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Falk Firebeard
(RefID: 000198C2)
Home City Solitude
Location Blue Palace
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 12 Class Warrior
RefID 000198C2 BaseID 00013274
Other Information
Health 178 Magicka 50
Stamina 87
Primary Skills Heavy Armor, One-handed, Archery, Block, Two-handed
Class Details CombatWarrior1H
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type MaleNord
Faction(s) CrimeFactionHaafingar; SolitudeBluePalaceFaction; TownSolitudeFaction
Falk Firebeard

Falk Firebeard is a Nord warrior and the personal steward to Elisif the Fair, the Jarl of Haafingar. With Elisif in mourning after the death of High King Torygg, Falk Firebeard oversees all court business and will provide you with quite a few tasks on her behalf, in particular the unfortunate return of The Wolf Queen. He will also sell you Proudspire Manor, the most expensive house available for purchase in Skyrim.

Elisif the Fair rules Skyrim from her seat in the Solitude's Blue Palace and Falk is by her side at all times, listening to various citizens as they approach, while doing his best to dodge Elisif's rushed ideas and convince the other court members that Elisif is fit for the job. He never pauses to eat or sleep, although he was intended to (see bugs section for details).

His wardrobe befits his role as steward and includes fine clothes and matching boots. He wields a steel sword and carries a belted tunic along with an assortment of upper-class items, food and gold.

Related QuestsEdit


When you meet him for the first time, he will greet you formally with one of the following:

"Do you have business with the court?"
"I am the Jarl's Steward. If you have court business to tend to, you talk to me."
"The Jarl is not to be disturbed with common affairs of court. You direct those concerns to me."

You can then ask him about where he stands on the many issues related to Torygg's murder and the fact that the Imperial Legion and General Tullius fight the civil war from their headquarters in Solitude. When asked specifically if Tullius likes Elisif, he will hint at the many different opinions within the court.

Does General Tullius respect Elisif?
"Of course he does. What sort of a question is that?
Maybe you've been listening to Erikur. There's been loose talk among some of the Thanes, and I suspect he's the cause of it.
You'll pay those rumors no heed if you wish to retain your welcome in this city.
She may be young, but Elisif is the Jarl by right. And here in Skyrim, if nothing else, we respect the traditions of our father's fathers.
You'd do well to remember that."

He will also share his thoughts about where Elisif stands if the war is unresolved.

What will happen to Elisif if the Empire wins the war?
"That remains to be seen. By rights, she has a legitimate claim as High Queen of Skyrim.
But we must have the support of the other Jarls for that claim to have any meaning. Should they accept her rule, we will have peace."

He will bid you farewell with one of the following:

"Feel free to return to me with questions. The Blue Palace is an open forum."
"Please feel welcome in the court of Solitude."

If you speak to him while Elisif is in the middle of a court session, he'll say:

Falk Firebeard: "Please don't interrupt the court."

As you progress in the game, Falk will elaborate even more on the situation concerning Elisif. If you've completed The Man Who Cried Wolf, Falk will explain why the jarl relies on him to make decisions.

Elisif seems to rely on you a great deal.
"She still mourns greatly for her husband, High King Torygg. So she leaves many of the courtly details to me."

Should the Stormcloaks win the war, he will provide his theory on why Ulfric Stormcloak chose to spare Elisif. He'll also reflect on what will happen to Elisif.

Why did Ulfric let Elisif live?
"Because killing her would yield no political advantage.
By leaving Elisif alive, Ulfric completes the separation of the Empire and Skyrim.
With Ulfric's troops here, Elisif will be forced to support his bid for High King. He secures the position and appears above reproach.
What's more, Ulfric's refusal to execute his slain enemy's wife will be portrayed as the ultimate act of compassion. Hmph. It's genius, really."
What will happen to Elisif now that Ulfric has won the war?
"Well... By rights, she had a legitimate claim as High Queen of Skyrim.
But now Skyrim is at Ulfric's mercy.
The moot will meet and choose Ulfric as High King. With his troops in most of the cities, they have little choice."

If the Legion won the war, you were supposed to be able to say the following:

What will happen to Elisif if the Empire wins the war?
"That's the real question, isn't it? No one can deny Elisif has a legitimate claim to become High Queen of Skyrim...
But we must have the support of the other Jarls for that claim to have any meaning. Should they accept her rule, we will have peace."

