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Japhet's Folly
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 6
Blood Horkers, Haldyn
Console Location Code(s)
JaphetsFollyOrigin, JaphetsFolly02
Special Features
# of Arcane Enchanters 1
# of Grindstones 1
# of Workbenches 1
Japhet's Folly

Japhet's Folly is located on the small Rockjoint Island far northeast of Skyrim in the Sea of Ghosts, that is visited during the quest Rise in the East. The area is self-contained and cannot be visited before beginning the quest.

Japhet's Folly under attack

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Japhet's Folly TowersEdit

Entry is made via the Sea Cave under the fort and can only happen during the related quest (see bugs for details). The door into the Fort leads to the bottom of a curving staircase typical in Nordic Forts. On your right is a store area containing many crates, barrels and sacks of foodstuffs, two sets of shelves holding mainly clutter and a random potion of healing, magicka or stamina. There is a woodcutter's axe on a stack of crates and by the bottom of the stairs a long wooden table with seven loose septims and a bottle of Honningbrew Mead on top. You can hear some of the Blood Horkers talking above, so caution is advised.

At the top of the first flight of stairs is a pressure plate that triggers a spike wall on the left. There are two barrels on the right with a bottle of Nord mead on top. There is a second flight of stairs rising behind. A Blood Horker is patrolling up and down this second flight of stairs and another is resting in the room at the top. At the top of the stairs is a table with two loose iron arrows, a hunting bow, five loose septims and a random quiver of arrows on top. To the right is a circular room containing three unowned bedrolls, a tall wardrobe containing clothes and an open, empty chest. There are also several sacks around the room. To the southeast is a wooden door and to the southwest is an alcove, where more stairs would have originally been, however these have caved-in. There is a table and chair, with a bottle of Nord mead and a loaf of bread on top. Beside the table is a stack crates with a goat cheese wheel on top, several sacks and another open, empty chest.

Behind the door to the southeast is a wide passage with a set of shelves on the left and several stacks of crates along it. The shelves hold three bottles of Nord mead, two bottles of wine, and another cheese wheel. A bit farther along there is a small unit on the right with an unlocked chest on top. Next on the left is a locked (key required) wooden door leading to the exterior. To the left of the door is a stack of crates. This will be your exit later.

Past the door is a table on the right and a couple more stacks of crates near the end. The passage opens into a large circular room with a single Blood Horker patrolling from this room and down some stairs off to the southwest. There are also more stairs to the northeast climbing higher. The room itself contains a table against the wall to the north with a pair of iron gauntlets on top. A set of shelves to the east has an iron helmet on top. In the western corner, behind some rubble near the top of the stairs the Blood Horker is patrolling, an apothecary's satchel and random dagger are on the ground. The stairs descend, passing some barrels and sacks on the first landing, then a wardrobe with a potion of health on top on the second landing. At the bottom is a long table with seven loose septims and a small coin purse on top. Beyond this is a small table and chairs where two Blood Horkers sit. There are another nineteen loose septims on this table, suggesting they were gambling. Beyond this there is another circular room on the left, and past this another table with three samples of slaughterfish scales, two briar hearts, a gourd, and a vigor poison on top. Against the rear wall are more crates with another gourd on top. There is also an expert-locked wooden door to the northeast.

The circular room contains a table that has been used for butchering meat, with two fillets of salmon meat, two raw rabbit legs, a pheasant breast, a haunch of raw venison, and an iron war axe on top. There is an apprentice-locked chest, and two sets of shelves holding four loaves of bread, four cabbages, a seared slaughterfish steak, a haunch of raw venison, several pieces of cheese, two fillets of horker meat, a leg of goat, and a random potion. Between these is a barrel with another fillet of horker meat on top. There are also several racks hanging from the ceiling holding a total of eight rabbits and six pheasants. Finally, there is a barrel by a central pillar containing ingredients.

Behind the expert-locked door is a small room filled with cobwebs, a small table with the body of Japhet, who carries a few septims, in front. On the table is his journal and a random sword on top and in the corner is a master-locked chest.

Climbing back up to the room above and taking the exit to the southeast, there are spear holes in the ground in the doorway, and a table by the bottom of the stairs leading up, with two random potion of magicka, an empty petty soul gem and an iron dagger on top. As you climb the stairs you will hear the spears blocking the route back. At the top of the first flight there is a small table with a sample of small antlers and an empty petty soul gem on top. Haldyn will be alerted to your presence; he uses strong shock magic and is wearing leveled heavy armor. He carries a copy of the Japhet's Folly Key. Once he is dead, the East Empire Company will start the bombardment.

