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Abnur Tharn
(lore page)
Location Castle of the Worm, The Harborage, The Halls of Torment (optional), Sancre Tor, Heart's Grief
K'har Zhab Hall in Riverhold, Rimmen Rimmen Palace Recesses
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 39,959
15,000 (During most of "The Demon Weapon")
133,844 (In the Halls of Colossus while not your follower)
29,870 (In the Halls of Colossus while your follower)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Castle of the Worm
The Tharn Speaks
Halls of Torment (optional)
Valley of Blades
Shadow of Sancre Tor
God of Schemes
The Demon Weapon
The Halls of Colossus
Faction(s) Five Companions
Tharn Family
Elder Council
Abnur Tharn in his chancellor uniform

Abnur Tharn is an Imperial battlemage who served as the head of the Elder Council. His dealings with Molag Bal and Mannimarco helped to give rise to the Planemeld, though he did not comply with them entirely willingly, and soon after seeks asylum when he learns that they may soon plan to dispose of him.

He is the father of Clivia Tharn, Empress Regent of Cyrodiil. Abnur Tharn is 165 years old, has had at least sixteen children, seven wives, and has served as Chancellor of the Elder Council for 117 years.

Following the climax of the Main Quest, Meridia says that he fled to Cyrodiil with the Amulet of Kings. He later returns to enlist your help in finding a weapon in the Halls of Colossus before his younger half-sister Euraxia, the self-proclaimed queen of Rimmen, can obtain it. He inadvertently ends up using the Wrathstone to unleash Kaalgrontiid's rage of dragons imprisoned inside.

In Northern Elsweyr, Tharn assists the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force in containing the dragon threat and overthrowing Euraxia. Later, in Southern Elsweyr, he assists the Dragonguard in defeating Kaalgrontiid once and for all.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Main QuestEdit

The HarborageEdit

During the flashback of the Prophet's story, you will witness Tharn perform the ritual to turn Emperor Varen Aquilarios into a dragonborn.

Abnur Tharn channels the energy of the Amulet of Kings
Tharn, left, during the Soulburst
Varen Aquilarios: "There it is. The Dragonfire brazier. Mannimarco, you're certain this will work?"
Mannimarco: "It will work, my liege. The Amulet of Kings will rekindle the Dragonfires, and ensure your rightful place as Emperor. You have my word."
Lyris Titanborn: "It better work, Mannimarco, or you'll find your neck at the business end of my axe."
Abnur Tharn: "My Lord, I wonder if you'd muzzle your half-giant pet? She really is annoying."
Sai Sahan: "Enough, both of you! We are here to ensure My Lord's rightful claim to the Ruby Throne."
Varen Aquilarios: "Abnur, begin the ritual. I have a destiny to fulfill." [The Dragonfire lights up]
Varen Aquilarios: "By the lighting of the Dragonfires, I claim my rightful lineage! By the fires of creation, let me be reborn! By the will of Akatosh, I proclaim myself ... Dragonborn!"
Mannimarco: "Varen Aquilarios, you are no heir to Alessia! You will pay for your sacrilege! The veil between Tamriel and Oblivion tears and splits asunder!"
Abnur Tharn: "What's happening? The sky is opening up! This is bad! This is very bad!"
Varen Aquilarios: "This isn't supposed to happen! What's the meaning of this? Mannimarco, what have you done?"
Mannimarco: "Gullible fools! The veil between Oblivion and this world has been torn! My master, Molag Bal, is free to claim Tamriel for his own!"
Varen Aquilarios: "Akatosh! Forgive me! Have mercy on our souls!"

Daughter of GiantsEdit

You meet a projection of Abnur Tharn while you escape from Coldharbour with Lyris. He is oddly helpful.

Lyris Titanborn: "Abnur Tharn, you traitorous bastard! I should have expected to find you here!"
Abnur Tharn: "Don't be a fool, Titanborn. I'm trying to help you. Your hatred poisons you. Warriors are like steel. When you lose temper, you lose your worth."
Lyris Titanborn: "Help me? You betrayed us all, then went back to licking Mannimarco's boot before the smoke cleared!"
Abnur Tharn: "I did what I had to do. And, as a show of my good intention, I have a gift for you. But, be warned. Coldharbour will not give it up, easily."

Chasing ShadowsEdit

When you activate the Orb of Discourse, a projection of Abnur Tharn appears:

Abnur Tharn: "What is the meaning of this interruption? Why have you contacted me?"

Speaking with Tharn:

"This is Abnur Tharn. The Master and I are very busy. This had better be important. Wait a moment. I don't know your face. Identify yourself, immediately!"
Who, me?
"Yes, your report, you insipid twit. What, did you contact me by accident?"
[Persuade] Forgive me, my Lord, but I heard something that might be of interest to you. Who are you?
"Well, out with it. I don't have all day. Your disguise is terrible, by the way. You look like a character from a bad adventure novel."

Someone has been asking the locals about a Redguard named Sai Sahan.

"Are they? I didn't think that Redguard has-been had a single friend left. Not in this world, at any rate.
Never fear. Sai Sahan is safely locked away. Even if they were to discover his location, attempting a rescue would be suicidal."

Do you know where he is?

"Of course I do. But I'm not in the habit of revealing vital secrets to insipid lackeys.
Now, be gone! And if you contact me again without good reason I shall contact your cell commander and have you properly thrashed for your ineptitude."

Thank you, my Lord.
"How dare you speak to me in such a … wait, you're not one of ours, are you? Color me intrigued. You speak to Abnur Tharn, overlord of Nibenay and Chancellor of the Elder Council."

The Imperial chancellor? What are you doing here?

"Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't you contact me? Fascinating. Are you merely a blundering local, I wonder, or something more?"

I'm looking for Sai Sahan.

"Are you, indeed? I didn't think that Redguard has-been had a single friend left. Not in this world, at any rate.
Let me give you some free advice. Forget about Sai Sahan. Even if I told you where he was, attempting a rescue would be suicidal."

Then you know where he is?

"Of course I do. But do you really think I'd tell you and risk incurring Mannimarco's wrath? I think not.
Ah, the owner of this place returns, and he doesn't look pleased. Fare well!"


If you fail to use the persuade option on Abnur Tharn, after finish speaking to him, Severinus Falco will appear and attack you.

Castle of the WormEdit

A projection of Tharn will be found in the Harborage. If you try and talk with him before the Prophet, he will say:

"Have a little chat with your beggar friend, then you and I need to talk."

After the Prophet has filled you in, you can ask Tharn what he wants.

"We meet again, Vestige. I wish to speak with you on a matter of some urgency."
What's this about?
"Mannimarco and his vile master have dark and terrible plans for this world. If you wish to stop them, you need to find the Amulet of Kings.
But to find the amulet, you must first locate Sai Sahan."
And you know where he is?
"Of course I do. And I might be willing to share that information … for a price."
I'm listening.
"If Mannimarco learns that we've spoken, he'll have me executed. I'm a danger to him. I know too much.
Therefore I, Abnur Tharn, Chancellor of the Elder Council, Overlord of Nibenay, formally request asylum."
Asylum? Are you joking?
"Do I look to be in a mirthful mood?
There comes a point when even a patriot's loyalty is stretched too far, when the things he has done—and seen done—become too much to bear."
Will you come to us?
"Would that I could. As it happens, I find myself to be somewhat of a prisoner, in dire need of rescue.
My proposal is this: If you retrieve me from Mannimarco's fortress and grant me asylum, I will give you Sai Sahan's location in return."
How can I be sure this isn't a trick?
"You can't. And you'd be a fool to trust me completely.
But the facts remain, you need me if you wish to find Sai Sahan, and I must keep my head if I am to ensure the continuance of the Empire. Neither of us has a choice."
I can see your point.

Before leaving:

"Make a decision, will you? Mannimarco could return at any moment!"

Upon arrival at the Castle grounds his projection will contact you.

"You appear to have arrived in the Wretched Squalor, a shanty town of soul shriven outside Mannimarco's castle."
How do we get inside?
"As luck would have it, Mannimarco is away on some errand for the Daedric Prince. The castle garrison is not on alert, so you should only encounter a token defense.
The main gate is sealed, but there are undoubtedly other routes one might take."
Such as?
"You're the hero, aren't you? Improvise."
We'll find a way in.

As you progress through the tower:

Abnur Tharn: "You! Hurry up, the Worms are on the move."

Meeting Tharn's projection inside:

"There you are. I was beginning to think you were captured.
We've a bit of a problem, I'm afraid."
What's the problem?
"The door at the top of the tower has sealed with a warded barrier. I've seen the Worms use similar sorceries before. It will sear you to ash if you touch it."
How do we get through it?
"Here's a thought. The flesh atronachs that patrol the castle halls are assembled in a laboratory very close to the warded door.
If you created your own atronach, it would be bound to obey you. You could force it to smash through the barrier."
How do you build a flesh atronach?
"It's a simple process. A child of five could do it. Unfortunately, we don't have a child of five, so I'll be forced to walk you through it.
You'll need some good-sized chunks of flesh. Take them to the laboratory, and I'll contact you there."
We're on our way.

Speaking to him again:

"My projection will be waiting for you in the laboratory. Do hurry."

In the laboratory, speaking to him before putting the atronach parts:

"Put everything in the circle and we'll begin."

Once you put the parts:

Abnur Tharn: "Not very big, is it? Oh well. Now, cast the ritual from the book."

Speaking to him before commencing the ritual:

"The ritual is simple, even for the untrained. As you might have noticed, the Worms aren't exactly scholars."

After creating your Atronach:

Abnur Tharn: "Ha! We'll make a necromancer of you yet."
Abnur Tharn: "You're not far now. Through the door, and to the summit!"

If you speak to him before he has the opportunity to tell you to head through the door, he'll say:

"Even if it was a simple spell, it's a simple spell well done."

Speaking with his projection after he tells you to head through the door:

"Quickly, now! Your lives are on the line, too, you know."

At the tower summit:

Abnur Tharn: "Begone, insufferable Worms! I'm working as fast as I can!"
Lyris Titanborn: "There he is! Looks like they've got him under guard."

Once you arrive at the summit you can talk to Abnur Tharn in the flesh.

"So, we meet in person at last. You looked taller in your projection."
I'm here to get you out, per our arrangement.
"And not a moment too soon. If I had to inspect one more bloody soul gem, I'd have thrown myself from the tower."
Why should we trust you, Tharn?
"A fair question. I know things. Things that can help you. Here's a bit to whet your appetite.
Mannimarco isn't doing any of this to serve Molag Bal. His ultimate plan is to out-scheme the God of Schemes … and to replace him."
What? How?
"The Amulet of Kings is the key to everything. Why do you think he kidnapped Sai Sahan? He's torturing him. Trying to get him to reveal the Amulet's hiding place."
He's trying to find the Amulet of Kings before we do.
"Precisely. With the Amulet at his command, Mannimarco believes he can trap Molag Bal's essence and absorb his power. He seeks to become a god himself!"
That sounds bad. What else can you tell me?
"I'd love to discuss this further, but this is hardly the place. Get me to a safe haven and I will tell you the rest. That was our agreement, was it not? Now, let's—
Wait. Did you feel that?"
Feel what?
Abnur fights Mannimarco

Mannimarco will appear and banish Tharn. Tharn will return, and he and Mannimarco will duel.

Abnur Tharn: "Mannimarco! You dare attack the chancellor of the Elder Council?"
Abnur Tharn: "His power wanes, Vestige! Strike him down, while his attentions are on me!"
Mannimarco: "How dare you betray me, Tharn? Your suffering will be legendary!"

Speak with Tharn after Mannimarco's projection is dispelled:

"He will not remain discorporated for long. His consciousness will be adrift for a few moments, but that is all."
Why did you help me?
"Because Mannimarco has delusions of godhood. He cares nothing for the Empire, he seeks only power.
I've never done battle with him before. He's far more powerful than I imagined. Ah, well. Too late for regrets. In for a bean, in for a beanstalk."
What now?
"First things first. We need to get out of here alive."
What do you suggest?
"We certainly can't go back the way you came in. I'd imagine they're swarming the grounds already.
There's a refuse chute further down the path. It's a bit of a drop, but we'll probably survive."
Let's go.

Speaking to him again:

"Whatever it is, it can wait. We need to get out of here!"

As you're traveling to the garbage chute, he and Lyris will have a conversation.

Lyris Titanborn: "You must be the ugliest princess ever rescued from a tower, Tharn."
Abnur Tharn: "I'm shocked your lack of education and repeated blows to the head haven't dulled your wit, Titanborn."

When you have all escaped to the Harborage, you ask Tharn for the information he promised.

"My estates, my titles, my own life―it's all forfeit now. All in the name of preserving the Empire.
I swear by all the gods, Mannimarco will pay dearly for this."
Are you all right?
"Of course. I am Abnur Tharn. It will take more than a few brainless cultists to rattle these old bones.
Now then, where were we?"
You were going to tell us where Sai Sahan is.
"Ah. Yes. Ahem.
Truth be told, I don't know the precise location, but I do know that he is Mannimarco's prisoner, and that the King of Worms is trying to pry the location of the Amulet from him."
You don't know where he is?
"Now, now, before you lose your temper, let me clarify. I don't know precisely where he is, but I can find out. I'll just need a little time."
You tricked us.

Lyris will be understandably annoyed at this revelation.

Lyris Titanborn: "What? You son of a bitch!"
<Lyris punches Abnur in the face.>
Abnur Tharn: "Gah! Are you insane? Get away from me, you brutish she-troll!"
The Prophet: "Lyris! Stand down!"
Lyris Titanborn: "He's done nothing but lie to us from the beginning! I don't care what he says, he'll always be Mannimarco's toady!"
Abnur Tharn: "Please. Mannimarco wants me dead! Did I pretend to capitulate to him? Yes, I did. Do you have any idea how many lives I saved by doing so?"
Lyris Titanborn: "The only thing you saved was your holdings and your own hide, you pompous ass!"
The Prophet: "Enough! Abnur had no choice, Lyris. And we are guilty of our own deceit, are we not? The time has come for the Vestige to know the truth!"
Abnur Tharn: "What's this? The Vestige doesn't know? Oh, this is rich!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sire, don't …!"
The Prophet: "Vestige. Until now, you have only known me as the Prophet. But that is not my true name. I … am Varen Aquilarios!"
Abnur Tharn: "Our fallen Emperor, in the tattered robes of a Moth Priest, blind as a newborn kitten!"
Varen Aquilarios: "I am sorry I deceived you, Vestige."

After this conversation and before you ask Varen about his true identity:

"Well, that was a deeply unpleasant experience."

After the quest:

"Varen and I have work to do, but you and I will talk again very soon."

If you return to the Harborage before the next quest begins, he will be perusing a book shelf and writing notes:

"I'll never win any popularity contests with this group, but you should know that I'm grateful to you. You rescued me from the Castle of the Worm at great personal risk. I won't forget that."

