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Skyrim: Places

This page lists all the towns, villages, and miscellaneous settlements in Skyrim.

SR-mapicon-Town.png TownsEdit

Major towns and similar important settlements - smaller than a city but larger than a farm, camp or shack. These areas typically act as small quest hubs.

SR-mapicon-Town.png Dragon Bridge — A small town built near the ancient iconic Dragon Bridge in northwestern Skyrim near Solitude. (map)
SR-mapicon-Town.png Helgen — A town located within Falkreath Hold, near the Skyrim-Cyrodiil border. (map)
SR-mapicon-Town.png Ivarstead — A small milling town located at the base of the Throat of the World. (map)
SR-mapicon-Town.png Karthwasten — A small mining village in the Reach. (map)
SR-mapicon-Town.png Riverwood — A medium-sized town south of Whiterun, and north of Helgen. (map)
SR-mapicon-Town.png Rorikstead — A farming town in western Whiterun Hold. (map)
SR-mapicon-Town.png Shor's Stone — A small mining village that operates the Redbelly Mine. (map)
SR-mapicon-Town.png Skaal VillageDB — A small village in northeastern Solstheim that is home to the Skaal tribe. (map)

Private EstatesEdit

These purchasable estates appear on the map with the same icon as towns. Three are added by the Hearthfire official add-on, while one is added by the Tundra Homestead Creation.

SR-mapicon-Town.png Heljarchen HallHF — A piece of property in the Pale, north of Loreius Farm and south of Fort Dunstad. (map)
SR-mapicon-Town.png Lakeview ManorHF — A piece of property in Falkreath Hold, north of Pinewatch. (map)
SR-mapicon-Town.png Tundra HomesteadCC — A cottage that can be purchased in Whiterun Hold, located just northeast of Battle-Born Farm. (map)
SR-mapicon-Town.png Windstad ManorHF — A piece of property in Hjaalmarch, north of Ustengrav and east of the Abandoned Shack. (map)

SR-mapicon-Settlement.png SettlementsEdit

SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Black-Briar Lodge — A large remote building east of Riften. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary — One of two Dark Brotherhood sanctuaries located within Skyrim. (map)
SR-mapicon-Mine.png Darkwater Crossing — A small mining camp that operates the Goldenrock Mine. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Dawnstar Sanctuary — A disused Dark Brotherhood sanctuary located on the shore of the Sea of Ghosts near Dawnstar. (map)
Gallows HallCC — A necromantic player home in Eastmarch, north of Mara's Eye Pond. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Goldenglow Estate — A honey farm on a group of islands directly west of Riften. (map)
SR-mapicon-Castle 4.png HendraheimCC — A Nordic hall player home in the Reach, north of Bilegulch Mine. (map)
SR-mapicon-Fort.png High Hrothgar — A small settlement roughly halfway up the Throat of the World, and east of Whiterun. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Honningbrew Meadery — A small meadery just southeast of Whiterun, owned by Sabjorn. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Japhet's Folly — Located on the small Rockjoint Island far northeast of Skyrim in the Sea of Ghosts, and is visited during the quest Rise in the East. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Kynesgrove — A small village located on the road south from Windhelm, in Eastmarch. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Nightgate Inn — An inn in a remote region of the Pale. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Old Hroldan Inn — A remote inn in The Reach where Tiber Septim once stayed. (map)
SR-mapicon-Mine.png Stonehills — A small iron mining settlement directly east of Morthal. (map)
SR-mapicon-Telvanni Tower.png Tel MithrynDB — A Telvanni tower in southeastern Solstheim, located east of Fort Frostmoth and south of the Sun Stone. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Thalmor Embassy — The Aldmeri Dominion's diplomatic mission to Skyrim, located north of Solitude, which serves as the center of Thalmor activity in Skyrim. (map)
SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Thirsk Mead HallDB — A mead hall located south of Skaal Village. (map)

SR-mapicon-Orc Stronghold.png Orc StrongholdsEdit

SR-mapicon-Orc Stronghold.png Dushnikh Yal — A prosperous Orc stronghold in the southwest of Skyrim, southeast of Markarth. (map)
SR-mapicon-Orc Stronghold.png Largashbur — An accursed Orc stronghold beset by giants in the southeast of Skyrim, west-southwest of Riften. (map)
SR-mapicon-Orc Stronghold.png Mor Khazgur — An Orc stronghold in the far northwest of Skyrim, west of Solitude and north of Markarth. (map)
SR-mapicon-Orc Stronghold.png Narzulbur — An Orc stronghold in the northeast of Skyrim, southeast of Windhelm. (map)

