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Prince Irnskar
(lore page)
Home Settlement Windhelm
Location Fort Amol, Jorunn's Stand, SolitudeGreymoor, Understone KeepMarkarth, Player HousingCrown Store
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Prince Irnskar

Prince Irnskar is the Nord son of Jorunn the Skald-King, and nephew of Fildgor Orcthane. He is often found accompanying his father. At first, Prince Irnskar seems prejudiced against the Dunmer and Argonians of the Ebonheart Pact. He is currently available as a Houseguest in the Crown Store for 025002,500 Crowns.

Related QuestsEdit


Speaking to him in the temporary council house in Windhelm, he will have a more xenophobic attitude towards his allies:

"Why my father continues to cater to these … foreigners … baffles me."
You don't support the alliance?
"I support the Nords. Let's leave it at that."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Ebonheart PactEdit

Sleeping on the JobEdit

When you learn about the Skald King is at Fort Amol having important talks with the rest of the Pact leadership, you can wander into the camp to see some of the Pact leadership arguing over war strategies against the Stormfists. The prince will begin to have a heated argument with his Dark Elf and Argonian allies:

Prince Irnskar: "Fildgor's troops sweep through the west as they press their assault. Our scouts report that they're fortifying their holdings in the east, as well."
Gelds Indoril: "So the Stormfists have you trapped. That's Nord tactics, for you. You can't win battles just by swinging your axe and yelling at the top of your lungs."
Prince Irnskar: "I would suggest you keep your jabs in check, Dark Elf. At least we don't hide behind the skirts of a supposed god-woman."
Gelds Indoril: "You dare insult my lady Almalexia? I would have your head on a pi —"
Runs-With-Quickness: "Will you two stop it? You whine more than my egg-brother, and he's newly hatched. We need to work together."
Prince Irnskar: "You will not tell me what to do, scaley one. I am the Prince of Skyrim!"
Thane Harvald: "Stop it! All of you! This is the kind of behavior that got us into this mess in the first place. We need to work together to figure things out. Together."

Try to speak to him, but he'll be annoyed that you walked into his meeting:

"Why are you bothering me? And how did you get in here?
My guards have apparently gotten lax in their duties again."

The Pride of a PrinceEdit

He will be in his tent if you attempt to find him before he is relevant to the related quest.

If you didn't stop the Stormfists in Windhelm:
If you did stop the Stormfists in Windhelm:
"Why did my guards let you in here? I need to have a talk with them about the meaning of the word "guard."
Go away, commoner. If you want to meet with the King or I, petition your Jarl."
"The Champion of Windhelm?
It takes more than winning a foot race and play fighting to make a true champion. A silly title. That's all it is."

Arrive at the camp at the behest of Lord Vurlop and you'll witness the prince refusing to apologize to the Pact delegates before storming off:

Prince Irnskar: "The Nord don't need the help of the weakling Argonians and the cowardly Dark Elves. We can win this war on our own!"
Thane Harvald: "Your uncle Fildgor has allied himself with the Stormfist Clan and the Orcs, my Prince. We need all the help we can get. You need to apologize to the delegates and get them back to the table before this rift grows any wider."
Prince Irnskar: "Let the Pact shatter and fall for all I care! We need no one but ourselves! You grow old and weak, Harvald, like my father. This conversation is over."

The prince walks into his tent, seething. You can talk to him after he leaves the table. His dialogue is same as above.

The War CouncilEdit

Prince Irnkar will arrive in the Jarl's Manor after Dhalen has been dispatched and Naryu has told you that she saved the ambassadors. The Prince will make unfair and baseless accusations to his Argonian and Dark Elf allies even though they tried protecting his father from the Stormfists:

"Where's my father? What did our so-called allies do to him?
I'll kill every single Argonian and Dark Elf myself if my father's been harmed!"
It wasn't the Argonians or the Dark Elves. It was Fildgor Orcthane.
"Fildgor might have driven the blade, but the Dark Elves and Argonians did nothing to protect my father!
Now where is he? Tell me!"
He's upstairs. A Dark Elf and an Argonian are protecting him.
"Guards, go to the King at once!
As for you, what's your involvement in all this? Why are you here?"
Fildgor's agents tried to kill me, too.
"Then we are allies. For now.
I must go to my father. I don't care how we do it, but his life must be saved. My father can't die. Fildgor will not win this war! Not this way! I forbid it!"

Eternal SlumberEdit

After you enter the portal to Mistwatch, you will find him at Mistwatch threatening the high priest to save his father:

Prince Irnskar: "Why does my father still sleep, priest?"
High Priest Esling: "Our healing magic maintains his life, but the Daedric poison is strong. I'm not sure we can overcome it."
Prince Irnskar: "If my father dies, the Ternion monks will suffer. Understand that, healer. Now save your King."

Speaking with him, he will give you the same treatment given to Esling:

"You again? If you do anything to harm my father, I will personally hunt you down and feed you to a Kagouti. Remember that."

After praying at all three totems, the King's body will begin to levitate, prompting Irnskar to draw out his weapon as he witnesses seeing his father's dreams out in the open:

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Arrrggghhh!"
Prince Irnskar: "What is this sorcerery, priest? What's happening to my father?"
High Priest Esling: "The dream … it's leaving the King's body. How … how is this happening?"

Speaking with him here:

"My father is strong. In fact, he's the strongest man I've ever known.
He'll pull through this. He has to."

Gods Save the KingEdit

Speaking with him after King Jorunn awakens in Tamriel, he will be apologetic towards you:

"You did it. You saved my father.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you. You have more than earned our trust."

After the quest, Esling will open a portal for Jorunn and Irnskar to leave Mistwatch:

High Priest Esling: "I can open a portal for you. But after all this, I only have the energy to teleport you and your son."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "That's fine. Our friend here has done more than enough for us already and deserves some time to rest. Come Irnskar, let's go."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "You are welcome to join us at our camp if you wish. Whatever you decide, thank you for what you have done."

Making AmendsEdit

When you approach him, he will be looking out from the wall of the east gate at Jorunn's Stand:

"Shor's bones! It's good to see you again."

He will be more friendlier to you compared to previous meetings, he wants to make amends with the Dark Elves and Argonian allies of the Pact after his distrust caused them to be alienated:

"Well met, my friend!"
How fares the Skald-King? / How is the Skald-King doing? (If you started the quest from Hlotild the Fox)
"My father is still weak from the poison, but he's recovering. I'm organizing things here while he gets his strength back.
I need to regain the confidence of our Dark Elf and Argonian allies. My regrettable actions at Fort Amol have made them wary."
How can I help?
"Speak to the highest-ranking Pact leaders in the camp—General Yeveth Noramil of the Dark Elves and the Argonian leader, Eyes-of-Steel.
See what we can do to demonstrate the strength of the Pact."
Right away, Prince Irnskar.

