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Skyrim:Hrodulf's House

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Hrodulf's House
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 10
Ash Spawn, Reavers
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2HrodulfsHouse, DLC2HrodulfsHouseExterior01
Southwest of Fort Frostmoth
Southeast of Kolbjorn Barrow
Special Features
# of Heart Stone Deposits 2
Hrodulf's House

Hrodulf's House is an abandoned shack southwest of Fort Frostmoth and southeast of Kolbjorn Barrow.

It is heavily damaged, though the embers of a fire still burn in a firepit within.

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Unexpected house guests

Several trama root plants and scathecraw plants dot the surrounding area, and two heart stone deposits can be found east of the building. Two ash spawn will rise out of the ground near the caved-in wall and attack as you approach. If you climb up onto the east roof of the building, you will find an apprentice-locked strongbox containing gold and some random gems and/or jewelry.

Hrodulf's HouseEdit

The building itself is badly damaged, with holes in the walls and part of the roof missing. In fact, the whole of the northwest corner of the house has gone; the ash is piled high in the corners of the house, and most of the remaining furniture has been pushed together and jumbled up. Under the table is a bottle of flin. An East Empire Company strongbox rests on the lower shelf of a small bookcase in the northwest corner of the building, next to a larger bookcase that holds a cup and bowls, a draught of resist magic, a potion of health, and an elixir of health. An unlocked chest against part of the south wall contains low-level loot, and to the right of the chest is a trapdoor that leads to the cellar.

Hrodulf's House CellarEdit

"Listen to this one!"

Upon entering the cellar, you will overhear two reavers laughing as they read the letter to Hrodulf from a lover named Bjornolfr asking Hrodulf to leave the island and return to Solitude. In the northwestern corner under the stairs you enter via, behind a wooden column is a silver necklace among the cobwebs. On your left against the east wall is a set of shelves containing a piece of leather. Beside the first set of shelves is a smaller set with leather strips on top. There are nine empty wine bottles in the southeast corner of the room. The two reavers you can hear talking are down at the far end of the room past some bookcases that are dividing the room. Against the south wall is a narrow table with two random potions, a potion of stamina, and a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid, v2. A potion of minor stamina and a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid, v1 are on the floor in front of the narrow table, next to a bed roll. Behind this are the two chairs that the reavers were sitting on, next to a low table holding a bottle of Nord mead, two portions of charred skeever meat, a cooked horse haunch, a goat cheese wedge, a flawless amethyst, a garnet, and the letter from Bjornolfr to Hrodulf mentioned above. There are a couple sacks in the southwest corner. Against the west wall is a large box with three lockpicks, a knapsack, a bottle of Nord mead, and a portion of horker meat on top.

In front of the box is a fire pit with a copy of Brief History of the Empire, v3 in the fire. There are also copies of Dwarves, v2, Ode To The Tundrastriders, Dunmer of Skyrim, Cats of Skyrim, Herbane's Bestiary: Ice Wraiths, Dwemer History and Culture, Killing - Before You're Killed, and two random books beside the fire pit scattered on the floor. To the right of the fire pit is a moveable bookcase. There are two barrels and an unlocked chest against the northern wall, with a second bed roll on the floor in front. Near this bed roll is a random helmet and a crate with Hrodulf's journal on top, with a third barrel against the east wall.


Activating the bookshelf on the west wall will reveal a tunnel (mentioned in Hrodulf's journal and spoken of by the reavers), which heads down to the west. At the corner where it turns to the north is a pickaxe, a shovel, a loose coin, and a unique lit torch which is weightless. In front of you are stairs leading up to a small Dwemer chamber where the machinery that helped to drive Hrodulf mad still operates. Inside this room is the body of Bjornolfr, apparently killed by the reavers. His inventory includes a novice hood and novice robes of Conjuration, as well as a bloodstained letter. There are four loose coins and a random dagger beside his body. To the right of Bjornolfr is an unlocked Dwemer chest. Farther into the room is a stone table and chair; on the table are three Dwarven metal ingots and a Dwemer knife. Behind the table is a large unlocked stone chest which, if you have been directed here by a quest to find an item, will contain the item in question. To the right of this chest is a Dwarven dresser containing a Dwemer bowl, fork, and gyro, while against the north wall on the floor are a Dwemer cup, pot, and pan.

Hrodulf's BoatEdit

Hrodulf's boat and body, guarded by a burnt spriggan, can be found by going directly south from the house to the water's edge. Next to him is a broken iron war axe handle and a broken iron war axe head. He also left behind an amulet of Mara and a gold diamond ring on the boat seat. A chest is next to the boat, as well as an apprentice-locked strongbox and an apothecary's satchel. There are two spiky grass plants growing next to the body, with several more nearby.


  • Hrodulf's body may not be present at his boat.