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ON-qico-Instance.png Retrieve the Amulet of Kings from its hiding place.
Quest Giver: The Prophet
Location(s): Sancre Tor
Prerequisite Quest: Valley of Blades
Next Quest: Council of the Five Companions
Reward: Signet of Sancre Tor
1 Skill Point
Soul Magic Rank 5
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High XP
ID: 4867
Solo Solo Only: Yes
Molag Bal seeks something in the depths of Sancre Tor
Sai Sahan has recovered from his experiences in the Halls of Torment and is ready to guide me to the Amulet of Kings. He hid the artifact in Sancre Tor, an ancient Imperial catacomb.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Varen Aquilarios in the Harborage.
  2. Talk to Sai Sahan.
  3. Travel to Sancre Tor.
  4. Confront Mannimarco.
  5. Talk to Sai Sahan.
  6. (Optional) Enter the Crypt of Heroes.
  7. Listen to Mannimarco in the Sancre Tor Inner Chamber.
  8. Defeat Mannimarco's minions.
  9. Continue to Inner Courtyard
  10. Wait for Sai Sahan to catch his breath
  11. Talk to Sai Sahan.
  12. Consecrate the shrines in the Dragonguard Tomb and the Reman Vault.
  13. Go to Reman Vault
  14. Listen to Mannimarco in the Vault Antechamber.
  15. Continue to the Vault of Kings.
  16. Talk to Sai Sahan.
  17. Open the Vault of Kings.
  18. Defeat Mannimarco.
  19. Take the Amulet of Kings.
  20. Talk to Varen in the Harborage.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Prophet appears when you are close to a major city.

Talk to Varen Aquilarios in the Harborage. He says Sai Sahan hid the Amulet of Kings in the catacombs of Sancre Tor in the Colovian mountains. He refers you to Sai Sahan.

Sai Sahan says the Amulet is in a vault protected by a ward of Stendarr, the God of Justice, Mercy and Well-Earned Luck.

Enter the portal to Sancre Tor, and follow the path to a large room where Mannimarco appears. He knows you are looking for the amulet.

Mannimarco reveals his plot

Talk to Sai Sahan. If you hurry, you might be able to retrieve the amulet before Mannimarco.

Follow the south passage, and enter the Sancre Tor Interior, then the Inner Chamber.

[Optional] Once in the Sancre Tor Interior, there is the option to enter the Crypt of Heroes. Doing so will cause Mannimarco to repond with a quip about entering a crypt with a necromancer about and spawn a small army of undead foes. After disposing of them, there is a crypt in the center of the area you can enter that holds a moderate amount of loot in various containers. Exiting the crypt will trigger Mannimarco summoning the Lord of Iron and Woe.

In the grassy area in the inner chamber, Mannimarco appears again and reveals his plan to steal the Amulet without Molag Bal's knowledge. The ward of Stendarr will hide him from the God of Schemes' view, then he will use the Amulet's power as the greatest soul gem ever to trap Molag Bal's soul.

He summons three Worm Cult necromancers and a bone colossus. You defeat them and head east to the Inner Courtyard.

Sai Sahan is exhausted and needs to rest. Talk to him or Lyris Titanborn.

Dragonguard TombEdit

You need to consecrate the shrines with Stendarr's blessing in the Dragonguard Tomb. The door to the Dragonguard Tomb is to the west. Inside, Mannimarco announces to your group that he raised Sai Sahan's fallen comrades. Sai Sahan does not want to kill his former friends, so he relies on you for most of the attack.

Make your way to the Shrine of the Divines, a brazier in the west end of the tomb. Once it is lit, head back east to the Inner Tomb.

Reman VaultEdit

Drawbridge Lever PuzzleEdit

Follow the eastern passage to the Reman Vault. (Before pulling the levers, there is one of the unlocked chests to the right - follow the river and keep looking right.) To consecrate this altar you need to lower the drawbridge first. Pull the 2nd from the left, then 3rd from the left, then the leftmost lever. If you get the sequence wrong, the fourth lever may reset it, so you can try again. Once you light the brazier, Mannimarco's followers appear and attack you.

The Vault AntechamberEdit

You need to continue on into the Vault Antechamber. Go back into the Inner Tomb and follow the final passage to the Inner Courtyard, then the Vault Antechamber.

In the Antechamber, Mannimarco appears again. He shows a vision of all of Tamriel bowing to him. Defeat the enemies, then head to the Vault of Kings.

The Amulet of Kings at last!

The Vault of KingsEdit

Talk to Sai Sahan. You need to use the Ring of Stendarr's Mercy on the door.

Inside, kill Mannimarco. A Dark Anchor opens, and Molag Bal's hand scoops Mannimarco up and takes him to Coldharbour.

