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Elisif the Fair
(RefID: 000198C1)
(lore page)
Home City Solitude
Location Blue Palace
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 10 Class Citizen
RefID 000198C1 BaseID 0001326A
Other Information
Health 125 Magicka 80
Stamina 80
Primary Skills Smithing, Alchemy, Enchanting, Light Armor, One-handed, Speech, Two-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type FemaleYoungEager
Faction(s) CrimeFactionHaafingar; Favor252QuestGiverFaction; MQ201PartyGuestHappy; NPCs the Player cannot marry; SolitudeBluePalaceFaction; TownSolitudeFaction; faction for party guests
Elisif the Fair

Elisif the Fair is the Nord Jarl of Solitude. She is the widow of High King Torygg, and rumors abound that she may take the reins of power in Skyrim herself. Elisif does not believe the time is quite right yet to formally declare her intentions, but does believe that becoming High Queen of Skyrim is her rightful place. She has misgivings about entrusting the war effort to General Tullius, but doesn't see any other option. She is popular among her people, although some of her supporters have concerns about her age and inexperience. Because of her inexperience, she can be quite overzealous in her desire to protect her people, with little regard for public resources. For example, when you first enter the Blue Palace, she can be seen promising a concerned citizen that she will send an entire legion of soldiers to inspect a cave from which "strange noises" were reportedly coming. Her court advises her that there is no indication of anything suspicious happening and that a more limited response may be called for, she agrees and advises that a few extra guards are to be deployed to the area.

She wears the unique fine raiment with a pair of unique cuffed boots and a copper and ruby circlet. She also carries a belted tunic, at least twenty-eight gold, and an assortment of upper-class items, food and gold.

Elisif starts her day at 6am by getting up from bed to attend to her court. Her early court duties will be interrupted after just an hour, as the Jarl will break for a meal for the next hour of her day. From 8am to 12pm, she will return to managing the morning's court affairs. Once midday arrives, she will take an opportunity to visit her quarters for lunch for the next hour, afterwards continuing her court duties until 10pm. After the court closes for the night, she will retire to her room for the rest of the evening. Elisif may wander, eat, idle, or go to bed early, from 10pm to 12am, but she will always go to her bed by midnight to sleep. After at least six hours of sleep, the Jarl will wake up to repeat her schedule once more.

Related QuestsEdit


Her greetings:

"If you have business, please see Falk Firebeard, my steward."
"With the passing of my dear husband Torygg, the weighty position of Jarl has fallen to me. Please direct questions to my Steward."
"Ulfric is a fool and a coward, who naively believes he can bring about peace through warfare. It's rather sad, really."
"Thanks to Ulfric's rebellion, countless innocent people can't feed or clothe their families. It's unacceptably tragic."

Conversation with Elisif will allow you to ask her about her claim to being High Queen of Skyrim, Ulfric's slaying of High King Torygg, and if she trusts General Tullius. Asking about her claim to the throne of Skyrim will have her explain that she cannot assume the role of High Queen until the Stormcloaks are defeated:

Are you the High Queen of Skyrim?
"Not yet, no. Although it is true my husband Torygg was the High King, and I am his widow... now is not the time to lay claim to such a title. This land is riven by war, and her people suffer for it. The Stormcloaks are a blight on Skyrim, and like any blight... must be purged. Only then will I take my rightful place as High Queen."
Why did Ulfric kill your husband?
"Because that's what traitorous cowards do when they desire power. Ulfric coveted the High King's throne. He thought he deserved it more than Torygg. And so he came before my husband and he... he shouted. With that terrible voice. Like something out of a legend... Or a nightmare. When Ulfric unleashed such fury, my husband he... he simply ceased to be. That is all I will say, for it grieves me to speak of it."
Do you trust General Tullius?
"Hmmm... A question I am all to familiar with. One my very Thanes ask often. They worry that Tullius is so focused on the war, that he risks forgetting what's best for our people. The real irony is that, while General Tullius is certainly no Nord, the people of Skyrim would be lost without him. Trust is always difficult, especially for my people. Yet we must trust in Tullius' leadership. For what other choice do we have?"