Speaking to him again:

"I hope you can convince our allies of my commitment to the Pact."

After speaking to both Eyes-of-Steel and Yeveth Noramil, you can speak to him again before completing their tasks:

Eyes-of-Steel asked me to challenge Hald Bitterblade.
"If anyone can beat that damn Stormfist, it's you. And that would certainly boost the morale of our soldiers.
But be careful. Fildgor doesn't choose his leaders lightly."

After completing the tasks and before speaking to the other Pact leaders:

"I saw you wreaking havoc among the Orcthane's troops. Most impressive!"

Returning to him after convincing everyone:

"Well met, my friend!"
I completed the tasks for the Argonian and Dark Elf leaders.
"I received word that General Yeveth Noramil and Eyes-of-Steel will meet with me. I'll show them the respect they deserve and work to strengthen our alliance.
Once again, your aid advances our cause. You have my gratitude"

A Council of ThanesEdit

If you have not started the quest yet, he will say:

"The King's champion returns!"

After convincing the alliance representatives to meet with him, the Prince has another favor to ask of you. He needs you to convince the thanes to attend the council:

"I need to discuss strategy with the thanes and Pact leaders."
Anything else I can do?
"The Argonian and Dark Elf leaders are ready to meet. It's time to gather a council of war.
Do you think you could convince the thanes to attend as well? They're an independent lot, but their advice would be welcome."
I can talk to the thanes.
"Start with Thane Harvald. He's a close friend of my father's. If any of the thanes can be counted on, it's Harvald."
I'll go talk to Thane Harvald.
"We'll meet in front of the healers' tent. I'm sure my father will feel well enough to join us."

Speaking to him again:

"I hope my father can attend the council meeting."
Where will you hold the war council?
"We'll meet in front of the healers' tent. I'm sure my father will feel well enough to join us."

During the council of war, Irnskar will stress the importance of the mission to stop Fildgor:

Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: "Fildgor's at Skuldafn with the Crown of Freydis and the body of Queen Nurnhilde. For what purpose?"
Prince Irnskar: "The Orcthane plans to use them at the dragonshrine to usurp my father's throne."
General Yeveth Noramil: "A necromantic ritual, perhaps?"
Eyes-of-Steel: "The Crown is a powerful artifact. I shudder to think what the Orcthane can accomplish with it."
Thane Harvald: "I don't like the idea of that bastard using our fabled crown. And I hate that he has our beloved queen's body."
Prince Irnskar: "Father! You honor us! I'm glad to see you up and around."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "My brother seeks to pull my sister's soul from Sovngarde. The Crown of Freydis will see the soul, not the man."
General Yeveth Noramil: "It's good to see you well, Jorunn. We've been discussing how to approach Skuldafn."
Thane Jeggi Gap-Tooth: "Yes, yes. We discuss and we strategize while Fildgor digs in and strengthens his defenses."
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: "So, have we come to any conclusions?"
Eyes-of-Steel: "The Stormfists have fortified the primary path to the dragonshrine. A frontal assault would take time that we may not have."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Time is a luxury we don't possess. If Fildgor completes this ritual, all is lost."
General Yeveth Noramil: "That's why you wanted to see those scouting reports! You think there's another way into Skuldafn."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "There is always another way. Champion, may we speak?"

You will then need to speak to the king. After the quest, he will address his father:

Prince Irnskar: "Send for me if you need me, sire."

Speaking to him after the quest:

"I appreciate all you have done, both for my family and for the Ebonhart Pact."

Songs of SovngardeEdit

At the end of the quest, King Jorunn will ask you to give Prince Irnskar news of the events that transpired at Skuldafn.

"Welcome back, champion! What news do you bring from the peaks of lonely Skuldafn?"

If Fildgor died by your hand, he will acknowledge your commitment to duty to the Pact:

Fildgor is dead, and the Ebonheart Pact is sealed.
"Fildgor's dead? Then the villain has paid for his crimes.
You've been by my father's side and have persevered when others would have faltered. From now on, you shall be known as the High King's Arrow, for you lead the way and always strike true."

If Fildgor died by Jorunn's hand, he will be sad that his uncle is dead but deems it necessary to bring peace:

Fildgor is dead, and the Ebonheart Pact is sealed.
"Fildgor's dead? As it should be. I mourn with my father, though.
You've been by his side and have persevered when others would have faltered. From now on, you shall be known as the High King's Arrow, for you lead the way and always strike true."

If Fildgor was spared, he will be amazed at his father's mercy:

The Ebonheart Pact is sealed and Fildgor lives.
"My uncle lives? My father's mercy knows no bounds!
You've been by his side and have persevered when others would have faltered. From now on, you shall be known as the High King's Arrow, for you lead the way and always strike true."

After the quest:

"Your work here is done, Arrow. But know that you will always have a place of honor in the Skald-King's court."


Daughter of the WolfEdit

Prince Irnskar in Solitude

Prince Irnskar will have traveled to Solitude along with his father and his soldiers in response to Lyris' reports. You have the option of talking to him before Jorunn in an attempt to calm the tense situation.

"I know that there's little love between east and west, but now's not the time to be picking a fight."
What are you and Skald-King Jorunn doing here?
"Lyris's report on the rise of the Gray Host had my father preparing for the worst. When we hadn't received word for some time, he decided to intercede."
If we hadn't stopped Svargrim, that might have been necessary.
"Svargrim. It's hard to believe the rumors were true. I didn't know him well, but I can't understand how anyone could throw away everything for the promise of power.
What's immortality worth if there's nothing you hold dear?"
Will your father attempt to take Svargrim's place here?
"You'd have to ask him. As far as I can tell, the western holds are in chaos. They could use a king who cares for his fellow Nords, but if the welcome we've received here is any indication, Solitude won't see it that way."
I'll speak to King Jorunn.

If you talk to him again before talking to his father he will say:

"My father wishes to speak with you. Don't keep him waiting."

After you have talked to his father, Svana will arrive before the situation gets worse. Prince Irnskar remembers her meeting her when they were younger.