SR-mapicon-Farm.png FarmsEdit

SR-mapicon-Settlement.png Brandy-Mug Farm — A wheat farm, a short distance east of Windhelm Stables. (map)
Corpselight Farm — A small farmstead located in Falkreath. (map)
Cowflop Farmhouse — A small farmhouse located in Rorikstead. (map)
Fellstar Farm — A farm in Ivarstead, located across the road from the lumber mill and south of the bridge to High Hrothgar. (map)
SR-mapicon-Farm.png Goldenhills PlantationCC — An abandoned farm east of Rorikstead. (map)
SR-mapicon-Farm.png Hlaalu Farm — A small farm east of Windhelm. (map)
SR-mapicon-Farm.png Hollyfrost Farm — A large farm with a single-roomed farmhouse east of Windhelm. (map)
SR-mapicon-Stable.png Katla's Farm — A small farm and stable along the Karth River, outside of Solitude. (map)
Lemkil's Farmhouse — A small farm in Rorikstead. (map)
Lylvieve Family's House — A small farmhouse on the northwestern side of Dragon Bridge, located next to Horgeir's House. (map)
SR-mapicon-Farm.png Merryfair Farm — A poor, small farm northwest of Riften, owned and run by Dravin Llanith and his wife Synda Llanith. (map)
SR-mapicon-Farm.png Old Attius FarmDB — An old abandoned Imperial farm on the outskirts of Raven Rock. (map)

SR-mapicon-Wheat Mill.png Wheat MillsEdit

SR-mapicon-Wheat Mill.png Battle-Born Farm — A farm just outside Whiterun, owned by the Battle-Born clan who are influential in the city. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wheat Mill.png Chillfurrow Farm — A small farm just outside of Whiterun, owned by Nazeem. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wheat Mill.png Loreius Farm — A small farm in the Pale, north of Whitewatch Tower. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wheat Mill.png Pelagia Farm — A large farm south of Whiterun owned by Severio Pelagia. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wheat Mill.png Salvius Farm — A small farm east of Markarth. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wheat Mill.png Sarethi Farm — A farm between Riften and Ivarstead that has learned to cultivate nirnroot. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wheat Mill.png Snow-Shod Farm — A small farm south of Riften that is owned by Vulwulf Snow-Shod. (map)

SR-mapicon-Wood Mill.png Wood MillsEdit

SR-mapicon-Wood Mill.png Anga's Mill — A small wood mill built along the north bank of the River Yorgrim, west of Windhelm. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wood Mill.png Dragon Bridge Lumber Camp — A sawmill and lumber camp in the southwestern part of Dragon Bridge. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wood Mill.png Half-Moon Mill — A lumber mill that supplies Helgen and Falkreath. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wood Mill.png Heartwood Mill — A struggling lumber mill on the shores of Lake Honrich, west of Goldenglow Estate. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wood Mill.png Mixwater Mill — A remote mill on the White River. (map)
SR-mapicon-Wood Mill.png Solitude Sawmill — A wood mill southwest of Solitude. (map)

SR-mapicon-Shack.png ShacksEdit

Remote dwellings in the wilderness. They may or may not be inhabited, and the occupants may not be friendly.

SR-mapicon-Shack.png Abandoned LodgeDB — An old, unused hunting lodge located northeast of Bloodskal Barrow and southwest of Frostmoon Crag. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Abandoned Shack — An isolated house in Hjaalmarch, east of Solitude. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Alchemist's Shack — A small wooden shack located between Haemar's Shame and Ivarstead. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Angi's Camp — A cabin and camp southeast of Falkreath. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Anise's Cabin — A small, open cabin in Falkreath Hold near where the White River meets Lake Ilinalta. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Cliffside Retreat — A small shack located south of Dragon Bridge, northeast of Liar's Retreat. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Crabber's Shanty — A small run-down shack on the River Hjaal. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Drelas' Cottage — An isolated cottage at the foot of a mountain in northern Whiterun Hold, and south of Morthal. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Froki's Shack — An isolated hunter's shack nestled in the southern mountains of the Rift. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Hall of the Vigilant — A secluded lodge south-southwest of Dawnstar, home to the Vigilants of Stendarr. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Hrodulf's HouseDB — An abandoned shack southwest of Fort Frostmoth and southeast of Old Attius Farm. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Hunter's Rest — A shack in the hills near Moss Mother Cavern inhabited by two Elk hunters. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Ironback Hideout — A dilapidated house to the northwest of Solitude, a short distance east of The Steed Stone. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Lund's Hut — A small house located just northwest of Rorikstead (west of Whiterun). (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Meeko's Shack — A run-down shack owned by the canine follower Meeko, who has inherited the home from his unfortunate owner. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Pinewatch — A cottage and bandits' hideout northeast of Falkreath and west of Helgen. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Ramshackle Trading PostDB — An old, decrepit trading post south of Kagrumez and west-northwest of Ashfallow Citadel. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Redwater DenDG — A drug den hidden beneath a dilapidated shack, supplying Redwater skooma, located west of Autumnshade Clearing. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Riverside Shack — A small shack east of Gallows Rock and west-southwest of Kynesgrove, along the eastern bank of the White River. (map)
SR-mapicon-Shack.png Traitor's Post — A crumbling shack and bandit outpost east of Windhelm, and just north of the Sacellum of Boethiah. (map)