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High King Emeric
(lore page)
Home City Wayrest
Location Wayrest Castle
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 41957 (Stirk)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Daggerfall Covenant
High King Emeric

High King Emeric is the King of Wayrest and the leader of the Daggerfall Covenant. He first forged an alliance with the kingdom of Sentinel, in part by marrying Maraya, the daughter of King Fahara'jad. He later convinced many Orc tribes to join the Covenant by promising to aid in the restoration of Orsinium. He leads the Covenant from its capital city of Wayrest, and is protected by the Breton Lion Guard.

Related QuestsEdit


He can normally be spoken with in the throne room of Wayrest Castle. If engaged in conversation, he will say,

"You know, there was a time when I was young when I thought being a king would just be a barrel of laughs. The coin, the power of all its trappings—it looked like such fun. It's not, though. If I don't escape these stone walls soon, I'll go mad."

While in the castle, you may occasionally hear Emeric and Maraya's conversations.

Queen Maraya: "Darling, how does this dress look? I'm not too thin, am I? Please be honest with me."
High King Emeric: "No, no … I think you look wonderful, and very thin … very skeletal, which is why I like … skeletal.
Your jewelry hangs cute."

High King Emeric: "This crown makes me look stupid. It sits on my ears. My ears are not my best feature."
Queen Maraya: "I like the way your crown looks. If you just put it a little straighter, it'll fit perfectly on that perfect little head of yours."

Queen Maraya: "Honey, please, we must go see my father. It's been so long."
High King Emeric: "Maraya, I promise you, we'll visit your father as soon as possible … maybe not this year, but next year … for sure."

High King Emeric: "This throne is arguably the most uncomfortable piece of furniture in the kingdom and I get to use it."
Queen Maraya: "Darling please, we can have it cushioned if you like."

Queen Maraya: "Oh my good little boy here, are you going to come sleep with mama tonight?"
High King Emeric: "I'm sorry darling, but I'm not sleeping with that in the bedchamber."
Queen Maraya: "Oh, but he loves to sleep with us. Don't worry, he'll be no trouble at all. Come on, darling. Please."

Quest-Related EventsEdit


Pursuing the ShardEdit

After coming from the Pariah Abbey, you can bring the king the news.

"Ah! You've come from Pariah Abbey, haven't you?
Don't worry about giving me the bad news. I'm already expecting the worst."
The Dream Shard has been stolen by the Midnight Union.
"Really? I heard rumors of chaos at the Abbey, but I had hoped they weren't true.
The Midnight Union's never really been a problem, I mean sure, they engage in a little smuggling and gambling, but just doesn't make sense."
What do you think we should do?
"Well. We need to go straight to the source. The midnight Union does nothing without the approval of Count Hosni at-Tura. I can't imagine him being behind this, but one never knows.
Hosni has a walled estate on the shore to the west of here."
How do I get in?
"Strangely enough, the man has apparently chosen this same time to have a betrothal celebration, and I happen to have an invitation I won't be using.
Go in my stead and talk to Hosni. Find out if he knows anything about the Dream Shard."

Once King Emeric has sent you on your way:

"Either Hosni's trying to ruin my reign, or there's something seriously wrong with the man.
If you'll snoop around his estate, we just might figure this thing out."

Another OmenEdit

After dealing with the situation with Hosni at-Tura and return the Dream Shard to its' rightful place, you can return to King Emeric with the warning about a second Omen.

"Welcome back to Wayrest. It's good to see you again. Do you have the news?
To be honest, this whole matter with the Dream Shard has robbed me of a few nights' sleep. I'll be a royal grump if we can't get this matter resolved soon."
The Dream Shard has been returned to Pariah Abbey, Your Majesty.
"Well. There we go then. That wasn't quite so bad as Abbot Durak made it sound. I'm sure he had his reasons though.
What about the Daedra, the "Omen" that was behind all this? I trust it's dead, or gone?"
Yes, but Abbot Durak believes there's another Omen in Gavaudon.
"Gavaudon? Why couldn't it be in Morrowind or somewhere else across the continent?
Gods. We already have enough trouble in Gavaudon. General Godrun says the Ironhand ogres are far from being fully defeated."
Abbot Durak asked me to join him in Gavaudon. / Abbot Durak asked me to join him there.
"Well that's good at least. You two are the experts, though I suppose that's a dubious honor.
If there is an Omen in Gavaudon, I'm guessing it's similarly disguised? Godrun didn't report anything suspicious but maybe it's worth asking Captain Ernele.
Should I seek him out then?
"Yes. Ernele was fighting with Godrun, but he's just been reassigned to shore up our defenses here in Wayrest.
It may be a wild guar chase, but it's worth asking Ernele if he saw any signs of Daedric influence in Gavaudon."
Then I will go speak with him.
"I won't hold you up any longer. As much as I enjoy your conversation, I think the situation in Gavaudon takes priority."
Who is General Godrun?
"He's the best damn general in the Daggerfall Covenant, if you ask me, and he's a good friend.
His army came to our defense against the Ironhand ogres. They've fought hard, but the battle's not over. Godrun's headed back to Shinji's Scarp even now."
"I won't hold you up any longer. As much as I enjoy your conversation, I think the situation in Gavaudon takes priority."

Vaermina's GambitEdit

While trapped in his dream, Emeric is tormented by his nightmares of betrayal, loss and failure.

His nightmare of betrayal:

General Godrun: "The Daggerfall Covenant needs a stronger ruler, Emeric. Your reign as High King has come to an end. I'm taking Wayrest."
High King Emeric: "Damn it, Godrun. We've been friends for years...! How can you just betray me like this?"

His nightmare of loss:

"Queen Maraya: "I rue the day my father gave you my hand in marriage. You're not worthy of being my husband, and you're certainly not worthy of being my king!"
High King Emeric: "Maraya … I don't understand. I know we wed for political reasons, but I thought that over the years you actually came to … I thought you loved me. If I've lost your support, then I have lost everything."

His nightmare of failure will vary:

High King Emeric: "Tell me quickly and truthfully. How do we fare?"
Guard Captain: "Orc troops have broken through the gates, Your Majesty. They're heading toward the castle."
High King Emeric: "Tell me quickly and truthfully. How do we fare?"
Guard Captain: "They're calling for you to surrender, Your Majesty....
High King Emeric: "Tell me quickly and truthfully. How do we fare?"
Guard Captain: "The Supernal Dreamers are sacrificing people in the streets. Your Majesty … what should we do?"
Emeric faces his own execution in his dream

Once arriving in the Market Square at the Guillotine, Emeric can be found with a condemned prisoner who looks very familiar. The King can be asked about the prisoner and his crimes.

"The prisoner must pay for his crimes. It is the only way to restore order to the kingdom."
What are the prisoner's crimes?
"Treason. His actions would have destroyed the Daggerfall Covenant.
He has been found unworthy in every way. He deserves to die."
You don't sound like King Emeric.
"But I am King Emeric—the new King Emeric. The unworthy weakling will be gone, and I will take his place."
I'm not going to let you do that.

After the ruse has been revealed, the true King Emeric can be spoken to, though he is reluctant to wake up.

"Why did you make him leave? I was this close to reaching the peace of death!
It has just been a jest—the Daggerfall Covenant, my kingdom, my life. I was never worthy to be king. I'll die here and one more worthy will take my place."
This is a dream, Your Majesty.
"No. I wish that were true, it was the other life that was a dream. All that business about the Daggerfall Covenant was just a pack of lies.
This is reality. Fear. Bloodlust. Betrayal. In my heart, I think I always knew that."
Please, just trust me. We need to leave.
"No. I'm not falling for that again. A million times he's shown me. To hope is to suffer.
Why don't you just kill me, and have done with it? Tell Galthis to come back. He can take me. Just end this nightmare!"
Where did Galthis go?
"Mocking a broken man. That's low, even for a creature of Oblivion
You know where he went. My castle. His castle now. His damn minions hold the keys. The Knight. The Thief. The General.
If you're not going to kill me, please just … go away."

After he has told you about the keys, he decides it is not worth speaking anymore.

"What's the point of opening my mouth to speak?
There's nothing I can say to end this torment, so I'm just going to stop talking. I mean it."

Speaking to him after you killed Galthis's minions:

"You killed Galthis's minions? We mustn't get our hopes up, though. Not until Galthis himself is dead."

When you face off with Galthis, he'll speak through a likeness of Emeric:

High King Emeric: "Vaermina warned me you would come. You will die here … and in your world!"

Once Galthis is killed, King Emeric is more himself.

"What in Oblivion just happened? Something changed. It's going to be bad, isn't it? It always is. I don't know why I bother asking.
Still. I seem to remember you, but...this is just another trick, isn't it?"
It's not a trick. Galthis is dead.
"Dead? Truly? So … I can still be Emeric? I can still be High King? I don't know I deserve that at this point, but … I guess it's a good king.
Yes. My binds are actually loosening, and that is very good. Does this mean … ?"
Yes. You are free.

After waking up from Emeric's Dream, he will be waiting to speak with you in his bedroom.

"I asked Abbot Durak to go downstairs because I wanted to speak with you for a few moments alone.
Tell me something. Do you recall everything that happened in the dream?"
I do, Your Majesty.
"Frankly, I wish your memory was as hazy as mine. What I do recall, I'm rather ashamed of.
I am the King of Stormhaven, the High King of the Daggerfall Covenant, but that damn Daedra reduced me to a pathetic child ….
I'm just glad you're safe now.
"I am too, and I owe you for that. And more, really.
You were the one who acted nobly in there. Not me. You had enough courage for both of us. I was broken—you saw me. I can only hope this experience will make me a stronger, a better king."
You're being too hard on yourself, Your Majesty.
""I appreciate you saying that, but this isn't one I can just shake off. It's my burden though, and I must bear it.
But enough of this dreary talk. Come with me to the throne room."
I hope it will too, Your Majesty.
"Indeed. for the sake of Stormhaven and for the sake of the Daggerfall Covenant as a whole.
Enough dreary talk though. The good news is that Vaermina and her Daedra are gone. Come with me to the throne room."
Yes, Your Majesty.