"I haven't seen Princess Svana since we were children. She's … changed much, since those days."
You knew Princess Svana?
"I saw her once, a long time ago. There was some brief moment in my childhood where it seemed like reconciliation between our homelands seemed possible. Might have been a dream. It vanished just as quickly."
Do you know why?
"I think it wasn't long after my father became High King. I only remember a foggy day of children's games with the princess, a joyless feast, and a swift departure.
It might have gone differently if our parents joined us making castles in the snow."

Speaking to him after getting orders from Svana.

"I was not expecting Princess Svana to be so commanding. I'd heard—well, I'm glad that not all the rumors I've heard about the state of Solitude are true."

He can later be found in the Blue Palace courtyard among the crowd that has gathered.

"The people appear apprehensive of our presence here, but no one has voiced their dissent. That's reassuring."

After Svana's address and the dirge for the dead, you can talk to Irnskar some more.

"My heart goes out to these people. We are no strangers to conflict back east, but none of our holds have been ravaged by the kind of devastation brought by the Gray Host!
We are fortunate that you stopped them."
Svana was impressive. She really stepped up when her kingdom needed her.
"So I've heard. The princess … has come a long way from the girl I met so long ago. And I've changed, as well. I'm not quite as obnoxious and close-minded as I was when my father first formed the Ebonheart Pact.
At least, I try not to be."
Do you think there can finally be peace between Eastern and Western Skyrim?
"If the princess remains in charge of the western holds, I think the chances of a true reconciliation are good. My father will certainly do everything he can to make that happen. And so will I.
Princess Svana … she's become a very impressive woman."


Second ChancesEdit

Irnskar will be present at the moot with Ard Caddach, Jarl Svana, and Jorunn the Skald-King at Understone Keep.

"Thank the gods we have better matters to attend to than the deployment of troops and suspicions of treachery. For a man called Despot, the Ard is in an agreeable mood.
But that's not your concern. It's good to see you once more."
What brings you and the Skald-King to Markarth?
"Truthfully, Svana. When we learned that Markarth suffered an attack like the one you narrowly prevented in Solitude, she insisted that we offer aid. Ostensibly, to stop the Gray Host, but it seems we're a bit late for that."
There may still be remnants that pose a threat.
"No doubt. They have proved very skilled at keeping to the shadows and biding their time. Hunting them down will not be easy, but I feel that's not how best to make use of the opportunity we've been given."
What do you mean?
"The Gray Host's greatest weapon against us was our mutual mistrust. They preyed on our suspicions and fears. Used our division to pick us apart one by one. The best way to prevent that from happening again will be to build trust and cooperation."
So you've formed an alliance?
"An accord, at least. It's a step in the right direction."
I wish you luck.
"Trust takes time to build, but we must start somewhere. I couldn't have done it without Svana—Jarl Svana. Watching her put aside past differences between Eastern and Western Skyrim for the sake of her people has made quite an impression on me."
You seem to hold Svana in high regard.
"Well, yes. I do. She's a striking woman—figure—leader! She's won many hearts and minds in the short time she's been a jarl. I think that speaks more to her esteem than my praise.
Western Skyrim would do well to put her in charge."
Will your father allow another ruler to control the West?
"He doesn't want another war on his hands and the Western Holds still desire their independence. Skyrim won't be united by force, but with more days like today, the province may one day be whole—no matter how many kings claim it."

Later in the Announcement Hall, if you speak to him before speaking to Arana, he'll say:

"Understone Keep is strikingly different from the Palace of Kings, I can say that much for it. All this Dwarven architecture is suffocating and I find the little machine noises that carry through the halls unnerving. I wouldn't get much sleep here."

After speaking to Arana and the ard, the speeches will begin:

Ard Caddach: "Freehands of Markarth! You long suffering lot I call my kin! We've survived another long night. Darker than we've ever known."
Ard Caddach: "But we didn't endure it alone. Against the Gray Host we found unlikely allies and put aside old grudges. Together we not only survived, we flourished."
Jarl Svana: "We owe these miracles to the efforts of all kinds: Reachman, Nord, vampire, outlander. Heroes of every stripe."
Jarl Svana: "Let us follow their example. We have warred together, we celebrate together, let us rebuild together!"
Prince Irnskar: "From this day forward we clash mugs instead of swords! Peace and prosperity to all our kingdoms! Cheers to the heroes of Skyrim!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Let us remember them with song and drink!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "We, the children of Skyrim! We shall endure!"

After you can speak to him again:

"I think that went well. Don't you? I thought it would be best to keep the speeches short. I'm just glad my father agreed to let me take the lead. I don't know that the Ard has the patience for one of the Skald-King's epic toasts."
What will you and the other leaders do now?
"After years of saber-rattling, we need to start learning how to be good neighbors. How will we trade goods? How will we resolve disputes? Jarl Svana and I are resolved to lay a foundation that our diplomats can build upon—however long it takes us."
What about Ard Caddach?
"Right, the Ard. I think it might be best for Svana and I to work closely on a framework first and present it to Ard Caddach. He's got a lot going on, and I'm sure he'd rather not spend hours debating every detail."

High IsleEdit

Escape from AmenosEdit

When you arrive on High Isle, you will learn that a few high profile guests for the upcoming talks went missing after their ships were sunk by a sudden storm, these included Prince Irnskar. After some investigation, you find hints that they washed up on Amenos and you need to go rescue them. After locating Queen Ayrenn and King Emeric, you learn that Irnskar was captured by the Green Serpents for the Ascendant Order and is being held in the Old Coin Fort.

King Emeric will accompany you in the fort, and you come across a prone Prince Irnskar and some Green Serpents hanging over him:

Green Serpent Lurker: "The Ascendant Order won't make good on their promise if he's dead, netch-breath."

After defeating them, Prince Irnskar will get up:

Prince Irnskar: "Ugh. Can I assume this is a rescue?"
High King Emeric: "On your feet lad. And friend, give him his axe."