If the Stormcloaks are victorious over the Imperial Legion, Elisif will have much grimmer comments about her claim to Skyrim, and Ulfric's duel with her husband. Asking her if she still acknowledges her claim to the throne now that Ulfric Stormcloak has won the Civil War, will have her admit that she will never be High Queen now:

So, do you still claim to be the High Queen of Skyrim?
"No. Although it's true my husband Torygg was the High King and I am his widow, I am in no position to claim such a title. Ulfric Stormcloak is victorious, and the Jarls have fallen in line. It seems I will never take my rightful place as High Queen."
What do you think about Ulfric, now that he has won?
"Ulfric coveted the High King's throne. He thought he deserved it more than Torygg. Now it would seem Ulfric has his wish. And there truly is no justice in the world."

After ending a discussion with Elisif, she may say:

"Be well. Pray for Solitude and my husband."
"Keep the faith. General Tullius will win this war." (Imperials control Solitude)
"We have the utmost confidence in you and Ulfric's guiding hands." (Stormcloaks control Solitude)
"May the blessings of the Eight/Nine be with you."

Quest-related EventsEdit

The Man Who Cried WolfEdit

Elisif hearing a troubling tale from Dragon Bridge

Upon your first visit to the court in the Blue Palace while it is in session will have a farmer from Dragon Bridge, Varnius Junius, claiming of strange sounds originating from Wolfskull Cave. Elisif wholeheatedly accepts the report as being trouble for her lands, and will quickly pledge a legion to investigate and resolve the issue. In response to her hasty plan of action, the court wizard and steward will suggest that this is a non-issue and that a smaller response would be more appropriate.

Varnius: "I swear to you, unnatural magics are coming from that cave! There are strange noises and lights! We need someone to investigate!"
Elisif: "Then we will immediately send out a legion to scour the cave and secure the town. Haafingar's people will always be safe under my rule."
Varnius: "Th...thank you, my Jarl thank you."
Sybille: "Your eminence, my scrying has suggested nothing in the area. Dragon Bridge is under imperial control. This is likely superstitious nonsense."
Falk: "Perhaps a more... tempered reaction... might be called for?"
Elisif: "Oh. Yes, of course you are right. Falk, tell Captain Aldis I said to assign a few extra soldiers to Dragon Bridge."
Varnius: "Thank you, Jarl Elisif. But about the cave..."
Falk: "I will have someone take care of the cave as well Varnius, you can rest easy. You're dismissed."

Having provided her instructions on the handling of this matter, Elisif will allow her steward to manage the remainder of the issue. Attempting to ask her about the issue with Wolfskull Cave will have her point you towards her steward: "Oh, I thought that matter was handled. I think Falk is taking care of that."

Elisif's TributeEdit

A Final Offering

After the completion of The Man Who Cried Wolf, Elisif will put some trust into you and will trust you with a more personal task to handle. Approaching the Jarl will have her comment on her need for your assistance:

"There's something... personal... I was hoping you would do for me."
What can I do for you, Jarl?
"Falk told me what you did for us at Wolfskull cave. He says you're someone we can trust. As you may know Talos worship is outlawed in the Empire. When we buried my husband I made offerings to all the gods... except Talos. I would like you to take an item of his, a warhorn handed down from his father, and place it at a Shrine of Talos."
Do you worship Talos?
"No but my husband Torygg would want a proper burial and this is the way Nords are buried in Skyrim."
I'm sorry, I can't right now.
"That's all right. Return to me if you change your mind though."
I would be honored to help.
"Thank you. It would mean a lot to me."

Asking her after already being told about the job will have her explain what needs to be done once more:

"Yes, when we buried my husband I wasn't able to make an offering to Talos. I was hoping you would to take [sic] something of his, a warhorn handed down from his father, and place it at a Shrine of Talos."