Once back in the throne room, Emeric wishes to thank you in front of the gathered audience.

"There is no suitable reward for what you've done. Sorry to say it, but your success has probably earned you more responsibility than reward.
You'll be hearing from me again sooner than you'd like. I apologize in advance."
No need to apologize. I'm always ready to help.
"Bah! Are you always so damn noble? You need to lighten up, my friend.
Perhaps this will lighten your spirits. It's a small token of my appreciation, but one I hope will serve you as you have served me. You're a hero … and now, a friend too."

The Road to RivenspireEdit

King Emeric will have a request of you to do some traveling.

"Speaking to you now as a friend, and as your king, I wonder if I might prevail upon you to assist me with some other matters.
One that is a matter of state, and another that is of a more … personal nature."
Of course, Your Majesty.
"Rivenspire is the real problem. The quibbling between the noble houses there seems to have turned bloody.
I would send you with my authority to try to restore order. I will join you when I can."
I will go try to the problem in Rivenspire then.
"And then there's the personal matter—that damn guillotine.
For reasons you might recall, I want it demolished. I've given the order to Captain Ernele, but on your way out of Wayrest, I would ask that you ensure it's being done thoroughly."
Of course, Your Majesty. I understand completely.
"Your help with both these matters is much appreciated. Until that damn guillotine's been dismantled, I won't be able to sleep.
And more importantly, until the matter in Rivenspire is resolved, the Covenant will be severely weakened."
Can you tell me any more about the situation in Rivenspire?
"Honestly, I deserve some of the blame for Rivenspire's troubles myself.
After Ranser's war, I didn't trust any of the nobles enough to give them the throne, so I appointed three houses to share rule of the kingdom. Seemed like a smart strategy."
Now the nobles are fighting each other?
"So it seems. Maraya actually counseled me to appoint a single ruler in Rivenspire more than a year ago.
I should've listened, but after the mess with Ranser … there's something about nearly having my head on a pike that's hard to forget."
You were nearly killed in Ranser's War?
"Well yes. My decision to marry Maraya instead of King Ranser's daughter really stuck in the man's craw. He had Wayrest surrounded at one point.
I remember—I even dreamt about my head on a pike. Of course, as you know, I've had worse nightmares."


Shornhelm DividedEdit

Emeric receives Countess Tamrith and Baron Dorell in Shornhelm Castle

Emeric will travel to Shornhelm alongside his wife to oversee the current crisis and he can be spoken with in Shornhelm Castle.

"Here we have the savior of Shornhelm, I presume? You should know that Baron Dorell and Countess Tamrith have been quite generous in their praise of you.
I trust you were able to close this portal Montclair was using to bring in reinforcements?"
Yes. Verandis Ravenwatch was with me and he closed the portal.
"I'm not surprised. Verandis and I go back many years. He has a habit of making people nervous, but I've been trying to reassure Baron Dorell and Countess Tamrith—he is loyal to the people of Rivenspire.
Did you also defeat this … Reezal-Jul?
No. Reezal-Jul escaped.
"Hmm. Then I suppose we'll have to track him down, he and Montclair both.
I fear Montclair's ambitions may be far greater than simply conquering all of Rivenspire. It's better we stop him now."
I'll help you however I can, Your Majesty.
"Thanks to you, we have an excellent start here in Shornhelm, and I will devote my resources to fortifying the city as quickly as possible.
We're secure here now and we have to ensure it remains that way."

Exiting the conversation before completing the quest and coming back will have him add:

"If Reezal-Jul escaped, we will have to track him down. He and Montclair both.
I fear Montclair's ambitions may be far greater than simply conquering all of Rivenspire. It's better we stop him now."

Dream-Walk Into DarknessEdit

"Shornhelm may be secure, but reports from other parts of the kingdom suggest Montclair is stirring up trouble everywhere.
Countess Tamrith and Baron Dorell will each take a detachment of the Shornhelm Guard and go investigate these reports."
What can I do to help?
"As you might have guessed, I'm thinking you are best-suited for tracking down Reezal-Jul and making sure he doesn't go opening any more portals into Shornhelm.
Did Verandis perhaps mention any suspicions of where this rat may have scurried off to?"
Verandis was going to investigate the matter himself.
"Then I suggest you join him. Knowing Verandis, he returned to Ravenwatch Castle to study whatever evidence he may have found. You'll find it west of the city, near the town of Crestshade.
I'm counting on the two of you to stop Reezal-Jul, and soon."
I'll go to Ravenwatch Castle right away.

King Emeric can be further questioned.

"I should warn you. Ravenwatch Castle is as strange as the man who owns it. His family is very old, and they have...strange traditions.
Don't worry, though. I have no doubt about the fact that he is on our side. You may rely on anything he says."
Can I ask a few questions before I leave?
"Of course. I am a veritable treasure trove of useless information, and I love to share."
How do you know Verandis?
"I've known Count Ravenwatch since I was a boy. My father even sent me to study with him for a time.
House Ravenwatch is one of the oldest noble houses of Rivenspire. Quite a legacy, and Verandis carries it well."
There must be more to it than that.
"Well, if you must know, he's part of the reason I'm wearing this crown. When I first proposed to form the Covenant, many people opposed me.
Verandis, however, without any urging, supported my plans and helped sway opinions in my favor."
Why would he do it?
"I think he did it because he was tired of bloodshed and he knew he could trust me to always work toward peace.
If I can end this conflict and restore it here, I will consider my debt to Verandis paid in full."
How long will you remain in Shornhelm?
"As long as it takes. I knew that having the noble houses share the throne wouldn't last. I should've chosen one of them to rule years ago.
To be honest, I feel I'm partly to blame for all of this, and it's my duty to be here and see it resolved."
Why didn't you bring an army?
"The last time I brought an army to Rivenspire, it was to put an end to Ranser's War. That isn't a memory I want to reawaken in this region.
Besides, it will be better for all concerned if Rivenspire resolves its own problems."
Has there been any word from the west?
"Rumors and wild tales, for the most part. We did receive at dispatch from a Captain Janeve. Apparently, something occurred in the town of Crestshade—something devastating enough to require the captain to set up a camp for refugees."
What can you tell me about Crestshade?
"Very little. It's a small town at the foot of the western mountains. Since you're heading in that direction to see Verandis, perhaps you can look in on Crestshade? I'd be grateful if you can determine what actually happened out there."

Once The Blood-Splattered Shield and Dream-Walk Into Darkness are completed:

"Countess Tamrith has returned from the west. She is understandably distraught, but grateful to you all the same.
Verandis passed through here as well, on his way to the Lorkrata hills. I believe he was expecting to to 
[sic] join him."

The Crown of ShornhelmEdit

After the defeat of Montclair and the Lightless Remnant, King Emeric will have to decide who to crown as ruler of Rivenspire, and asks for your imput input into the decision.

"So here we are. Baron Monclair's dead and that damn artifact is destroyed. Yes. You can part yourself on the back all right. You've saved Rivenspire and that's no small thing.
You do realize this creates a predicament for me, though, don't you?"
What is the problem?
"Well, I can't very well go on pretending the nobles can share the throne. Everyone knows what a colossal mistake I made there.
I'm going to have to crown someone—a king or a queen of Shornhelm, someone to rule Rivenspire, don't you think?"
It does look like the people are expecting that.
"Exactly. So I have to choose. Countess Tamrith or Baron Dorell. Frankly, since you've recently fought alongside the two of them, I would appreciate your counsel.
Speak to them if you wish, think about it, and then give me your recommendation."

After speaking with the Countess and Baron:

"Take as much time as you like, my friend.
It's only the High King and the entire kingdom of Rivenspire waiting."
I'm ready to give you my recommendation.
"Good. Though I do hope you've given the matter due consideration. This isn't like choosing which tunic to wear in the morning. It will affect many lives and the future of the Daggerfall Covenant.
Tell me then. House Tamrith or House Dorell?"
Countess Tamrith should rule.
"She's very young, but perhaps that means she will bring some much-needed change.
Very well. If that's your counsel, I will make Countess Tamrith the Queen of Shornhelm. Are you certain she is the best choice, though?"
Yes. Countess Tamrith.
"The bright, young Countess Tamrith then. I know she is thoughtful, humble, and as sharp as an assassin's dagger. I am sure she will make a courageous queen.
Queen Eselde of Shornhelm. It even has a nice ring to it."
I think Queen Eselde will be an excellent ruler.
"Then it's decided. Thank you for your counsel. Both Queen Eselde and myself will be in your debt.
After all you've done, there's no reward that can express my gratitude, but please accept this gift. I'd feel guilty if I didn't give you something."
No. I really think Baron Dorel should rule.
"If that's your counsel…" <see Baron Dorell should rule.>
Baron Dorell should rule.
"If that's your counsel, then I will make Baron Dorell King of Shornhelm. Are you certain though that this is the wisest course?"
Yes. Baron Dorell.
"The brave Baron Dorell, then. I know he is a valiant warrior, and I expect he will make a wise and honorable king.
King Alard of Shornhelm. It even has a nice ring to it."
I think King Alard will be an excellent ruler.
"Then it's decided. Thank you for your counsel. Both King Alard and myself will be in your debt.
After all you've done, there's no reward that can express my gratitude, but please accept this gift. I'd feel guilty if I didn't give you something."
No. I really think Countess Tamrith should rule.
"She's very young…" <see Countess Tamrith should rule.>
Actually, I'm still considering my decision.
"Very well. Don't take too long though. We don't want anyone passing out from standing on their feet too long."

If Baron Dorell is chosen to be king:

High King Emeric: "If I might have everyone's attention. I have decided to crown a new King of Shornhelm ... Alard Dorell, please come forward."
High King Emeric: "I hereby name your house the new royal house of Shornhelm."
King Alard: "I give you my solemn oath, Your Majesty. I will lead the Kingdom of Shornhelm with wisdom and honor, and I pledge my eternal allegiance to you and to the Daggerfall Covenant."
High King Emeric: "All hail! The new ruler of Rivenspire!"

