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Lord Bacaro Volorus
Home City Gonfalon Bay
Race Imperial/Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Society of the Steadfast
Lord Bacaro Volorus

Lord Bacaro Volorus is a Cyro-Breton philanthropist and founder of the Society of the Steadfast. His Imperial blood comes from his father of House Volorus which suffered heavily during the Colovian Revolt, and his Breton roots come from his mother of House Merchad. His organization's symbol consists of Stendarr's symbol with three pouring chalices which is reminiscent of the symbol of his Breton house, while the Red Diamond represents his Imperial blood.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

High IsleEdit

Of Knights and KnavesEdit

As you approach him in Gonfalon Bay you will overhear a conversation taking place:

Dockmaster Arnauld: "My dockhands are watching for your cargo, Lady Arabelle. They know it's precious."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "There was a storm off the coast. Perhaps it delayed the ships."
Lady Arabelle: "Forgive me if I do the job you hired me for, Lord Bacaro. You there, might we speak?"

Before you speak to Lady Arabelle:

"Lady Arabelle wastes no time, I see. I suppose that's why I asked her to assist the Society of the Steadfast with this conference, although I'm not really sure that's a problem to solve quite yet.
Ah, well. What can I help you with?"

When spoken to during the investigation:

"Ah. A visitor? Or another one of Lady Arabelle's associates? Either way, welcome to our island.
Bacaro Volorus, founder of the Society of the Steadfast, at your service. I hope you find your visit to High Isle restful and profitable."
You mentioned a storm off the coast?
"Yes, a sudden squall of unusual intensity. It died out just as quickly as it arose. I noticed it off to the northeast. Dark clouds filled that part of the horizon. Perhaps our ships were delayed by the shifting winds or decided to wait out the storm."
What's so special about these particular ships?
"I'm afraid that's privileged information.
Suffice it to say, the cargo coming in on those ships is vital to the conference the Society of the Steadfast is sponsoring."
And you don't share Lady Arabelle's concerns?
"Of course I do. But I learned long ago to have patience when it comes to such matters. Not every setback is a conspiracy, and not every delay is the act of a Daedric cult.
Though if you do learn anything of imminent concern, please let us know."
Tell me more about the Society of the Steadfast.
"I'm a philanthropist. I started the Society of the Steadfast to give relief to those caught up in the suffering caused by the Three Banners War.
We establish healing tents for the wounded, distribute food and water, and provide whatever aid we can."
So why sponsor a conference?
"Ah. As Lady Arabelle said, that's not something we're ready to talk about. Not until the cargo from the missing ships is secured. After that, I'll answer any questions you have.
I'll even proclaim the purpose of the conference from the town square!"
Tell me more about High Isle.
"High Isle is the primary island in the Systres Archipelago. Technically, we're a Breton holding, but we try to behave as a neutral port. People from all over Tamriel come to experience the natural beauty of the island.
Well, nobles, mostly."
So it's a vacation spot for nobles?
"Parts of it. But we have a rich history and the same sorts of dangers you'd experience on the mainland. Bandits, pirates, wild beasts.
And you might want to avoid our sister island, Amenos. It's a harsh jungle that has long served as a prison."
A prison for who?
"Mostly political prisoners from the Empire at first. Later, rival nobles, pirates, murderers. The worst of the worst. Today it also includes war criminals and certain prisoners of war.
Amenos Station is friendly enough, but the jungle is deadly."

People of ImportEdit

Outside Steadfast Manor, he will be hesitant to help with the investigation:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I want to help, Lady Arabelle. But I'm concerned for the safety of my retainers."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "My associate might be able to help in that regard, Lord Bacaro."