After facing an ambush from Thalmor forces led by Agent Lorcalin, and successfully placing the horn on the altar, you can return to Elisif the Fair for your reward. To show her appreciation for all that you have done, Elisif will thank you, allow you to take the steps towards becoming a Thane, and give you the opportunity to buy Proudspire Manor:

I've placed the horn at the shrine.
"Falk said I could count on you. You have more than earned the right to purchase property and take the next step to becoming a Thane. Speak to Falk when you have the funds. And thank you."

Fit for a JarlEdit

If you accepted the proposition from Taarie, speaking to Elisif while wearing the designated outfit will allow you to ask Elisif if she likes your outfit:

Do you like my outfit?
"It's quite fetching actually. The craftsmanship is excellent."
It was made by Radiant Raiment.
"Oh really? Well you can tell them that I will be putting in a request for a few dresses quite soon."

Bound Until DeathEdit

She can be spoken to at the wedding:

"A marriage of both love and political advantage. A rare thing indeed."
Having a good time?
"So far. I just hope things remain calm. Wine gets drunk, tempers flare. This may be a joyous celebration, but it's shadowed by a lot of animosity."

After Vittoria Vici dies:

"The Emperor's cousin is dead! This is a disaster!"

If Asgeir Snow-Shod dies:

"By all the gods, the groom has been killed. At his own wedding! I can only think of my own husband..."

Diplomatic ImmunityEdit

Elisif can be present at the Embassy party with her greetings being:

"Have you tried the wine? It's better than anything in the Blue Palace."
"I could learn a lot from the people in this room."
"When I married Torygg, he promised we'd go to lavish parties just like this. I wish he were here now."
"Isn't this something? Elenwen really knows how to host a party!"

When spoken to, she can be asked questions and can potentially help cause a distraction:

Jarl Elisif, it's a pleasure to see you again.
"Why, thank you. You are most courteous. I admit, I'm surprised to see you here. Normally these parties are reserved for the Jarls and business leaders of Skyrim. Elenwen must be very fond of you."
Are you here with one of the Jarls?
"I beg your pardon? You must have me mistaken for someone else. I am Elisif, widow of High King Torygg and Jarl of Solitude. Lucky for you, I possess a forgiving nature and I'm not easily insulted."
Enjoying the party?
"Very much so, yes. Elewen's parties are always so elegant. She really has impeccable taste. My only regret is that she doesn't host them more often."
I need your help with something.
"I'm always glad to help a friend if I can. What do you need?"
I need you to cause a scene. Get everyone's attention for a few minutes.
"Oh... perhaps not, then. I don't think the Jarl of Solitude should be participating in a childish prank."
Never mind.
"Yes, this probably isn't really the place for your little jokes."
You'd be doing me a big favor… (Persuade)
"Go ahead and play your little joke." (Passed)
"I'm sorry, but I really can't." (Failed)

If you manage to convince her to help you make a scene:

Elisif the Fair: What...! Do you know who I am? I should have you taken up and flogged!
Razelan: Of course I know who you are... I didn't mean to suggest, that is, I don't even remember saying that...
Elisif: There's no excuse for your behavior! You behave like you're carousing in a house of ill repute, not the residence of the Thalmor Ambassador!
Elenwen: Razelan. And you promised to behave yourself this time. Remove him. He's disturbing the other guests.
Razelan: I protest! This is an insult to the dignity of my person! This time I'm completely innocent! / This is preposterous. Disrespect... insulting! I am tired of being hounded from all sides! / Madame Ambassador, you know that I would never have behaved... that is to say... well I swear I'm innocent this time!
Elisif: Oh... I'm afraid I may have overreacted. Please, I've already forgotten whatever it was he said to me. I'm sure he's learned his lesson. Let's try to enjoy ourselves.
Razelan: Absolutely not! I protest... uh, that is, yes, of course. I still don't understand what just... oh never mind. / That is absolutely untrue! Uh, that is, yes, of course. What... I don't understand why everyone... never mind.

Season UnendingEdit

Elisif at the negotation table, alongside Tullius

Elisif will be present at the ceasefire negotiations held between the Empire and the Stormcloaks during the events of Season Unending, as a representative of the Imperial delegation. Speaking to the Jarl after both parties have arrived at High Hrothgar will have her voice her continued disdain towards Ulfric for the murder of her husband:

"I'm here because it's required of me. But there's nothing to be gained by talking to that murderer."

