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The Knights of Saint Pelin are the knightly order of Evermore and Queen Arzhela. They take their name and inspiration from Saint Pelin, a beadle at the Chapel of Stendarr. Pelin sacrificed himself to buy time for the soldiers of Bangkorai Garrison to regroup and defeat the vampiric horde known as the Gray Host.


Named Members
Commander Ahla
Dame Astrimunde Lort
Dame Belline Lonacque
Dame Epinard of Evermore
Dame Gwynnifer
Dame Harbert
Dame Lila Ondre
Dame Livelle Longis
Dame Lodys Lancarl
Dame Olivia Laelippe
Knight Commander Cheryline
Marciele Bruhl
Scout Yashamud
Sergeant Zilu
Sir Colbois Bachand
Sir Devis Lort
Sir Dubroc
Sir Dyric Alemont
Sir Eugien of Trice
Sir Eustis Charlerel
Sir Eustis Dubosc
Sir Farbalg
Sir Gidric
Sir Gilgoire Heal-Hand
Sir Marco Serouge
Sir Mizibarun
Sir Myame
Sir Olwin Teague
Sir Pugereau of Ghant
Sir Vincebald
Sir Yonal
Generic Members
Knight of Saint Pelin
Knight of St. Pelin



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