The Tharn SpeaksEdit

Abnur disguised as a guild mage

In the Mages Guild, he will be disguised as a Mage guildmate:

"Ah, excellent, you got my message. Apparently, that little creature isn't completely useless. Banekin can be such children.
I hope you've nothing pressing. We could be here a while."
Tharn? Why are you dressed like that?
"I can't be strutting around the city wearing my Imperial regalia, can I?
Your concern about my fashion sense is touching, but irrelevant. I've called you here for a reason. If we are to determine a course of action, we need more information."
What are you talking about?
"By now it should be clear your prophet emperor brought these catastrophic events upon us. Everything that transpired is his fault."
Mannimarco deceived him. It wasn't his fault.
"Granted, Mannimarco can be very persuasive and charismatic when he wants to be. We all believed him when he said we could change Varen's bloodline with the Amulet of Kings."
Then why do you blame Varen?
"You saved Varen's life when you rescued him in Coldharbour. In return, he lied to you about his true identity and his part in causing the Soulburst. He manipulated you from the very start.
Perhaps the better question is, why don't you blame Varen?"
Just tell me why you called me here.
"Varen wants to assemble a new group of companions in the vein of the original five. Claims it fulfills a prophecy in those wretched scrolls of his.
Superstitious nonsense, but he is quite correct on one point: we need to find Sai Sahan."
Why is Sai Sahan so important?
"In the chaos following the Soulburst, Sahan stole the Amulet of Kings and fled the Imperial City. We're going to need that relic, and he is the only one who knows its current location."
Where is Sai Sahan, now?
"He was captured by Mannimarco's agents and taken to an undisclosed location. We need to find out where he's being held."
What do you need me to do?

His reply will depend on which Alliance you are part of.

  "Mannimarco keeps his most secret documents in a hidden lair of Daedric cultists deep within the Grahtwood, in the ruins of Wormroot Depths. We must travel there and search for clues."
  "Mannimarco keeps his most secret documents at Norvulk, a hidden lair of Daedric cultists in the Stormhaven countryside. We must travel there and search for clues."
  "Mannimarco keeps his most secret documents at Knife Ear Grotto in Deshaan, inside a hidden lair of Daedric cultists. We must travel there and search for clues."
I'll set out at once and meet you there.
  "Remember: Wormroot Depths, Grahtwood. I'll meet you inside."
  "Travel to Stormhaven's eastern reaches and look for the Norvulk Ruins. I will be waiting for you inside."
  "Head to Knife Ear Grotto, in the eastern mountains of Deshaan. I will meet you inside."

You have the opportunity to ask him some questions before you leave.

I have some questions.
"If I can endure Titanborn's inane prattle, I can survive your assuredly erudite elucidations. Proceed."
Tell me more about yourself.
"Well, if you must pry. I am Chancellor to the Elder Council and Overlord of Nibenay, but of all my titles, the greatest is my family name: Tharn. We are the greatest of the noble houses, with seats at the Imperial court for countless centuries."
A family of politicians?
"Politicians? A grossly inadequate word to describe our duties and our legacy.
The Tharns have a storied history of advising kings and emperors that can be traced back to the First Era. We understand the ebb and flow of power."
What will happen to you now?
"Ah, there's the rub. With my … untimely defection? My family will likely be divested of its holdings. The name Tharn is probably being stricken from every document in the Imperial archives, as we speak.
I detest being on the wrong side of history."
Have you really lost everything?
"Don't sound so smug about it. This is a setback, nothing more.
By allying with you, I will liberate the Empire from Mannimarco's grip. The Empire is all that matters to me. I will do what I must to ensure its survival."
Isn't your daughter the Empress Regent? (Appears after asking a question.)
"Clivia? She is comfortably lodged in Mannimarco's pocket, along with my nephew, Javad. I doubt they've given my disappearance a second thought.
Ah, fair Clivia. My charming girl grew to be a ruthlessly ambitious woman. I taught her well."

With the relevant Delve: Whenever you arrive at the delve or return to it, he either greet you with:

Abnur Tharn: "This place smells worse than the Harborage."
Abnur Tharn: "It's about time. Let's get started."
Abnur Tharn: "It must be a relief not to have Titanborn following you around like a lost puppy."

Speaking to him at this point:

"Finally. I thought perhaps you'd gotten lost.
We must be cautious down here."

If you die and resurrect yourself:

Abnur Tharn: "It must be a relief not to have Titanborn following you around like a lost puppy."

His reactions while you find evidence:

The speaking stone next to a copy of The Unbreakable Redguard:

Sai Sahan: "You will not break me, King of Worms!"
Mannimarco: "I can, and I shall! Where is the Amulet of Kings?"
Sai Sahan: "You cannot break the will of a son of Yokuda! I spit on you!"
Abnur Tharn: "So, Sai Sahan is alive, and he has not been broken. An important piece of the puzzle, to be sure, but where is he being kept?"

The stone next to The Chim-el Adabal:

Mannimarco: "Chim-el Adabal. The Amulet of the Kings of Glory. An artifact of the Divines, a badge of office for the ruling emperors of Cyrodiil, and the key to my ascendancy. Yet it eludes me."
Mannimarco: "Exploiting its power to bring about the calamity of our age was intoxicating. It made me aware of the limitless possibilities available to one strong enough, and fearless enough, to use it to achieve his own ends."
Mannimarco: "The Amulet has the power to create or destroy. But it also has the power to undo the damage caused by the Soulburst, to mend the tear in the barrier between Nirn and Oblivion.
I must recover it before some fool fixes that which must remain broken."
Abnur Tharn: "He knows of our plan to use the amulet to set things right! We must rescue Sai Sahan before he can be broken."

The final stone beside The Duchess of Anguish:

Mannimarco: "The Redguard's iron will cannot be overcome with standard interrogation techniques. Physical tortures appear to be useless."
Mannimarco: "I have therefore instructed the Daedra to move Sai Sahan into the Halls of Torment. The Duchess will be most pleased to have a new … guest."
Mannimarco: "His flesh is strong, but perhaps her tortures of the mind will break him. I have come too far to allow this upstart swordmaster to thwart my plans. I will find the amulet, one way or another."
Abnur Tharn: "This is the information we've been looking for!"

You can then speak with Tharn

"At last! Sai Sahan has been taken to the Halls of Torment!"
Do you know where that is?
"Oh yes. It's Coldharbour's most nefarious prison. The Daedra in the Halls of Torment reach deep into the dark places of a prisoner's mind and torture them with apparitions of the things they most dread."
That sounds a lot like what happened to Lyris.
"It's an effective tactic. The Daedra mock our emotional attachments and the memories that form our sense of self.
Daedra have no use for such things. They are immortal. It's impossible to kill Daedra—They simply reform, over time."
We need to rescue Sai Sahan. Can you get us to the Halls of Torment?
"Of course I can. I am Abnur Tharn!
But first, I have a bit more research to do. Go back to the Harborage and tell Varen what we've discovered. I'll meet you there once I've made the necessary preparations."
Very well.

With that, he will enter a portal to return to the Mages Guild. You can speak to him at the relevant Mages Guild respective to your alliance before giving the news to Varen:

"We will find Sai Sahan. Your vagabond emperor and I will find a path to the Halls of Torment."

After the quest, if you return to the Harborage before the next quest begins, he will be be reading:

"Hello again, Vestige. I'm afraid I'm quite busy puzzling out the particulars of what we discovered in the ruin. Varen and I should have a lead soon."

Halls of TormentEdit

During his argument with Lyris:

Lyris Titanborn: "Put a cork in it, Tharn! Sai's my friend. Probably the best friend I have. If the Vestige is going, I'm going too!"
Abnur Tharn: "Yes, I see. And you are the most qualified, why? Is it your superior knowledge of Coldharbour? Your expertise in dealing with Daedric entities? Or is it simply the unrequited puppy love you feel for that shirtless mammoth?"

When spoken to after the argument:

"I swear, I haven't heard such bickering and whining since the last Tharn family gathering at Mid Year's Feast!"

After speaking with Varen:

"You look perplexed. What inscrutable riddles is Varen spouting now?"
He said that only one of you can join me.
"Did he? What surprisingly good advice. Titanborn and I are more likely to kill each other than we are to help.
The choice is yours, but I recommend choosing brains over brawn. I have valuable knowledge of the Daedra. And don't forget, I'm the mage."
[Choose Abnur] Come with me, Abnur.
"A very wise decision. One you won't regret, trust me.
Shall we go? We've a Redguard swordmaster to rescue."

If you choose Lyris, he'll remark:

"You're going to take the she-troll? She has all the subtlety of a stampeding mammoth in a pottery shop! Good luck. You're certainly going to need it."

If chosen to go with you to the Halls, Tharn will have dialogue for if you speak with him unprompted:

"I heard stories about this foul place during my time in Coldharbour. Chilling. I might have become a permanent resident, were it not for your timely rescue."

After having seen the Tharn Doppelganger for the first time:

Abnur Tharn: "What's this? It looks like me! What in damnation is going on here?"

Speaking with him:

"I must say, my doppelganger is remarkably handsome. Nevertheless, we should probably destroy it. Imagine the trouble it could cause if it were let loose in Tamriel!
I know, I know ... we're here to save the Redguard."

Speaking with Tharn after defeating the Doppelganger:

"Well, that was unnerving. Can't say that I've ever had to kill a version of myself before. But, I must say, even as an evil doppelganger, I'm a very capable opponent!"
What was all that talk of sword-singers?
"They were a legendary group of Redguard swordmasters, wiped out in the First Era by the Yokudan Emperor Hira.
Sahan spent years trying to resurrect their ancient traditions, but failed utterly. He considered it his greatest failure."
Why did the doppelganger look like you?
"The torturers here are using Sahan's memories and darkest fears against him, in an attempt to break his will.
He and I were never close. In truth, I enjoyed mocking him. I had no idea how deeply it affected him. Interesting."
You almost sound pleased about that.
"Oh, please. We're adults, aren't we?
The day I start considering people's feelings before speaking my mind is the day my efficacy as a politician comes to an end. When that day comes, just kill me outright, I beg of you."

After the above exchange:

"At least we know that Sahan is still breathing. I suppose we should press on."

While in combat, he suggests destroying the stones:

Abnur Tharn: "She seems to be drawing power from those stones. Destroy them, quickly!"

Speaking to him regarding the Lyris' Doppelganger:

"Another doppelganger? I didn't think Titanborn could be less appealing. Looks like I've been proven wrong. That's a first.
Perhaps if we take out that shield, we can rescue Sahan."

After killing Lyris' Doppelganger:

Abnur Tharn: "Vestige! Hold a moment!"

Speak to him.

"Well, well, well. Wasn't that a charming little scene? I can't wait to mock … to tell Titanborn all about it."
What do you mean?
"Are you as blind as your vagabond emperor? The first room was about Sai's failures. This room is obviously an attempt to leverage his subconscious desires.
So, our Redguard friend has a secret crush on the half-giant. How revolting."
Do you think they had a relationship?
"Please! Titanborn has all the emotional depth of a Frost Atronach.
But, who knew Sahan was that sentimental? Then again, he did resist her charms. Good thing, too. That truly would have been a farewell kiss."
I think we just met Mannimarco's Duchess of Anguish.
"I can only assume she's Sahan's personal torturer. I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be meeting her again, very soon.
Come, let's keep moving."

As you continue through the Halls of Torment:

"Foiled twice in a row. Let's end it next time, shall we?"

Seeing the Varen doppelgangers:

"One Varen is torture enough, but three of them? That would drive anyone insane!"

After defeating the Varen doppelgangers, you can speak to Tharn quickly before the Duchess arrives:

"That vile daedra appears to be our host, the Duchess of Anguish. What say we settle our dispute, Tamriel style? Kill her!"

Once the Duchess of Anguish and the Varen doppelgangers are defeated:

"Sahan seems to been [sic] left in a rather awkward position. A bit rude of us to chat while he writhes in pain, don't you think?"

After you save Sai Sahan:

"Nice of you to check in with me, but I think Sai is more in need of your attentions."

Once the portal is opened:

"Sahan is injured, but it appears that he can walk on his own. He's stronger than I thought."

When you arrive in the Harborage but before you talk to Varen, Abnur will mention that he has important things to do.

"Sahan looks relatively healthy, but there's no telling what sort of toll years of torment will take upon the mind. It will be interesting to see.
I do hope we're done here. I have an assignation with a young lady."

If you spoke to Sai but haven't turned in the quest, he will say:

"Our little tour of Sai's doubts, fears and desires was fascinating, wasn't it? Who knew that in the solitude of his own bedchamber, he dreams of large women?"'

Speaking with Tharn after the quest is completed.

"Sahan seems relatively unharmed. Can we wrap this up?
I've an appointment with a certain young lady and I need to stop by the moneychangers first. Women of that stripe seldom do anything on credit."

If you left the Harborage and come back before the next quest starts, he will say:

"Sai Sahan is back with you. I've lived up to my part of the deal—I trust that the rest of you will do the same."

Valley of BladesEdit

When you first arrive in the Harborage to travel to the Valley, Tharn is not looking forward to it.

"I've never heard of this Valley of the Blades. I do hope they have a tavern. I'm going to need a stiff drink after traveling with this lot."

Speaking to him upon arrival at the Valley:

"Had I known it was going to be this hot, I would have dressed for it."

Abnur will express his annoyance at Sai:

Sai Sahan: "It is strange to return to these mountains. Memories of youth flood my mind, each one bringing its own sorrow, or its own smile."
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, joy. We've been here less than five minutes and Sahan is already getting maudlin and weepy."
Lyris Titanborn: "Shut up, Tharn! Don't let him get to you, Sai. Let him roll his yes. Maybe he'll find a brain back there."
Sai Sahan: "Kasura often said that rudeness is a weak man's imitation of strength. She is wise beyond her years. You will like her, Snow Lily."

Trekking further into the valley will reveal that the Abbey is under attack.

Sai Sahan: "What is this? The abbey burns!"
Lyris Titanborn: "So much destruction! What could have done this?"
Abnur Tharn: "I'm afraid I've seen this before. Keep an eye skyward, Titanborn!"

After listening to Kasura, the companions will discuss.

Lyris Titanborn: "What do you think? Trap?"
Abnur Tharn: "It's only a trap if you don't know about it. I assume everything is a trap. Therefore, it's a challenge."

If you speak to him before dealing with the cultists, he'll say:

"Lead on. Let's get the ring and be done with this place."

When the Titan lands, Tharn tells the group to stay alert.

Abnur Tharn: "Eyes skyward! Here it comes!"

After defeating the Daedric Titan and talking with Kasura:

Kasura: "Follow me. The hidden entrance will not be obvious."
Lyris Titanborn: "Why would a crypt need a secret entrance?"
Abnur Tharn: "It's a wonder there's an unplundered crypt in all of Skyrim! You Nords could learn a thing or two from the builders of Hammerfell."
Sai Sahan: "Perhaps Hammerfell could also teach Nibenay the virtue of good manners."