She will also express a lack of faith in any progress being made towards a peace agreement:

"I understand this council was your idea, Dragonborn. I'm afraid I don't hold out much hope for success."

While Elisif will play mostly a minor role during the course of the negotiations, she will speak up on two occasions. The first time she may speak out will be if Jarl Ulfric demands control of Markarth in protest to the suggestion, only for General Tullius to ask for her to be silent:

Ulfric: "We want control of Markarth. That's our price for agreeing to a truce."
Elisif: "So that's why you're here, Ulfric? You dare to insult the Greybeards by using this council to advance your own position?"
Tullius: "Jarl Elisif, I'll handle this."
Elisif: "General, this is outrageous! You can't be taking this demand seriously! I thought we were here to discuss a truce!"
Tullius: "(to Elisif) Elisif! I said I'd handle it. (to Ulfric) Ulfric, you can't seriously expect us to give up Markarth at the negotiating table. You hope to gain in council what you've been unable to take in battle, is that it?"
Ulfric: "We've taken it before. I'm only asking for what will be ours soon enough anyway."
Arngeir: "I'm sure Jarl Ulfric does not expect something for nothing."
Rikke: "Yes, that'd be entirely out of character."
Elisif: "Wait. General, you don't intend to just hand over Markarth to that... traitor!"
Balgruuf the Greater (if present): "This is how the Empire repays us for our loyalty?"
Vignar (if present): "You lost the trust of the people of Skyrim, Elisif. You had your chance to make the right choice when the war started."
Tullius: "Enough! (to Ulfric) First, let's be clear. This council wasn't my idea. I think it's a waste of time. You are a traitor to the Empire, and deserve a traitor's death. But I at least will negotiate in good faith."

After this, she will remain silent until the end of the discussions. At the end of the negotiations, Elisif will speak again after Ulfric provokes a response out of her:

Ulfric (if terms favored the Empire): "I shouldn't agree to terms that so blatantly favor the Empire. I have no choice, though, under the circumstances. But once Alduin is defeated - then it will be the Empire's turn. Remember - "Evgir Unslaad." You should be pleased, Elisif. You've done well for yourself as the Empire's pet Jarl. But beware - the Empire's loyalty is fickle. They will tire of this war, and then I will be the one dictating terms to you." (if terms favored Stormcloaks or were balanced): "The sons of Skyrim will live up to their agreements. As long as the Imperials hold to theirs. What about you, Elisif? Are these terms to your liking? Speak up. I'm sure General Tullius is waiting to do your bidding."
Elisif: " (to Ulfric) I have nothing to say to that murderer. (to Tullius) General, you've proven yourself a good friend to Skyrim. I continue to trust that you will do your utmost to safeguard our interests.
Tullius: " (to Elisif) Thank you, Jarl Elisif. I appreciate your loyalty. (to Ulfric if terms favored Stormcloaks) These terms blatantly favor the rebels. Everyone here knows that. But the Empire will accept them, until the dragon menace is dealt with. After that, Ulfric... there will be a reckoning. Count on it." (if terms favored the Empire or were balanced): "The Empire can live with these terms, yes. For a temporary truce, until the dragon menace is dealt with. After that, Ulfric... there will be a reckoning. Count on it."

Once the negotiations are done, speaking to Elisif will have her express her fear that Ulfric will betray the peace agreement as soon as it is favorable for him:

"I'm glad you were able to negotiate a truce, but I don't trust Ulfric. He'll break his word as soon as it suits him."

If you favored the Stormcloaks in the concessions made, she will also express her anger at any notion of him being victorious:

"I don't know why you gave Ulfric so much. That murderer will never rule Skyrim."


Elisif will have a variety of discussions with the various members of her court about the matters of state. During one she will ask Thane Erikur for advice on handling the income lost during the war, only for Thane Bryling to interject that their support for the Imperial Legion may be helping the Stormcloaks more than it is hindering their cause.