Speak with Prince Irnskar to give him back his weapon, Suungir, Axe of the Skald-King and see what is going on:

Completed Pact Storyline:
First Time Meeting and part of Pact  :
First Time Meeting and part of other Alliance  :
"The King's Arrow? Is that really you, my friend. Where you fly, victory is sure to follow. But what are you doing here? How did you find me?"
I'm here with High King Emeric and Queen Ayrenn. We came to rescue you.
"I am Prince Irnskar, heir to the throne of Windhelm and Skyrim. And judging by your looks and the way you fight, you must be a loyal warrior of the Ebonheart Pact. How did you find me?"
I'm here with High King Emeric and Queen Ayrenn. We came to rescue you.
"I am Prince Irnskar, heir to the throne of Windhelm and Skyrim. Since you don't appear to be one of these Green Serpent bastards, can I assume you're a friend?"
I'm here with High King Emeric and Queen Ayrenn. We came to rescue you.
"So all three alliance delegates still live? Good.
As soon as I came ashore, I was set upon by the Serpents. I made the bastards pay, but even the son of Jorunn the Skald-King can't fight an entire prison gang on his own. There were too many of them."
Here's your father's axe. Come on. Once we reach the shore, I can signal a ship to pick us up.
"Suungir, Axe of the Skald-King! It feels good to cradle you in my arms again, you powerful blade!
But we can't go yet. The Serpents said that something called the Ascendant Order is behind this. Their leaders, the Lord and Magus are here!"
Now's not the time, Prince Irnskar. We need to get you and the others to High Isle.
"And we will—after we deal with the Ascendant Order leaders! Emeric would agree. And so would Ayrenn.
Come, friend, we can deal with these traitors in one fell swoop!"
All right, I'm with you. Let's deal with the Ascendant Order leaders.

Once you have agreed to find the Ascendant Lord and Magus:

Prince Irnskar: "It feels good to be armed again! I've missed you, Suungir!"
High King Emeric: "I'll get Ayrenn and Caska. We'll wait for your signal."

You have the option of talking to Prince Irnskar again where you can ask him questions:

"With Suungir once more in hand, I feel better already!
Let's find this Ascendant Lord and his Magus. I want to show them what it means to attack a Nord warrior!"
Why isn't your father attending the peace talks?
"Eh, someone was going to ask that eventually.
Publicly, Jorunn wants me to step up. The Pact is a sprawling alliance facing threats from all sides. The Skald-King has many responsibilities. This is his way to finally allow me to share his burdens."
And privately?
"Privately? The old goat has someone warming his bed at night and refuses to stray too far from home.
She's a lovely Riften lass. Brunhilde. My father's never been happier. He was only too eager to let me travel in his stead and represent the Pact."
After all this, do you still plan to participate in the peace talks?
"Hope is for poets, like my father. I am a warrior. One does not shy from battle at the first sign of danger.
Even if nothing is gained from these conversations, Emeric, Ayrenn, and I shall be the ones who decide when to quit the field."
I like to know who I'm fighting beside. Tell me about yourself, Prince Irnskar.
"Curious about the Prince of Windhelm, are you?
What do you want to know? I have nothing to hide."
How was the Ebonheart Pact formed?
"You don't know the story? How our three disparate peoples came together to repel the Akaviri invaders?
I haven't always thought so, but I believe the Nords, the Dark Elves, and the Argonians are truly stronger together. I've seen it firsthand."
Do you and your father get along?
"Hmm, a personal question. My relationship with the Skald-King is complex. He loves the chance to teach lessons, to pass on his tales.
But he is still disappointed that I can't sing, forever denying him that father-son duet he's always dreamed of."
What did you do before you took up your role as prince?
"My role? I've been a prince my entire life. My youth was not unlike yours, I imagine. I hunted, I fought, and I learned my lessons. I bathed in the frigid waterfalls that crash from the high peaks and wrestled with wolves for sport.
The usual."

Searching the Coin Fort, you an Prince Irnskar will find the Green Serpents' leader Deesh-Jee bowing before the Ascendant Magus and Lord:

Prince Irnskar: "There! Let's listen in."
Deesh-Jee: "We will have your missing nobles by day's end, my lord."
The Ascendant Lord: "See that you do. Magus, summon the Order. We meet on High Isle on the morrow."
Prince Irnskar: "Enough! Let's get down there! Arghh!"
<Prince Irnskar jumps down and begins fighting.>
The Ascendant Magus: "My liege, we must go!"
<The Lord, Magus and Deesh-Jee all go their separate ways.>

After defeating the Ascendent Order members that did not run away:

Prince Irnskar: "Go on, find a way outside so you can signal the ship. I need a moment. Guess I'm not as recovered as I thought."

Speaking with him here:

"The Magus and his Lord escaped. Damn cowards!
Go on. Find a way outside and signal that ship you promised. I'll be right behind you."
Deesh-Jee fightng you and Prince Irnskar

Once you reach the Coin Fort Docks, you can use the signal flare to alert Captain Za'ji and his ship:

Prince Irnskar: "I can see the ocean! That's a good place to use your signal!"
<You fire the flare and a yellow light flies into the sky.>
Prince Irnskar: "Shor's bones, they'll see that light all the way back in Windhelm! Let's get to the dock."

Speaking to him immediately:

"We don't have much time. Let's get to the docks!"

Before you face off Deesh-Jee and his forces:

"The Ascendant Order has made a grave enemy this day. Mark my words!"

However, an unnatural storm will come in. While Queen Ayrenn will try to hold it at bay, Deesh-Jee and his Green Serpents will be the last obstacle. Speaking with him while on the docks:

"No time to waste."

Prince Irnskar will assist you with the fighting. Once Deesh-Jee is dead, Prince Irnskar will run to the docks:

Prince Irnskar: "No ship can reach us through this storm!"
High King Emeric: "Patience, lad. Ayrenn is working on that."
<Queen Ayrenn raises her arm gathers a ball of lightning in her hand while she chants.>
Queen Ayrenn: "Wind, waves, and salt, heed my call and still your fury!"
Caska: "It's working!"
<Queen Ayrenn throws her arms out and as the lightning spreads the storm clears and the Perfect Pounce II can be seen in the distance.>
Prince Irnskar: "I don't believe it. She actually did it!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Onto the ship, quickly!"