Once in the crypt, Tharn will warn you.

"Mannimarco is aware of our presence. We need to find the ring and leave this place."

When you have the ring and talk Kasura, Mannimarco's projection will come to gloat while the dead rise.

Mannimarco: "I knew you would lead me to the ring, eventually. Give it to me!"
Sai Sahan: "Your presence defiles this place, Mannimarco!"
Mannimarco: "Give me the ring and I might spare your pathetic lives!"
Lyris Titanborn: "We struck down your Titan and we'll strike you down soon enough!"
Mannimarco: "The Titan was a prelude of what's to come if you continue to defy me!"
Abnur Tharn: "Defy you? Your delusions of godhood are laughable, you ignominious corpse-herder!"
Mannimarco: "Very well, then. I'll simply take the ring from your corpses."
<The dead begin to rise.>
Sai Sahan: "Blasphemy! How dare you raise the honored dead to fight your battle!"
Kasura: "Sai, look out! He's raising Ra Abah!

If you talk with him during the fight.

"You should leave for the Harborage immediately! More Worm Cultists are most assuredly on their way here!"

After Ra Abah is defeated, Tharn will raise a good point.

Abnur Tharn: "The next time you hide something from the most powerful necromancer in all of Tamriel, you might reconsider hiding it in a bloody tomb!"

Once the dead are stopped, Abnur Tharn will be more optimistic.

"We've done it. We have the ring, and we're one step closer to recovering the Amulet of Kings. We might just pull this off."

While you deliver the ring, the trio will stay behind to help the Abbey.

Kasura: "The damage is great, but if you had not arrived when you did, there would be nothing left to rebuild. Be safe in the coming days, my friends. I look forward to your return."
Sai Sahan: "The Abbey of Blades will rise from these ashes. If I survive the dark path we must walk, I will return to help Kasura shape a new generation of blademasters."
Lyris Titanborn: "A noble goal, Sai. Perhaps I'll join you. For now, we should see to the survivors."
Abnur Tharn: "You continue to surprise me, Sahan. And just when I thought I had you figured out."
Sai Sahan: "You can never know me, Tharn. In the Book of Circles, Divad wrote that the greatest warrior suffers his pain in silence, for he knows that an open oven bakes no bread."
Abnur Tharn: "My great grandfather Knavus Tharn put it another way: better to keep your silence and be thought an imbecile, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!"

If you return to the Harborage before the next quest starts, Abnur will be back:

"Was that your first encounter with a Daedric Titan? No? You lead a charmed life, I see."

Shadow of Sancre TorEdit

Speaking with him before receiving the briefing on Sancre Tor from Varen:

"I must admit, I'm not comfortable with this little jaunt. Sancre Tor is in the mountains of Colovia, and Colovians are the worst kind of Imperials—backwards mountain men without any sense of decorum. At least Varen will feel right at home."

Afterwards, he will leery of entering the ruins.

"So, we're to stumble blindly into the catacombs beneath a crumbling ruin abandoned for an age? Lovely. That bearded idiot swordmaster will lead us straight into a trap, no doubt."

Speaking with him after the portal to Sancre Tor opens, but before he walks through it:

"Another portal leading us to an almost certain death? Oh, please. By all means, do lead the way!"

When you arrive in Sancre Tor, Abnur will be unimpressed by his first impression of Sancre Tor:

"This is my first visit to Sancre Tor. I must say, I'm unimpressed. Alessia's holy city has seen better days, to be sure!"

A dubious choice of hiding places:

Lyris Titanborn: "You could have hidden that amulet anywhere in Tamriel, and this was your first choice?"
Sai Sahan: "It seemed like a good idea at the time."
Abnur Tharn: "Brilliant. Why is it that the people with the most ridiculous ideas are always the ones who are most certain of them?"
Sai Sahan and Lyris Titanborn, simultaneously: "Shut up, Tharn."

After walking through the passageway, you will be greeted by a massive projection of Mannimarco.

Mannimarco: "What brings you to Sancre Tor, old friends? Looking for an amulet, perhaps?"
Sai Sahan: "Mannimarco? How did you find this place?"
Mannimarco: "Do you really think I'd allow you to escape the Halls of Torment if I couldn't track your every movement?"
<Sai Sahan is lifted into the air by magic.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, no! Mannimarco, stop! You're killing him!"
Mannimarco: "Where is the Amulet of Kings? My master, Molag Bal, demands it!"
Abnur Tharn: "Your master. Please! You would use the amulet to betray Molag Bal!"
Mannimarco: "Fool! When I ascended, you could have been at my right hand, Tharn. Instead you chose to align yourself with mongrels and imbeciles. Now you'll die with them!"
Abnur Tharn: "You won't get away with this. Do you really think you can betray a Daedric Prince?"
Mannimarco: "With the Amulet of Kings, all things are possible! Nations will tremble and bow before me! I will be a god!"
Sai Sahan: "The Amulet of Kings will never be yours! It is protected by a ward of the Divines!"
Mannimarco: "You mean your ward of Stendarr, God of Merciful Forbearance, patron of gutless, law-abiding dimwits? It won't even slow me down!"

If you talk to Abnur afterwards, he will note:

"It would seem that in his own mind, our friend Sai never really left the Halls of Torment."

Once you have spoken with Sai a brief conversation will happen.

Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, are you well enough to continue?"
Sai Sahan: "Have no fear, Snow Lily. I am Redguard. We are like mountain bamboo: far stronger and more flexible than we might appear."
Abnur Tharn: "I find it hilarious that Mannimarco chose such a massive projected appearance. He's obviously overcompensating for something."

If you try and talk with Abnur again, he will be annoyed:

"Are we done here? Honestly, the Inner Courtyard is just beyond the next door!"

Before your group pulls you into battle against the Worm Cult ambush, Abnur will be sarcastic:

"My goodness, undead! How unexpected. How utterly original. Bloody necromancers."

Once you have listened to Mannimarco's presentation on how he will become a god and after defeating the Worm Cult ambushers:

"Shall we keep moving, or did you wish to continue prattling on endlessly?"

While Sai Sahan takes a break:

Sai Sahan: "Please. A moment, my friends. I … I must rest before we continue."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai? Are you all right? That bastard really hurt you, didn't he? I swear to the gods I'll take his head off!"
Sai Sahan: "I'll be fine, Snow Lily. I just need a moment to catch my breath."
Lyris Titanborn: "Take all the time you need. I'll keep watch. If there's anything I can do, just name it."
Abnur Tharn: "An enchanting moment. I'll be over here, bringing up my lunch."

However, if you talk with him, Abnur will have a request.

"Sahan doesn't look well at all. Keep an eye on him."

Speak to him before entering the tomb, he'll say:

"The Dragonguard? As I recall, their primary purpose was to enforce the delusions of whomever sat upon the Ruby Throne in any given week."

Once you reach the inner chamber and Mannimarco smugly reveals his surprise.

"Where is this shrine? Let's find it and be done with this place."

After consecrating the first shrine.

"One more shrine to consecrate, yes? Can we please get to it?"

Before solving the lever puzzle in the Reman Vault:

"A lever puzzle? How utterly pointless."

As you continue to the Vault Antechamber, you will listen to an enchanting conversation:

Abnur Tharn: "Dank corridors, crumbling walls, nauseating smells. This place has all the charm of a Riften brothel. It must feel very much like home to you, Titanborn."
Lyris Titanborn: "You mean a crypt filled with the rotting corpses of inbred kings and failed statesmen. Must be what it's like at a Tharn family reunion."
Sai Sahan: "It is more pleasant in the summer months."

After hearing another one of Mannimarco's egocentric speech, he will summon more undead. Before your companions engage in combat, Abnur will think Mannimarco's attempts to stop the group is lackluster:

"Dear me, more skeletons? Makes me wonder if Mannimarco's heart is really in this, doesn't it?"

At this point, Abnur just wants to get the amulet and leave.

"Are we finally done with that shrine nonsense? Can we please get what we came for and leave this wretched hole in the ground?"

Before entering the Vault of Kings, he'll command:

"Get the amulet! Go!"

When you have arrived at the Vault of Kings.

"Nearly there now, I'd imagine."

After getting instructions from Sai, he'll remark:

"I don't believe those doors are going to open themselves."

Mannimarco will be inside the Vault waiting for you. If you speak to him before engaging Mannimarco in battle, he says:

"Mannimarco. Well, it's not like we didn't see this coming. I suppose we'll have to kill him."

You and your companions will need to defeat him. While this is happening Abnur will work with one of the portals.

Mannimarco: "Miserable fools! You are nothing! I am Mannimarco!"
Abnur Tharn: "Keep Mannimarco occupied! I'll close the portal!"

Once you have defeated Mannimarco, you can take the amulet. Abnur will be surprised that you managed to defeat the King of Worms.

"I'll admit, Vestige. I never thought you'd be the one to kill the worm.
Take the Amulet of Kings and let's be gone from here."

After you take the Amulet of Kings, the trio will have a conversation.

Lyris Titanborn: "Everything Mannimarco did was designed to pit us against each other. We can't let that happen. Look what we can accomplish when we work together."
Abnur Tharn: "How uncharacteristically optimistic of you, Titanborn. I may have that embroidered on a pillow."
Lyris Titanborn: "The Divines gave you a nose for a reason, Tharn. So you can keep your mouth shut and still keep breathing."
Abnur Tharn: "Well played, Titanborn. Well played."
Sai Sahan: "We are finished here. It is time to go home."

If you speak to Abnur before he returns to the Harborage, he'll remark:

"Ah, the Amulet of Kings. Well done.
I never should have let Sai get his hands on it. This was the worst possible place to hide the amulet!"

Once back at the Harborage.

"The Amulet of Kings is ours. The companions are victorious, again.
I'm sure Varen will be eager to hear all about our fantastic and amazing victory."

If you spoke to Varen but haven't turned in the quest:

"I wasn't sure Sai would be able to keep his feet under him through all that. It seems the old fool is tougher than I suspected."

After you have spoken with Varen, Abnur will be humble when receiving potential praise.

"I know what you're thinking, Vestige. You want to thank me for my noble and heroic effort in helping you defeat that treacherous worm, Mannimarco. No need to laud me, though. The world already knows of my brilliance. But you're welcome nonetheless."

If you return to the Harborage before the next quest starts, Abnur will be reading:

"Do you fully understand what it is you recovered from Sancre Tor? Even without being able to use it, the Amulet of Kings is literally priceless. You would bankrupt kingdoms who would take it only for symbolic value.
Don't get any ideas."

Council of the Five CompanionsEdit

When you arrive at the Harborage, you'll find him reading. Speak to him before speaking to Varen and he'll only say:

"Don't look at me. Varen called this meeting. Apparently he's got something to share. I, for one, am all aquiver with anticipation."

After you speak to Varen, but before Sai, he'll tell you:

"Give the Redguard your time. He's probably the most sane of these people."

If you agree to regroup the companions, Sai will begin to speak:

Sai Sahan: "I, Sai Sahan, steward of the Abbey of Blades, call for the Five Companions to be reforged this day."
Sai Sahan: "By the light of Stendarr, and the heart of Lorkhan, may our blade of fellowship be forged anew. And may the Vestige, our mutual friend and ally, become its tip, that we may thrust it straight into the heart of a Daedric Prince."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai Sahan is right. You are the member that we should have had all those years ago."
Varen Aquilarios: "It is as the Scrolls foretold. The soulless one will become the brightest of five stars, and they shall guide us to the coming dawn."
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, please. You melodramatic sots! Fine, fine. If seeing one of your foolish prophecies come true will help to ensure the safety of the Empire, I'll play along."
Sai Sahan: "We stand united once more—the Five Companions are reforged, and together we will strike down the God of Schemes!"

Speaking with him before Lyris:

"Titanborn wants you first. She's even more annoying when she gets impatient."

After speaking with Lyris, Tharn will snap and call you over:

Lyris Titanborn: "Let's not forget the struggles that got us to this point. We're almost home. We just have a bit further to fight."
Abnur Tharn: "Are you all insane? You do realize what we need to do, right? We have to fight a Daedric Prince. Amulet or no, this is going to mean more death. Vestige! Come here. I'll tell you what they're afraid to mention."

Speaking with Tharn,

"Getting all chummy with Titanborn? I enjoy the company of clever, well informed people, You really should try it some time.
So, you felled the great Mannimarco. Well played. You've done the Empire a great service."
That's not why I did it.
"The farmer doesn't thank the cow when it voids itself on the field, but it still makes the crops grow taller."
Is that your way of thanking me?
"I suppose it is. But that wasn't the reason for this heartwarming reunion. Varen and I have spoken at length since you recovered the Amulet and determined our final course of action.
Molag Bal remains a threat and Tamriel is still in grave danger."
What did you have in mind?(If you haven't completed the Final Assault)
"First, the Planemeld must be stopped. Even now, forces gather and plan an assault on Oblivion itself. You must join them."
What then?
"Then, and only then, can you take the fight to Molag Bal himself—to restore protection to Nirn and reclaim your soul."
Is it even possible to defeat Molag Bal?

If you closed the planemeld:

The Planemeld has been stopped. Isn't that enough?(If you have completed the Final Assault)
"The Planemeld has been stopped, but Molag Bal's power over Nirn is still prodigious.
To restore protection to Nirn and reclaim your soul, you must face the God of Schemes himself."
Is it even possible to defeat Molag Bal?
"I know more about the Daedra than any man or mer alive. For good or ill, my family has always kept ties with the forces of Oblivion, and this much I know—one cannot kill a Daedric Prince.
But we have the Amulet of Kings …."
Go on.
"With the Amulet in our possession, we may be able to wound him. Severely. And in the process, force him to relinquish every last soul he has stolen—including your own.
This is where your … condition works to your benefit."
"The ritual we performed with the Amulet of Kings caused the Soulburst and damaged the veil between worlds. If the damage is to be repaired, I must attempt the ritual again, this time with you."
Won't that just cause another Soulburst?
"Only if we use it here on Nirn. But if we were to travel to Coldharbour, we might be able to harness its power. Imbue you with divine agency enough to challenge the Daedric Prince.
But there is a price …."
There always is.
"Calling upon the power of the Amulet in this manner will consume someone's soul. Utterly. One cannot channel the power of the gods without paying such a price.
Unfortunately, you don't have a soul to consume and I am needed to perform the ritual."
Someone has to die?
"More specifically, one of our three companions. I suspect that's why they're so nauseatingly over-appreciative and fawning."
No. The price is too high.
Abnur Tharn: "Of course it is. The fact of the matter stands, however. One of the Five will need to give their life to fuel this attack, when the time comes."
Lyris Titanborn: "So you said before the Vestige arrived. And I've already thought it over. I'll do it."
Sai Sahan: "Snow Lily, no! You should not need to give your life this way. This is my duty—penance for my numerous failures. This is my chance to make things right."
Varen Aquilarios: "The Scrolls said nothing of this moment, and so I am not bound to their dictates. Vestige, I ask that you let me do this one thing. All that has happened was because of my hubris. I shall be the one."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sire, you've done enough. This was Mannimarco's doing, not yours."
Abnur Tharn: "As the one who will fight the Daedric Prince, the Vestige should decide."
Lyris Titanborn: "I don't see you leaping to volunteer, Tharn. Saving your own backside again?"
Abnur Tharn: "Hard as it may be, Lyris, don't be an idiot. I am the only one who knows the ritual and we don't have time to teach anyone else."
Varen Aquilarios: "That's enough. It won't be decided here and now. Vestige, come here. I have some final words for you."