If Countess Tamrith is chosen to be queen:

High King Emeric: "If I might have everyone's attention. I have decided to crown a new Queen of Shornhelm … Eselde Tamrith, please come forward."
High King Emeric: "I hereby name your house the new royal house of Shornhelm."
Queen Eselde: "I give you my solemn oath, Your Majesty. I will lead the Kingdom of Shornhelm with wisdom and honor, and I pledge my eternal allegiance to you and to the Daggerfall Covenant."
High King Emeric: "All hail! The new ruler of Rivenspire!"

After the new ruler has been crowned, Emeric will go stand beside his wife.

"You realize that since I made this decision based on your recommendation, that if ever there's a rebellion in Rivenspire ... well, you'll at least have to help me clean it up."


Emeric arrives in Bangkorai to help his cousin

Once The Parley is completed, King Emeric will arrive in Evermore Castle along with his Lion Guard, to assist his cousin, Queen Arzhela in fighting off the Imperials.

<Queen Arzehla worries about the impending Imperial attack.>

High King Emeric: "Fortunately, you won't have to."
Queen Arzhela: "Emeric … I mean, Your Majesty! Thank the gods!"

Rendezvous at the PassEdit

King Emeric can be spoken to ask what he is doing in Evermore.

"I've just been informed of what's happened at Bangkorai Garrison. It seems my timing is impeccable as ever.
So you're the one who's been helping my cousin Arzhela hold the kingdom together?"
I've helped however I could, Your Majesty.
"Of course, and now you'll have some help. I've brought as many Lion Guard as I could muster. We were hoping to spill some Reachman blood for old times' sake, but the Imperials will suffice.
Are you ready to take the garrison then?"
Of course. I'm yours to command.
"Excellent. I'll organize our forces and march to Bangkorai Pass within the hour.
I've already sent scouts to assess the Imperials' defenses. If you get there before me, look for Scout Nadira. We can finalize our plans when we're all there."
I'll look for Scout Nadira at Bangkorai Pass.

Speaking to him again:

"Don't dally now. If you take too long, I might just have to retake the garrison without you."

Storming the GarrisonEdit

Upon arriving at the Bangkorai Garrison, you will find King Emeric, Queen Arzhela and their soldiers have arrived before you and King Emeric has come up with a plan to gain entry. When approaching him, he will say:

"Alright everyone, it's time to start preparations."

He will mention that the allied forces won't have the strength to attack the Imperials headlong, which is why he suggests you will need to go through the sewers to open the main gate to let the allied forces inside:

"There you are. If you expected to find us scaling the walls already, I'm sorry to disappoint.
Don't get me wrong—we considered taking a stab at it, but with our … limited numbers, I don't really think that plays to our strengths."
What strengths are you referring to?
"Well, let's see, we have this sewer entrance here that the Imperials don't seem to know about, and then … well, we have you, of course.
I'm thinking to base our attack strategy around that. What do you say?"
You want me to go in through the sewers?
"Yes. Sometimes victory means getting dirty, and that's quite literally true here.
A passage in the sewers leads to the gatehouse. If you'll open the main gate, we can get into the garrison without having to scale the walls and lose half our men."
I'll go in and open the gate then.

King Emeric can then be asked further questions:

"Just so you know, while you're slogging through sewage, we won't be napping out here.
We'll go ahead and assault the main gate. It'll create a good distraction. It'll also mean that if you fail, we'll all die. Just so you know."
Will you be leading the assault?
"Unless the gods decide to strike me down before the battle starts. I've had enough standing around in throne rooms, talking about fighting the Imperials.
I miss the satisfaction of sliding a sword between the plates of an enemy's armor."
Queen Arzhela will be fighting too?
Of course! Battle runs in our blood. You think our family rose to royal power by attending teas, playing games at court, and currying favor with the right nobles?
No. This king and queen work … at its heart, it's a bloody business."
What's the plan once we're all inside? / What's the plan once are [sic] forces are inside?
"I haven't neglected that. I've looked at the garrison's layout and whatnot, and it'll really depend on what we find in there.
I am confident we'll catch them off-guard. So no matter what, we'll have to capitalize on that."
How did the garrison fall to the Imperials in the first place?
"The sad truth is we're not even sure. More than two hundred Knights of Saint Pelin were stationed here, but only a handful escaped.
Their stories are all over the place. Giant Daedra scaling the walls, the dead rising from the crypt … who knows."
Was Magus-General Septima Tharn involved?
"That old witch was undoubtedly the mastermind. And actually one of the knights who escaped claimed Septima snuck into the garrison posing as a Redguard refugee, and then unleashed Oblivion the next night.
Knowing her, that's quite possible."
You know Septima Tharn?
"Yes. I met her once, back before the Soulburst. I'm ashamed to admit I actually fancied the girl. She was as cold as a Nordic winter of course.
I wonder if she's still attractive though? Regardless, I think her head would look best on a pole."

After traversing the sewers to the gatehouse and opening the gate, Emeric will be found outside, shouting orders.

High King Emeric: "Keep Pushing! Drive the bastards back or put them down!"

He will give his next orders. You will need to assault the barracks to save any captured knights:

"I quite forgot how it feels. The rush of blood to the head; the sound and fury of battle!
So what if I've put on a few years? This is where I belong. I'm going to take back this garrison or die trying."
I'm with you. What do we do next?
"I've captured a few keeps in my day, and I learned the hard way: whoever holds the courtyard, holds the keep. So I'm going to seal our grip on this space.
We should also hit the barracks though—before the Imperials get their greaves on."
You want me to attack the barracks?
"Yes, but I'm not saying to slaughter a bunch of half-dressed soldiers. We're not Reachmen, for Mara's sake.
No. I'm hoping some of our knights are imprisoned there and you can free them. We need all the swords we can get."
I'll go to the barracks and free any prisoners I find then.
"After we've got the courtyard under control, we'll meet you up there.
Oh! And if you see Septima Tharn or any of her commanders, feel free to take them down. I'd love to kill the old witch myself, but you're better qualified."
If I get the opportunity, I'll take it.

Speaking to him before freeing the prisoners:

"I'm not expecting you to get in over your head, but you never know what tricks Septima Tharn might have up her sleeve.
If you get overwhelmed, fall back here. We'll hold this ground come Oblivion or Coldharbour!"

After storming the barracks, freeing the prisoners and killing Commander Attius, King Emeric will be found outside. The Imperials have nefarious plans with the late King Eamond's body and they are stalling the allied forces with waves of conscripts on the bridge:

"It's a damn good thing you came out. I was just about to charge in there and find you myself.
If I had died, it would've been your fault. You don't want the death of a king on your head, do you?"
No I certainly don't.
"Gods! I probably shouldn't jest like that, not around Arzhela. Poor thing. There's no telling what these twisted Imperial bastards might have done with King Eamond's corpse.
He was about to be entombed here when the garrison fell, of course."
Where exactly was he to be entombed?
"The royal crypt. All of Bangkorai's rulers are buried there … to keep eternal vigil and such.
The Imperials are doing something horrific in there; it's where they've formed their last line of defense. Whatever they're doing, I need you to stop them."
I can handle that. Where is the royal crypt?
"East. Across the bridge behind me. They're just throwing conscripts at us to keep us from getting across.
They'll run out of fodder eventually, but if you'll lead the charge across on your way to the crypt, we can take the bridge now."
All right. Across the bridge and to the crypt. Let's go.

After agreeing to clear the bridge:

"We're coming right behind you. I promise. But you better clear the path.
I needn't remind you that you don't want my death on your head. It would haunt you for the rest of your days."
Emeric watches as a Dark Anchor is summoned

Despite killing Battlemage Papus, he still managed to summon a Dark Anchor straight into the garrison. King Emeric and Queen Arzhela will be outside the crypt, looking down at the anchor.

"When you went below into the crypts this foul icy fog rolled in. The earth shook and those Dolmen emerged from the ground beneath our feet.
We retreated here to await your return, the rest you can clearly see."
What are your orders?
"I'm afraid the "giant Daedric anchors from the sky" issue is more your speciality [sic] than my own. I'll let you lead on this one."
That doesn't seem very kingly.
"A wise leader knows how to delegate," my father used to say. He may have died in his cups, but the man knew his aphorisms.
What could be more kingly?"
Very well. I'll destroy the anchors.

Speaking to him before destroying the Dark Anchor:

"This is a bit more than I expected. Did I say we would hold this ground come Oblivion or Coldharbour? I didn't mean that in a literal sense.
If you told me thought we should retreat…well, I might consider such counsel."

Once the Xivilai Moath is dead and the Dark Anchor destroyed, the garrison will be considered taken and King Emeric and Queen Arzhela will give a speech.

High King Emeric: "With chains, they sought to bind this place in darkness and death … but the chains are broken! The garrison is ours!"
High King Emeric: "Mark my words—this victory will go down in the history books! This is the day the Empire began to crumble!"
Queen Arzhela: "Knights of Saint Pelin! Many of your brothers and sisters died here, but this was the purchase of their sacrifice. Be grateful and be proud!"

King Emeric will then lead his cousin outside the south gate.

High King Emeric: "We have the bastards on the run now! Come Arzhela, come experience the joy of watching your enemies flee from battle."

While outside, Emeric can be spoken to again, showing that he worked up an appetite.

"Are you as hungry as I am? I'm completely famished. The thrill of battle does that, you know. And flirting with death makes food taste so much better too.
We'll have to have a feast later. Yes, when the garrison's cleaned up."

Striking BackEdit

Emeric at the southern gates of Bangkorai Garrison

After speaking with Queen Arzhela, King Emeric will be eager to continue the campaign.