When spoken to:

"Lady Arabelle asks about the nobility while two of my retainers are missing. The Society of the Steadfast will do whatever is necessary to keep its people safe.
She mentioned the Ascendant Order might be involved. Do you think that's possible?"
We know the Ascendant Order has been attacking people all across High Isle.
"Yes, I understand that you and Lady Arabelle have tangled with these brigands before. They claim to be knights, but they have no honor.
Will you do as Lady Arabelle suggested and look for my retainers? I would consider it a personal favor."
Where were your retainers headed?
"I sent Grenier and Danise to retrieve a shipment from the Navire docks, but I expected them back ages ago. They were traveling the road to the south. I just pray no evil befell them.
The supplies we can lose, but good people are irreplaceable."
I'll look for your missing retainers.
"Thank you, my friend. I'll confer with Lady Arabelle while we await your return. I'll tell her everything I know about the nobility of High Isle, if she really thinks that will help.
I knew peace would be hard to achieve, but I never expected a war."

If spoken to again:

"Search along the road to the south. I'm sure my retainers picked up the shipment from the Castle Navire docks and were on their way back here.
I must know what happened to Grenier and Danise."

Returning to him:

"You return alone? Ah. I take it the news is not good. Grenier and Danise were not just retainers—they were friends. The Steadfast shall miss them, and so shall I.
Please. Tell me what happened."
Your retainers were killed. I found these orders from the Ascendant Magus.
"Grenier and Danise were helping arrange a banquet at Castle Navire. Then they were to collect the supplies and return here.
What could they have seen that would cost them their lives? The banquet is just to welcome our royal guests to the island."
Grenier wrote this note before he died. He tried to fight back.
"The Ascendant Order, plundering Steadfast supplies and killing our retainers? Damn. It was brave of Grenier to try to fight back, but foolish. The supplies weren't worth their lives."
We suspect a wealthy noble may be funding the Ascending Order.
"So Lady Arabelle informed me. I hesitate to accuse anyone, but perhaps you should join me at Castle Navire.
All the nobles of High Isle will be there. And if my retainers did see something at the castle, perhaps you can determine what that was."
All right. I'll meet you at Castle Navire.
"Duchess Elea of House Dufort is hosting the banquet. She's decided to go ahead and throw the party, even though our guests of honor are still missing.
Go to Castle Navire's courtyard. Introduce yourself when you arrive. And be discreet, please."
Why hold the banquet without the guests of honor? / Why is Duchess Elea holding the banquet without the guests of honor?
"Duchess Elea wants to project confidence, especially in light of the current situation. Rumors travel swiftly in the archipelago. The people need to believe we have things under control.
I expected to pay a ransom and have the delegates back by now."
Lady Arabelle mentioned that some of the nobles opposed the peace talks.
"Ridiculous. No one opposes peace. It's just that some of the nobles questioned if this were the right time and place. Duchess Elea, for example, didn't want to bring the mainland's troubles to High Isle. Not without hope our efforts would bear fruit."
Did anyone else feel that way?
"Count Leonard of House Mornard enjoys brisk profits by supplying all sides in the war. He doesn't want that to end too abruptly—especially not in a way that makes Elea and House Dufort look good.
He detests that she decided to host the talks."
It sounds like House Dufort and House Mornard are rivals.
"Rivals and partners. House Mornard built its wealth on trade. They rely on House Dufort ships to carry their goods. But the two families have long vied with each other for primacy.
The Mornards resent the fact that the Duforts rule High Isle."
Tell me more about the Society of the Steadfast.
"My family has always believed that wealth is meant to foster good works. When the three alliances went to war, I made the decision to do whatever I could to help common folk caught in their violent wake.
So I started the Society of the Steadfast."
What does the Society do, exactly?
"We're not a religious organization, per se, but we do take inspiration from the teachings of Stendarr. We establish healing centers and other works to show compassion and mercy to those touched by this terrible war—soldiers and commoners both."
And you do that here on High Isle?
"We're a small society that mostly works near the battlefields of Cyrodiil. I did turn a portion of my estate on High Isle into a healing center. We bring the badly wounded here to recuperate.
The peace talks naturally grew out of our other efforts."

At Castle Navire, he will be conversing with Lady Arabelle:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Might as well enjoy ourselves while we're here. Do you still prefer a Russafeld red, my lady?"
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "That would be delightful. Thank you, Bacaro.
Introduce yourself to the nobility, my friend. And remember, even the smallest detail could be the clue we seek."