Speak to Tharn before Varen:

"You'd better speak to Varen. I think we've given them all something to think about."

If you exit out of the conversation with Varen before turning in the quest:

"Varen still has something to say to you."

Speaking after the quest:

"I'm not going to tell you to put it out of mind. One of these people is going to have to die for you. Can you make that choice, when the time comes?
Or will you fail, to the doom of us all?"

If you return to the Harborage before you receive God of Schemes, he will be eating:

"Well. This can't possibly go wrong, can it?"

God of SchemesEdit

When you speak to him inside the Harborage:

"We'll never be ready, so I suppose that means we're as ready as we'll ever be."

Upon your arrival at Heart's Grief, Abnur Tharn will ask to speak with you.

Abnur Tharn: "I'll never get used to this place. Come here, Vestige. I'd like a word before we skip off merrily to our doom."

Speak with him.

"The time is at hand. Stop second-guessing yourself, stop questioning your resolve, just stand up and do it. You're ready."
What do you mean?
"This is it. The beginning of the blasted end. There's no point in pretending this isn't happening, or saying we're not ready. This challenge will not wait.
Can you do what is necessary, no matter the cost? No matter how much it grieves you?"
Molag Bal has my soul. Is there a choice?
"There is always a choice. But you don't get to choose what is true, you only get to choose what you will do about it.
Do you need a reminder about what lies ahead?"
I know what we need to do. Let's get it done.
<Ends conversation>
Tell me again.
"We are approaching the fortress of Molag Bal, perhaps the most dangerous place in all of Oblivion. Together, we five are mighty—even I will admit that—but I cannot invoke the ritual until we are in the presence of the dark prince, himself."
Go on.
"In exchange for this investiture of power, one of your companions will need to be sacrificed. It will be for you to decide which, when the time comes.
The infusion of power will not last for long. That's why we need to get close."
And then?
"And then, what? I've no idea what will happen to you. Apotheosis? Disintegration? Too many unknowns and not enough information.
But if you defeat Molag Bal and survive, your soul and the soul of every other surviving vestige, should be restored."
Let's do this.

When spoken to without need at Heart's Grief:

"I highly doubt that the God of Schemes is engaged in banal conversation right now. Perhaps we should follow his example?"

Upon entering the Heart's Grief Vestibule:

"Molag Bal will undoubtedly set his most powerful servants in our path. Prepare for the worst."

After speaking to Mannimarco, he will have no sympathy for him:

Abnur Tharn: "Mannimarco! He was a back-stabbing hypocrite with delusions of godhood. The fool got precisely what he deserved!"

If you choose to release Mannimarco, he will say the following:

Mannimarco: "You actually released me? Naive fool! Future generations will pay for your weakness!"
Abnur Tharn: "Are you insane? That worm didn't deserve your mercy!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Why do I get the feeling we're going to regret this?"

If you speak to other prisoners, Abnur Tharn can comment on them. After speaking to Javad Tharn, he will say:

Abnur Tharn: "It's my small-minded nephew, Javad. The lad was petty and cruel for the enjoyment of it. I always suspected he'd meet an untimely end. Leave him to his fate. It's kinder than he deserves."

After freeing Javad Tharn:

Javad Tharn: "Thank you, Uncle! You won't regret this!"
Abnur Tharn: "Don't thank me, dear nephew. Enjoy your consignment to Oblivion."

After speaking to Septima Tharn, he will say:

Abnur Tharn: "Septima Tharn. A grand niece on my mother's side. Or was it a third cousin? No matter. From what I've heard of her predilections, she belongs in this gallery of horrors."

Arriving at the Seat of Tyranny:

The Prophet: "Molag Bal is here. I can feel his presence. Sense his foul breath upon the wind."
The Prophet: "There. That place should serve us well. Let us assemble and prepare the ritual."
Lyris Titanborn: "What do you suppose this place was?"
Sai Sahan: "A temple of some kind. The Dark Anchors may have pulled it into Coldharbour. Or, perhaps it was created by the Daedra to mock the Divines."
Abnur Tharn: "What does it matter? We can't wait any longer. We must perform the ritual. Vestige, it is time for you to make your decision."

Speaking with Tharn about the ritual:

"Yes, this will be close enough, I think. Are you prepared?"
Varen, Sai and Lyris are all willing to give up their lives.
"No one is more surprised than I. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the world, yet they will never hear a single word of thanks.
A funny thing for a selfish man to say, isn't it? I'd better be careful not to learn anything from this."
How can I choose?
"I've no idea. Speak to them. Let their words convince you.
But once the choice is made, there is no turning back. The harvest of a fresh soul will no doubt bring Molag Bal's attention upon us. You must take that opportunity to strike him down."
Is there no other way?
"We've already been over this. You need an infusion of divine power to even consider challenging a Daedric Prince.
The Amulet of Kings can give you that power, but at the cost of a life."
What sort of power should I expect to receive?
"The Amulet of Kings is a relic of Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time. His powers embody the qualities of perseverance and invincibility, while promoting the virtues of duty, service, and obedience. Make of that what you will."
I'll hear what each of them has to say.

Before you decide on a companion to sacrifice:

"Don't dawdle. The Daedra could be on us at any moment."

Once you have made your decision on how to sacrifice, Abnur Tharn will bring out the Amulet of Kings and say:

Abnur Tharn: "Position yourself over there, Vestige. And brace yourself."

If you have chosen to sacrifice Lyris Titanborn:

Sai Sahan: "Snow Lily, no... don't do this. Please."
Lyris Titanborn: "Death is simply life's next great adventure, and I am prepared to make the journey. I hope to see you all again one day, in Sovngarde. Until then, it has been my greatest honor."

If you have chosen to sacrifice Sai Sahan:

Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, I... I'll never forget you. And we'll finish this, I swear it."
Sai Sahan: "I am honored to make this sacrifice. When you think of me, I hope you remember me fondly, and sing songs of this day while you toast to my memory."

If you have chosen to sacrifice Varen Aquilarios:

Lyris Titanborn: "We'll never forget you Sire, or your sacrifice."
Varen Aquilarios: "Great Akatosh, Dragon God of Time, forgive me for my hubris. Grant your divine power to the Vestige and restore your protection to Tamriel, that my sacrifice might not be in vain."

Regardless of who was picked, the rest of the ritual will continue on as follows:

Abnur Tharn: "History may not remember your sacrifice, but those present here will never forget it."
Abnur Tharn: "Divines of Tamriel! With this vessel of your power, the Amulet of Kings, I call upon your strength!"
Abnur Tharn: "Let this noble sacrifice be a testament to our desire to set things right and restore balance to the Mundus!"
Abnur Tharn: "Your champion stands ready! Accept this offering and imbue this vestige with your glory! Let the will of Molag Bal be denied!"

The chosen companion will be sacrificed, and you are imbued with divine strength:

Abnur Tharn: "Vestige! Now is the time! You must ascend the path and face the Daedric Prince!"
Abnur Tharn: "You must face the God of Schemes alone. I will get the others to safety. Go!"

If you decide to speak with him after the ritual, he will scold you for wasting time.

"Are you insane? Don't stop to chat with me, get up there!"

Elsweyr PrologueEdit

Abnur Tharn in his Elsweyr apparel

The Demon WeaponEdit

If you have not met Abnur Tharn yet:

"I see my summons reached you. Good, good. You may wonder who I am and why I sent for you. Don't. Just trust me. I have only the best interests of the Empire in mind. But we must leave now if we're going to take advantage of the situation."

If you have met Abnur Tharn as the Vestige:

"Ah, Vestige, how good of you to attend me. Information has come to my attention that could significantly change the future of Tamriel and the Empire. If we're going to take advantage of the situation, we need to leave immediately."
What situation are we talking about?
"A situation that could end the Three Banners War and get Ayrenn, Emeric, and Jorunn to return to their senses. While these children squabble over territory, the common people and the Empire suffer.
We have an opportunity and we need to jump on it!"
What kind of opportunity can end the Alliance War?/I don't understand. What kind of opportunity can end the Alliance War?
"In simple terms, I just purchased two halves of an ancient tablet. The Wrathstone. It forms a map that should lead us to a weapon whose existence will force all sides to cease their aggressive behavior.
Help me acquire this weapon and end the war."


"Simply put, I just acquired two halves of an ancient tablet. The Wrathstone. It forms a map that will lead us to a weapon capable of forcing all sides to cease their aggressive behavior.
Help me find this weapon and we can end the war."
I'll help you find this weapon.
"We must hurry. Even now, someone follows me, resisting my best efforts to identify them.
While I deal with this threat, I need you to begin the process of locating the triangulants. Without them, the map is worthless."
Remind me. Who are you, again?
"I am Abnur Tharn, advisor to emperors for well over one hundred years. I most recently served as the grand chancellor and the Imperial Battlemage for Varen Aquilarios.
I assume my qualifications meet with your approval?"
So why ask me for my help?
"I want to reunite the warring territories under a single banner. The Empire must be reborn! This weapon represents the best chance to accomplish that, and I require your help to convince Loremaster Dagaril-dro to lead us to the triangulants."
Triangulants? Is that a real word?
"Of course it is. I just invented it!
Right now, the map shown on the Wrathstone has no identifying features. Without triangulants, I have no context by which to read the map. I know a Khajiiti loremaster, however, who can help with that."

Both options lead to the following:

How can a Khajiiti loremaster help us find an ancient weapon?
"Each half of the tablet contains part of a map and an inscription. Khunzar-ri and the Demon Weapon. The key to finding the triangulants resides in that Khajiiti myth.
We must convince Dagaril-dro to direct us to storytellers who know the legend."
Where do I find the loremaster?
  "Dagaril-dro often wanders the Auridon coast. We need to bring him a gift, however, and I know he's fond of dusk mushrooms.
Gather the mushrooms from the ruins of Bewan, then meet me at the loremaster's camp. I'll mark the location on your map."
  "Dagaril-dro often wanders the Glenumbra coast. We need to bring him a gift, however, and I know he is fond of dusk mushrooms.
Gather the mushrooms from the ruins of Enduum, then meet me at the loremaster's camp. I'll mark the location on your map."
  "Dagaril-dro often relaxes in Stonefalls. We need to bring him a gift, however, and I happen to know he is fond of dusk mushrooms.
Gather the mushrooms in Hightide Hollow, then meet me at the loremaster's camp. I'll mark the location on your map."

You can then ask additional questions.

You seem to know a lot about the Khajiiti legends already.
"I know about a great many things, but Khajiiti legends tend to be convoluted. The loremaster must direct us to the secret order of storytellers, the moon-singers. Only they can set us on the correct path.
Now, gather the mushrooms for Dagaril-dro."
What kind of weapon is powerful enough to stop the war?
"Written records are silent on the subject, but the tablet indicates that Khunzar-ri hid a demon weapon. That's the best translation I could manage. Demon weapon.
I believe it's the same relic Queen Anequina used to end the First War of the Prides."
Queen Anequina? First War of the Prides?
"Khajiiti legends, each based on a modicum of truth. Queen Anequina led the most powerful of the sixteen Khajiiti kingdoms. It even took her name.
When the Khajiit fought the First War of the Prides, Queen Anequina used a relic to restore the peace."
So who was Khunzar-ri?
"A mythic hero of the Khajiit. His tales tend to be rather outlandish, so we need to separate the truth from the lies.
Once we gather the stories related to Khunzar-ri and the demons, we'll find clues that will lead us to the triangulants."
Are you going to help me gather the mushrooms?
"Menial labor? I think not. But weren't you paying attention? Someone has been following me ever since I decided upon this course of action. Despite my efforts, their identity remains annoyingly elusive.
Only a mage of great power could hide from me."
Should I be worried?
"I doubt my stalker has any interest in you. Why do you think I requested your aid? Given your relative unimportance, you should be able to travel unmolested.
Once I've dealt with my stalker, I'll join you at Dagaril-dro's camp."
Where did you get the Wrathstones?

If you have not done the quests of Wrathstone yet:

"An associate pointed me toward the scholar, Tharayya, who agreed to deliver the tablet. She uncovered the two halves at Frostvault and Garlas Malatar, then had the audacity to charge me a small fortune.
Still, the tablet forms the map we need."

If you have completed both dungeon quests:

"An associate alerted me to the two halves of the tablet you helped Tharayya uncover from the ruins of Frostvault and Garlas Malatar. I immediately determined it formed a map.
Tharayya agreed to sell them to me, but the cost was obnoxiously high."
A map? So you know where we need to go to find the weapon?
"The tablet speaks of Khunzar-ri and the demon weapon he hid away in an ancient place of power. But the map isn't complete. It requires triangulants to serve as orientation points. Without those, it's worthless.
That's where the storytellers come in."

Speaking to him after this conversation:

"This pointless war has gone on long enough. It's time to put a stop to it.
Gather the dusk mushrooms and head for Dagaril-dro's camp. As soon as I take care of the shadow that's been following me, I'll meet you there."
Paying respects to Old Grandfather

After collecting the Dusk Mushrooms, you will need to find the loremaster, Dagaril-dro. Once you have given him the mushrooms and questioned him, Abnur Tharn will appear behind you.

"I see you made it to the old loremaster's camp. Were the dusk mushrooms to his liking?"
Yes. He said we need to go to the Redfur Trading Post, The Baandari Trading Post, and Rawl'kha.
"Grahtwood, Malabal Tor, and Reaper's March. Not an easy journey, but I can make it more tolerable. Allow me to open a portal to the Redfur Trading Post. Track down the first moon-singer and hear the beginning of Khunzar-ri's tale. I'll be along shortly."
I'll use the portal and go find Azargo Long-Tale.

Once he has created the portal, he will settle down next to Dagaril-dro and begin to meditate.

Abnur Tharn: "This portal will transport you to Redfur Trading Post. I'll catch up with you after I pay my respects to Old Grandfather."

After you have listened to Azargo Long-Tale's story, you can speak with Tharn, once he appears nearby.

"What an interesting story. If only I could shake my shadow as easily as Khunzar-ri does … well … anything.
At least now I know where to find the first triangulant."
The first triangulant?
"Yes, the triangulant. The first reference point that will allow us to use the map and locate the weapon. We must proceed with caution, however. My unknown follower utilizes a magic I cannot penetrate. I need to conserve my energy, just in case."
So where do we need to go to find the first triangulant?
"The location was spelled out in the moon-singer's story. The verse concerning Nurarion the Perfect. It's as clear as the sky on a cloudless day. "Among the buried roots of the Ayleid worms." It refers to a place I know well.
Wormroot Depths."