"We gave the Imperials a healthy kick in the buttocks, didn't we? I bet they don't stop running until they're behind the walls of Hallin's Stand!
We will have to go after them...of course."
Why do we have to go after them?
"For one thing, I still haven't seen Septima. I just have to find out how the years have treated the old girl.
There's also the matter of liberating southern Bangkorai. It's Covenant territory, you know."
How do you propose we liberate southern Bangkorai?
"One grain of sand at a time, my friend. It's true we don't have the troops to go traipsing off into the desert, but one person can scout Hallin's Stand and see if Septima's there.
If only I had a loyal and capable friend here …."
All right. I can go to Hallin's Stand then.
"Of course! You can go to Hallin's Stand! Fabulous idea!
Yes, my friend. The key to driving the Imperials out of southern Bangkorai will be finding and...eliminating the Magus General. If you'll track Septima down, we'll be halfway done."
What kind of place is Hallin's Stand?
"It's a magnificent city right in the middle of nowhere; only the gods know why the Redguards even built it.
But it's changed hands many times over the centuries. Not a subject to bring up when you have Fahara'jad and Arzhela in the same room."
If we retake the city, who would get it?
"Queen Arzhela, of course. It's part of Bangkorai. Come to think about it, I don't even know why Fahara'jad wants it. Doesn't he have enough desert cities?
You'd think he'd be lobbying for more territory in the wetlands for Mara's sake."
Can you tell me more about Septima Tharn?
"Ah, sweet Septima. I may have mentioned before, I actually met her when I was just coming of age, tagging along with my father to Cyrodiil.
I took quite a fancy to her, but she mocked my advances most cruelly."
Why did she mock your advances?
"My father was just a merchant lord from Cumberland, come to kiss the Emperor's ring—I didn't realize it, but I was hardly a match for a Tharn.
Even back then, Abnur Tharn would never have allowed his niece to be courted by someone like me."
What is the Imperials' strategy?
"I believe they were aiming to conquer all Bangkorai, but we've shown them that's not going to happen.
Septima's likely plotting revenge now, but who knows? Her family's so corrupt with power and necromancy, their motives hardly make sense anymore."
Emeric addressing the Lion Guard

Trials and TribulationsEdit

King Emeric will have tracked Septima Tharn to the Hall of Heroes. He will be at the base of the stairs, speaking with his Lion Guard when he notices you and he will be pleased that finally made it. "Ha! Now, I almost feel sorry for the Imperials. Almost."

Speaking to him:

"I was wondering when you'd wander up! I knew you wouldn't let me get all the glory.
Of course, I wouldn't have wanted to take any action until you were with us regardless, but I like to pretend. Anyhow, how in Oblivion are you?"
I'm doing fine, Your Majesty. How are you?
"I feel strong. I'm ready to spill some Imperial blood. This will be remembered as the place where the Imperials made their last stand in Bangkorai.
Despite my advisors' concerns, I decided I had to be here and lead the charge myself."
Are you sure that's safe?
"Bah! Are you trying to coddle me now too? I command you—put aside your concerns.
This isn't even going to be a real contest. Each of my soldiers can take ten of theirs, and you can take a hundred. So … can we get on with this?"
Yes. Of course. I'm yours to command.
Septima Tharn captures Emeric

He will then speak of his plan.

High King Emeric: "All right everyone. This is it. No one is allowed to die until they're taken down at least a dozen enemies. Kill as may as you can. The only exception is the Magus-General—she's mine, and mine alone."
Septima Tharn: "Good speech, Emeric. I can't believe you still fancy me after all these years. Let's get reacquainted then, shall we?"
High King Emeric: "Overconfident as ever, I see! I'm not afraid of you, Septima …."
Lion Guard: "To arms! Defend the King!"
<A pool of pale blue magic coalesces around her.>
Septima Tharn: "You will not!"
<The Lion Guard squad falls down dead. Dark magic surrounds King Emeric as Septima walks up to him.>
Septima Tharn: "I think we need to spend so alone time, Emeric. Come, let's find a quiet place …."
<Purple shackles bind the King's wrists and both disappear in a ball of light.>

To Walk on Far ShoresEdit

Emeric is fatally wounded

After entering the Hall of Heroes and getting the blessings of the spirits there, you can enter the Chamber of Passage to find Septima holding King Emeric prisoner. As you approach things will take a turn for the worse.

Septima Tharn: "Ah! Look Emeric, your savior has arrived! Or is that your executioner?"
<She stabs Emeric and disappears.>

After this, you can rush over to the King Emeric to see how he is.

"It's good that you're here, my friend, though I'm afraid I may be dying …."
Hold on. We can get you healed.
"You're a good friend, courageous and loyal and all that … but you're a terrible liar.
I … I … I just wish it wasn't that wench Septima that killed me …."
Your Majesty …?(Ends conversation)

King Emeric dies, a his soul drifts into the newly opened portal in the middle of the pool.

High King Emeric: "I suppose I must say goodbye, my friend. I'll see you on the other side …."
Emeric's soul, bound in the Far Shores

When you enter the portal and the Far Shores, you will find Emeric's soul is still bound by Septima. He will notice you and call out.

High King Emeric: "You're here too? Can you get us back? It's quite pleasant here, but I'm not ready to die yet! We can't let them win?"
<Septima Tharn will appear.>
Septima Tharn: "Hush now, Emeric. Your death matters little—there are other kings. It's this one I wanted. The one who's been holding the Covenant together at every turn. The vestige from Coldharbour."
Septima Tharn: "Didn't think I knew, did you? I did, and I knew I couldn't kill you … on Mundus. Here though, your'e severed from Coldharbour, from your soul. Here, you're stuck. Goodbye now."
<The Keeper of the Hall appears floating above the both of them.>
Keeper of the Hall: "Insolent necromancer! The Far Shores is no prison in which you can place your enemies! You dare to come here and then expect to leave freely? I think not."
<The Keeper then speaks to you.>
Keeper of the Hall: "You though, are no less a fool. An honorable fool, but a fool nonetheless. Hm. Very well, though. I have an offer: slay this wretched woman and you and your liege can return to the Mundus."
Septima Tharn: "I'll leave whenever I damn please … but I'll enjoy teaching you both a lesson in power first."
Emeric's soul

Once Septima is defeated, King Emeric's soul will be freed but he will doubting himself after Septima's words.

"Well, that was demoralizing, wasn't it?
"Your death matters little, Emeric." I can't believe she said that! I don't know though. Is it true?"
Of course not, Your Majesty. The Daggerfall Covenant needs you.
"That's a relief … I suppose. There's some part of me that wants to stay here, but I'd have regrets for all eternity, wouldn't I?
Since I am in the fortunate position of having a choice, I think I prefer you take me back."
Of course. I'll take your soul back.

After you reenter the living world, King Emeric's body will be surrounded by the mourning Queen Arzhela and the Lion Guard. When you release his soul it will appear as a mass of blue light while he attempts to reenter his body.

High King Emeric: "There I am … still dead. So do I just climb back in …?"
<The blue light disappears and Emeric gets back on his feet.>
High King Emeric: "There. Easier than I thought. That knife wound still smarts, but it's good to be alive."

King Emeric can then be spoken with.

"That was an experience I won't be forgetting anytime soon. I'd say that you went beyond the call of duty, but I think you went even beyond that.
Of course, Septima was actually after you, wasn't she?"
Yes. We're both lucky to have survived.
"I suppose so. Furthermore, I'm grateful now that Septima never returned my affections. Mara's mercy, that woman did not age well!
She's irrelevant now though, thanks to you. I suspect, however, that we can't afford to rest on our laurels just yet."

If he is spoken to after completing this quest or starting Messages Across Tamriel from him, he will mention that he is heading back to Wayrest.

"Truthfully, I think a few days rest are well-deserved on both our parts—not at the seashore, mind you, but perhaps in Wayrest.
Unfortunately though, I am long overdue for an appointment. And as it happens, so are you."

Main QuestEdit

Shadow of Sancre TorEdit

High King Emeric in Sancre Tor

When you arrive at the Vault Antechamber, Mannimarco's projection will continue to gloat about his plan, and a projection of High King Emeric will appear in his visualization:

Mannimarco: "Your pathetic efforts will not succeed! The Amulet of Kings will be mine!"
Sai Sahan: "I swear by Stendarr's grace and the sword of my father, you will not win, Mannimarco!"
Mannimarco: "Soon, you will know the extent of my power and bow before me!"
Mannimarco: "Through the power of the Amulet of Kings, I will be transformed!"
<Ghostly figures of King Fahara'jad and the other various national leaders will appear in a circle surrounding you.>
Mannimarco: "All the nations of Tamriel will bow before me! They will worship me and beg for my mercy! All will know the name of Mannimarco as their one, true god!"
Lyris Titanborn: "You'll never get away with it, Mannimarco! We'll fight you to our last breath!"
Mannimarco: "By all means, my old friends. Try and stop me!"

Messages Across TamrielEdit

If don't have this quest from Vanus Galerion or haven't already done it in another faction, you can start it from Emeric.

"Truthfully, I think a few days rest are well-deserved on both our parts—not at the seashore, mind you, but perhaps in Wayrest.
Unfortunately though, I am long overdue for an appointment. And as it happens, so are you."
A message, Your Majesty?
"Vanus Galerion, of the Mages Guild, requests your assistance.
Recent events have made it clear that Molag Bal has dark plans for our world. Vanus believes it is time to act. He seeks to take the battle to Coldharbour."
Where is Vanus?
"My agent Copper Dariah is with him now, at the Daggerfall Mages Guild.
I need you to go there. Act as my eyes and ears, and speak on my behalf. Will you do this?"
I would be honored, my King.

Later you will have to speak with King Emeric to convince him to parley with the other alliances to invade Coldharbour.

Vanus Galerion: "Esteemed High King Emeric, I thank you for agreeing to this meeting. I would not presume to waste your time without good reason."
High King Emeric: "We've known each other for some time, Master Galerion. You aren't known for your capricious whims. Tell me though—who is your companion?"