When on the Perfect Pounce II, you have the option of speaking with Prince Irnskar about what happened on Amenos and his opinion on previous adventures:

"The Ascendant Magus and his lord are cowards. Neither would stand and fight! They call themselves knights? Hardly.
At least we heard their plans. A meeting on High Isle, we heard the Ascendant Lord say."
How fares the alliance? 
"The Ebonheart Pact is as strong as ever, thanks in part to warriors like you.
Tell me, are you still having fun? Does your heart still leap at the sight of the Dragon banner?"
Yes, Prince Irnskar. It does.
"Haha, good! At first, I had my doubts about this alliance. But fighting alongside the Dark Elves and the Argonians, I have learned we are stronger together.
This is why the Pact was forged. Why one day our banner will fly across all of Tamriel!"
How have you been, Prince Irnskar?
"You mean aside from being half-drowned and captured by a prison gang?
I've fought in many battles, worked at my father's side. And I have started knitting. One of the grans at the castle has been teaching me. Says it's good for my temperament."
The events in Vvardenfell. What did you think of them? 
"If you put a blade to my neck and asked me to explain almviss … alsav … the Tribunal … I'd probably go down in a spray of blood. I read in the reports you were there.
Saved a god, stopped a rock from the heavens. Standard fare for you."
It was a strange experience.
"I can only imagine. Father introduced me to the Tribunal. When Lord Vivec spoke, it was like the chimes of the universe sounding in my ears. And Sotha Sil … I'm not so sure about that one. Almalexia is all right, though. Intense, but all right."
Our battle together in Solitude is not something I'll soon forget. 
"Nor I, my friend. Vampires and a mad jarl, now that's the stuff my father loves to sing about!
And that Svana is … well. She's a commanding presence. She's changed so much since we were children."
Do you fancy her, sir?
"What? No! What an impertinent question. You are lucky you are the savior of Western Skyrim. Bah! Fancy Svana, I could never ….
Ahem, what were we talking about again?"
Did you hear about my adventure in Murkmire? 
"Your adventure in … oh! Yes, something about a big sack of amber, right? As brave as the Argonians can be, the Hist makes as much sense to me as a High Elf at Hrothgar.
Did you … stop some kind of threat? Or save someone's life?"
It was a sad day. I had to leave behind a friend to help some people in need.
"Truly? Apologies for my levity, friend. Ask a Nord warband if they would die for their fellows and you will see a forest of raised fists.
Yet another thing my people and the warriors of Black Marsh have in common, I suppose."
We need to return to Mandrake Manor and inform Lady Arabelle.
"Of course. But you must tell her what I learned while I was a captive. The Ascendant Order is behind all this, and they are led by the Ascendant Lord and his Magus."
Well, we kind of knew all that already.
"Truly? Well, you did not know they were planning a big meeting on High Isle until we heard the Ascendant Lord say it. So that's something.
And did you know the Lord planned to kill us as soon as the Green Serpents delivered us to him?"
You're sure the Ascendant Order wants you all dead?
"As sure as we made it onto this ship alive. They want to make a show of it.
You could hear it in their voices. This Magus, this Lord, they hunger for power. And the death of three alliance leaders would be quite a start to their feast."

After speaking about the Ascendant Lord and returning to Irnskar:

"Let's move! I want to get off this wretched island."

When you reach Gonfalon Bay, you will be asked to meet with Lady Arabelle at Mandrake Manor. She will be in the courtyard with Prince Irnskar, the other leaders and Lord Bacaro Volorus.

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Well, here comes our hero now. Well done, my dear!"
Prince Irnskar: "Excellent! Who wants a drink? The Prince of Windhelm is buying!"
High King Emeric: "Hold fast there, lad. We're safe for now, but the battle's just begun."

Speaking with Irnskar before completing the quest:

"My friend. Know that Prince Irnskar will honor the Skald-King's wishes and see these peace talks through. Provided Ayrenn or Emeric don't try to take advantage of the situation.
But as Emeric says, we should deal with the Ascendant Order first."

To Catch a MagusEdit

Prince Irnskar will be escorted to another location, while you investigate Mistmouth Cave with Lady Arabelle. He is not happy about it, none of the leaders are:

Queen Ayrenn: "Why must we sit on our hands? The Dominion can crush the Ascendant Order with one fell blow!"
High King Emeric: "I will not allow the Dominion to land warriors on Breton shores! The Daggerfall Covenant will handle this matter."
Prince Irnskar: "Summon your fleets and I will leave. The Ebonheart Pact will not negotiate under threat of attack."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Patience, please! This is a delicate situation. Let us handle this. Now, go with Jakarn. He'll see you to a safer location."

Speaking with him before you leave:

"I can't say I like the idea of hiding out while others hunt down our enemies. But my father taught me a good leader must learn to depend on others.
I look forward to hearing what you and Lady Arabelle find at this cave."

The Ascendant StormEdit

After finding out the identity of the Ascendant Magus, you also learn of the Ascendant Order's plan to attack All Flags Islet and kill all three alliance representatives at once. You, the three ship captains, Lady Arabelle and Jakarn will head to the All Flags Castle in a stolen ship. When you arrive you find it already under attack, it will be up to you to locate and assist the three leaders around the castle. After helping Queen Ayrenn in the Memorial Hall, she will tell you Prince Irnskar headed up to the battlements.

When you find him, he will be fighting off a squad of Ascendant Order goons:

Prince Irnskar: "These Ascendant Order rats just keep climbing up! Help me dispatch them!"

Once they are pushed back, Prince Irnskar will point out the incoming ship:

Prince Irnskar: "If that next ship reaches the dock, we'll be overrun. We have to do something!"
<Prince Irnskar walks over to a ballista and looks out over the wall.>

Speak with Prince Irnskar to hear what he needs you to do:

"I don't know how you got here, but I'm glad to see you! That ship approaching the pier is full of Ascendant Order reinforcements. We need to do something!"
You and the other leaders need to retreat to Memorial Hall.
"Not while we're all that stands between victory and death! If I abandon the battlements now, we'll be caught like wolves in a trap.
I need you to deal with the vermin scaling the walls while I prepare the ballista to attack that approaching ship."
All right, I'll take care of the Ascendant Order knights assaulting the battlements.
"Good. Then I can use this ballista to destroy that ship! Just get down to the dock and keep these rats at bay long enough for me to smash those reinforcements out of the water!
Then we can fall back to the hall."
What about High King Emeric? Have you seen him?
"He went down to the courtyard to deal with the Eldertide druids. Can you believe they allied with the Ascendant Order? They're feeding this storm.
You should help him—after you help me. All I need is a moment to clearly align the ballista!"

He will then point out the quickest path down, where he will need your assistance to correctly gauge the distance for the ballista bolt:

Prince Irnskar: "The door at the south end leads down to the dock. Keep them from scaling the walls and I'll put this siege weapon to good use!"

Speaking with him again before you leave:

"Go! The stairs in the tower to the south lead down to the dock. I'll take out as many of these Ascendant fighters as I can!"

Once down on the docks he will ask you to point out targets:

Prince Irnskar: "I'm ready, friend! Point out a target!"

Soon the ship will be hit and it will go up in flames:

Prince Irnskar: "High King Emeric is in the courtyard through the eastern gate. Help him while I head to the hall."