If you haven't cleared Wormroot Depths before:

What's Wormroot Depths?
"An Ayleid ruin located here in Grahtwood. Somewhere in Wormroot Depths, the ancient Khajiit hid a reference point that will get us one step closer to finding the weapon.
We should travel separately, for safety's sake. I'll meet you inside the ruin."

If you have cleared Wormroot Depths before:

I explored Wormroot Depths.
"Perhaps, but I have no doubt the secret the Khajiit left behind escaped your notice. While your familiarity with the ruin will be a benefit, do not grow complacent. We must be ready for anything.
I will meet you at the ruins after I evade my shadow."

If you previously completed The Tharn Speaks as part of the Aldmeri Dominion:

Wormroot Depths? I think I've visited that place.
"Your memory is excellent. We explored the place while looking for Sai Sahan. Somewhere in Wormroot Depths, the ancient Khajiit hid a reference point that will get us one step closer to finding the weapon.
I'll meet you there."
I'll meet you inside Wormroot Depths.

Speaking to him again after this conversation:

"Make your way to Wormroot Depths and look for anything that appears Khajiiti in origin.
I'll join you there after I deal with our mysterious follower."

Abnur Tharn has a few comments to make as you fight your way through Wormroot Depths, as well as the next two delves, Black Vine Ruins and Jode's Core:

Abnur Tharn: "Your technique seems adequate, if a bit unrefined."
Abnur Tharn: "If I wasn't preserving my power, we'd be done by now."
Abnur Tharn: "Where did you learn to fight, Shad Astula academy?"
Abnur Tharn: "Perhaps you could kill them a little faster, hmm?"
Abnur Tharn: "I see what you did there."

When you enter Wormroot Depths, Abnur will comment on the delve.

Abnur Tharn: "Ah, the distinctive smell of Daedric sorcery. It's as atrocious as it is pervasive."

Speaking to him within the ruins:

"We're looking for anything that appears to be Khajiiti in origin. Perhaps a new addition or alterations to an existing structure.
I still haven't pinpointed my shadow, so I'll be saving my energy for an emergency. Any lesser threats I leave to you."

Upon entering the main area of the New-Moons Chamber, he rushes forward towards the large device:

Abnur Tharn: "I'm not sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn't this."

He delivers several comments while you work on solving the puzzle.

Abnur Tharn: "The ancient Khajiiti really want us to work to uncover the triangulant."
Abnur Tharn: "Hmm. Examine the moons on each statue."
Abnur Tharn: "Fascinating. It must have something to do with the direction of the light."
Abnur Tharn: "According to the poem, the full moons and the new moons are the key."

When you solve the light puzzle:

Abnur Tharn: "Pretty ingenious for a bunch of ancient cats. Why don't you see what's in the chest before we head to the Baandari Trading Post."

Speaking to him before looting the chest:

"Prisms and light, ingenious! These obstacles annoy me, but the engineering is impressive.
I expect we'll see more of these puzzle-locks before we reach the hidden weapon. Now collect the map coordinate while I open a portal to Baandari Trading Post."

After looting the chest:

Abnur Tharn: "Come along. I can't maintain this portal indefinitely."

After hearing Mizbina's part of the story, speak to him after he arrives at the Baandari Trading Post.

"You know, the legend of Khunzar-ri is more interesting than I remember. It must be Moon-Singer Mizbina's delivery. Marginally entertaining.
She made the location of the next triangulant quite clear to one of exceptional intellect. Such as myself."
So you figured out where the next triangulant for the map can be found?
"Of course. Only the nearby Black Vine Ruins could be referred to as the "Ayleid lair of creeping ebony plants." I never cared for carnivorous vegetation.
I'll meet you in the ruins after I make one more attempt to catch my elusive stalker."
Someone is still following you?
"Yes, and with brazen impunity. I almost caught my stalker here at the trading post before they slipped away in the crowd. They're like an insect buzzing around my head that I can't quite swat.
Someone with that level of power concerns me greatly."
Well, good luck with that. I'll meet you inside Black Vine Ruins.

Speaking to him after this conversation:

"My stalker remains focused on me, but I urge you to stay vigilant. Be on your guard and don't trust anyone you meet on the road.
Someone with the power to hide from Abnur Tharn is not to be trifled with."

Abnur Tharn comments shortly after entering Black Vine Ruins:

Abnur Tharn: "The Khajiit moon-singers went to a great deal of effort to separate and hide their clues, but I feel like we're getting closer."

Speaking to him here:

"Try not to let the carnivorous plants consume you. Getting eaten by mostly stationary creatures doesn't help one's reputation. Or so I've heard."

Inside the Dark Moon Chamber, he goes to examine the puzzle once again:

Abnur Tharn: "Ah, another prism puzzle. At least the ancient Khajiiti were consistent."
Abnur Tharn: "Examine that stone plaque, will you? Any clue will be helpful."

After examining the plaque:

Abnur Tharn: "Knowledge can only be found in the dark. Could that refer to the new moons?"

If you're taking a while to solve the puzzle:

Abnur Tharn: "Ignore any statues displaying a full moon, I think."

After solving the puzzle:

Abnur Tharn: "Adequately done. Now collect the triangulant and let's be on our way."

Speaking to him before looting the chest:

"The next triangulant should be in that chest. Take it and we can be off."

After looting the chest:

Abnur Tharn: "Come along. I can't maintain this portal indefinitely."

Once you have listened to Satarri's story, you can talk to Tharn in Rawl'kha:

"This new moon-singer shows a modicum of promise, but she hasn't yet reached her full potential. Still, the story was interesting and it points us toward the final triangulant required to make use of the map."
You know where the final triangulant is located?
"Oh, yes. The moon-singer made it quite clear. Her tale points to an old shrine not far from here known as Jode's Light. The "Big Moon," referenced in the story. One we collect the final triangulant, I'll be able to use the map to find the weapon."
How do I know you're really going to use the weapon to end the war?
"Still don't trust me? Neither do I. I know what I'm capable of. I'm no better than the fools that lead the alliances.
That's why we'll only use the weapon to get them to the negotiating table. Diplomacy works best when facilitated by a big stick."
If you say so. I'll meet you at Jode's Light.

Speaking to him after this conversation:

"So far, my elusive stalker has only followed and observed. I'm beginning to think they want us to do all the work before they swoop in to steal the weapon. I assure you, I won't let that happen.
Now, let's had to Jode's Light."
Abnur Tharn and the Khajiit's secrets

Once inside Jode's Light, Tharn will catch up to you.

Abnur Tharn: "I find it fitting that the final triangulant awaits us in a Khajiiti ruin."

You can then talk to him about Khamira, who you met outside the ruins.

"I'm beginning to question my own magnificence, if you can imagine such a thing. Despite multiple attempts, I still haven't been able to identify or catch the damnable prowler who has been following me!
It's really becoming quite irksome."
I met your shadow on the way here. Her name is Khamira. She's an agent of the Speaker of the Mane.
"A Khajiit? Why would the Speaker of the Mane send a powerful wizard to hound me so?"
I don't think she's a mage. She wants to help us get to the weapon before Euraxia Tharn.
"My half-sister? They're aware of her interest in this? Hmm.
But why didn't this agent of the speaker simply approach me directly. I would have gladly welcomed her assistance in this matter."
She's afraid you'll balk at her ultimate goal. She says the weapon's a danger and must be destroyed.
"Destroy my one chance to stop the Three Banners War? Never!
Don't tell me you agree with this nonsense. That we should allow the Dominion, Pact, and Covenant to continue to tear Tamriel apart? Do you want more people to die?"

If you exit the conversation and return before making a decision.

"Well? What say you? Do you agree with the speaker's agent or do you have a modicum of intelligence and compassion?
Don't you see? We need to end this bloody conflict, one way or another."
If finding the weapon gives us a chance to stop the Three Banners War, it's worth the risk.
"That's the spirit! As far as Euraxia is concerned, however, I am inclined to agree with the Speaker of the Mane's agent. We must reach the weapon first. I know the dangers. We must proceed with utmost caution. Now let's find the last triangulant."
All right, let's look around.
If the weapon is as dangerous as Khamira says, maybe we should destroy it.
"That's fear talking. We can end a terrible war if we get to the weapon before my despicable half-sister. I shall see this through. I have to. I'd appreciate your help, but I can't force you.
We can discuss destroying the weapon after we end the war."
I agree we need to get to the weapon before Euraxia. Let's go find the last triangulant.

Speaking with him after this conversation:

"Whether this Khamira agrees to work with us or not doesn't really matter. Is this ancient weapon any more dangerous than the ongoing war? I sincerely doubt it.
Let's find the last triangulant and see where the map takes us."

Abnur Tharn has a few comments to make as you try to solve the last puzzle:

Abnur Tharn: "With luck, we'll gather the last triangulant and be done with ancient ruins."
Abnur Tharn: "Hmmm. Some of the words have been chipped away. See what you can make of it."
Abnur Tharn: "Some of these moon tiles are identical. Try different combinations of the mirrored pairs."

After completing the puzzle:

Abnur Tharn: "I hardly doubted you. Now grab the final triangulant and let's return to my camp in Grahtwood."

Speaking to him before looting the chest:

"Yes, yes. I see what you did. Would you like a sweet biscuit? Collect the tile and let's be on our way."

After looting the chest:

Abnur Tharn: "Come along. I can't maintain this portal indefinitely."

Once you have entered the portal, you will find yourself at Tharn's camp north of Cormount. He will be looking at maps and will comment as you approach:

Abnur Tharn: "Once you know where to look, the location becomes perfectly obvious. Come, let's talk."

When you talk to with him, he will share with you the location of the Demon Weapon:

"With your assistance, we gathered the three triangulants that allowed me to decipher the map formed by the Wrathstone tablet.
I now know that the demon weapon resides in the Halls of Colossus along the southern coast of Elsweyr."
The Halls of Colossus?
"An ancient structure whose purpose and origin is clouded in legend. Some believe it contains the Dwarven Numidium, which could be the weapon we seek.
I've chartered a wagon to get us to the coast. Then a boat will take us the rest of the way."
I wonder if Khamira will continue to follow us.
"Honestly? I don't give a skeever's arse. She may have been able to track me when I wasn't attempting to conceal our movements, but I made sure to—hmm.
It appears this Khamira is more capable than I anticipated."
Khamira found us, didn't she?

Khamira will then arrive, angry with Tharn but insistent that she joins you on your expedition.

Khamira: "The Halls of Colossus! Arrogant Imperial! Without my assistance, you will never survive that place."
Abnur Tharn: "Away with you, cat! It falls upon me to end this accursed war."
Khamira: "So you can declare yourself emperor? I think not! I will accompany you to find and destroy the weapon."
Abnur Tharn: "Emperor has never been my ambition. Join us, if you want. Just don't get in my way."

Talk to Abnur Tharn once more.

"Surprisingly clever, those ancient Khajiiti. An old tablet, oral histories disguised as fables, and sophisticated triangulant tiles, all pointing to one location—the Halls of Colossus.
The abhorrent Three Banners War is practically over!"
And you're all right with Khamira accompanying us?
"The cat can do as she pleases. Based on the skills she has already demonstrated, however, I am not averse to having her along. Just realize that I plan to utilize the weapon, despite her protestations.
Now take this. For your efforts."

He will then give you your payment in gold.

The Halls of ColossusEdit

Before starting the quest, Abnur Tharn will say the following when you pass by him:

Abnur Tharn: "When you have a moment, we should really discuss preparations for our journey."

Speak with him.

"The Halls of Colossus, a place as mysterious as it is ancient. I never imagined I'd have a reason to seek it out, let alone explore it. Let's hope the item we pursue lives up to my expectations.
And that we reach it before my half-sister, Euraxia."
I know you want to end the war. What does Euraxia hope to accomplish?
"A few years ago, my deplorable sibling broke protocol and conquered a portion of Elsweyr. I assume she wants the weapon to secure her territory and increase the size of her holdings.
Euraxia's ruthlessness is exceeded only by her ambition."
Does it bother you that you're opposing your sister on this?
"Half-sister. And I have no hesitation in this regard.
To best Euraxia, however, we need to reach the Halls of Colossus ahead of her. Give me and Khamira a moment to negotiate an accord we can both live with. Then meet us by the wagon I chartered."
All right, I'll meet you at the wagon.

Once you have agreed to accompany him, you can ask Abnur Tharn some questions before leaving:

"Take care of any outstanding business you may have as quickly as possible. I want to depart for the Halls of Colossus and find the weapon as soon as we can."
Remind me about this weapon you're looking for.
"The legends call it the demon weapon. From what we discovered by researching the Khajiiti stories, it's hidden in the Halls of Colossus.
I want to use the weapon to end the insipid Three Banners War. Khamira, meanwhile, just wants to destroy it."
What are the Halls of Colossus?
"The Halls of Colossus are a place of myth and legend. Personally, I thought it was lost to history until I acquired the tablet.
The true purpose of the ancient structure may never be known, but at some point it became a storehouse for the weapon."
Who's Khamira?
"Khamira is the woman who has been shadowing me this entire time. Apparently, she works for the Speaker of the Mane, the spiritual leader of the Khajiiti people.
She wants to keep the weapon out of the hands of my half-sister, Euraxia, and I concur."
Your half-sister?
"Yes, Euraxia Tharn. She proclaimed herself queen of the Khajiiti city of Rimmen a few years ago. Now, I assume, she's after the weapon so she can expand her little empire.
It's no wonder the Speaker of the Mane sent an agent to stop her."
What do the Khajiiti stories have to do with a demon weapon?
"It was those stories that helped us discover the weapon's hiding place. It seems that a Khajiiti hero, Khunzar-ri, defeated the demons and hid their weapon in the Halls of Colossus.
Obviously, we're seeing the myths, not the truth behind them."
You mean the stories aren't true?
"Of course they are, from a certain point of view. Every myth and legend contains a modicum of truth. The trick is deciphering the allegories and metaphors, stripping away the poetry to find the history hidden beneath the allusions."
So there really is a demon weapon?
"I have no doubt that there's something hidden in the Halls of Colossus. Something powerful enough to not only attract my attention, but to enthrall my half-sister, Euraxia.
What form the weapon takes … well, we'll just have to see."

Once you arrive at the Halls of Colossus, Khamira will note that the Euraxia's people are already there.

Khamira: "These ruins are not empty. Your friends have come this way. I can smell them."
Abnur Tharn: "Euraxia's soldiers are not my friends, cat. I will not allow them to seize the weapon."
Khamira: "So you say, but will you really oppose your sister?"
Abnur Tharn: "Half-sister. And I oppose anyone who adds to the woes of the Empire."