Speaking to him while you're speaking to the other nobles:

"A pity. This would have been a truly grand occasion under better circumstances. I suppose we must make do.
Conduct your investigation with discretion, please. You do not want any of these nobles to mark you as an enemy."

Speaking to him while Jakarn is causing a scene:

"Oh, no. It looks like Lady Arabelle's messenger has gone and had too much of the Duforts' wine. Someone ought to stop him before he removes any more of his clothing."

After the Ascendant Magus and his forces briefly attacked Castle Navire, Bacaro will be trying to regain his ground and can be to spoken before Lady Arabelle:

"I'm all right. Fortunately Lady Arabelle was close at hand to protect me from those terrorists. And the rest of the guests managed to retreat into the castle safely.
I suggest you consult with Lady Arabelle as to how we respond to this outrage."

Escape from AmenosEdit

Lord Bacaro will be at the Mandrake Manor courtyard after you rescued the royal delegation. You can speak to him before Lady Arabelle:

"What a service you have done for all of Tamriel. You rescued the alliance leaders and secured the future of these peace talks. Lady Arabelle chose well when she selected you."
When will you begin the peace talks?
"Very soon, but our delegates have been through an unimaginable ordeal. They might not admit it, but they need to rest.
We'll move them to a secure location and give them time to recover. Then we'll proceed with the talks."
What about the Ascendant Order?
"The Order still poses a threat, of course, but I trust Lady Arabelle to handle our security. I'm counting on her to deal with the Order while I prepare for the conference.
The Ascendant Lord and his Magus surprised us once. They won't do so again."

To Catch a MagusEdit

After you're sent off to investigate Mistmouth Cave, you can speak to him:

"While our delegates recover from their harrowing escape, I'll revisit our arrangements for the peace conference. The problem of the Ascendant Order I leave to you and Lady Arabelle.
Good hunting!"

You will meet Lady Arabelle back at Mandrake Manor after uncovering the Ascendant Order's plan to attack All Flags Islet. She will be asking Lord Bacaro to provide reinforcements yet he's concerned about the defenses mustered against the threat:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "The Steadfast don't have many warriors. We're a humanitarian group. It may take some time, but I'll rally what I can."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "Then I'll find you the time you need. While you gather the forces, I'll do what I can to delay the attack."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "The Ascendant Order will expect us to reinforce All Flags Islet."
Lady Arabelle Davaux: "I'll think of something. I always do."

As much he wants to be a pacifist, he realizes that force has to be used to defend against the Ascendant Order:

"I deplore violence. It goes against everything I stand for. Everything I've built. But only a fool can't admit that sometimes you must do whatever is necessary to stop evil.
I will do gather what forces I can and get them to All Flags Islet."

After the quest is completed, he will ask you to delay in hopes of more reinforcements:

"Perhaps I can convince one or more of the knightly orders to join us. The Order of the Albatross is usually willing to leap into a fray.
Ah, I implore you to delay until I coordinate our forces. You cannot take on the Ascendant Order alone."
Doesn't the Society of the Steadfast or House Volorus have knights they can send to help us?
"I command few troops, my friend. I have some household guards at Steadfast Manor, but they wouldn't do much against an Ascendant Order fleet. And the Society of the Steadfast is a humanitarian group, though I'm sure I can muster a few volunteers."
What was that about the Order of the Albatross?
"A number of knightly orders have a presence here in the archipelago. How long it will take them to answer my summons—provided they care to—I cannot say.
If you feel you must rush off, know that I will send help as soon as I can."

A Chance for PeaceEdit

Lady Arabelle would like to go see Lord Bacaro to inform him that the Ascendant Magus has been defeated and the Ascendant Order has been driven off from All Flags Islet. She wants to make sure he doesn't need to call for any reinforcements since the battle is over. You go to Steadfast Manor to relay the news of the victory:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Ah, Lady Arabelle's associate. What news do you bring me?"