If you're on a character in the Aldmeri Dominion:

Vanus Galerion: "Your Majesty, this is Queen Ayrenn's personal representative, here to speak with you about the impending Coldharbour crisis."
High King Emeric: "So Queen Ayrenn sends her personal champion into the stronghold of her greatest enemy? Either she has a lot of faith in you, or she's trying to get you killed. Hm. I'm intrigued. Come, let us speak."

If you're on a character in the Ebonheart Pact:

Vanus Galerion: "Your Majesty, this is Skald-King Jorunn's personal representative, here to speak with you about the impending Coldharbour crisis."
High King Emeric: "The Skald-King sends his personal champion into his enemy's stronghold? Either he has a lot of faith in you, or he's trying to get you killed. Hmm. I'm intrigued. Come, let us speak."

You'll need to speak with him about the growing threat of Molag Bal. He will agree on going to Stirk to discuss with the other alliance leaders of an assault on Coldharbour:

"Dibella's legs! But you are a bold one! Even the bards of Wayrest sing of your exploits.
I must confess—I had hoped to meet you one day. We sharpen our blades on the same whetstone, if you take my meaning."
It's an honor, Your Majesty.
"Tell me then, is it madness that drives you to barge in here like this?
Or perhaps you're here to surrender on behalf of your people? If that's the case, I accept."
I've come to talk about Molag Bal.
"That's a bit of a dreary subject, but I prefer that over some angry line like "I've come here to kill you, Your Majesty!" I'm glad you didn't say that.
So you want to talk about everyone's favorite Daedric Prince then? What of him?"
Molag Bal's influence grows. It's time we took the fight to his realm.
"Ha! I'm sorry. I think I must've misheard you. For a moment, I thought you were saying you wanted to battle a Daedric Prince.
That would be especially funny if you wanted my help. So, what was it you really meant to say?"
I propose all the alliances meet on the island of Stirk to discuss an assault on Coldharbour.
"That would be utter madness … but I do like the thought of seeing that next to my name in the history books.
All right. If Ayrenn and Jorunn agree to attend, I'll be there. If this is an assassination attempt, though, I'm taking you with me."

After you talk to the King, Copper Dariah will pipe up. If you're part of the Pact:

Copper Dariah: "Give my best to Thrush. Tell him I hope we can dance again, soon."
High King Emeric: "So you've been mingling with the enemy, have you, Dariah? Just so you know—I already knew that."
Copper Dariah: "Oh, I love to mingle, Your Majesty. I'm going to mingle their heads right off their necks one of these days."

If you're part of the Dominion:

Copper Dariah: "Tell Cariel that I hope to drop in for a visit very soon. From an upper story. She'll know what I mean."
High King Emeric: "So you've been mingling with the enemy, have you, Dariah? Just so you know—I already knew that."
Copper Dariah: "Oh, I love to mingle, Your Majesty. I'm going to mingle their heads right off their necks one of these days."

The Weight of Three CrownsEdit

Emeric at the summit on Stirk

Once you have arrived at the summit, the talks will begin. However, the tensions between the leaders quickly lead to insults.

Queen Ayrenn: "We must put aside our differences and work together or this assault is doomed from the start."
High King Emeric: "How do we know this isn't a ruse? A clever plan to divert out forces while your armies take the Imperial City?"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "I thought backstabbing was your favorite tactic, Emeric!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Please! Are you both so arrogant? Your weapons are children's toys compared to the horrors that Molag Bal commands!"
High King Emeric: "I will not wager the future of my people on the word of a snow barbarian and an adolescent female. I fear for Tamriel's future if either of you were to sit upon the Ruby Throne!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Since when do you care about your people? You never lift a finger except to count your gold!"
Vanus Galerion: "Please, my lords! This bickering is pointless!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "What a waste of time!"
<Jorunn goes back to his camp.>
Queen Ayrenn: "Obstinate fools, both of you!"
<Ayrenn returns to her camp.>
High King Emeric: "What a mess. Apologies, Vanus, but I'm going to check on my Lion Guard."
<Emeric leaves for his camp.>

In the end, all three leaders retreat to their camps. If you try to speak to him before getting advice from Vanus, he'll only say:

"Apologies, but I must speak to my troops."

After you convince Vanus of your idea to get the Guilds permission to fight, you can head to High King Emeric to see if you can convince him. His reaction to you will depend on your alliance.

If you are part of the Covenant, he will listen to your suggestion very easily.

"This meeting feels like two wolves and a sheep discussing what to have for dinner. I will not sit back and let them pick at my bones!"
I have a suggestion.
"That's more than I'm getting from them. What do you suggest?"
Send the guilds into Coldharbour.
"I don't doubt their commitment or their bravery, but they are few and Molag Bal's followers are legion."
Do we have a choice? I don't see any other options.
"All right, then. I'll agree, provided you can convince the barbarian and the child queen. I don't envy you the task. They're more pig-headed than I am!"

If you are a part of the Dominion:

"This Queen of yours is spirited, I'll give her that. But she has no right to force her will upon all of Tamriel."

If you are a part of the Pact:

"Your Skald-King has all the patience of a bull at mating season. This is a negotiating table, not a battlefield. Can't you talk some sense into that thick head of his?"

Regardless of your Alliance, you can give him a suggestion.

I have a suggestion.
"That's more than I'm getting from them. What do you suggest?"
Send the guilds into Coldharbour.
"I don't doubt their commitment or their bravery, but they are few and Molag Bal's followers are legion."
[Persuade]The guilds have considerable experience fighting Daedra.
"Arkay's beard, you're a bold one! But you may be right.
If you can convince the barbarian and the child queen to agree, I'll consider it."
You may be right, but we need to do something.
"I'm not convinced, but let me think on it. Something must be done. On that, we agree."
High King Emeric versus Bitterwind

After speaking with the three, the island will suddenly be invaded by Daedra on the behest of Molag Bal and the most of powerful of them will focus on the leaders. High King Emeric will be fighting off a Storm Atronach called Bitterwind. Afterwards, he will spit:

"Curse that Molag Bal!"

If you speak to him after all the rifts are closed, he says:

"The situation is far worse than I could have imagined. Maybe we truly aren't safe."

When the Daedra have been repelled, Vanus Galerion and Countess Hakruba will call out to the leaders, trying to convince them that there is no more time to waste.

Vanus Galerion: "Honored leaders! You have seen the face of our enemy!"
Vanus Galerion: "Molag Bal threatens every living being in Tamriel! The Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild have agreed to join forces to launch an assault on Coldharbour!"
Countess Hakruba: "Trust in us! Sanction our actions! Give us your blessings! We will not let you down!"
High King Emeric: "Vanus is right. The Guilds are our best and only choice. Send them to Coldharbour!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "I hate to admit it, but I agree with Emeric."
Queen Ayrenn: "As do I. It appears that much of the distrust between out alliances was sown and nurtured by the God of Schemes."
Countess Hakruba: "Molag Bal thrives on deception and chaos, but if you'll forgive me, this Alliance War is of your own making."
Vanus Galerion: "Countess Hakruba. Gather the surviving members of both Guilds in the Stirk Interior. The champion and I will go there new to open the portal."
Countess Hakruba: "We'll be right behind you, Vanus."
<Vanus begins to head towards the valley.>
Vanus Galerion: "The time has come, Champion."
Countess Hakruba: "Let's go!"

Before you leave, if you speak with Emeric he will say:

"Molag Bal has much to answer for. Remember those who gave their lives today."

Mages GuildEdit

Circus of Cheerful SlaughterEdit

King Emeric
(lore page)
Location Circus of Cheerful Slaughter
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 133844 Difficulty  
Reaction Hostile Class Eviscerator
King Emeric

A hostile version of the king (called King Emeric) will appear in the third act of Sheogorath's play in the Circus of Cheerful Slaughter. His forces will have captured members of the Mages Guild to be executed.

Sheogorath: "Stage left, we have the founder of the Mages Guild, Vanus!"
Sheogorath: "Stage right, we have your old, old, old, old, old friend, Archmage Shalidor!"
Sheogorath: "And backstage we have Valaste, your new friend and confidant in the Mages Guild!"
Sheogorath: "But what's this? Why, it's King Emeric and his friends from the Daggerfall Covenant! No doubt he's got kind words to share. Take it away, Your Highness!"
<King Emeric appears in a cloud of purple butterflies.>
King Emeric: "For perpetuating the use of magic, we hereby burn you at the stake. Let your corruption be gone from this land once and for all!"

He will need to be killed along with his fellow leaders to free the mages.

High IsleEdit

High King Emeric in the Systres

Escape from AmenosEdit

When you arrive on High Isle, you will learn that a few high profile guests for the upcoming talks went missing after their ships were sunk by a sudden storm, these included High King Emeric. After some investigation, you find hints that they washed up on Amenos and you need to go rescue them. After you have come across Caska and Queen Ayrenn, the latter will create a ritual to locate the others, she tracks him down to Coral Cliffs and asks you to go inside to find him.

Emeric can be found on the upper levels where he is surrounded by the corpses of the Green Serpents trying to catch him:

High King Emeric: "More of you vile Serpents to fight? Good! I'm just getting started!"
<He notices you.>
High King Emeric: "Hmm. You don't appear to be one of these Green Serpent ruffians. Shame. I was hoping to notch an even twenty."

