitude. He lives at the Temple of the Divines with his wife Freir, and Silana Petreia, a girl whom they both saved from a life on the streets. Although Silana Petreia believes the wealthy should do more to help the families of Solitude during the harsh times of war, Rorlund disagrees thinking that it is up to the poor to rise up and follow in the example of the gods. He is worried that attendance to the Temple is down and believes the war is beginning to affect people's faith. Should the Stormcloaks control Solitude, Rorlund will be named high priest of the Nine Divines to include Talos.

Rorlund wears a set of monk robes along with a pair of boots. He wields an iron dagger and carries a belted tunic along with a selection of upper-class items and gold.

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Should you approach him, Rorlund will provide you with a humble welcome to the Temple:

"As high priest of the Eight/Nine Divines, I bid you welcome."
"We welcome you to worship the Eight/Nine Divines, freely and openly."
"Wander no more, for you are among friends here, and safe."
"Blessings be with you."

If you meet him when he is outside of the Temple of the Divines, he will tell you that he is busy but will remind you to seek him out later:

"I'm afraid I'm running errands at the moment. But please, visit me later at the Temple of the Divines."
"Well, now. I'm afraid you've caught me a bit out of my element. Most of my time is spent in the Temple of the Divines, you see."

If you meet him at the burning of King Olaf festival:

"I believe Sanguine would be pleased with this festival."

Rorlund may close dialogue by providing you with a reminder:

"Blessed are those who worship, for they know true grace."
"Keep the faith."

During prayer, he may chant:

"Let us walk in the steps of the Divines."
"Remind us of our place, when we forget."
"May knowledge of your Divinity carry us through our daily trials."

He shares these lines of dialogue with Freir, Silana Petreia, and Greta.


He may speak with Silana, discussing whether they should help Solitude's poverty-stricken families:

Rorlund: "Silana, you don't seem yourself. Is something the matter?"
Silana: "Oh, yes sir. I feel many of Solitude's families are having trouble getting by, and the wealthy do nothing to help them!"
Rorlund: "Your compassion is admirable, but you see, we cannot help them all. The poor must learn from the examples of the gods and raise themselves up."
Silana: "I respectfully disagree, sir. Stendarr and Zenithar may demand strength from them, but Mara and Dibella demand compassion from us."
Rorlund: "I see you have meditated on this subject quite thoroughly. I shall not stop you, but please, try to attend to your temple duties as well."

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Bound Until DeathEdit

During Vittoria Vici's and Asgeir Snow-Shod's wedding, Rorlund will oversee the ceremony, and thus will be found at the courtyard of the temple. If approached he can say either:

"I'm so glad Vittoria and Asgeir chose a public reception. That way the entire city can share in their holy bond."
"Oh, did you miss the ceremony? It was rather quick, actually. The couple seemed more concerned with their reception."

Speaking to him:

Having a good time?
"Oh, yes. Presiding over the union of two lovers is one of my greatest responsibilities. It helps that Asgeir and Vittoria truly care for each other."

Once Vittoria Vici is murdered, he can be found saying:

"Oh, no no no... This is so wrong..."


  • He comments that he thinks "Sanguine would be pleased with this festival" during the Burning of King Olaf, which suggests he has some familiarity with the Daedric Prince.