After you have helped High King Emeric with the Eldertide Druids, he will ask you to use the medallion to open the warded door to the memorial hall. At this Prince Irnskar and Queen Ayrenn will arrive:

Queen Ayrenn: "More enemies approach."
Prince Irnskar: "Quickly, into the hall!"
High King Emeric: "Use your medallion! It's the only way past the wards."

Speaking with Irnskar before using the medallion:

"I'd rather meet the rest of the enemy on a field of our choosing. Let's make our stand in Memorial Hall."

After the four of you enter the Memoral Hall, the building will shake and the Ascendant Magus's voice will reverberate around you while waves of Ascendant Order come in.

High King Emeric: "As much as this galls us, this is the prudent course. The Ascendant Order can't breach—"
The Ascendant Magus: "You think yourselves safe? I will bring this castle down on top of you!"
Prince Irnskar: "You were saying, high king?"
Queen Ayrenn: "The wards are breached! To arms!"

After you repel off Ascendant Order forces, the Ascendant Magus will call upon you to confront him in the courtyard. Irnskar and Ayrenn will be taking to the battlements:

The Ascendant Magus: "Hiding in your hall? Then it shall be your tomb!"
Queen Ayrenn: "We can't stay here. He's trying to topple the castle!"
High King Emeric: "I've just about had it with this Ascendant Magus!"
High King Emeric: "To the courtyard! Friend, join me!"
Prince Irnskar: "And we'll take the battlements!"

Heading out of the hall, you will find the Ascendant Magus waiting for you in the ruined courtyard.

During the fight, Prince Irnskar will assist by using the ballistas on the battlements when the Vulk'esh Behemoth appears:

The Ascendant Magus: "You are formidable! But let us see how you handle this!"
Prince Irnskar: "Hold on, friend! I've got something for that beast!"

Once it is ready to fire, use the Irnskar's Siege synergy for an AOE which causes heavy damage:

Prince Irnskar: "All right, it's loaded! Show me what to target and I'll make it count!"

In the final stage of the fight, a host of Vulk'esh will be summoned, Prince Irnskar can assist a final time:

The Ascendant Magus: "No! I can't fail now!"
Queen Ayrenn: "The storm's growing stronger! We have to stop him!"
High King Emeric: "More beasts! I'll deal with them!"
Queen Ayrenn: "He's drawing in too much power, but you and Emeric together can beat him. Help Emeric with those creatures!"
Prince Irnskar: "Now's the moment for my last shot. Say the word!"

When he lets you know when the ballista is ready:

Prince Irnskar: "Now's the moment for my last shot. Say the word!"
Prince Irnskar: "Now's the moment. Give the word!"

You can use the synergy to help deal with the Vulk'esh. Once they are all gone, Queen Ayrenn will enact the last bit of her plan, here you can use her Energy Blast ability after getting close to the Magus to direct his power back at him. It works and the Magus falls:

The Ascendant Magus: "I may fall … but the Ascendant Lord will still triumph …."
<Prince Irnskar jumps down.>
Prince Irnskar: "The Magus falls and his minions scatter. Cowards!"
High King Emeric: "We cut down the Magus, but the Lord is still out there. Somewhere."
Queen Ayrenn: "The Magus has fallen. We will deliver the same fate to his Lord."
High King Emeric: "Our friend here made this victory possible."
Prince Irnskar: "Indeed! And they got us to work together. Amazing! Now let's go find Lady Arabelle!"

Speaking with Prince Irnskar before leaving the courtyard:

"I'm proud to fight at your side, friend. The Ascendant Order made a mistake when they picked a fight with the two of us!"

Once outside, Lady Arabelle and the others will be waiting for you, you can talk to Prince Irnskar beforehand:

"We will sing of your courage in the halls of the Skald-King, my friend! And in all the cities of the Ebonheart Pact as well!
Thank you. And Lady Arabelle, too. I think things would not have turned out so well without your intervention."
What happens next, Prince Irnskar?
"Next? What makes you think I know? My father's instructions didn't cover anything like this.
I'm just happy to still be alive, and not dead on the battlements or roasting in the belly of a lava-beast."
Do you think the peace talks will continue?
"We just escaped death and you're asking me about politics? I suppose I should get used to it, but not without a great deal of mead. I think I understand why the Skald-King drinks so much now.
If the other leaders agree, I will stay to talk."

After you have spoken with Lady Arabelle and completed the quest, some bantering will happen:

Prince Irnskar: "Surely we're done now? I could use a drink and a meal."
Queen Ayrenn: "It must have been tough getting captured by convicts on Amenos."
High King Emeric: "Good point, Ayrenn. But do remember, he's only a prince."
Prince Irnskar: "Raise a hand if you care what the high king thinks!"
<Za'ji raises his hand.>
High King Emeric: "Thank you, Za'ji."
Captain Za'ji: "Za'ji cares. Can we go home now?"
Caska: "Wrong royal, Za'ji. We're with the queen, remember? Now where did we leave that scow we stole?"
<Caska and Za'ji head to the dock.>
Captain Kaleen: "What, did no one tie up the ship before we ran into battle?"

Speaking with Prince Irnskar again before leaving:

"My father won't believe half of what I tell him happened here. Shor's bones, I hardly believe it myself.
I say enough fighting and talking for today. We should celebrate our victory!"

A Chance for PeaceEdit

After rescuing the Alliance Leaders and defeating the Ascendant Magus, Lord Bacaro Volorus will decide to hold a celebration at Gonfalon Palace. Lady Arabelle will ask you to speaker with the Alliance Leaders separately to convince them to come. Prince Irnskar can be found in the Ancient Anchor Inn as he drinks:

Prince Irnskar: "Well met, friend! Come, have a drink with me."

Speak with Prince Irnskar:

"After the battles we endured, I was hoping to find a celebration. Unfortunately, this inn is as dead as the elk served at the Skald-King's table.
Have you come to drink with me perhaps, my friend?"
Not specifically. Lord Bacaro has invited you to attend a celebration.
"Well, that's a welcome bit of news! Even a party full of royals and nobles has got to be better than this place.
Wait. Will Emeric and Ayrenn be in attendance? If they declined the invitation, I probably should as well."
Um, Queen Ayrenn and High King Emeric both pledged to attend the celebration at Gonfalon Palace.
"Then it seems I have no other choice. I will attend Lord Bacaro's celebration. And if the festivities evolve into more serious conversations … perhaps I will even listen.
I'll see you there, my friend."
See you at Gonfalon Palace.