Speaking to him, he only has few reinforcements to spare but you can now tell him there is no more need for that:

"I've been sending messengers throughout the countryside, but so far I've only managed to gather a handful of knights. I was about to send them the order to head out, when I saw you approaching.
Does this mean you have news from Lady Arabelle?"
Yes. The delegates are safe, the Ascendant Magus is dead, and All Flags Castle is secure.
"That's excellent news! My congratulations to you and Lady Arabelle! I'll still send the knights, but now their orders will be to shore up the castle's defense, not rush into a war.
But pray tell, where are the delegates now?"
Lady Arabelle has secured them in Gonfalon Bay.
"Of course. All Flags Castle must be half in ruins after what I can only imagine was a fierce and costly battle. I'll get with Lady Arabelle and we'll thank the delegates for their patience.
I do believe another celebration is in order, though."
What sort of celebration?
"Don't be modest, friend! From what I already know of your exploits, I can only imagine the heroics you demonstrated at All Flags Castle.
Inform Lady Arabelle. We'll gather at Gonfalon Palace to celebrate your courage and the safety of the delegates!"
I'll tell Lady Arabelle about your plans.

You can reveal things that happened during the struggle against the Ascendant Order:

"How often does someone get to save three realms in the same day? Your actions are an inspiration! I wonder, though. Did the Ascendant Magus inadvertantly help us by attacking the royals? We shall see.
Go. Tell Arabelle. She'll make the arrangements."
High King Emeric, Queen Ayrenn and Prince Irnskar fought together against the Ascendant Magus.
"Did they, now? I can't wait to hear the entire story. I am surprised they didn't make use of the wards protecting Memorial Hall, though. We prepared the site to keep the delegates safe throughout the peace talks."
The Ascendant Magus's magic broke through the wards. He almost toppled the entire castle.
"Yes. I saw his power firsthand at Castle Navire. And Valessea explained that he somehow drew power from the volcanic vents that permeate the islands. A reckless use of magic, with little regard for consequences.
Where did he learn that, I wonder."
The Ascendant Magus was Count Damard Dufort.
"Damard Dufort? Astonishing! I was certain the Magus was going to turn out to be one of the Mornards.
Tell me, what of this mysterious Ascendant Lord you encountered beneath Castle Navire? Did you learn anything about him?"
He ordered the Magus to attack All Flags Islet, but we never saw him at the castle.
"Cowards like that let others do the fighting for them. I imagine he's in hiding, fearing exposure and seeking a way to rebuild his forces. I suspect the lord will remain in the shadows for now.
Stay vigilant. Inform me if you learn anything more."

When you're at the Gonfalon Palace for the celebrations, you can speak to him:

"Excellent! I see all three of our royal guests are in attendance. And Lady Araballe has worked her usual magic to create a suitable setting for the occasion.
That woman's competence is positively uncanny."

After the quest, he will continue his work for peace:

"We have taken the first step on a long journey. Still, no one ever reaches their destination without taking that step.
I owe you a debt, friend. Because of you, there's still a chance for peace. I promise to take full advantage of this opportunity."
When will the peace talks begin?
"That depends on how fast I can get workers out to rebuild All Flags Castle and restore Memorial Hall. And I need to send word to the Mages Guild. Valessea alone can't replace the wards. There's also a new Fighters Guild delegate to consider."
Can you keep the alliance leaders here until everything is ready?
"I'm certainly going to try. We've all accomplished too much to let the talks just fade away like mist in the morning sun. You showed them they can work together. We can build upon that. Provided I can get them to stay until we're ready to begin."


A Sea of TroublesEdit

If you spoke with Dhulef to start the quest, he will ask you to bring the Steadfast Supplies to Lord Bacaro. You will find Count Leonard Mornard, Sir Stefan Mornard and Lord Bacaro Volorus in discussion:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "The Steadfast are here to aid those harmed by the Sea Elf attacks. I have no knights to lend you, Count Mornard, Sir Stefan."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "We'll have to handle the Sea Elves ourselves, then. I don't know what's keeping the druids."
Count Leonard Mornard: "You place too much trust in those ivy-robed beggars, Stefan."