Elisif: "As you know, Solitude's coffers are much depleted by the war efforts. Thane Erikur, you have a strong head for business. What do you suggest?"
Erikur: "This is an unfortunate but unavoidable ebb in revenue. But as long as we continue to support the Empire, our sacrifices will be well rewarded."
Bryling: "Listen to you, speaking of sacrifice. You've never gone hungry a day in your life, Erikur!"
Elisif: "And what would my impetuous Thane Bryling suggest, instead?"
Bryling: "Simple. Let the Empire fight its own war, with its own funds, and without hijacking our supplies and soldiers. Let Haafingar rebuild."
Erikur: "My lady... Surely you're not that naive. Such foolishness would only leave us defenseless. The rebels would storm the palace in an afternoon."
Bryling: "The Stormcloaks only rebel because the Empire uses Skyrim as its personal larder. The more they take, the more support the rebels gain!"
Elisif: "That is quite enough. Perhaps I will raise these issues when I have an audience with General Tullius."

Another occasion will have Elisif ask Bryling for a report on the defenses of Haafingar, with Erikur interrupting the conversation to insert his opinion.

Elisif: "Thane Bryling, what do you have to report about the state of Haafingar's defenses?"
Bryling: "The news is the same as it's been for the rest of the war, your grace. Our borders are secure, but at the cost of the guards for our towns and roads."
Erikur: "I don't see any reason why we'd need them. As long as those dogs stay outside of our borders, we're fine."
Bryling: "The Stormcloaks are far from the only threat to the hold. The roads are beset by bandits and beasts... and now there's even talk of bloody dragons."
Erikur: "My dear Bryling. Barring any... fancy and folly... the good people of Haafingar are surely capable of dealing with the odd highwayman or stray dog. "
Bryling: "Trouble on the roads and cities means less commerce. Less commerce means less money and more starving people. And that means more crime."
Erikur: "Humph. That's only a problem for people who can't afford to hire their own security."
Elisif: "That may well be our only answer. I will empower my Steward to seek out capable individuals to secure Haafingar. Thank you, my Thanes."

Jarl Elisif will also ask her steward, Falk Firebeard, about her next meeting with General Tullius.

Elisif: "Steward, when is my appointment to meet with General Tullius? There are some issues we must speak about."
Falk: "I'm afraid he's had to reschedule, my grace. By all accounts, waging war takes his every moment."
Elisif: "Again? He can't simply cancel an appointment with the Jarl! He serves in my capital city!"
Falk: "I'm afraid he can. His authority comes from the emperor. Who you also serve, technically."
Elisif: "He uses all of Haafingar's resources, and doesn't answer to me in the slightest? This hardly seems fair."
Falk: ""Fair" is a word rarely applied to politics, my grace. I'm afraid you must learn to accept this."

The Jarl will also show concern about the possibility of the city falling under siege, and asks her steward to prepare for the worst.

Elisif: "Steward Falk, I have a task for you. I want to begin stockpiling food and water in the event we come under siege, and I would like you to oversee this work personally."
Falk: "A wise course of action, my Jarl. However, we have little food or water to spare."
Erikur: "General Tullius will never allow that. He's ordered all surplus food to be given over for the war effort."
Falk: "General Tullius does not run this city, Thane Erikur. Or have you forgotten your oaths of fealty?"
Erikur: "My apologies, Jarl Elisif. I was thinking only of the importance of the war effort."
Elisif: "There's no need for an apology, and you're right about the war. Perhaps this is a matter best discussed with with the general in person."
Falk: "I will make the arrangements, my Jarl."

Housecarl Bolgeir will protest General Tullius conscripting the local guardsman to his liege.