You can talk with Prince Irnskar some more before you leave:

"Wait until the Skald-King hears what he missed! Raging storms, a deadly jungle, a battle against near-hopeless odds at an ancient castle! My father is going to kick himself! Well, maybe not about the storms. He gets sick at sea."
You really think Jorunn the Skald-King will be disappointed he wasn't here for all this?
"Absolutely! He was an adventuring bard before he took the throne of Eastern Skyrim. He's not as ancient as Emeric, and that old lion enjoyed himself—when we weren't almost dying, at least.
I'll send a report to my father. Tell him all about it."
So you plan to stick around and wait for the peace talks to resume?
"As long as nothing else out of the ordinary happens, I'll stay. At least for awhile. The weather here on High Isle is so much nicer than what we have in Windhelm.
I can do without the cold and the snow for a little longer."

Once you have convinced the Prince, High King and Queen to come to the celebrations, you will find several people gathered in the palace. Prince Irnskar will be sitting in the front row, you can talk to him prior to Lady Arabelle:

"I'm impressed that Lady Arabelle managed to arrange all this in such a short time. It might not be the setting Lord Bacaro originally intended, but it works well enough for a party."
You really think Jorunn the Skald-King will be disappointed he wasn't here for all this?
(Rest of conversation is identical to above.)

After you speak with Lady Arabelle to complete the quest, the ceremony will begin:

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "On behalf of Lord Bacaro and the Society of the Steadfast, I ask our honored guests to enjoy the celebration!"
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "We're here to celebrate the coming together of three great leaders. And to show our appreciation for a hero who saved the delegates and kept our hopes for peace alive!"
<Each of the leaders will stand up to say their piece.>
Queen Ayrenn: "The Aldmeri Dominion thanks our hero and promises to participate when the talks resume."
Prince Irnskar: "The Ebonheart Pact wholeheartedly agrees!"
High King Emeric: "As does the Daggerfall Covenant. Three cheers for our hero, and for Lord Bacaro!"
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Well said, high king! And well said queen and prince! Let the celebration begin!"
<The room cheers.>

You can talk to Prince Irnskar once more:

"We won the day, my friend! And I learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or at least a helpful acquaintance.
And if the peace talks do go on, I will do my best to negotiate in good faith."
Do you think these peace talks will succeed?
"Who knows? Will ice melt in the cookpot? That's a certainty. But the thoughts that run through the minds of the rulers of Tamriel? Those cannot be fathomed by even the most-brilliant sage.
But I will send word to my father. Ask for his advice."
And will you follow it?
"Mostly. But he wasn't with us on Amenos or at All Flags Castle. He didn't fight side-by-side with the Lion and the Eagle. My father doesn't expect much from these talks. I'm not so sure.
If the talks do take place, I'd love to surprise him."


The Hidden LordEdit

Lady Arabelle wants you to speak to all three alliance leaders to let them know that the peace talks are going to be happening soon just that she wants to ensure that the Ascendant Order won't be an issue:

"They've separated us, have us under constant guard. I feel like a prisoner! And all because Lord Bacaro wants to maintain the sanctity of his peace talks. But I want to hear your news. Where have you been, my friend?"
To Galen and Y'ffelon. I stopped a plot involving the Firesong druids and Sea Elves.
"Druids and Sea Elves? Impressive, as always. And have you learned anything more about the Ascendant Order and its mysterious lord?"
Not yet, but Lady Arabelle is running down some new leads. We'll get the peace talks going soon.
"Yes, yes. For a Breton noble, Lady Arabelle seems quite competent. I know my father trusts her, despite her ties to Emeric and the Covenant.
Well, get to it! I can't wait to get out of this room so we can finally start talking!"

Speaking to him again:

"It sounds like you were involved in a great battle on Y'ffelon. I'm sorry I missed it."

And Now, Perhaps, PeaceEdit

Irnskar at the peace talks

After speaking to Lady Arabelle in the Memorial Hall Reception Hall, Prince Irnskar wants to have a word with you before the talks:

"There you are! And the hero of the day—again!
I knew we weren't done with the Ascendant Order after the assault on All Flags Islet. But I never imagined it was Lord Bacaro who betrayed us."
Are you heading back to Windhelm now?
"That's what my father would expect, but I don't feel that I'm quite done here yet. Nothing in my instructions covers what's happened so far, and Lord Bacaro's treachery calls into question the very sanctity of these peace talks."
So the peace talks are a failure?
"I wouldn't say that. I came here to do a job, and I think it can still be done. I plan to send word to the Skald-King, tell him I'm staying—at least as long as Emeric and Ayrenn agree. Lord Bacaro may have deceived us, but peace is still possible."
Will Jorunn the Skald-King agree with that decision?
"He won't be happy about the way Lord Bacaro manipulated him. But when I explain what happened here—and what you did, friend—he'll support my decision. He really is an excellent king, my father. But don't tell him I said that."

Once Lady Arabelle will begin the opening speech to officiate the peace talks, him and the other alliance leaders will try one-up one another to hail you as their champion:

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "We stand here today because of Lord Bacaro. What he brought together through the Society of the Steadfast, and what he tried to bring about as the Ascendant Lord."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Instead of dividing us, instead of defeating and conquering us, he showed us what's possible when we work side-by-side."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "And through the courage and sacrifice of many of the people gathered here, as well as the nature spirit Frii, we perservered and won the day! Now, to our royal guests I say, let's recognize our friend and then start the talks!"
High King Emeric: "Our friend has performed above the call of duty! I name them Champion of the Covenant!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Not so fast, Emeric. I name them Champion of the Dominion!"
Prince Irnskar: "Then I name them Champion of the Pact!"
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Your majesties, please! All of that would never fit on the medal."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Let's just agree on Champion of the Alliances, shall we?"
High King Emeric: "Oh very well."
Queen Ayrenn: "I can live with that."
Prince Irnskar: "If you insist."

After the speech, he gives the thanks of the Ebonheart Pact to you:

"Congratulations, friend. You earned every honor the Society and the other alliances want to bestow on you, as well as the gratitude of the Ebonheart Pact. I'll get the Skald-King to issue a separate proclamation.
He'll be sorry he missed all this!"

Before you leave the room, Lady Arabelle will ask the alliance leaders if they're ready to speak to one another, which they all agreed and head over to the room next door to begin the talks:

Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Are we ready to begin, your majesties?"
Prince Irnskar: "I suddenly feel extremely…humble."
Queen Ayrenn: "Well, gentlemen, shall we?"
High King Emeric: "I suppose we shall. We did endure much to get to this point, after all."
Queen Ayrenn: "Then let us see how possible peace may be."


