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Bankgorai Pass is a natural choke point, the only way for an army from Hammerfell to enter High Rock without marching far to the west or north. There have been fortifications here since the early days of the Direnni Hegemony.
Bangkorai Garrison
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Bandit Brigand, Bandit Deadeye, Bandit Murderer
Imperial Infantry, Imperial Storm Mage
Southeast of Evermore
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire
Bangkorai Garrison

Bangkorai Garrison is a large fort in central Bangkorai, southeast of Evermore. Giant spiders can be found lurking along the road leading northeast of the garrison, towards the Summoner's Camp. A small bandit camp containing a Bandit Brigand, Deadeye and Murderer lies outside the fortress, upon a cliff on the northeastern side of the garrison. There can be a chest in this camp. An entrance to the Garrison Sewers is located along the northwestern exterior wall. Evermore Soldiers, Knights of Saint Pelin and Lion Guard soldiers decorate the Covenant's camps. Imprisoned Imperials can be found being put to work by the Covenant after the garrison is retaken. Services also come to the garrison after it is reclaimed.

A stable known as The Queen's Corral is located to the east just inside the northern entrance, manned by Uuth gro-Ghash. Pigs, goats, chickens and horses reside in the stable. Conqueror's Kitchen and Shield Bearer's Spoils lies across from the stable, to the west. A cooking fire can be found at Conqueror's Kitchen. A group of injured soldiers lies southwest of the shops by the northern entrance.

An inn called Heroes' Encampment lies near the southeastern entrance. Fort Breaker's Arms and The Diamond's Dread, a woodworker and weaponsmith stall, can be found across from the inn, to the southwest. The Fighters and Mages guilds are located up the stairs in the western portion of the garrison. Up the western stairs and to the north lies a general goods store named Sapper's Sundries. A chest can be found up the stairs right next to the stall, on the left-hand side. Further north lies the Garrison Barracks, which are guarded by one Lion Guard soldier and an Evermore Soldier after the garrison is retaken. The barracks are only accessible during Striking Back. A chest can be found in a burned stable beyond the barracks.

A book titled The Royal House of King Eamond is located in front of the Royal Crypt. A chest can be found on the stairwell to the right of the Royal Crypt.

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Bangkorai Pass Wayshrine
Culled from the Crypt

Bangkorai Pass Wayshrine is located northwest of the garrison, near the road to the Fallen Grotto. Culled from the Crypt, a guild trader kiosk, can be found next to it. It is run by Malirzzaka.


  • It is possible to enter the Garrison through the south entrance during the "lockdown" period prior to the quest Storming the Garrison.


A map of Bangkorai Garrison
A map of Bangkorai Garrison
A map of Bangkorai Garrison Sewer


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