Speak with Lord Bacaro to hand over the supplies and if you met him before:

"Well, if it isn't Lady Arabelle's talented assistant. I might have guessed that Galen's troubles would draw you here. What can I do for you, my friend?"
Dhulef asked me to deliver these supplies.
"Ah, thank you. We're shorthanded and I haven't had anyone to send for these. As you can see, the fighting on Galen has caused no end of suffering. And most of the victims are simple farmers and townsfolk, not soldiers.
Damn those Sea Elf pirates!"
This is all because of the Sea Elves?
"For the most part. There have been some incidents among the druid circles, too. But the Sea Elves are definitely the biggest threat. Talk to Sir Stefan Mornard. I'm sure he can find a use for someone with your obvious talents."
I'll talk to Sir Stefan.

Before speaking with Sir Stefan, you can ask Lord Bacaro about the Steadfast's deployment on Galen:

"Young Sir Stefan is over there with his father, Count Mornard. They will readily accept any assistance you're willing to offer.
Now if you'll excuse me, the Society of the Steadfast's work is never done."
What is the Society of the Steadfast doing here?
"The Mornards are neighbors, so to speak. Count Leonard sent word to me about Galen's troubles with the Sea Elves. I have many responsibilities on High Isle, but still … I had to help an old friend."
What about the peace talks on High Isle?
"I am trying to be in two places at the same time as best I can. It involves frequent voyages from Vastyr to Gonfalon Bay. Fortunately, I can trust Lady Arabelle to look after the alliance leaders when I must be absent."

After you have spoken with Sir Stefan and learnt where you need to investigate:

"The Society of the Steadfast is a philanthropic organization. What few knights I have are purely for the defense of our pavilions. Our assistance to Galen is as relief, nothing more.
It's good to see that Sir Stefan has confidence in you, though."

After you have investigated all three locations, you can head to Castle Mornard in Vastyr. Lord Bacaro will be by Count Leonard's side in the throne room.

"Count Leonard set his son a challenging task by placing Galen's defenses in his hands.
Still, bringing you into his confidence shows a remarkable amount of insight for someone of his age and experience."

The Siege of VastyrEdit

He will be found with Count Leonard Mornard in the Cathedral District, evacuating civilians away from the fighting caused by the Dreadsail siege:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "To the cathedral! We'll be safe there!"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "There! Father, how goes the battle?"
Count Leonard Mornard: "Not well. The city's been overrun."

Speaking to him before Count Leonard:

"Count Mornard can tell you where you'll be most useful. I need to keep directing people away from the fighting. They'll be safer inside the cathedral."

After speaking to Count Leonard, Lord Bacaro will give a reminder that they need to evacuate all wounded and noncombatants to the cathedral:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Send the wounded and any noncombatants to the cathedral! They'll be safe there."
Sir Stefan Mornard: "Damn these bloody reavers!"

Before you head off to find the archdruids:

"When you find the archdruids, send them to the cathedral. Count Mornard and I will head there shortly. It's the best place to defend the injured and the noncombatants in the city.
Stay safe, my friend!"
Why send people to the cathedral? Wouldn't Castle Mornard be more defensible?
"If it wasn't one of the Sea Elves' primary targets, yes. But the cathedral has stout walls and strong doors. And few enemies will risk angering the gods by attacking a holy place.
Trust me. It's the safest place for the injured and noncombatants."

After failing to prevent Archdruid Rahval's death by Archdruid Orlaith's hands. She will blow up the cathedral, Bacaro will be a survivor of the attack:

Sir Stefan Mornard: "No, no! Help me! We have to dig them out!"
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I barely…escaped the collapse. God, how did this happen?"

Speaking to him before the distraught Sir Stefan:

"The cathedral! It happened so fast … I barely escaped the falling stone.
I arrived with the last of the wounded when everything started to shake! The count and Archdruid Ellic, they were right in front of me … they … oh no. Damn it all!"
Tell me what you saw, Lord Bacaro.
"It was terrible. The building started to shake and the stones above trembled. I yelled for everyone to run for the doors. I threw them open … then the floor fell away.
I must have blacked out. When my head cleared, I was outside … alone …."