However, this is never heard because the conditions for the dialogue are incorrect.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Man Who Cried WolfEdit

The first time you enter the Blue Palace, you will witness a traveler from Dragon Bridge, namely Varnius Junius, plea to Elisif for help with some strange occurrences near Wolfskull Cave:

Falk listening to Varnius Junius
Varnius Junius: "I swear to you, unnatural magics are coming from that cave! There are strange noises and lights! We need someone to investigate!"
Elisif the Fair: "Then we will immediately send out a legion to scour the cave and secure the town. Haafingar's people will always be safe under my rule."
Varnius Junius: "Th...thank you, my Jarl thank you."
Sybille Stentor: "Your eminence, my scrying has suggested nothing in the area. Dragon Bridge is under imperial control. This is likely superstitious nonsense."
Falk Firebeard: "Perhaps a more... tempered reaction... might be called for?"
Elisif the Fair: "Oh. Yes, of course you are right. Falk, tell Captain Aldis I said to assign a few extra soldiers to Dragon Bridge."
Varnius Junius: "Thank you, Jarl Elisif. But about the cave..."
Falk Firebeard: "I will have someone take care of the cave as well Varnius, you can rest easy. You're dismissed."

A relieved Varnius will then return to Dragon Bridge, unaware that most of the court will ignore his request. You can ask Falk Firebeard about the issue.

I hear you're looking for some help with Wolfskull Cave.
"You mean the Dragon Bridge issue? I'll be honest with you, I was planning to let that go. Varnius is a bit jumpy at the best of times.
There have been reports of weird happenings near Wolfskull Cave. Travelers disappearing, odd lights. I suspect wild animals or perhaps bandits.
I don't think it's worth our time with the war going on, but if you want to clear out the cave, I'll make sure you're repaid for your work."

This starts the quest The Man Who Cried Wolf. He will also explain how the cave earned its name if you ask.

Why is it called Wolfskull Cave?
"The cave has a bad history. Long ago, Potema the Wolf Queen used it for necromantic rituals. That's where it got the name.
That was over 500 years ago. Nothing much down there now - but everyone's always convinced the cave is haunted."

When you return to Falk after discovering the truth behind the occurrences in Wolfskull Cave, he will be shocked to learn that necromancers tried to summon Potema. When you tell him you managed to interrupt the ritual he will hand you a leveled amount of gold, then gratefully bid you farewell.

"You've returned. Good. What did you find at Wolfskull Cave?"
Some Necromancers were attempting to summon and bind Potema.
"Potema herself? Please tell me you stopped them."
I interrupted their ritual. It's done.
"You've done a larger service to the realm than you could possibly know. A resurrected Potema... I shudder at the thought."
"Anyone with a stout heart like yours is welcome here."

The Wolf Queen AwakenedEdit

A few days later, a courier will deliver a Letter from Falk Firebeard suggesting that the trouble with the summoned wolf queen is far from over. As you approach, he may say:

"The courier must have found you."

When you meet with him and mention the letter, he will start the quest The Wolf Queen Awakened and explain the trouble. You can then ask about Styrr. If you ask him why they chose you for this job, he will attempt to explain Styrr's reasoning. Falk will be grateful when you accept the job.

"Yes, old friend, I'm afraid it's not good news.
When you broke up the binding Potema escaped. We've encountered some of her minions.
Styrr says she's still in spirit form or we'd all be dead already.
You've already done us a service in stopping the binding, but I need you to go talk to him, to see if Styrr can tell us what to do next."
Who is Styrr?
"He's Solitude's priest of Arkay. He's the one who figured out Potema was still around. He'll help as much as he can."
Why me?
"I'm not really sure. Styrr thinks you have some sort of link to Potema.
I trust his judgment on this. As a priest of Arkay he's had to deal with necromancy before. Nothing as dangerous as Potema though."
I'll talk to Styrr. We'll figure something out.
"I wish you well friend. Be careful."

If you approach during this stage of the quest, he may say one of the following:

"Speak to Styrr. He can help"
"I won't be able to relax until I'm sure Potema is dealt with."

You can ask him about Potema.

What do I need to know about Potema?
"Any resident of Solitude can tell you, she was the deadliest person ever to come out of Skyrim.
Queen of Solitude, granddaughter of Emperor Uriel Septim II, five hundred years ago. Her fight for succession nearly tore the empire apart.
After twenty years of fighting, she had raised armies of the dead, led by vampire generals. If she returns to power, nobody could stop her."