When you enter the Halls, the ground will begin to shake:

Khamira: "Jone and Jode! Was that an earthquake?"
Abnur Tharn: "Hmm. Stay vigilant and look for a way inside."

After this, Captain Calsivius will then appear on a platform above you, shielded by a dome of green light:

Captain Martio Calsivius: "Abnur Tharn and the Wrathstone, just as Queen Euraxia predicted."
Abnur Tharn: "Queen? I see my demented half-sister is still full of herself."
Captain Martio Calsivius: "My queen sends her love. And this poison gas."
Abnur Tharn: "To me, before the gas takes you!"
Captain Martio Calsivius: "Necromancer, deal with these scum."
Khamira: "Undead! Keep them away from Tharn!"

Once the ambush if fended off and the captain departs, Tharn will "thank" Khamira for the assistance in disabling the poison trap.

Abnur Tharn: "Well done, cat. I barely regret your presence now."
Abnur Tharn: "We need to get that door open."

You then have the option of speaking with both of your companions before unlocking the door.

"My half-sister has stooped to employing necromancers. How distasteful. No matter. We need to open this door and deal with Captain Calsivius and his soldiers.
Interesting. What's with all the Dragon imagery, I wonder?"
What did Captain Calsivius mean when he said that you broke the seal?
"That rumble when we entered. Somehow the Wrathstone I carry triggered a mechanism of some sort. It started a process that will eventually open the vault and permit access to the weapon.
That's my assumption, in any event."
What was that about Dragon imagery?
"Look around. Some sort of Dragon decorates nearly every surface. While ancient, the carvings were clearly added after the Halls were first constructed.
Well, that's a mystery for later. Right now we need to beat Euraxia's soldiers to the weapon."
Euraxia knew you had the Wrathstone and would bring it here. But why does she want you dead?
"It appears I've stumbled into another one of my half-sister's nefarious schemes. I need to be more careful about that.
Still, I don't think Euraxia counted on Khamira's presence. That works to our advantage. Just don't tell the cat I said that."
Is there any way to stop the process before the vault opens?
"Stop the process? Why in Oblivion's name would we want to do that? No, we just need to reach the vault and retrieve the weapon before Euraxia's soldiers do.
Now go and examine that puzzle. It appears much the same as the ones you dealt with earlier."

Once the door is unlocked and you have entered Ascension Way:

Khamira: "Necromancers. Only your sister would ally with such abominations."
Abnur Tharn: "Half-sister. And who's to say the necromancer isn't the captain's pet?"
Khamira: "Regardless, Euraxia apparently wants you dead."
Abnur Tharn: "I have the effect on people—especially my relatives."

After you fight your way through Euraxia's soldiers, you will end up a room with a hole in the center.

Khamira: "Hrrm. What now, mage?"
Abnur Tharn: "Isn't it obvious? Down."
Khamira: "Down?"
Abnur Tharn: "It appears to be the only way."

When you jump down, a portal will appear next to you and Tharn and Khamira will walk out of it:

Abnur Tharn: "You could have waited for my portal. Never mind. Let's move on."

Upon venturing in the room ahead:

Khamira: "You think the Dragon imagery is significant, wizard?"
Abnur Tharn: "Of course! Why else sculpt them them on nearly every surface?"
Khamira: "Maybe whoever built it simply likes dragons, yes?"

While in the corridor approaching the next puzzle:

Khamira: "We need to find the captain and end this."
Abnur Tharn: "I'm well aware of the stakes, cat. Try to run faster."
Khamira: "Imperials! You think Jone and Jode shine only upon you!"

When you arrive in the hall with two light puzzles:

Abnur Tharn: "Another light puzzle? Well, go solve it! Time waits for no one, not even Abnur Tharn."

Once you have solved the puzzles, Abnur and Khamira will enter the final hall, only for Khamira to stop at one of the stone reliefs.

Khamira: "Stop!"
Abnur Tharn: "What now, cat? Have you forgotten that we're in a hurry?"
Khamira: "These reliefs. They tell they story of Khunzar-ri and the Demons."
Abnur Tharn: "Those aren't demons. They're Dragons!"
Khamira: "Jode's light! The Dragons are the weapon! Euraxia wants to release Dragons!"
Abnur Tharn: "Damn it all? I have no use for Dragons! Come on, let's put a stop to this."

When you arrive at the Summit of Rending Flames, Captain Calsivius will be attempting to open the door. After Captain Calsivius' death, Abnur Tharn will attempt to reseal the door.

Abnur Tharn: "Stand back. I'll use the Wrathstone to restore the seal."
Khamira: "Hurry, wizard! You must hurry!"
Abnur Tharn: "Seal, damn you! Seal!"
Abnur Tharn: "I think … I think that did it."
<The doors burst open>
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, now what?"
<Kaalgrontiid grabs hold of the door and looks around>
Kaalgrontiid: "Brothers, we are free!"
Khamira: "Dark moons! Get down!"

After the dragons fly away from their prison, Khamira will start yelling at him:

Khamira: "The Dragons! You released them into Elsweyr!"
Abnur Tharn: "I was trying to stop that from happening. The blame falls squarely on Captain Calsivius, I'm quite certain."
Khamira: "He was working for your sister!"
Abnur Tharn: "Half-sister! But let's finish this back at my camp."

He will then create a portal nearby and enter it.

Abnur Tharn: "Come along. I can't maintain this portal indefinitely."

Once back at the camp, you can talk to him after you speak with Khamira.

"That could have turned out better. At least we stopped my half-sister from seizing control of the imprisoned Dragons. That's something, I suppose.
Of course, this delays my plan to end the Three Banners War, blast it all."
Isn't the return of the Dragons kind of a big deal?
"I should say so! As destructive as the accursed war is, a rampaging horde of enraged Dragons—well, it doesn't quite compare, does it?
If we can contain the Dragons in Elsweyr, that would certainly be for the best."
So you have a plan for containing the Dragons?
"Right at this exact moment? No, no. But I will figure something out by the time I reach Elsweyr and consult with Gharesh-ri. The Speaker of the Mane needs to be informed. And I must have words with my despicable half-sister."
Speaking of Euraxia Tharn, how did the both of you wind up vying for the hidden weapon?
"About that …. In hindsight, I suspect the tip I received about the Wrathstone came from Euraxia. She knew I wouldn't be able to resist such a lure. She played me. That doesn't occur often and it has put me all out of sorts.
I hate being tricked."
So what do we do about that?
"For now, help the Khajiiti prepare for the Dragon invasion. And take this as recompense for your service.
In the meantime, I have plans to formulate and arrangements to make. When the moment to deal with the Dragons comes, I will contact you."

You will then receive your reward. If you talk to him afterwards, he will remind you:

"Keep an eye out for a letter or a messenger or some such. As soon as I'm ready to head to Elsweyr and move against the Dragons, I'll be in touch.
You have a particular knack that has served me well. I plan to utilize it again when the time is right."


A Rage of DragonsEdit

After receiving Tharn's summons to Elsweyr, you can meet him at the K'har Zhab Hall in Riverhold. He will be consulting with Lord Gharesh-ri and Khamira when you arrive.

Lord Gharesh-ri: "Blaming Abnur Tharn will not end the Dragon infestation, Khamira."
Abnur Tharn: "Ever the voice of reason, Speaker. Ah, here comes someone who can help us now."

You can then speak with him to see what the plan is. His greeting will depend on if you have previously completed the Elsweyr prologue, if you have:

"I was beginning to suspect you were never going to arrive. After Calsivius and my half-sister manipulated us into inadvertently releasing a rage of Dragons, Elsweyr has been overrun by the beasts.
We do bear some responsibility, I suppose."


"You must be here about my summons. Good, good. I was just telling Lord Gharesh-ri and Khamira that someone would answer my call.
Since you're here, I presume you will wholeheartedly agree to help us save Elsweyr from a rage of Dragons."
A rage of Dragons?
"So much better than flock or herd, don't you think?
The Khajiiti Defense Force isn't prepared to deal with a threat as big as Dragons. Especially since they were fighting to liberate Rimmen when the huge beasts arrived."
Liberate Rimmen?
"Stay focused. We'll deal with that later. Right now, we must assist the Defense Force. Rendezvous with us at their command post.
On your way, however, I have another task for you. I detected a series of power surges that I want you to investigate."
All right, tell me more about these surges of power.
"I was formulating a spell to track the Dragons when I noticed several surges of arcane energy not far from here. They reminded me of an old acquaintance. Has a way with portals.
If it is him, I want you to secure his help against the Dragons."

You can then ask Tharn a variety of questions, some will only appear if you have completed the Main Quest previously.

Do these surges of energy have something to do with the Dragons?
"Hard to say with certainty, but I don't believe so. They remind me of Sir Cadwell, who somehow opens portals with a power of similar intensity.
Check the locations I marked on your map before you make your way to the defense camp."
You mentioned Lord Gharesh-ri and Khamira. Tell me about them.
"Lord Gharesh-ri is the Speaker of the Mane and the commander of the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force. His aide, Khamira, serves as both a diplomat and a spy—though she would never call herself that.
If you want to know more, feel free to ask them."
You mentioned the Khajiit were trying to liberate Rimmen.
"My half-sister Euraxia conquered Rimmen and other parts of Northern Elsweyr about six years ago. The Khajiiti Defense Force has slowly been taking back their province, but Rimmen is well fortified.
And now because of the Dragons, things are worse."
What's the Khajiiti Defense Force?
"A militia drawn from the prides of Northern Elsweyr. Gharesh-ri, the Speaker of the Mane, has taken command during this crisis.
With Dominion troops busy fighting the Three Banners War, the Defense Force must deal with the Euraxians and the Dragons."
I know Sir Cadwell! (Met Cadwell previously)
"Ah, yes. Of course you do. He does get around.
If Cadwell turns out to be the source of the power surges, learn what he's doing out there and ask if he will aid us against the Dragons. For all his eccentricities, he has talents we can utilize."


Who's Sir Cadwell?
"Never heard of Cadwell? Don't tell him that.
Cadwell may be the oldest Soul Shirven in Couldharbour. For all his eccentricities, he's certainly the most sane. Fancies himself a knight of old. If you find him, secure his help against the Dragons."
Who are you?
"What do they teach young people these days? You've never heard of the great Abnur Tharn? Advisor to emperors and battlemage supreme? No? Well, take my word for it, I'm a very important personage.
You should feel honored to meet me."


Where have you been since the last time I saw you? (Met Abnur Tharn previously)
"Around. Someone needed to check on Cyrodiil and try to hold the pieces together. With the central government disbanded and the Imperial City a smoking ruin, any semblance of order has gone the way of the Dwemer.
The people deserve better."
And were you able to make a difference?
"Between the imbecilic Three Banners War and the constant rise and fall of some new warlord or bandit chief, there was more to deal with than even I imagined.
Even so, I was able to make some small difference."
What did you do?
"Without a legion to command, my options were severely limited. The best I could manage was to liberate a few small villages and lead the refugees to a safe haven.
Hence my desire to end this pathetic war and restore order to the Empire."
That seems a little out of character for you. (Post-Main Quest)
"You think so, Vestige? Perhaps you don't know me half as well as you think.
I am Imperial through and through. Never forget that. My people matter to me, as does our culture, our heritage, and our future."
What happened to the Amulet of Kings? (Post-Main Quest)
"How should I put this so that you fully understand? None of your business.
The Amulet of Kings represents the highest office in the Empire, and I refuse to allow it to become lost or stolen again."
After everything that happened, you expect me to accept that?
"I expect nothing but your continued assistance, Vestige. However, I concede that your aid in recovering the relic was vital, so I assure you that it is perfectly safe.
Safer than it has ever been."
[Intimidate] That's not good enough.
"Don't take that threatening tone with me.
But consider this. The more people who know the Amulet's location, the more likely it will be for something untoward to happen. Just remember how close Mannimarco came to seizing it."
[Persuade] I think you owe me an explanation.
"All right, all right. No need to pester.
Once you started your merry parade of divinely inspired destruction, I formed a contingency. In case you failed, we would need the Amulet to try again with another would-be hero. Good thing you didn't fail."
Meridia told me you would try to use it.
"Do you always accept the rantings of Daedric Princes at face value? After what we've seen, you should know better.
But if you must know, I did try. It was a fruitless endeavor, however, as I am not of the proper lineage. Satisfied?"
So the Amulet is safe, at least? (All replies lead to this)
"Safer than it was. You think I'd do what Sai Sahan did and just bring it right back to Sancre Tor? Please.
Whatever you think of me, you should at least know I'm not stupid."
Have you seen or heard from the other Companions? (Post-Main Quest)
"As you can imagine, the Companions were none too pleased with me after everything that transpired.
I've made no effort to reach out to the survivors, nor they to me. It's just as well. That chapter of our lives ended at Heart's Grief."

When you arrive at the Defense Force Outpost, it will be on fire and under attack by a blue dragon.

Khamira: "The Dragon returns! Take cover!"
Abnur Tharn: "Get down! I'll deal with this!"

Tharn will manage to make it retreat with his magic, when you go to check up on him, he will be noticeably fatigued.

"Oh, now you show up! Left me to deal with a Dragon all by myself. It's a good thing I'm Abnur Tharn and not, well, some lesser mage."
You defeated a Dragon!
"I discouraged it, but not before it laid waste to most of the camp. We arrived to find the outpost being overrun by undead, then the Dragon attacked. I did what I could. I fear it wasn't enough.
What about the power surges? Did you learn anything?"
You were right. It was Cadwell. He was drawn to an old grave of someone called the Betrayer.
"The Betrayer? Hmm. There's a Betrayer mentioned in the legends of Khunzar-ri. It seems those stories continue to hound me. No matter. We can deal with that later.
Right now, I want to know about Cadwell. Has he agreed to lend us his support?"
Cadwell agreed to help, but you should know he's been having some strange dreams.
"That doesn't surprise me. Cadwell and strange go together like hot bread and butter.
I need to recover my strength. Driving off that Dragon took a lot out of me. Why don't you go help Khamira while I keep watch in case the great beast returns?"
Legends of Khunzar-ri?/You mentioned the legends of Khunzar-ri.
"Khunzar-ri, hero of the Merethic Era. Most of the legends are unbelievable, though the Khajiiti moon-singers guard the secret history. Their tales led me to the Halls of Colossus. But let's save this for a less dangerous time.
Tell me about Cadwell."
"Go on. See how you can help Khamira. I'll keep watch in case the Dragon returns."

If you talk to him after speaking Khamira:

"Go. Do as Khamira asked. I'll stand guard and discourage the Dragon if it decides to return."

After you have collected the sensitive documents from the camps and brought them to Captain Nala-do, she will send you back to find Tharn and Khamira. Tharn can be found watching the skies at the southern side of the outpost with Khamira nowhere to be seen.