The room at the top contains two sets of shelves holding a bunch of tundra cotton, two grass pods, a nightshade flower, several items of crockery including a bowl containing two silver ingots, a small table with a leveled, empty soul gem on top and hanging from the ceiling are three bunches of dried frost mirriam and a bunch of elves ear. To the southeast is a room containing an arcane enchanter, a small unit holding four common books and a random potion of healing, magicka or stamina, an unlocked chest, a dresser of clothes, and a soul gem stand holding a random filled soul gem to the right. When Haldyn dies, the spears at the bottom of the stairs lower, allowing access back the way you came. Returning to the wide corridor and the door to the outside, you will see the end of the passage has collapsed due to the bombardment. So your only option is through the door out onto the island.


The exterior before the bombardment starts consists of a series of buildings on descending levels with wooden palisades separating the levels descending towards the docks. The first wooden palisade has gates in the middle. Through the gates are a total of four Blood Horkers, including two magic users who can be very challenging, as they use strong fire and storm spells. The first level has a campfire between two shacks. The shack on the left has a woodshed containing a woodcutter's axe, and inside the shack are two unowned bedrolls, a barrel, and a small table with a fillet of horker meat and a loaf of bread on top. The shack on the right contains a counter and several small tables and chairs, and is set up as a bar. There is a bottle of Nord mead on the counter, and behind it is a cupboard with four more bottles of Nord mead and three pieces of raw beef on the shelves.

Through a gap in the next wooden palisade are two more shacks. The one on the right has an unowned bedroll inside. The one on the left has two sets of shelves holding four fillets of salmon meat, three fillets of horker meat, four seared slaughterfish steaks, and two samples of slaughterfish scales. There is a fire pit beside this shack with a rack holding seven whole salmon hanging over it. From here there is a wooden ramp down between another wooden palisade to another level with three more shacks. The left shack contains a long wooden table with light armor consisting of three random helmets, two pairs of random gauntlets, and a random shield on top, and two pairs of random boots underneath. In front of this shack is a table with many unusable barrels stacked behind, and eight bottles of Nord mead on and around the table. The middle shack is completely empty. The right shack has a grindstone and workbench in front, with a steel greatsword on top of the workbench and two baskets beside containing three iron maces and an iron war axe. Inside is a long table with four iron daggers, an iron mace, and an iron battleaxe on top.

Through another gate in another wooden palisade and down another wooden ramp is a final level, where there are two more shacks. The one on the left contains an unowned single bed at one end and two unowned bedrolls at the other. The last shack on the right contains only unusable barrels. Down on the docks is a fifth Blood Horker, who is an archer guarding the docks and two boats. The boat to the southeast has a table on deck with two fillets of horker meat and several pieces of cheese on top. The second boat to the northwest has three weapon racks holding two random bows and a table with a salmon steak on top.

Once you have killed Haldyn, the ships brought by the East Empire Company start a bombardment which destroys all the shacks, sets fire to them, and scatters the items everywhere. You may find a few of the items lying around, but most will be lost. Taking on the Blood Horkers during the bombardment can make the battle much harder. The key carried by Haldyn opens the master-locked door to the outside. When you reach the table and barrels and the completely empty shack, there is now an unlocked chest containing minor loot partially buried in the floor of the shack. Down by the docks you may find and get attacked by a single bandit before reaching and speaking to Adelaisa.


  • You are unable to travel to Japhet's Folly alone in the game before the Rise in the East quest.
  • Do not return to Japhet's Folly via Sea Cave after the bombardment has started or you will be trapped. The top area of Japhet's Folly will be blocked by rubble and the door from Sea Cave is gone, preventing you from turning back the way you came.
  • Japhet and his journal are located in the lowest part of the tower in a locked room. A locked chest can also be found here.
  • According to the game data the area the fort is found under the encounter zone of Rockjoint Island.


  • Once you have discovered the location (via the quest), do not return, as you will be unable to depart. Japhet's Folly has its own worldspace in the game, and has invisible boundaries which you cannot swim past. You are also unable to fast travel away from Japhet's Folly; you are presented with the same message as when trying to fast travel from an indoor place.
    • This bug is fixed by version 1.9 of the Official Skyrim Patch.
    • Pc22.png You can avoid being locked in Japhet's Folly by using the console command coc <AreaName> to teleport out.
  • If you go there with a follower, your follower may disappear.
  • The explosions bombarding the tower are invisible arrows with no name; you can collect these by getting hit; to use them you must use your last arrow, and they will become equipped.
  • If you have exited the towers and proceeded through the quest enough that all the bombards are finished, and then you go back into the tower and back out, the bombardment will continue endlessly.
  • Xbox360.png After returning from Japhet's Folly to complete the quest, the icon will not appear on the map. You can visit the island as shown on the map, but all of Japhet's Folly will be gone.