When you return from the Solitude Catacombs, Falk will wholeheartedly thank you.

I've taken care of Potema.
"You've done a great thing, today. It doesn't matter who you support in the war; Potema would have been a blight on the land for both sides. Without you this would have been a disaster.
I should have paid more heed to Varnius' warnings. I won't make that mistake again."
"Take this payment - the Jarl would thank you but she very much wants to keep Potema's return quiet.
Make no mistake we consider you a protector of Solitude."

He will bid you farewell by saying:

"I won't forget what you've done for Solitude."

If you approach him after the quest, he may say:

"I'm proud to call a man/woman like you friend."


In addition to his involvement with the return of Potema, he plays a small part in two other quests, whereas the Delivery quest reveals his love for a special brand of rum, the rare Stros M'Kai Rum. Sorex Vinius will hand you a bottle and ask you to deliver it to Falk. When you hand it over, Falk will become quite excited, hand you a leveled gold reward, and tell you about his journey to Hammerfell.

I have a delivery from Sorex Vinius.
"Oh right, the rum. Thank you. I developed a taste for it after a fair weather trip to Hammerfell.
Here, this is for you."

The Mind of MadnessEdit

During the quest, Dervenin will send you into the Blue Palace, where you are supposed to gain access to the Pelagius Wing. When you confront Falk with the request he will reject it at first. However, if you have completed enough of his other quests, you can convince him and he will reluctantly hand you the key.

I need to get into the Pelagius Wing.
"Absolutely not. That wing has been sealed for hundreds of years, and for good reason. They say the ghost of Pelagius the Mad still haunts it.
Ghost or not, there are reminders of his dark rule that are best left buried away."
Falk, you know I'll be careful. (if you are Thane of Haafingar)
"I'll make an exception for you, but do not bring anything out when you leave. Too many dark deeds transpired in those halls..."


Occasionally, Falk will discuss political matters with the Jarl and other members of the court. One conversation involves an idea to bolster the citizens' morale:

Elisif the Fair: "Steward, I have an idea that might help to bolster the morale of our people in this difficult time. I think we shall have a grand parade, and let General Tullius march his troops from the Blue Palace to Castle Dour in all their finery."
Falk Firebeard: "What a... fine idea, my Jarl. However, I would suggest we wait until the war has ended. After all, the General needs his soldiers out in the field, fighting battles against the Stormcloaks."
Bolgeir: "I must protest, my Jarl. A parade would make you an easy target for a Stormcloak assassin. You're safer here in the palace."
Elisif the Fair: "Oh, very well. I can see there's no changing your stubborn Nord minds. But when this war is won, I will have my parade!"
Falk Firebeard: "Yes, my Jarl."

During another conversation, she asks Falk to stockpile food and water.

Elisif the Fair: "Steward Falk, I have a task for you. I want to begin stockpiling food and water in the event we come under siege, and I would like you to oversee this work personally."
Falk Firebeard: "A wise course of action, my Jarl. However, we have little food or water to spare."
Erikur: "General Tullius will never allow that. He's ordered all surplus food to be given over for the war effort."
Falk Firebeard: "General Tullius does not run this city, Thane Erikur. Or have you forgotten your oaths of fealty?"
Erikur: "My apologies, Jarl Elisif. I was thinking only of the importance of the war effort."
Elisif the Fair: "There's no need for an apology, and you're right about the war. Perhaps this is a matter best discussed with with [sic] the general in person."
Falk Firebeard: "I will make the arrangements, my Jarl."

In another scenario, she asks about an appointment with General Tullius.