To the west is the Amulet of Kings. Take it, and return to the Harborage.

Talk to Varen for your reward.

"We can sleep a little easier knowing that the King of Worms has been defeated, but we cannot rest too long. Molag Bal is still a great threat, and the Planemeld must be stopped."


  • Before you reach the Inner Chamber, you will pass a door on your left. Sai Sahan will identify it as the Crypt of Heroes, which he may have warned you to avoid back in the Harborage. You may enter if you wish, but it is entirely optional. If you do, you'll have to fight several mobs of undead warriors. Make sure to examine the large tomb in the center of this area. There is a door on the far side. You'll find a chest with some treasure, and there will be a small boss fight when you loot it, the Lord of Iron and Woe.
  • There are several unlocked chests in Sancre Tor which contain better-than-average loot (including the one above), but unlike most such containers, they will disappear after you open them once, even if you don't take any of the contents. You should be sure to have enough space in your backpack to avoid missing out.
  • Prior to the One Tamriel update, this quest could not be started until level 40.


Quest StagesEdit

Shadow of Sancre Tor
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
A projection of Varen appeared to me when I arrived in town. I should listen to him and hear what he wants.
Objective: Listen to Varen Aquilarios
Varen has beckoned me to the Harborage. I should go there and speak to him.
Objective: Enter the Harborage
I should talk to Varen in the Harborage to find out what I need to do next
Objective: Listen to Varen Aquilarios
I should talk to Sai Sahan, who can inform me more about our quest to retrieve the Amulet of Kings.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
I should wait for Varen to open a portal to Sancre Tor.
Objective: Wait for Varen to Open the Portal
We are ready to venture to Sancre Tor. I should enter Varen's portal and join Lyris and Sai on our quest to retrieve the Amulet of Kings.
Objective: Enter Portal to Sancre Tor
have ventured to Sancre Tor with Sai Sahan, Lyris Titanborn, and Abnur Tharn. We must explore the crypts and halls in order to find the Amulet of Kings.
Objective: Explore Sancre Tor
A vision of Mannimarco has appeared to thwart and taunt us.
Objective: Confront Mannimarco
I should speak with Sai Sahan to see what we should do next.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
We must continue through Sancre Tor in order to reach the Inner Chamber.
Objective: Go to Sancre Tor Inner Chamber
Mannimarco appeared once again in the Inner Chamber.
Objective: Confront Mannimarco
Mannimarco has summoned the dead to thwart us. We must defeat them to continue.
Objective: Defeat Mannimarco's Minions
We have overcome the undead that were raised to thwart us. We should continue to the Inner Courtyard.
Objective: Continue to the Inner Courtyard
Sai has asked for me to wait for him so he can catch his breath.
Objective: Wait for Sai to Catch His breath
Sai appears to need a moment before we move on. I should speak with him in order to ensure he is well.
Optional Step: Talk to Lyris
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
We must go to the Dragonguard Tomb in order to pray at the shrine.
Objective: Enter the Dragonguard Tomb
The shrine is on the other side of the room. We must make our way through these tombs to get there.
Objective: Consecrate the Shrine in the Dragonguard Tomb
We have prayed at the first shrine. Now we must make our way to the Reman Vault and perform a similar task there.
Objective: Go to the Reman Vault
We must pray at the second shrine before we can open the vault doors, but a chasm with an open drawbridge blocks our path. If we can find a way across the chasm, we can pray at the shrine.
Objective: Consecrate the Shrine in the Reman Vault
We've prayed at both shrines. Now we must return to the Vault Antechamber.
Objective: Continue to the Vault Antechamber
Mannimarco appeared again. We should confront him and be prepared for his vile tricks.
Objective: Confront Mannimarco
Mannimarco has raised the dead once more. We must defeat them to continue.
Objective: Defeat the Undead
We have defeated the undead in the Vault Antechamber. Now we must enter the Vault of Kings to retrieve the amulet.
Objective: Enter the Vault of Kings
We've arrived at the vault. I should speak with Sai to see what's next.
Objective: Talk to Sai Sahan
We are in the Vault of Kings. I must use the Ring of Stendarr to open the vault door.
Objective: Open the Vault Door
Mannimarco attacked us in the Vault of Kings. We should defeat him once and for all.
Objective: Defeat Mannimarco
We have defeated Mannimarco and sent him screaming into Oblivion. I should retrieve the Amulet of Kings as soon as possible.
Objective: Collect the Amulet of Kings
I have the Amulet of Kings. I should return to the Harborage and report to Varen.
Objective: Return to the Harborage
☑Finishes quest I successfully collected the Amulet of Kings. I should report to Varen Aquilarios.
Objective: Talk to Varen Aquilarios
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