Speak with High King Emeric to see what is going on:

Completed Covenant Storyline:
First Time Meeting and part of Covenant  :
First Time Meeting and part of other Alliance  :
"My friend! What a turn of fate to meet you here, of all places. I didn't accidentally banish you to Amenos, did I? No, of course not. I'd remember if I saw your name on one of those prison writs.
But what are you doing here, pray tell?"
Lady Arabelle sent me to find you and the other alliance leaders.
"I'd know a fellow member of the Covenant anywhere! I'm not sure what you're doing in this damn jungle, but I'm thrilled to see a friendly face.
I'm High King Emeric and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
Lady Arabelle sent me to find you and the other alliance leaders.
"Since you're the first person I've encountered in this damn jungle who isn't trying to kill me, let's assume we're going to be friends.
I'm High King Emeric. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."
Lady Arabelle sent me to find you and the other alliance leaders.
"Lady Arabelle, you say? How is the dear woman? She and I have shared quite a few close calls over the years. But she only sent you? I assumed I merited at least a dozen knights or so.
Ah, well. I assume you have a way to get us off this damn island?"
I can signal a rescue ship as soon as we find Prince Irnskar. And Queen Ayrenn can clear the storm.
"Ah, you've seen Ayrenn. And she's still alive? Good.
Do you know I was looking for young Irnskar when these Serpents rushed out and tried to toss me in that cage? I showed them! But I think they may have captured our wayward Nord prince."
I did overhear some Green Serpents mention they had captured one of you.
"I half expected to find our young Nord prince sitting atop a pile of dead Serpents. But no such luck.
Let's take a look around and see if we can find anything that points to where the Serpents might be holding Jorunn's pup."
All right, I'll look around.

After you agree to look for clues:

High King Emeric: "Look around. Irnskar was here before they moved him, I'm sure of it."

You can also continue your conversation and ask Emeric some more questions:

"Come to think of it, I also heard these Serpents mention a captured noble. I suppose that's what whoever's behind this told them. No reason to reveal we're royals. Instantly raises the bounty.
Really wish I'd taken one of them prisoner, though."
What does a high king do, exactly?
"What does a high king do? Everything and nothing, or so it seems some days. I lead the Daggerfall Covenant, I rule over High Rock, and I attend meetings. So many meetings!
Any other questions before more of these Serpents show up?"
How did you gain your crown?
"Over my strenuous objections, honestly. I was Earl of Cumberland before King Gardner died. He dropped dead of the Knahaten Flu and suddenly I was crowned King of Wayrest.
Haven't had a decent night's sleep since."
Why found the Covenant?
"When Ranser challenged my rule, an alliance seemed a prudent course for a quick resolution. Luckily, it was still in place when the Empire collapsed.
The Covenant represents a return to the ideals of the past and, I believe, our best hope for peace."
Were you trained to be the high king?
"Being the eldest son of a noble house, I was trained to lead, though not necessarily to be a king.
My father sent me to the best teachers. I particularly remember studying under Count Ravenwatch. A brilliant man and still a good friend."
Why did the Pact send Prince Irnskar instead of his father? / You mentioned the Skald-King. Why isn't he at these talks?
"That's a good question. Jorunn the Skald-King was invited, of course, but the official response we got out of Mournhold was short and sweet—his son would negotiate on the Pact's behalf."
Do you think that's going to be a problem?
"Not for me. I have heard that Irnskar is something of a royal pain in the arse, but aren't we all to some extent?
Perhaps Jorunn is using this as a training exercise. If Irnskar doesn't make matters worse, maybe he'll learn something."

When you find an item, High King Emeric will comment on it: Picking up Suungir, Axe of the Skald-King:

High King Emeric: "The Skald-King's axe! Irnskar held that like Queen Maraya grips a sweetroll. He wouldn't give it up willingly."

Reading Letter from Deesh-Jee:

High King Emeric: "Fights like a Giant? That sounds like Irnskar, and he's at the coin fort. Well done!"

With both items found, you can escort Emeric out of Coral Cliffs:

High King Emeric: "Let's find Queen Ayrenn, shall we?"
<Notices bottle near one of the bodies.>
High King Emeric: "All that dead lout had was this bottle of wine."
<Drinks from it.>
High King Emeric: "Ach. Sour. Is there no joy on this damn island?"

Speaking to him at this point:

"I suppose it's time to reunite with Queen Ayrenn. Let's be off.
Maybe this news about Prince Irnskar will keep us from wandering into more sensitive waters. She really does like to argue, that one."

When you reach the cliff that leads to the entrance down below:

High King Emeric: "Yeah, if I were to break an ankle making this jump, Queen Maraya would kill me. I'll go around and meet you outside."

Once outside, you can meet up with Emeric who is with Queen Ayrenn and Caska:

Queen Ayrenn: "Good to see you still well, Emeric."
High King Emeric: "And you, Ayrenn. Nice … cat. I say, friend, let's chat."

Speak with Emeric to continue the quest:

"I washed up alone and now I'm surrounded by allies. At least, allies for the nonce.
It's funny how fate can change in a moment, eh? Let's talk about the things we found in the cave."
We found a note from the Green Serpent leader.
"Right. Mentions taking their captive noble to the coin fort. That has to be Prince Irnskar.
Amenos used to be a stronghold for High Rock slave traders, but that was many years ago. There's a crumbling old ruin just west of here."
There were Breton slave traders?
"A long time ago, yes. Not something the Covenant sanctions today. But you're missing the pertinent point.
The Green Serpent gang is using the old coin fort as a hideout, and they're holding Prince Irnskar there."
We also found the Skald-King's axe.
"We did indeed! There are songs sung about that weapon. Literally. Jorunn performed one of them the last time we shared company. We must return it to the prince when we find him.
Anyway, our course seems clear. We make for the coin fort to the west!"
Right. We'll meet at the coin fort.

Once the plan has been made:

High King Emeric: "To the coin fort! Shall we journey there together, Ayrenn?"
Queen Ayrenn: "Caska will run ahead and clear the path. I'll make my own way there."
Queen Ayrenn: "I'll see you at the fort! Do try to keep pace with Caska, Emeric. She'll keep you safe."
<Queen Ayrenn teleports away and Caska runs off.>
High King Emeric: "And … she's gone. Again. Don't worry about me. I'll just take the long way around."

Speaking with Emeric before you leave:

"Don't worry about me. I'll meet you at the coin fort. It's just west of here, if I remember my maps.
I'll just spend the walk thinking about the choices I've made. A little retrospective."

As you leave, Emeric will begin walking along the path westwards:

High King Emeric: "I could use a nice walk."

You can meet up with Caska, Ayrenn and Emeric near the entrance to the Old Coin Fort:

High King Emeric: "Truth be told, this is one of the most relaxing diplomatic missions I've had in quite some time."
Caska: "Walker, we need to talk."

Speaking with Emeric before Caska:

"Did I mention how unusually large that cat is? Startling, even. Quite brave, though. I can see why Ayrenn values her company.
Anyway, she wants to speak to you. I wouldn't keep her waiting."

After talking with Caska, her plan will be to pretend to have captured King Emeric and lead him to the gates of the Coin Fort. Once the gate is opened, Ayrenn and Caska will attack and you can sneak inside:

High King Emeric: "The high king most definitely … um … agrees. Ahem. Lead on, my foul captor."
Queen Ayrenn: "Come, Caska. Let's go see how much trouble we can get into."
Caska: "If you insist!"
<Queen Ayrenn and Caska run off.>

Talking with Emeric while leading him to the gates:

"Lead the way, captor my captor. Those Green Serpents will never see through our clever ruse!"

Once at the gates, the Green Serpent Sentries will sight you and open the gates. Once inside, the next part of the plan will begin, speaking with him at this point:

"One door down, one to go. All good forts and castles have multiple points of defense.
Let's see if we can do this without alerting the entire fortress."

Walking forward, Emeric will want you to follow his lead:

High King Emeric: "I'll draw the Serpents out. Be ready."
High King Emeric: "Hands off, you bastard!"
Green Serpent Sentry: "That's one of the nobles Deesh-Jee wants! Unlock the gate and grab him!"
High King Emeric: "High King Emeric is no one's prisoner!"
<The Green Serpents approach.>
High King Emeric: "Steady, my friend …."
High King Emeric: "Attack!"

Speaking to him before you charge:

"No time like the present, my friend. Attack!"

Fight off the Green Serpents and enter the fort proper with Emeric:

"The way is clear. Let's go find Prince Irnskar."

You come across a prone Prince Irnskar and some Green Serpents hanging over him:

Green Serpent Lurker: "The Ascendant Order won't make good on their promise if he's dead, netch-breath."

After defeating them, Prince Irnskar will get up:

Prince Irnskar: "Ugh. Can I assume this is a rescue?"
High King Emeric: "On your feet lad. And friend, give him his axe."

Speaking with him before Prince Irnskar:

"Give Suungir to the prince. We'll need him fighting by our side."

Once you have spoken Irnskar and handed over his axe, Emeric will part ways with you while you and Irnskar search for the Ascendant Order leaders:

High King Emeric: "I'll get Ayrenn and Caska. We'll wait for your signal."

Searching the Coin Fort, you and Prince Irnskar will find the Green Serpents' leader Deesh-Jee bowing before the Ascendant Magus and Lord. While they escape, you hear about a plot on High Isle. Continuing to the docks, you fire the flare signal Captain Za'ji's ship. However, an unnatural storm will come in. While Queen Ayrenn will try to hold it at bay, Deesh-Jee and his Green Serpents will be the last obstacle. High King Emeric will be with Ayrenn as you battle Deesh-Jee.

Once Deesh-Jee is dead, Prince Irnskar will run to the docks:

Prince Irnskar: "No ship can reach us through this storm!"
High King Emeric: "Patience, lad. Ayrenn is working on that."
<Queen Ayrenn raises her arm gathers a ball of lightning in her hand while she chants.>
Queen Ayrenn: "Wind, waves, and salt, heed my call and still your fury!"
Caska: "It's working!"
<Queen Ayrenn throws her arms out and as the lightning spreads the storm clears and the Perfect Pounce II can be seen in the distance.>
Prince Irnskar: "I don't believe it. She actually did it!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Onto the ship, quickly!"

