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Skyrim:Giraud Gemane

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Giraud Gemane
(RefID: 000198CE)
(lore page)
HomeĀ City Solitude
Location Bards College
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 4 Class Thief
RefID 000198CE BaseID 00013281
Training Trainer (Master)Speech (Master)
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 50
Stamina 70
Primary Skills Conjuration, Speech
Class Details TrainerSpeechcraftMaster
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type MaleEvenToned
Faction(s) CrimeFactionHaafingar; JobBardFaction; Skill Trainer; SolitudeBardsCollegeFaction; Speechcraft Trainer; TownSolitudeFaction
Giraud Gemane

Giraud Gemane, a Breton, is the Dean of History at the Bards College in Solitude. He teaches history and can often be found on the ground floor library, keeping a watchful eye on the students, or found drinking in the Winking Skeever. During his studies, he recently discovered that Svaknir's missing contribution to the Poetic Edda was to be found in Dead Men's Respite. This discovery will prove more than useful during the quest Tending the Flames. After the quest, his research will also lead to the recovery of Rjorn's Drum. Lastly, Giraud is the master trainer in Speech.

Giraud wears a set of fine clothes with a matching hat and pair of boots. He carries an iron dagger to protect himself. Aside from this, he also carries a belted tunic, a key to the Bards College, and a selection of common loot and gold.

Related QuestsEdit


His greetings:

"Hello, yes? I'm the Dean of History. And scribe work, when I can find some quiet time."
"My position, "Dean of History," actually covers a wide range of subjects. I teach poetry, writing, history, and the finer points of court life."
"What a fascinating time to be alive! Mark me, these days will be remembered long after we're gone."
"If you love history, you're in the right place. Skyrim is steeped in it."

Speaking to him:

So this is the Bards College?
"It is. We train the bards you hear throughout the land. Viarmo is the head of the college and in charge of admissions."
What do you do around here?
"I'm a bard, trained at the Bards College in Solitude. Wanderers like you should think about applying."

His goodbyes:

"Always good to talk to a fellow bard."
"I suppose I should return to my papers..."

Quest-Related DialogueEdit


I have a delivery from Adonato Leotelli.
"Ah yes, Adonato's new work. Shorter than I expected, but words must be judged on merit, not length. I'll look over this later. Why don't you take this, for your trouble?"

Tending the FlamesEdit

"Good to meet a prospective Bard."
Viarmo said you could tell me about the Poetic Edda.
"He's sending you after King Olaf's Verse then? That's good, we shouldn't leave it lying around now that I've figured out where it is. The Verse was Svaknir's contribution to the Poetic Edda, the living history of Skyrim. Each bard adds to the Edda in his or her time."
So King Olaf's Verse is a lost part of the Edda?
"And a very ancient one. The verse criticized the reigning King Olaf. He was so incensed the bard was put to death and all the copies burned. At least, that's what we thought until I translated some ancient texts a year or so ago. We now believe King Olaf buried the truth with the bard. If I'm right Svaknir and King Olaf's Verse lie in Dead Men's Respite, along with the burial chamber of King Olaf himself."

His goodbye:

"Be careful, you might find more than just King Olaf's Verse in Dead Man's Respite."

Rjorn's DrumEdit

"They found it! They actually found it!"
What did they find?
"Rjorn's drum! Nobody knows where he died, and therefore where his drum might be. Halldir was the missing link. Rjorn entered Halldir's Cairn in secret, and presumably died there. Now all I need to do is find someone to get it. Wait. You. You could do it. I need you to get me that drum."
Who's Rjorn and why do you want his Drum?
"You're joking, right? Rjorn? Only the most famous battle drummer of the second age. Well, famous among bards at least. That drum has been in half a dozen famous battles. It's a priceless artifact. Rjorn was always looking for new stories to tell. It seems he was writing a lay about Halldir when he vanished. That was the missing clue."

When you return with the drum:

I have Rjorn's Drum.
"At last! I have searched for this drum for 20 years. The college treasury is a bit thin right now. But I can show you some tricks I learned from my days with the army."


Giraud has quite a bit of unused dialogue related to quests that got removed.

Collecting the EddaEdit

It appears that this quest could have started after completion of Tending the Flames. You would ask Giraud the following:

Is the Edda complete now that you have King Olaf's Verse?
"The Poetic Edda is never truly complete. As a living history of Skyrim we Bards continually add parts to it. In fact, If you collected parts of the Edda from any Bard you encountered in your travels I would be willing to pay you for them."
I can do that.
"Wonderful. Just speak to various bards outside of the college, get there parts of the Poetic Edda and return them here to me. "
Maybe later.
"Come back to me if you change your mind."

Once you got parts of the Edda from the bards around Skyrim and returned:

I've collected some of the Edda for you.
"Wonderful. Soon we'll have the latest section of the Edda complete. Keep up the good work."

Although the amount is never specified, after gathering multiple parts, eventually Giraud would say:

"That's it! You've collected every last verse. I can't thank you enough. This deserves a special bonus."


In this quest, you would have found a journal at the Wreck of the Brinehammer. You could then bring the journal to Giraud in order to have it appraised:

I found this journal in the Brinehammer.
"Well, let me take a look. I'm always interested in a new tale... if it's a good one."

He would then spend a moment reading the journal, making some comments along the way:

"Hmmm... well now..."
"Hmph... that seems a bit far-fetched."
"This bit here is quite interesting though."
"All the way to Akavir? Really now?"
"Here you are."

Afterward handing the journal back over to you, you could ask him:

What do you think?
"It's certainly an interesting tale, I'll give you that. I'm not sure if people will believe it's true, however. But, an entertaining tale is often better than a true one. Perhaps if we changed the ending we could see about getting some printed."

If you instead left the conversation and returned at a later date, you could resume by saying:

About the Brinehammer Journal...
"If you'll allow me, I'd like to rewrite the ending a bit and do a small printing. Depending on how it sells, I'll give you a cut of the profits each week. I can also give you a small finders fee. How does that sound?"
Go ahead and change the ending.
"Wonderful, here is your finders fee. Check back with me in a week."
I'd rather not change the ending.
"Are you sure? Times like these, people would prefer a bit of fantasy and a happy ending over a true tragedy."
It's the right thing to do. (Persuade) OR No, trust me on this, a Bard knows what the audience wants.
"Sigh... Very well, though I still don't think it will sell as well. Here is your finders fee, check back with me in a week or so."


During the lesson time at the Bards College, he was supposed to randomly converse with his students, but due to a bug, their response lines will never be heard.

Giraud: "Pardon me, but I trust you've been working on your poem, on the classical heroes of Skyrim, yes?"
Aia Arria: "Must it be written? Poetry is so dull when it isn't set to music."
Jorn: "Yes sir, Professor Gemane! It's a war epic about Hoag Merkiller's last stand!"
Giraud: "I'm sure it will be fine. Just don't be late."

Giraud: "Pardon me, but I trust you've been working on your poem, on the classical heroes of Skyrim, yes?"
Illdi: "Why do we always focus on retelling the old stories? There are so many new stories being made, right now..."
Giraud: "Patience, Illdi. We study the heroes of the past so we can have better understanding of the heroes of today... and tomorrow."



  • The option to train with Giraud may not be available after finding and/or returning Rjorn's drum.
  • The student's responses to Giraud are marked as being delivered to other instructors, so their lines will never be heard. Giraud will speak his lines, but the student's line will be skipped.