Elisif the Fair: "Steward, when is my appointment to meet with General Tullius? There are some issues we must speak about."
Falk Firebeard: "I'm afraid he's had to reschedule, my grace. By all accounts, waging war takes his every moment."
Elisif the Fair: "Again? He can't simply cancel an appointment with the Jarl! He serves in my capital city!"
Falk Firebeard: "I'm afraid he can. His authority comes from the emperor. Who you also serve, technically."
Elisif the Fair: "He uses all of Haafingar's resources, and doesn't answer to me in the slightest? This hardly seems fair."
Falk Firebeard: ""Fair" is a word rarely applied to politics, my grace. I'm afraid you must learn to accept this."
Erikur: "I've heard the Empire plans to levy a tax on our trading ships. Falk, you've got to do something about this."
Falk Firebeard: "General Tullius needs more money for the war effort. We need the funds to arm and provision more troops."
Erikur: "Then let's increase the taxes on the farms and merchants. We can't afford to lose the loyalty of the ship captains."
Falk Firebeard: "We know full well about your investment in shipping ventures, Erikur. I've also heard troubling rumors about dealings between you and the crew of that pirate ship, the Red Wave. Thankfully, Jarl Elisif cares far less about your lost profits than she does about winning the war!"
Erikur: "The Jarl would be wise to remember that it is her thanes - and my profits - that are paying for this war."
Sybille Stentor: "Steward, I will need the following reagents for my studies. Please see to them."
Falk Firebeard: "Miss Stentor, these are quite expensive. I trust you know how limited the hold's funds are at this time?"
Sybille Stentor "Yes, and I'm also aware of how necessary my divinations and wards have been in the city's defense. My experiments are all I ask for in return."
Falk Firebeard: "Very well. But I suspect her grace will not be pleased."
Sybille Stentor: "And? I've seen jarls come and go. This one only became Jarl because her husband died. She'll be replaced in a matter of months."
Falk Firebeard: "Miss Stentor, watch your tongue in the Jarl's court!"
Sybille Stentor: "On threat of what, exactly? This city wouldn't run without me! Now if you'll excuse me, my work awaits."

Several conversations also hint of Falk and Bryling's relationship. Sybille Stentor implies that Falk and Bryling are an item during one conversation.

Falk Firebeard: "It's nearly time to collect taxes on your properties here in the city, Bryling. We'll need to visit each home for an assessment."
Bryling: "Is it that time again already? Very well, let's meet this evening and make the arrangements."
Sybille Stentor: "Oh, well done. Very subtle."
Bryling: "I beg your pardon?"
Sybille Stentor: "Oh, I'm sorry, did I imply that you'd be meeting for purposes other than court business? You must forgive me."
Falk Firebeard: "Hold your tongue, Wizard, or you're likely to lose it."
Sybille Stentor: "I should very much like to see you try it, my dear steward."
Bryling: "Stop it, both of you. You're acting like children."

Falk is supposed to have secret meeting with Bryling in front of the palace between 2 and 4 am.

Bryling: "Falk, you shouldn't have come. You know what'd happen if people found out about us."
Falk Firebeard: "I know, my lady. I just needed to see you outside of court, away from all of the politics."
Bryling: "I'm serious. If Erikur knew about us, he'd force you to resign from your position. And without you, he'd have the Jarl bent around his little finger."
Falk Firebeard: "You're right, of course. But when this war is over, I'll gladly resign and we can stop sneaking around like this."
Bryling: "One more reason to pray for the fighting to end then, my love."
Bryling: "There's something that's been troubling me, Falk. I am hesitant to share it, but I feel that I must."
Falk Firebeard: "Speak your mind, Bryling. You're among friends here."
Bryling: "You know that I support the Empire, as we all do. However, I fear General Tullius is underestimating the Stormcloaks. Too often the general has lost good soldiers because he did not take Ulfric and his men seriously. If this continues, and the worst comes to pass, Solitude will pay the price. The Empire is headquartered here, after all."
Falk Firebeard: "We don't have the luxury of hanging back to see who wins before choosing our friends, Bryling. You know this. And besides, no Nord with a shred of honor would consider it. We're no cowards. Have faith, Bryling. When this war is over and Ulfric is dead, you'll see that you were jumping at shadows, and nothing more."



  • Falk carries the letter that starts The Wolf Queen Awakened in his inventory when the game begins. This is a second copy of the letter, as he keeps it on his person even after the quest has been completed.
  • Falk was supposed to have a more normal schedule; he would get out of bed at 6am and spend sixteen hours in the throne room. He was then supposed to wander around for two hours before his bedtime at midnight. His night was supposed to include a secret visit to Bryling between 2am and 4am, as hinted by Sybille Stentor in the conversations below, and another conversation he has with Bryling. This conversation is supposed to take place outside of the palace, but may occur inappropriately right in front of the other courtiers.
  • Falk might disappear from the Blue Palace and not return when the Player goes to look for him after receiving the letter. This is due to his secret visits to Bryling's house. The door to the house can stay locked, trapping Falk inside. Picking the lock releases him, allowing him to perform his normal actions. ?