When on the Perfect Pounce II, you have the option of speaking with High King Emeric about what happened on Amenos and his opinion on previous adventures:

"A daring rescue, a clean escape. Well done, my friend! I can't wait to tell Queen Maraya all about it."
How fares the alliance?  
"The Covenant remains strong. Or so I tell myself from atop the lumpy pillow on my unbearably uncomfortable throne.
Look, we've accomplished quite a bit in these past few years. I mean, you tell me. Is it madness to hope for peace in our time?"
That's the purpose of the conferance, right?
"Indeed. The people of High Rock, Hammerfell, and Wrothgar seek to build a future together. A process you've been a part of.
Someday, the Covenant will be victorious. In my heart, I believe that. But if we can achieve peace sooner, why not try?"
How have you been, your majesty?
"Very well, thanks for asking. It feels like forever and a day since you acted with my authority on the Covenant's behalf, doesn't it?
I must say, shipwrecked or not, it's a pleasure to have you by my side again!"
What did you think about the events in Orsinium?  
"Kurog. He was … complicated. Quite literally saved my life, you know.
Your role in his death and Bazrag's rise to power. All very understandable, given the situation. But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a somber day when I heard the news."
How are you getting along with Bazrag?
"Well, we've had him by the palace a few times. He brings along a barrel of Kurog's favorite ale and we toast the memory of dead warriors.
Strong alliances have been forged on less than that, don't you know?"
Did you hear about the Daedric plot in Blackwood?  
"I did. The reports were terrible. After everything that's happened, you'd think one more Daedric Prince trying to take over the world wouldn't shock me.
And yet …."
The Emperor making weapons of children is a lot to stomach.
"It's not as if the Longhouse Emperors were known for their temperance. But yes, it's disgusting.
Incredibly impressive, your actions in Blackwood."
How did you—?  
"Actually, I have a question for you. The head of my intelligence ring, Copper Dariah? She's an ogrim! Scares me half to death, but she's terribly effective.
She mentioned your name in connection to the Thieves Guild, of all things. Care to explain?"
Some friends of mine were unfairly targeted, your majesty. I helped them out.
"Ha! Good answer. I'll let you in on a little secret the other alliance leaders won't tell you. Commerce in Tamriel won't work without outlaws.
Why else do you think we let them place those ostentatious little hidey holes and refuges everywhere?"
What were you up to while Prince Irnskar and I tried to stop the Ascendant Lord and the Magus?
"I kept busy, if that's what you're asking.
We made our way around the fort and kept the bulk of the Serpent's forces occupied. Caska was a real champion. She cut down three ruffians for every one that Ayrenn or I dealt with."
Why do you think the Ascendant Order tried to stop you from reaching the peace talks?
"For all their rhetoric, it's clear that the Ascendant Order doesn't want the war in Cyrodiil to end. At least not with one of us on the throne.
They're the worst kind of evil. A malicious greed masquerading as a benevolent purpose."

When you successfully completed the rescue mission, you will meet him and the other alliance leaders with Lady Arabelle at her manor's courtyard. He will remind Irnskar it is too early to celebrate victory:

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Well, here comes our hero now. Well done, my dear!"
Prince Irnskar: "Excellent! Who wants a drink? The Prince of Windhelm is buying!"
High King Emeric: "Hold fast there, lad. We're safe for now, but the battle's just begun."

When you reach Gonfalon Bay, you will be asked to meet with Lady Arabelle at Mandrake Manor. She will be in the courtyard with High King Emeric, the other leaders and Lord Bacaro Volorus. Speaking with Emeric before completing the quest:

"I am in your debt, my friend. Know that I will negotiate in good faith for a lasting peace—so long as Ayrenn and Irnskar do the same.
After we deal with the Ascendant Order, though, I think. Those fanatics threaten all we hope to accomplish here."

Not sure when below happens during quest:

"Don't be a stranger now, my friend. We need more people like you hanging about here in the castle. It makes the place more interesting.
Though I suppose if you hung about here, you'd be pretty boring, wouldn't you? Safe travels, then."

To Catch a MagusEdit

High King Emeric will be escorted to another location, while you investigate Mistmouth Cave with Lady Arabelle. He is not happy about it, none of the leaders are:

Queen Ayrenn: "Why must we sit on our hands? The Dominion can crush the Ascendant Order with one fell blow!"
High King Emeric: "I will not allow the Dominion to land warriors on Breton shores! The Daggerfall Covenant will handle this matter."
Prince Irnskar: "Summon your fleets and I will leave. The Ebonheart Pact will not negotiate under threat of attack."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Patience, please! This is a delicate situation. Let us handle this. Now, go with Jakarn. He'll see you to a safer location."

Speaking with him before you leave:

"I trust Lady Arabelle implicitly. If she believes I should accept Lord Bacaro's protection and leave the Ascendant Order to you, then so be it.
But know that I'd rather help you deal with these villains than get locked away with Ayrenn and Irnskar."

The Ascendant StormEdit

After finding out the identity of the Ascendant Magus, you also learn of the Ascendant Order's plan to attack All Flags Islet and kill all three alliance representatives at once. You, the three ship captains, Lady Arabelle and Jakarn will head to the All Flags Castle in a stolen ship. When you arrive you find it already under attack, it will be up to you to locate and assist the three leaders around the castle. After helping Queen Ayrenn and Prince Irnskar, you will directed to assist High King Emeric with the Eldertide forces that a conjuring a store.

When you find him, he will be facing off again the Eldertide druids:

High King Emeric: "These evil druids are feeding the storm! Disrupt their ritual, friend!"

Once you have defeated the attackers:

High King Emeric: "That's better! Now it's a fair fight!"

Speak with High King Emeric to see what he needs you to do:

"I'm glad you're here! I can use some help with these damn druids. We must disrupt their ritual to dissipate the storm!"

Ahead of you, you will see six druids focusing lightning magic into a single point, Emeric will follow while you attack and assist. Once they are all dead, the storm ritual will stop:

High King Emeric: "Victory is ours, friend! But we shouldn't linger too long. We need a solid plan."

Talk to High King Emeric to explain Lady Arabelle's plan:

"Well fought, friend!
If you're here, Lady Arabelle must be nearby. Now, what does she have up her sleeve? If I've learned anything in my long association with Lady Arabelle, it's that she always has a plan in the works."
Lady Arabelle wants me to get you and the others to Memorial Hall.
"Ah, yes. The protected hall. I thought Lady Arabelle's arrangements were overly cautious. Events, however, reveal the wisdom of her actions. As much as I dislike hiding, we must deny our enemies an easy victory.
Do you have an invitation medallion?"
I do. Lady Arabelle gave me hers.
"Then we should make use of the defenses she prepared. I'm sure she plans to launch a counterattack, just like she did during Ranser's siege of Wayrest. Why, she—ah. Never mind. A tale for another time.
The door to the hall is on the south wall."

As you approach the warded door to the memorial hall, Prince Irnskar and Queen Ayrenn will arrive:

Queen Ayrenn: "More enemies approach."
Prince Irnskar: "Quickly, into the hall!"
High King Emeric: "Use your medallion! It's the only way past the wards."

Speaking with Emeric before using the medallion:

"The door to Memorial Hall stands on the south wall. We will make our stand there."

After the four of you enter the Memorial Hall, the building will shake and the Ascendant Magus's voice will reverberate around you while waves of Ascendant Order come in:

High King Emeric: "As much as this galls us, this is the prudent course. The Ascendant Order can't breach—"
The Ascendant Magus: "You think yourselves safe? I will bring this castle down on top of you!"
Prince Irnskar: "You were saying, high king?"
Queen Ayrenn: "The wards are breached! To arms!"

Once you have defeated the Ascendant Order forces, the Magus will call out to you once more as the castle shakes again. Emeric will ask you to join him in the courtyard.

The Ascendant Magus: "Hiding in your hall? Then it shall be your tomb!"
Queen Ayrenn: "We can't stay here. He's trying to topple the castle!"
High King Emeric: "I've just about had it with this Ascendant Magus!"
High King Emeric: "To the courtyard! Friend, join me!"
Prince Irnskar: "And we'll take the battlements!"

Before you head out, speaking to him:

"The Ascendant Magus seeks to shake the castle apart. We should go out there and face him.
Whatever happens after we leave the hall, know that I'm proud to draw sword by your side. For High Isle!"

Heading out of the hall, you will find the Ascendant Magus waiting for you in the ruined courtyard.

During this fight, High King Emeric will fight at your side. In the final stage of the fight, a host of Vulk'esh will be summoned and the Magus will become invunerable. During this High King Emeric will deal with the beasts:

The Ascendant Magus: "No! I can't fail now!"
Queen Ayrenn: "The storm's growing stronger! We have to stop him!"
High King Emeric: "More beasts! I'll deal with them!"
Queen Ayrenn: "He's drawing in too much power, but you and Emeric together can beat him. Help Emeric with those creatures!"
Prince Irnskar: "Now's the moment for my last shot. Say the word!"

Once the Vulk'esh are all gone, Queen Ayrenn will enact the last bit of her plan, here you can use her Energy Blast ability after getting close to the Magus to direct his power back at him:

Queen Ayrenn: "Now! Get close to the Magus and brace yourselves!"
High King Emeric: "This had better work, Ayrenn!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Good! Now release the energy back at them!"
<The Ascendant Magus is struck and dies.>
The Ascendant Magus: "I may fall … but the Ascendant Lord will still triumph …."
<Prince Irnskar jumps down.>
Prince Irnskar: "The Magus falls and his minions scatter. Cowards!"
High King Emeric: "We cut down the Magus, but the Lord is still out there. Somewhere."
Queen Ayrenn: "The Magus has fallen. We will deliver the same fate to his Lord."
High King Emeric: "Our friend here made this victory possible."
Prince Irnskar: "Indeed! And they got us to work together. Amazing! Now let's go find Lady Arabelle!"

Speaking with High King Emeric before leaving the courtyard:

"Well struck, my friend. The Magus has fallen!
What say we head outside and meet up with Lady Arabelle? I imagine she's rather worried about me."