Son of Jorunn the Skald-King, Prince Irnskar often feels as if he lives in his father's shadow. Hoping for a respite, he came to visit you. After adding Prince Irnskar to your home, you can set him on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with him.
Prince Irnskar
Prince Irnskar
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 025002,500  
Availability November 12, 2020

Prince Irnskar is a houseguest. He has been available in the Crown Store for 025002,500   since November 12, 2020.


Appearances: 1

  • Crown Store — November 12, 2020

Houseguest DialogueEdit

Prince Irnskar as a houseguest
"Like most Nords, I am an accomplished warrior. Of course, I have yet to prove myself in an actual battle. My father won't allow it.
Still, if you ever get to see me fight, you'll immediately notice how good I am."
"Traveling always makes me homesick for the simple things. My room in the Palace of Kings. My personal chef. My storehouse full of Voljar's mead.
The simple things."
"When he was my age, my father, Jorunn the Skald-King, was adventuring around the world with the Pack of Bards. But can I step outside the Palace of Kings without a dozen royal guards snapping at my heels?
Not in this lifetime."
"The rumors are definitely untrue. No Dark Brotherhood contracts have been issued for the Skald-King. Not a one. As for me, I'm not important enough for anyone to want to kill.
More's the pity."
"Have you met the Nord Cultural Ambassador? Rigurt the Brash. Why my father continues to employ that buffoon is beyond me.
Despite his bumbling, though, he somehow gets the job done. Eventually."
"Have I thanked the owner of this fine establishment lately? No? Ah, well. Remind me about that later."
"We Nords are proud race. Proud of our accomplishments. Proud of our heritage.
And our mead. We're especially proud of that."
"What does a prince do? Everything, that's what! The kingdom would grind to a halt if I wasn't there.
What am I doing here then? You ask too many questions."
"You there! Where are the servants? I'm in desperate need of libation and no one comes when I call."
"If my father brings up marriage and tells me I need to sire an heir one more time …. It's like he thinks I can't find a mate on my own. Or that I know nothing about wooing and courtship.
It's embarrassing."
"My father is disappointed that I don't play an instrument or sing. Gods, I don't even write poetry!
I think he was hoping to have father-son duet at the next royal feast, but that's not going to happen."
"I crave adventure! When my father was my age, he was slaying monsters, bedding wenches, and winning wars. And at the same time, he wrote ballads and sonnets considered the best of his generation. And here I am. Here.
What a tragic disappointment."
"Jorunn the Skald-King never lets an opportunity to teach me a lesson pass by without leaping upon it with enthusiasm. I'm grateful, of course, but sometimes I just want him to be my father. Kick around a vosh ball. Share a cask of mead.
"Stand up straight. You're in the presence of royalty.
I am Prince Irnskar, heir to the throne of Windhelm and Eastern Skyrim. It's a great honor to have someone of my rank and station as a houseguest."
"A true Nord doesn't seek the assistance of an outsider. We were raised better than that."
"My father the Skald-King always says, "Guests are like rabbit meatballs. Too few and you're never satisfied. Too many and you want to throw up.""
"So, do you have an overbearing parent who just happens to be the world-famous Skald-King? No? How fortunate for you.
Sometimes I suspect I'll never live up to his expectations."
"I assure you, while I am happy for a place to stay, I am used to much grander accommodations when I travel. I am the royal scion of Skyrim, after all."
"Diplomatic missions are one thing. Intelligence gathering is quite something else. What? No, forget I said anything.
I'm here for relaxation, nothing more."
"Yes, I'm a prince. Yes, I'm that prince, in fact. Don't spread it around. I'm not in the mood to fend off every eligible maiden in the area right now."
"Jorunn the Skald-King isn't just my father. He's the strongest man I've ever known. I hope to someday be half the man he is. Hopefully in time to carry on his legacy.
It's a burden I struggle with every day."
"Do you know of a nearby tavern or inn that serves horker stew? I haven't had a good horker stew in a guar's age."
"Summers in Skyrim are just like the winters, but instead of snow piled above your head, it just comes up to your shoulders.
Yes, I'm exaggerating. Slightly."
"Nobody can drink like Thane Jeggi. His aptitude for consumption is legendary!
I wish he wouldn't refer to me as a skeever, though. It's insulting."
"Strategy is my forte. Strategy and diplomacy. Well, maybe not diplomacy. My father the Skald-King tells me I have to work on that. So here I am, out among the little people, trying to be diplomatic.
How am I doing so far?"

If your current character has completed The Konunleikar he may also say:

"Champion, good to see you, my friend! You made my father's Konunleikar one to remember. Windhelm will be talking about it for years to come!"

If your current character has completed Making Amends he may also say:

"Thanks to you, I see our allies in the Ebonheart Pact in a totally new light. Where once I saw enemies, now I see friends and colleagues. We are stronger together, but it took you to teach me that. I wanted you to know."

If your current character has completed Songs of Sovngarde he may also say:

"The Skald-King and I owe you a great debt for what you did in Eastmarch, my friend. Not only did you stop my crazed uncle, you saved my father's life. Believe me, I want to avoid the throne for as many years as I can. It's quite uncomfortable."

If your current character has completed Daughter of the Wolf he may also say:

"I pray to never lose hope as High King Svargrim did. Once, he was a strong ruler who cared for his people. Until the corruption set in.
At least you were able to stop him before Solitude fell. We owe you for that."
"Princess Svana has grown to be an impressive woman. She will make a fine jarl. Perhaps even a fine queen. I hope this moment of friendship lasts. I would hate to count her as an enemy"
"No matter our intentions, most of the people of Western Skyrim look upon us with distrust and suspicion. You'd think the Skald-King just tried to destroy Solitude and not their own mad ruler! Ah well. We still want to help them.
If they'll let us."

If your current character has completed A Feast of SoulsHe refers to events happening after the final epilogue quest Second Chances, even before completion of the content he may also say:

"The Gray Host has finally been vanquished. Thanks to you. You are a remarkable individual, champion. All of Skyrim owes you a debt. I won't forget that."
"After the events in and around Markarth … well, that was my first visit to the Reach, you know. I'll say this for Ard Caddach. I don't know if he deserves the title of Despot of Markarth, but he can certainly be overbearing.
What? I'm just saying."
"Evil vampires, good vampires … it's all so confusing! But you say this Ravenwatch helped you defeat the Gray Host? Very well. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
For now."