Before you head off to find Captain Siravaen after speaking to Sir Stefan. Lord Bacaro will try to console Stefan on his loss:

"Do as Sir Stefan asks. I'll make sure he finds his way back to the castle.
At least the Dreadsails have broken off their attack. Vastyr might survive this, after all."

When you enter inside Castle Mornard, Bacaro will ask to speak to you before Stefan:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I got Sir Stefan to return to the castle. Talk to me before you go see him."

Speaking to him:

"Horrible. So much death, so much suffering. Young Stefan lost two fathers today, and the city lost even more. I keep asking myself why I survived when so many others perished?
But I wanted to talk to you before you go in to see Sir Stefan."
Is Sir Stefan all right?
"That's unclear. He lost a father today, as well as a mentor that was just as precious to him. We may have won this battle, but Archdruid Orlaith has all three sacred seeds.
Speak with Stefan, Count Mornard now. He must decide how we move forward."

Speaking to him again before checking up on Stefan:

"Be gentle when you speak with him. Stefan is a strong man and I have no doubt he will make a great leader for Galen. But right now, he is also a boy who has lost two of the most important people in his life.
Help him get through this, my friend."

Guardian of Y'ffelonEdit

You will be back at Castle Mornard after taking Dhulef's portal. The Druid King's regalia will go into separate custody until a new Draoife will be called. Lord Bacaro will have the responsibility of guarding the gauntlet:

Frii: "Crown, staff, and gauntlet are whole again. What do I do with them."
Druid Laurel: "Together they make too tempting a target. Let's separate them until a new Draoife can be called. I'll hold the staff. Stefan, the crown. And Lord Bacaro, would you guard the gauntlet?"
Sir Stefan Mornard: "The crown will be safe here in Castle Mornard."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I am honored by your trust. The Society of the Steadfast will protect the gauntlet."

Speaking to him before Sir Stefan:

"Tales of your battle with Archdruid Orlaith are already spreading across the archipelago. All who died in the siege of Vastyr can rest a little easier now. I will not forget what you've done. Nor will Sir Stefan, I'm sure. He wants to speak with you."

If you exit out of the conversation with Sir Stefan before completing the quest. You can speak to Bacaro. (If you completed the High Isle questline)

"Once again you have saved the day, my friend. Evil druids, rogue knights, marauding pirates—you dealt with them all.
Now go on. Talk to Sir Stefan. Or should I say Count Stefan? Either way, I'm curious to hear what's on his mind."

After the quest is completed:

"What strange times we live in! Signs and wonders spring from ancient legend to walk among us. And now we have the tools to crown a new Druid King if we so choose.
What should we do with them, I wonder."
Isn't that something a new Draoife should decide?
"The council of druid leaders? Of course, but how long will it take them to sort that out?
No, I was speaking in the abstract. It is an interesting puzzle to consider, don't you think?"
Will the Druid King's gauntlet be safe with you, Lord Bacaro?
"Most certainly! The Steadfast knights will keep it safe. But I need to return to High Isle. The attacks, the damage to the city, and the ongoing activity from Mount Firesong have devastated Galen. The island needs all the aid I can give it."
What kind of aid?
"Healers, supplies—everything the Society of the Steadfast is known for. I need to coordinate efforts and stock the ships, but our pavilions will spring up before you know it.
And when I return, I look forward to working closely with Count Stefan."

The Hidden LordEdit

After you speak to all three alliance leaders that the peace talks are going to resume soon, you will have to meet Lord Bacaro at Gonfalon's docks to see what is the status of the talks. He will be heading to Galen to deliver relief supplies and has assigned Captain Marguerite to be in charge while he's gone:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Let's get these supplies on board. The people of Galen need our assistance."
Captain Marguerite: "I'll take care of things here on High Isle in your absence, Lord Bacaro. May the society's efforts on Galen bring the people of Vastyr some relief."