"I've spotted Dragons circling in the distance from time to time, but it doesn't look like the winged monster that attacked the camp will return today.
Was your hunt successful? Did you recover the documents that Khamira sought?"
I found the documents and gave them to Nala-do. She went to Riverhold to confer with Gharesh-ri.
"I must join them there. The Khajiiti forces have been decimated by this attack. It will take every strategy I can devise to help Gharesh-ri prevent the collapse of his militia.
The appearance of so many undead, though. That concerns me."
Nala-do said Euraxia's chief necromancer, Zumog Phoom, recently brought his followers to Elsweyr.
"Yes, I read the reports. Zumog Phoom and his necromancers, working for my despicable half-sister. Such magic leaves behind a miasma of stench and decay. It leads to the mountains to the west, but I can't pinpoint an exact location."
I can track down the source of the necromantic power.
"Good idea. Dragons are bad enough, but undead tend to go on without end. Better to deal with them now, before Euraxia's power becomes more than we can contain."
Is this the first time a Dragon has aided Euraxia's forces?
"In such a direct manner? Yes, as far as we know. It could have been coincidence, but the attack felt designed to hit us when it would do the most damage.
I wanted to send Khamira with you to find the source, but I have no idea where she's gone."
I'll track down the source of the undead in the western mountains and keep an eye out for Khamira.
"Find the source of this army of undead. And if you see Khamira, send her back to Riverhold. She's as reckless as she is capable, which is a dangerous combination.
I'll make my way back as well. After all, Gharesh-ri would be lost without me."
Khamira didn't say where she was going?
"In case you haven't noticed, we two don't always see eye to eye. She can be impetuous and obstinate, truth be told.
Khamira gathered a handful of soldiers and took off to the west. If you run into her, send her back to Riverhold."

After your encounter with Mulaamnir at the Sleepy Senche Mine and his ultimatum, you will need to return to Riverhold to speak with Tharn. After some conversation with Cadwell, you can find Abnur going over maps with Captain Nala-do and Lord Gharesh-ri in the hall.

"At this point, we need to come up with a plan that takes into account Euraxians, necromancers, and Dragons. I proposed a few options, but Gharesh-ri wasn't sold on any of them.
Tell me, what of Khamira and the source of the undead?"
Khamira and I killed the necromancers in the mountain, but Euraxia has an army of them.
"You paint a troubling picture, my friend. Still, we need to celebrate every victory we achieve. I fear such triumphs will be few and far between.
Do you have anything else to report?"
I spoke to the Dragon Mulaamnir. He said that Euraxia was their puppet. He told us to leave Elsweyr.
"My half-sister likes to think that she's in charge. She won't take kindly to being called a puppet.
As for leaving Elsweyr, I think not. Obviously, this Mulaamnir fears us. Otherwise, the Dragon wouldn't have deigned to talk to you."
Have you spoken to Cadwell? He's worried about that disturbed grave where you sent me to meet him.
"Every conversation I have with Cadwell makes my head throb, but one mystery at a time, if you please.
Now if only I could get my half-sister to listen to reason and see that the Dragons are using her."
Why not try that? Let's go talk to your half-sister in Rimmen.
"A parley? I may not like her, but we are family. Besides, it would give the Khajiit time to regroup. You're beginning to think like a Tharn, my friend.
Here, take this. Gharesh-ri gave it to me, but I refuse to accept payment for my services."

You will then receive the Anequina Crypt Cudgel, gold and a Skill Point.

The Usurper QueenEdit

Tharn will muse "A meeting with my half-sister? Why didn't I think of that?" Keep speaking with him to hear his plan of meeting with his half-sister.

"A parley with Euraxia is a capital idea! I'll send word to Rimmen to expect us. I imagine my half-sister will treat us as befits my station and agree to the meeting.
Attend to any other matters if you must, then see me when you're ready to leave."
We should come up with a plan for negotiating with Euraxia.
"It just so happens I already have one. It involves distracting my half-sister with wit, charm, and words she barely comprehends.
Oh, and you. Euraxia never could resist a pretty face. You'll pretend to be my bodyguard and personal valet."
You want me to be your valet?
"Consider it obfuscation to hide your true purpose. We don't want to give Euraxia a reason to react poorly to overtures of reconciliation. Not that I expect to reach an accord, but still.
Meet me in Rimmen and we'll enter the palace together."
All right, I'll meet you in Rimmen.
"Go on, go on. I'm capable of traveling to Rimmen on my own. We'll meet up at the city gates and go to the palace from there.
I'm relatively certain Euraxia will honor the parley, but be prepared for anything. She's still a Tharn, after all."

Once you agree with the plan, you can ask Tharn about Euraxia and her usurpation of Rimmen.

Tell me more about your half-sister, Euraxia.
"We're not very close, in case I haven't made that abundantly clear.
Euraxia is an accomplished mage in her own right. My younger sibling has always been ambitious, but I didn't realize the extent of her aspirations until the Frostfall Coup."
The Frostfall Coup?
"About six years ago or so, while Emperor Varen was busy with his rebellion, Euraxia took advantage of the confusion to lead a column of Nibenese mercenaries into Northern Elsweyr. She declared herself Queen of Rimmen and its adjacent fiefs."
And everyone just let her do that?
"Of course not. The Khajiit call her the Usurper Queen, remember?
Once Varen became emperor, he had other problems to worry about. Same with Queen Ayrenn. As long as the Alliance War occupies her forces, the Khajiit are on their own out here."

Abnur Tharn will be waiting for you in the main citysquare of Rimmen. When you talk with him, he'll explain that Rimmen's situation is worse than he thought.

"I expected sorrow and despair, but the situation here goes beyond even my prophetic inklings."
Are you sure? Rimmen looks peaceful to me.
"On the surface, yes. But peace through tyranny provides false harmony. Euraxia uses fear and threats of violence to keep the Khajiit in line, making them second-class citizens in their own province.
It appalls me to think Euraxia and I are related."
Fear and threats of violence? What do you mean, exactly?
"It would be better if I showed you. Follow me and I'll demonstrate the true depths of my half-sister's villainy.
Her grip on Rimmen is far tighter than it appears."
All right, show me how Euraxia keeps the Khajiiti in line.
"Very well, but what I'm about to show you isn't for the faint of heart. Follow me."
Let's skip the tour and get on with the parley.
"Hmm. Information adds weapons to our arsenal, but if you're in a hurry, who am I to complain?
Head up to the palace and I'll meet you inside."

If you choose to see Euraxia's hold on Rimmen, Tharn will lead you around the city pointing out his half sister's atrocities. You can then speak with him to learn more.

The Workhouse
Abnur Tharn: "Have you ever visited a Rimmen workhouse? They treat the Khajiiti workers worse than slaves."
"The workhouse serves to snare the poor and the destitute … those who fall behind on their debts. They come here to find employment and earn a decent wage, but the costs deducted to pay for room and board leave them worse off than they were before."
The workhouse accepts only Khajiiti workers?
"One of the first things Euraxia did after declaring herself queen was to institute tariffs and fines that apply only to Khajiiti citizens. No one else needs the workhouse.
A cruel tactic, but effective."
There's nothing the Khajiit can do?
"The Rimmen Khajiit? No. Any complaints incur fines for causing a public disturbance or some other inane ordinance. No one wants to risk falling even further into debt.
It's ingenious. Monstrous, but ingenious."
It sounds like slavery.
"Oh, Euraxia is clever. She pays the Khajiiti and the workhouse isn't technically a prison. On the surface, it appears to be a place that helps society's unfortunates. But underneath? It's slavery without any of the uncomfortable trappings."
Let's move on.
The Marketplace
Abnur Tharn: "Now let's visit the Rimmen marketplace."
"It may be hard to see, but the Khajiiti merchants struggle to keep their stalls open while the less-bestial business people rake in the profits.
Euraxia would have you believe it's a matter of work ethic, but we know better."
You're saying the Khajiiti merchants are treated unfairly?
"Unfairly doesn't begin to cover it. Khajiiti merchants must deal with high tariffs, extra inspection fees, costly licenses … Euraxia's squeezing them for every piece of gold imaginable.
She even instituted a fur tax."
A fur tax?
"On the surface, it seems reasonable to make Khajiiti pay for extra inspections to ensure their fur isn't getting into the products they sell. And while they do shed, it's just another way to discriminate against the rightful citizens of this land."
Let's move on.
The Walls of Rimmen
Abnur Tharn: "Come along. I want to show you the improvements Euraxia made to the palace walls."
"See how the siege weapons sit upon the walls? When it comes right down to it, you're looking at the secret of my half-sister's success."
What do you mean, her success?
"How else do you think Euraxia maintains order and keeps the Elsweyr Defense Force at bay? She declared publicly and has repeated often that any attempt to liberate Rimmen will see her unleash the full fury of the siege weapons upon the city."
Euraxia would destroy the city?
"If Euraxia can't have Rimmen, then neither can anyone else. She'd destroy the city in a heartbeat if she thought she was in danger of losing control.
Of course, she tells her non-bestial subjects that only the Khajiiti districts are targeted."
Can they really target the weapons that precisely?
"Absolutely not! But the lie makes her supporters feel better.
The Khajiit know that even a peaceful protest could result in the destruction of Rimmen. So far, no one has dared to challenge Euraxia's will in this matter—and for good reason."
I think it's time we went and had a talk with Euraxia Tharn.

Either if you've skipped the tour or completed it, Tharn will suggest continuing with the task at hand:

Abnur Tharn: "When we get to the palace, let me do the talking. As the elder Tharn, I'll demonstrate my dominance over Euraxia and negotiate a cessation of hostilities."

When you enter Euraxia's throne room, Tharn and you will be announced by the herald:

Herald Vitelia: "Presenting Abnur Tharn, Grand Chancellor and Overlord of Nibenay, Imperial Battlemage of the Elder Council, and Patriarch of the Tharn dynasty. And his bodyguard."

Euraxia Tharn on the other hand, will be distinctly unimpressed.

Euraxia Tharn: "Ah, half-brother, your arrival, it's so … unexceptional."
Abnur Tharn: "Pretending to be a queen isn't—"
Euraxia Tharn: "Hush, Abnur, you bore me. Bodyguard! You look interesting. Come talk to me."
Abnur Tharn: "You heard her. Good luck."

After speaking to Euraxia, negotiations fall apart and conclude with Zumog's arrival:

Euraxia Tharn: "Enough! Zumog Phoom, what news do you bring?"
Zumog Phoom: "The Desert Wind Adeptorium has fallen. We move against Riverhold on your word."
Euraxia Tharn: "Then the word is given. Now, half-brother—"
Abnur Tharn: "Treachery? How could I ever have anticipated this?"
Euraxia Tharn: "Guards! Take them to the dungeons!"
Abnur Tharn: "I think not!"

You're then swept away to the Rimmen Palace Recesses. Tharn will be nearby, looking physically drained, talk with him to see how he is.

"Well, I suppose that could have gone better."
Where are we and how did we get here?
"I prepared for Euraxia's probable betrayal. Unfortunately, my teleport spell wasn't quite able to penetrate the palace wards. So we wound up down here. In the palace sewer."
Did you hear what Euraxia said to Zumog Phoom?
"We heard two things of note. First, Euraxian forces have invaded the Desert Wind Adeptorium for some insidious purpose. And second, my vile half-sister ordered an attack on Riverhold."
We need to warn Gharesh-ri!
"One thing at a time, my companion. One thing at a time.
I need to recover my strength after teleporting us into this skeever hole. I'll need your help to get out of here. Then we can deal with both Desert Wind and Riverhold."
All right, stay close.
(Exits conversation)
When we faced Mannimarco and Molag Bal, you were stronger than this. What happened to you? (Post-Main Quest)
"My age is finally catching up with me. Thank you so much for poking that open wound.
Magic takes a toll on the body. I've been wielding powerful forces since before you were born. There's always a cost. You'd do well to remember that."
But you will recover, right?
"Eventually. Quicker if you stop badgering me about it.
My strength will return. It always does. Now get us out of this sewer so we can warn both Desert Wind and Riverhold."

If you talk with him afterwards, he will offer some advice.

"All sorts of vermin wander the sewers, including Euraxian soldiers. So I recommend vigilance. In my current state, the only assistance I can provide is advice. Here it is.
Avoid what you can, dispatch what you can't, and watch where you step."

When you arrive at the exit:

Abnur Tharn: "The way out, finally. I can't abide another moment in this stench."

Once outside the sewers he'll suggest you go separate ways:

"Well, that's an experience I won't be adding to my memoirs.
We'll separate here. Make it harder for Euraxia's lackeys to follow us."
We failed. The parley was a disaster.
"Now, now. Things actually turned out better than I expected. We know that Euraxia wants something from the Desert Wind Adeptorium, and we know she's about to launch a counterstrike against Riverhold."
There's no way I can be in two places at the same time.
"That's not exactly true. If my power wasn't depleted … well, let's not digress. I'll go to Riverhold and warn Gharesh-ri. We'll make sure the city is ready for the attack.
Meanwhile, you find out what's happening at the Desert Wind Adeptorium."

If you've already been to the Adeptorium, you can ask:

I've been to the Desert Wind Adeptorium. What else can you tell me about it?
"Adeptoriums serve the same function as monasteries in other parts of Tamriel. Desert Wind and its adepts are dedicated to the Zhan Khaj—literally the order of the desert wind.
Note that it has numerous entrances, in case the main door is blocked."
All right, I'll go to the Desert Wind Adeptorium.

Talking with him afterwards:

"Go on. Get to the Desert Wind Adeptorium and see what Euraxia wants with the adepts. Remember, it's west of here. And if the main entrance is blocked, look for another way in.
I need another moment to catch my breath, then I'll return to Riverhold."
We'll deal with Zumog Phoom after we save Riverhold. Anything else to report?"

Return to Riverhold after investigating the Adeptorium and you'll find him in the K'har Zhab Hall with Lord Gharesh-ri.

"I informed Gharesh-ri and Khamira about what happened in Rimmen. They're mobilizing our remaining forces even as we speak.
Now tell me, what did you learn at the Desert Wind Adeptorium?"
Euraxians were sent to get information for Zumog Phoom. He wants to recover the Betrayer's body.
"I often wondered who Cadwell was before he became a Soul Shriven. I know the tales of the Betrayer, but I never equated the two. The Cadwell we know is so … not that.
We'll deal with Zumog Phoom after we save Riverhold. Anything else to report?"
The surviving Desert Wind adepts are coming to help defend the city.
"Well, that's a bit of welcome news. Many of the adepts have remarkable martial skills that we could surely make use of.
Speaking of which, are you ready to help defend the city?"
What do you need me to do?
"For now, recover your strength and prepare yourself. Euraxia's forces will arrive soon and we'll need you ready for the battle to come.
And here, take this. Gharesh-ri keeps handing me pouches, but I have little use for Khajiiti gold."

The Battle for RiverholdEdit

He can be overheard remarking to Gharesh-ri, "The Euraxians will be here soon, Gharesh-ri."

Talk with Tharn to see what you can do to help during the upcoming attack on Riverhold.