Once outside, Lady Arabelle and the others will be waiting for you, you can talk to High King Emeric beforehand:

"Lady Arabelle chose well when she recruited you to help. We never would have defeated the Ascendant Magus without your skill and bravery.
You have the gratitude of the most beloved ruler in all of Tamriel—me!"
What will you do now, your majesty?
"I'm not quite certain. Lord Bacaro's plans are in disarray. We were stranded on Amenos and assaulted in his supposedly secure facility. Makes one wonder if all this talk of peace is actually worth the effort."
Do you think the peace talks will still take place?
"Ending a war is a complicated business. If the others agree to remain, I don't see how I can get out of it.
If nothing else, this little adventure has proven that we can work together when the need arises. And it was a memorable battle, truly!"

After you have spoken with Lady Arabelle and completed the quest, some bantering will happen:

Prince Irnskar: "Surely we're done now? I could use a drink and a meal."
Queen Ayrenn: "It must have been tough getting captured by convicts on Amenos."
High King Emeric: "Good point, Ayrenn. But do remember, he's only a prince."
Prince Irnskar: "Raise a hand if you care what the high king thinks!"
<Za'ji raises his hand.>
High King Emeric: "Thank you, Za'ji."
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji cares. Can we go home now?"
Caska: "Wrong royal, Za'ji. We're with the queen, remember? Now where did we leave that scow we stole?"
<Caska and Za'ji head to the dock.>
Captain Kaleen: "What, did no one tie up the ship before we ran into battle?"

Speaking with High King Emeric again before leaving:

"What now, I wonder. Do Ayrenn, Irnskar, and I remain here? Do we leave to resume our royal duties? If I get a choice, I'd rather avoid returning to that torture device they call my throne for as long as reasonably possible."

A Chance for PeaceEdit

After rescuing the Alliance Leaders and defeating the Ascendant Magus, Lord Bacaro Volorus will decide to hold a celebration at Gonfalon Palace. Lady Arabelle will ask you to speaker with the Alliance Leaders separately to convince them to come. High King Emeric can be found in the Temple of the Winds:

High King Emeric: "Magus-slayer! To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Speak with High King Emeric:

"Have I thanked you yet for all you've done? Not just for alliances and Lady Arabelle, but for me personally? No? Well, thank you, my friend. I don't know many people who could have beaten the Ascendant Magus.
But what brings you to the temple?"
Lord Bacaro has invited you to attend a celebration.
"Hmm. Another royal function? I'm getting tired of those. Ghastly affairs, in most cases. I was just considering heading home. Queen Maraya must be missing me terribly.
Unless … is the celebration in my honor? It's bad form to refuse such parties."
Um, sure. Well, for you and the other alliance leaders. It will be held at Gonfalon Palace.
"Ayrenn and Irnskar? Well, I can't allow them to attend and not show up myself. And I guess I do owe them something of a debt, too. They did help us on Amenos and at All Flags Castle.
All right, I'll attend Lord Bacaro's celebration."
I'll see you at Gonfalon Palace.

You can talk with High King Emeric some more before you leave:

"It seems I'll need to pay more attention to the Systres Archipelago in the future. My negligence allowed treason to fester and bloom unchecked. That changes now.
But enough grim talk. We must celebrate! I'll see you at Lord Bacaro's gathering."
Since we learned that the Ascendant Magus is Count Damard, will you punish House Dufort?
"I will need to treat that situation delicately. Until I can prove one way or another that Duchess Elea was truly ignorant of her brother's plot, I can't in good conscience reprimand the entire house.
Still, I don't take treason lightly."
At least Count Damard can't threaten you again.
"No, but we didn't exterminate all of those Order bastards. And their so-called Ascendant Lord is still loose. I have no doubt his rogue knights will rise against us again.
I'll withhold judgment on the Duforts until my Daggers investigate, though."

Once you have convinced the High King, Queen and Prince to come to the celebrations, you will find several people gathered in the palace. High King Emeric will be sitting in the front row, you can talk to him prior to Lady Arabelle:

"I need to get off my uncomfortable throne and meet challenges with steel in my hand more often. Still, it's nice to be around people who aren't actively trying to kill me."
Since we learned that the Ascendant Magus is Count Damard, will you punish House Dufort?
(Rest of conversation is identical to above.)

After you speak with Lady Arabelle to complete the quest, the ceremony will begin:

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "On behalf of Lord Bacaro and the Society of the Steadfast, I ask our honored guests to enjoy the celebration!"
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "We're here to celebrate the coming together of three great leaders. And to show our appreciation for a hero who saved the delegates and kept our hopes for peace alive!"
<Each of the leaders will stand up to say their piece.>
Queen Ayrenn: "The Aldmeri Dominion thanks our hero and promises to participate when the talks resume."
Prince Irnskar: "The Ebonheart Pact wholeheartedly agrees!"
High King Emeric: "As does the Daggerfall Covenant. Three cheers for our hero, and for Lord Bacaro!"
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Well said, high king! And well said queen and prince! Let the celebration begin!"
<The room cheers.>

You can speak with High King Emeric one more time:

"Fighting alongside each other? All well and good. Attending a party together? Sure, we're civilized people. But these peace talks …?
If Lord Bacaro is committed to continuing down this path, I'll follow. I don't hold out much hope, though."
You don't think there's a chance these peace talks will succeed?
"What do I look like, a soothsayer? All I know is that peace has powerful enemies. Every day, people tell me that if we press harder, we can make good on the blood and treasure we've spent. Dictate terms from a position of strength.
It distresses me."
You don't have to listen to the people who tell you to keep fighting, do you?
"I'm afraid I do. If I decide to ignore them and hold my ground, there's no promise Ayrenn and Jorunn can do the same. Peace is only possible when everyone sees there's no more to be gained from war.
Still, if the others are willing to try, so am I."


The Hidden LordEdit

Lady Arabelle wants you to speak to all three alliance leaders to let them know that the peace talks are going to be happening soon, and she just wants to ensure that the Ascendant Order won't be an issue:

"I used to enjoy my visits to the archipelago. It was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of my court. But because of the Ascendant Order, I'm practically a prisoner in here!
But tell me, what have you been up to?"
I went to Galen and Y'ffelon. I stopped a plot involving the Firesong druids and Sea Elves.
"More druidic traitors? I really must have a talk with their elders. And they were working with Sea Elves? That's not an alliance I would have predicted. But what about the Ascendant Order? Any sign of them or their lord?"
Lady Arabelle is running down some new leads while we work to get the peace talks underway.
"Aha, Arabelle. She's never failed me yet! Give her whatever help she requires.
I haven't spoken to Ayrenn or Irnskar since the celebration. I think I actually miss them. The guards are overly protective of us, and we've had practically no contact."
You haven't spoken to the other leaders?
"No. Lord Bacaro wants the peace talks to occur under controlled conditions. He's worried that if left to our own devices, we'd start another war. And I can't say he's wrong. We're all a bit hot-headed and stubborn, if you hadn't noticed."

Speaking to him again:

"When I boarded Captain Kaleen's ship in Wayrest, I never imagined the voyage would lead me to this place, this moment. We've had an adventure, my friend. No denying that! Dark and dangerous at times, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

And Now, Perhaps, PeaceEdit

Emeric at the peace talks

After speaking to Lady Arabelle in the Memorial Hall Reception Hall, High King Emeric wanted to speak to you before the talks happen:

"Lord Bacaro a villain? Rogue knights collaborating with druids? And what was that about Sea Elves? This visit to the archipelago has been one surprise after another. I owe you a lot, friend.
You saved my life and you saved my realm."
Saved your realm?
"I've ignored the druids of the archipelago for too long. The few I've met over the years seemed, well, quaint. Eccentric. I thought their insistence on clinging to the ancient ways was harmless. But I forgot about the dark roots of their tradition."
Dark roots?
"The Wyrds of High Rock distance themselves from politics, but the druids of old were a different breed. They used fearsome magic to rule over the early Bretons, either directly or from behind the scenes. And they jealously guarded their power."
Do you plan to go forward with the peace talks?
"Why in Oblivion not? I've been here this long. What's another few days?
If the Breton legacy has a dark side, it also shows courage and commitment. If Ayrenn and Irnskar are willing to talk, so am I. But I wonder if Lord Bacaro had the right idea."
You think Lord Bacaro was right?
"Oh, not about the whole Ascendant Lord and murder thing. But about finding someone other than one of us to sit on the throne? I can't imagine Ayrenn or Jorunn agreeing to bow down to me willingly. And I feel the same way.
We'll just have to see."

Once Lady Arabelle will begin the opening speech to officiate the peace talks, him and the other alliance leaders will try one-up one another to hail you as their champion:

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "We stand here today because of Lord Bacaro. What he brought together through the Society of the Steadfast, and what he tried to bring about as the Ascendant Lord."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Instead of dividing us, instead of defeating and conquering us, he showed us what's possible when we work side-by-side."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "And through the courage and sacrifice of many of the people gathered here, as well as the nature spirit Frii, we perservered and won the day! Now, to our royal guests I say, let's recognize our friend and then start the talks!"
High King Emeric: "Our friend has performed above the call of duty! I name them Champion of the Covenant!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Not so fast, Emeric. I name them Champion of the Dominion!"
Prince Irnskar: "Then I name them Champion of the Pact!"
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Your majesties, please! All of that would never fit on the medal."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Let's just agree on Champion of the Alliances, shall we?"
High King Emeric: "Oh very well."
Queen Ayrenn: "I can live with that."
Prince Irnskar: "If you insist."

After the speech, he will give the thanks of the Daggerfall Covenant to you:

"Well done, my friend. Well done! The Daggerfall Covenant will not forget your actions here in the archipelago. And, on a more personal note, neither will I.
Now we can get on with these blasted talks—finally! Thanks to you."

Before you leave the room, Lady Arabelle will ask the alliance leaders if they're ready to speak to one another, which they all agreed and head over to the room next door to begin the talks:

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Are we ready to begin, your majesties?"
Prince Irnskar: "I suddenly feel extremely…humble."
Queen Ayrenn: "Well, gentlemen, shall we?"
High King Emeric: "I suppose we shall. We did endure much to get to this point, after all."
Queen Ayrenn: "Then let us see how possible peace may be."