Speaking to him:

"Ah, the Defender of the Three Thrones and the Savior of the Systres! I'm afraid you've caught me at a bad time. The Society of the Steadfast is needed in Vastyr and my ship is ready to depart. I decided to oversee the relief efforts personally."
Lady Arabelle sent me. She'd like to get the peace talks underway.
"Lady Arabelle uses every weapon in her arsenal. I suppose that's why I hired her.
But the timing isn't right, my friend. There's too much at stake to risk another setback. Once the most recent threats have been eliminated, then we may begin."
What recent threats?
"I was about to send word to Lady Arabelle. My scouts reported new Ascendant Order activity at the Dufort Shipyards. I sent a messenger there to confirm these reports but they have yet to return.
I fear Duchess Elea has fooled us all."
Duchess Elea? What do you mean?
"After you discovered that her brother was the Ascendant Magus and killed him, Duchess Elea claimed no involvement. She was stoic in her grief and assured me her brother acted without her permission or foreknowledge.
Hmm. Since you're here …."
What are you thinking, Lord Bacaro?
"If you're still working with Arabelle, then you can look into the validity of this threat. Discover what became of my messenger at the Dufort Shipyards.
That would ease my mind while I aid Vastyr and get us closer to starting the peace talks."

Speaking to him again before going to the Dufort Shipyards:

"I really must be going, my friend. Between the Sea Elf and Firesong attacks, and the continuing volcanic activity, Vastyr needs all the help I can bring them.
If you can look into the Dufort Shipyards and find my messenger, I'd be grateful."

The Ivy ThroneEdit

After uncovering the revelations that he is the Ascendant Lord and plans of becoming the Druid King to bring in the Green Scourge. He will end up stealing the Druid King's Regalia and has taken Frii to Y'ffre Path Ruins to make Frii perform the ritual that will grant him the powers of the Druid King. You will overhear him through the caverns of his plans to take over Tamriel:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Ascendant knights! Firesong allies! Witness the awakening!"
Frii: "Wrong. Bad. Do not do this."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Obey your king, Sower! The spirit here will awaken and do my bidding. The prophecy demands it!"
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "You would oppose me, my friends? Don't you see? I will bring peace to Tamriel!

When you get further inside Y'ffre's Path, he will call forth a Summoned Spirit to stop you:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "We shall start by punishing the Stonelore. Servant of Y'ffre, come forth!"
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Obey your king! Destroy the Stonelore Circle and their allies!"

During combat with the spirit, he will call in his Ascendant Order knights to attack you:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "The reign of the Druid King begins here. Kill the intruders!"

After defeating his spirit, he will flee as Lady Arabelle, Laurel and Caska will come to the rescue.

In Mount Firesong, you will see Bacaro has successfully awakened the spirit of Mount Firesong to do his bidding:

Frii: "The spirit of Mount Firesong!"
Spirit of Mount Firesong: "Druid King, speak and I obey."
Frii: "Ancient pacts, broken. Ancient promises, ignored. The false king will pay."
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I can't be stopped. Not by you. Not by the nature spirit. Look how the mountain obeys me!"
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Spirit of the volcano! Send your avatar to destroy my enemies!"

<Spirit of Mount Firesong summons an avatar in its making.>

During the fight against the Avatar of Mount Firesong:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Stop them, spirit! Do what you were summoned to do!"

After defeating the avatar, he will merge with the spirit to gain more power and cause the volcano to erupt soon:

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Give up, my friend. We both want the same thing. An end to this stupid war and something better than the Ruby Throne!"
Frii: "The spirit is too powerful. Once unleashed, it cannot be controlled.""
Lord Bacaro Volorus: "Spirit of Mount Firesong, lend me your strength. Give me the power to destroy my enemies!"

<Lord Bacaro will merge with the Spirit of Mount Firesong, transforming into the Ascendant Lord Bacaro.>

Lord Bacaro Volorus: "I am Lord Bacaro, the Ascendant Lord, the Druid King! Soon the alliances will be nothing but cinders and ash!"
Frii: "He joined with the spirit. Now the volcano will follow its nature. It will explode."