Bolgeir: "We lost another five guardsmen, my Jarl. If General Tullius continues to conscript our men and send them off to battle, we'll have none left to protect the city."
Elisif: "Yes, I know. The general acted with my blessing. It is vital that we bring Ulfric to justice, but that cannot happen until his army of Stormcloaks is defeated utterly."
Bolgeir: "Told you that, did he? I'm sworn to protect you, my Jarl, but I'm the last line of defense. The first line is the walls around this city and the men who patrol them. Men who, I might add, we're precious short on."
Elisif: "I'm aware of that, Bolgeir, and I appreciate your dedication. However, if we lose the war, the guardsmen of Solitude will make little difference in the end."
Bolgeir: "No disrespect toward the general, but sometimes I wonder if he's got your best interests at heart. In any case he won't be turnin' me into no Imperial soldier. I know my place, and it's at your side."
Elisif: "It comforts me to know that, Bolgeir."

Jarl Elisif will also propose a military parade to her court to boost the public's morale, to the disapproval of her steward due to it tying up the military forces and her Housecarl due making her vulnerable to an attack by assassins.

Elisif: "Steward, I have an idea that might help to bolster the morale of our people in this difficult time. I think we shall have a grand parade, and let General Tullius march his troops from the Blue Palace to Castle Dour in all their finery."
Falk: "What a... fine idea, my Jarl. However, I would suggest we wait until the war has ended. After all, the General needs his soldiers out in the field, fighting battles against the Stormcloaks."
Bolgeir: "I must protest, my Jarl. A parade would make you an easy target for a Stormcloak assassin. You're safer here in the palace."
Elisif: "Oh, very well. I can see there's no changing your stubborn Nord minds. But when this war is won, I will have my parade!"
Falk: "Yes, my Jarl."

A conversation between Steward Falk Firebeard and Court Wizard Sybille Stentor will show that Sybille has little confidence in Elisif's future.

Sybille: "Steward, I will need the following reagents for my studies. Please see to them."
Falk: "Miss Stentor, these are quite expensive. I trust you know how limited the hold's funds are at this time?"
Sybille: "Yes, and I'm also aware of how necessary my divinations and wards have been in the city's defense. My experiments are all I ask for in return."
Falk: "Very well. But I suspect her grace will not be pleased."
Sybille: "And? I've seen jarls come and go. This one only became Jarl because her husband died. She'll be replaced in a matter of months."
Falk: "Miss Stentor, watch your tongue in the Jarl's court!"
Sybille: "On threat of what, exactly? This city wouldn't run without me! Now if you'll excuse me, my work awaits."

Erikur will bring up his concern about a new tax on naval shipping to Falk Firebeard, while also criticizing Elisif's treatment of the noble class.

Erikur: "I've heard the Empire plans to levy a tax on our trading ships. Falk, you've got to do something about this."
Falk: "General Tullius needs more money for the war effort. We need the funds to arm and provision more troops."
Erikur: "Then let's increase the taxes on the farms and merchants. We can't afford to lose the loyalty of the ship captains."
Falk: "We know full well about your investment in shipping ventures, Erikur. I've also heard troubling rumors about dealings between you and the crew of that pirate ship, the Red Wave. Thankfully, Jarl Elisif cares far less about your lost profits than she does about winning the war!"
Erikur: "The Jarl would be wise to remember that it is her thanes - and my profits - that are paying for this war."


  • Elisif is the only jarl in Skyrim who cannot be replaced through the Civil War quests, regardless of your decisions.
  • Elisif the Fair will speak a hard line against Ulfric, but a script note for her reveals a different outlook on the man: "Everyone expects me to hate Ulfric, but I truly don't. I just wish he would see reason and end this rebellion."
  • Jarl Elisif was intended to be the target of a murder ordered by Boethiah, called Boethiah's Bidding, following the quest Boethiah's Calling. The quest itself was not implemented in the final game, but the data can still be found in the game files. Unused dialogue indicates that Erikur would have taken her place as Jarl of Solitude.
  • Elisif is the only jarl that does not slouch in her chair while holding court.
  • For the duration of multiple quests, Jarl Elisif will not be at the Blue Palace:


  • Should you attack Elisif under any circumstances during the quest Boethiah's Calling, she will flee combat and all of the Blue Palace's guards will turn permanently hostile to you. This is caused by leftover code tied to removed content. (see Notes)