"Multiple Cadwells, necromancers, Dragons, and now Euraxian soldiers marching on Riverhold. This day just keeps getting better and better.
Regardless, there's much to do and not a lot of time to do it."
At least I made it back before Euraxia's soldiers started their attack.
"Yes, but Gharesh-ri's scouts report that they're on their way. Our parley seems to have aroused Euraxia's anger.
What remains of Elsweyr's militia has taken up positions around town, but I fear they are too few in number. They need your help."
What do you want me to do?
"Gharesh-ri has placed the defense of the city in Khamira's hands. She moves the Desert Wind adepts, every volunteer she could muster, and what remains of the militia like pieces on a game board.
Report to her and she'll give you your orders."
I'll report to Khamira.
"Find Khamira outside and see what she requires. Euraxian soldiers will soon reach Riverhold. When that happens, all Oblivion will break loose."

If you need a recap at this point, you can ask:

Remind me. What's happening here again?
"You must have taken a more serious beating than I thought at Desert Wind.
Oh, very well. After I inadvertently had some small part in releasing the Dragons from the Halls of Colossus, I came to Elsweyr to find a way to rectify the situation."
And you sent for me to help you against the Dragons.
"So your memory isn't totally addled? Yes, but we discovered that the Khajiit had more to deal with than just the Dragons.
My half-sister, Euraxia, the Usurper Queen of Rimmen, has aligned with the great beasts and necromancers to conquer Elsweyr."
Anything else I need to know?
"Just that Cadwell, the gallant knight of Coldharbour, seems to be involved. Well, his physical remains, anyway. Zumog Phoom seeks Cadwell the Betrayer's severed body parts in order to restore the evil knight.
To what end? I have no idea."
Tell me about Cadwell the Betrayer.
"According to Khajiiti legend, Cadwell the Betrayer was one of the heroes who helped Khunzar-ri imprison the Dragons in the Halls of Colossus.
Euraxia employs the necromancer Zumog Phoom and his cadre of dark mages. He reanimated Cadwell's head."

Once you arrive at the defended Riverhold, you'll find Tharn with the rest of the defenses:

"If you told me a year ago that I would be wandering Elsweyr on behalf of the Khajiit to deal with a rage of Dragons, I would have turned you into a newt for spouting such nonsense.
Yet here we are."

At the appearnce of the dragons, he'll remark:

"Kaalgrontiid? It seems that even Mulaamnir answers to a higher authority.
As for Khamira, she continues to surprise me, though I knew she was hiding something. But what are you waiting for? Use the ballista. And try not to miss."

Defeat Bahlokdaan and the battle is won, but the war has just begun:

Lord Gharesh-ri: "We have plans to make! War council, with me!"
Abnur Tharn: "The Speaker is correct. There's still work to do. Let's convene in K'har Zhab Hall."

Enter K'har Zhab Hall and he'll say:

"You killed a Dragon. Impressive, but don't let it go to your head. It was just one, and not even that large of a specimen.
Plus, of course, no one will remember your feat. They're all going to be talking about the return of their queen."
Why didn't you help me against the Dragon?
"I had every faith in your ability to handle the situation. There was no need to intervene and tarnish your moment of glory.
Besides, my considerable strategic skills serve the Khajiiti cause better than my battle magic. I leave the mayhem to you."
Did you know that Khamira is the rightful heir to the Rimmen throne?
"Honestly? I had no idea.
Khamira's rousing words were all well and good, but it will take more than inspiring speeches and old siege weapons to take down my half-sister."
So, did you and Gharesh-ri come up with a plan on how to deal with Euraxia?
"Based on recent events, only one course of action makes sense. We must strike at Rimmen and remove my half-sister from the throne before she rallies her forces.
First, however, take this. Compensation for stopping the undead and killing a Dragon."

Two QueensEdit

He can be heard remarking to Lord Gharesh-ri, "A surgical assault. It's the only option, Lord Speaker."

After the battle for Riverhold, Abnur Tharn will have come to the conclusion that it time to stop his half-sister terminally:

"My half-sister continues to be an embarrassment to our family name. The time has come to deal with Euraxia.
Permanently? You want us kill your own sister?
"Half-sister. And, yes, if it comes to that. Euraxia conquered Rimmen without authorization. She oppressed the Khajiit, unleashed hordes of undead, and made a deal with the Dragons.
If we don't depose her, I hate to imagine what she'll do next."
Do we have the forces to make a direct assault on Rimmen Palace?
"Who said anything about a direct assault? Subterfuge is called for. I suggest a small group. Slip into the palace, locate Euraxia, and remove her from the throne—by any means necessary.
Talk to Gharesh-ri. He knows someone who can get us inside."
I'll speak to Lord Gharesh-ri.

At this point, the council convenes and discusses next steps:

Khamira: "Now that I have revealed my true heritage, we need to act quickly, Lord Speaker."
Abnur Tharn: "I agree with the princess. The time has come to remove my half-sister from the throne."
Khamira: "Queen, Tharn. I have not been a princess in a very long time."
Abnur Tharn: "I stand corrected. Queen Khamira. You said you had a way to get us into the palace, Lord Speaker?"
Lord Gharesh-ri: "I do. Five-claw, let us speak."

Once you've heard the council's plan, he'll remark:

"I have preparations to make before we launch our assault on the palace.
Speak to Lord Gharesh-ri. He thinks he knows a way we can slip inside without immediately alerting Euraxia's guards."

After getting orders from Gharesh-ri, he'll chide you once again:

"Nala-do suggested we refer to you as Dragon-Slayer from now on, but I put a stop to that. Grandiose titles will just distract you from the task at hand.
Speaking of which, don't you have an old castellan to interrogate?"

After recovering Aneshi's key, meet with the defenders under the aqueduct outside of Rimmen. Khamira will tell you to speak to Tharn.

"I may not have figured out Khamira's true identity, but things have been hectic since I met her. Zamarak, though, he was easier to surmise. I recognized the bearing of the King's Claw the moment I saw him.
Did you find us a way into the palace?"
The old castellan suggests we enter through the crypts. He gave me the master key.
"The crypts? So that means another delightful trek through the sewers. The overwhelming stench of excrement still lingers from our last visit. Ah, well.
I have another task for you to deal with first, however."
What do you need me to do?
"The siege weapons aimed down into the city. We need to disable them before Euraxia realizes she's under attack or she'll destroy Rimmen just to spite us.
Meet Nala-do and destroy two of the installations. Khamira will take care of the third."
You think Zamarak was the King's Claw?
"Just thinking out loud. A habit I acquired during my time in the archives at White-Gold Tower.
Zamarak once served as a royal protector. From his bearing and the way he hovers near Khamira, he had to be one of the King's Claws. It's quite obvious."
If you say so. I'll go help Captain Nala-do destroy the siege weapons now.
"Captain Nala-do's waiting for you near the siege weapons. Work with her to put them out of commission.
Once we see the weapons go up in flames, we'll head out and rendezvous with you at the sewer entrance."
Won't that also alert Euraxia to our presence?
"I'm counting on it! After you and Nala-do destroy the first two platforms and Khamira deals with the third, Euraxia will order her troops into the streets to defend the city. That will mean fewer soldiers inside the palace to hamper our assault."
What are you going to be doing while Nala-do, Khamira, and I deal with the siege weapons?
"Zamarak, Cadwell, and I will make our way to the sewers and deal with any Euraxians stationed there. Can't have them raise an alarm and alert my half-sister to our true intentions.
Are you insinuating that my contributions are lacking?"
No insinuations were intended, Tharn.
"Hmm. I thought you might be remarking on how spellcasting seems to leave me drained. Or perhaps you were implying that this was my fault for accidentally releasing the Dragons from the Halls of Colossus.
No matter. Do your job and I'll do mine."
[Intimidate] Not at all. You did plenty when you set the Dragons free.
"Oh, how biting! Was that supposed to wound my feelings? Amateur! And have you already forgotten the part you played in the Halls of Colossus? Your hands are as stained as mine.
But we're going to fix this. Together. So let's get to it, shall we?"
"Very clever. At least you waited to throw that in my face.
As you well know, it was never my intention to loose the Dragons on Elsweyr. I wasn't even aware of their presence in the Halls of Colossus. Despite your gibe, I will fix this. Count on it."
Where should I meet Captain Nala-do?
"The good captain waits near the palace. She went on ahead to scout the area and determine what opposition you might encounter at the siege weapon platforms.
I appreciate that level of planning, especially since it's rare to see among the Khajiit."
So we're the strike force. What about Gharesh-ri and the rest of the militia?
"Someone needs to remain behind and organize what remains of the militia. The Speaker of the Mane is best suited to the task.
Besides, if we fail—though we won't—someone needs to respond when Euraxia unleashes death and destruction upon the city."
You said Zamarak might have been one of the King's Claws. What does that mean?
"The King's Claws were an elite squad of agents loyal to King Hemakar of Rimmen. They protected the king and the royal family, undertook special missions … all very hush-hush.
It's a guess, but if I'm right it explains much about Zamarak."

Once the siege weapons have been destroyed, the group will meet outside the sewers:

Zamarak: "Here come the others now."
Abnur Tharn: "There are too many of us. We need to split up."
Khamira: "Hrrm. I will go with Tharn, Captain Nala-do can lead the others."
Abnur Tharn: "Barely queen for a day and already she's giving orders."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Ordering me around like I'm one of her subjects. The very idea!
But we do need to split up. I sense defensive spells in place that will be triggered if a group of our size moves around beneath the palace."
What kind of spells will we trigger?
"Alarms, most certainly. Possibly snares to trap us, if my half-sister is feeling generous. More likely, explosive runes. Messy, but effective for keeping out unwanted guests."
Why can't you just teleport all of us into the palace?
"Will these ignorant questions never end?
Euraxia has powerful magic of her own. The palace is warded against that sort of intrusion. I'll have to get inside the wards before I open a portal, and even then teleportation will be risky."
So why risk it?
"Our chances of success increase exponentially if we divide into two groups. Make your way through the crypts and into the palace. We'll meet up there.
But be prepared. Once Euraxia knows were near, we'll all be needed to finish her off."

After you have spoken with Nala-do, if you talk with Tharn again he will assure you that he keep Khamira safe:

"Have no fear. I promise to keep the cat safe. We'll meet up with you in the palace before we reach the throne room.
Just watch out for any defensive spells my half-sister may have placed as you make your way through the crypts."

Eventually you'll meet up with Tharn and Khamira in the Royal Chambers within the Palace. Tharn will explain what is happening outside in courtyard before heading in:

Abnur Tharn: "There. Make haste. Euraxia is in the palace courtyard with Mulaamnir."
Abnur Tharn: "Be cautious. We need to know what Euraxia and the Dragon are planning before we attack."

He and Khamira will then head in to listen in on the meeting. After Mulaamnir dissolves the partnership between Euraxia and the dragons, she will notice the group:

Euraxia Tharn: "What's this now? My incompetent half-brother and … ah, the lost princess returns!"

Euraxia fires a spell at Khamira, but Captain Nala-do jumps in front of her, taking the blast:

Khamira: "Nala-do!"

Euraxia continues her attacks unbothered:

Euraxia Tharn: "Here. Your parents have missed you so, princess!"
Khamira: "Father, Mother … no!"
Euraxia Tharn: "I never liked you, Abnur. Now do me a favor and just die!"
Abnur Tharn: "I'll take down that shield. You deal with the undead!"

While you deal with former King and Queen, Tharn will be using his own magic to take down Euraxia's shield. Once the undead are struck down, Abnur will bring down her defenses:

Abnur Tharn: "The shield is down!"
Euraxia Tharn: "I'll destroy you all!"

The backlash will send Abnur Tharn to ground and Khamira will still be in shock, leaving it up to you. Once Euraxia is killed, Khamira will head to the Throne Room while Tharn will have recovered enough to stand. You have the option to talk to him before you leave.

"Once this all began, I knew Euraxia would need to be dealt with. But sending Khamira's murdered parents against us …. Death was too easy an end for my half-sister.
I'm concerned that the Dragons continue to work with the necromancers, though."
You don't have any regrets about killing your sister?
"Half-sister. And do I really seem like the sentimental type to you?
Euraxia may be gone, but Mulaamnir mentioned his leader, Kaalgrontiid. He said the necromancers were helping them. And Euraxia said something about a Moon Gate to the southwest."
Maybe Khamira or Gharesh-ri can tell us about this Moon Gate.
"Perhaps. The next queen of Anequina said there's no time to mourn the dead, but I worry what happened here could affect her judgment.
Let's get to the throne room and try to figure out why the Dragons need necromancers and a Moon Gate."

As Khamira speaks in the Throne Room, you may observe Tharn walking behind the throne, towards the adjacent study room. When you go in there, you will find him observing a map. If you speak with him, he will admit that you did well—or as much as he can.

"I must admit, your help was immeasurable out there. I had my hands full countering my half-sister's defenses. And when Nala-do fell, Khamira became useless for all intents and purposes.
You did … you did well. Considering."

The Final OrderEdit

Find Tharn in the Royal Study staring at a map in the far end of the room:

"When you look at the world as lines on a map, it all seems so small and insignificant.
I was trying to determine the meaning of this document, but so far the secret eludes me."
I came to offer my help. Did you find out anything about Euraxia's final order?
"I found a letter, but it's not complete. Looks like a scribe's dictation. I've been searching for more, but I haven't made much progress through the royal stacks.
With your help, perhaps the search will go more quickly."
Tell me about the dictated letter you found.
"It alludes to an order Euraxia was preparing to deliver shortly before our assault on the palace. It mentions a Captain S, the Cygnus Irregulars, and a favor for the Dragons, but gives no indication as to who they are or what the favor might be."
About your half-sister ….
"We did what had to be done. Think no more about it. If you hadn't ended Euraxia, I certainly would have.
Now, look around and see if you can find anything pertaining to this unfinished letter. I'm sure it refers to Euraxia's final order."
I'll see what I can find.
"This study contains documents from when the Khajiit ruled Rimmen, as well as papers that cover the span of Euraxia's rule. So many, many papers. She was a prolific writer, I'll give her that.
At least she didn't destroy her files before she died."
What should I be looking for, again?
"Anything pertaining to this so-called final order.
While we're looking around, let's see if we can find anything that mentions the Dragons, the necromancers, or anything significant. Who knows? We might uncover something unexpectedly helpful."

Read the Captain's Letter and he'll remark:

Abnur Tharn: "Captain Saulinia. That must be Captain S. And the Cygnus Irregulars are Imperial troops under the command of Prefect Calo at Sandswirl Manor."

Read Euraxia's Personal Journal and he'll say:

Abnur Tharn: "Old Khajiiti legends and rumors of a last Dragonguard? Intriguing."

Read Dragons: A Report for the Queen and he'll comment:

Abnur Tharn: "Control Dragons? What folly! But what was that about killing the last Dragonguard?"

After the final missive is read, he'll say:

Abnur Tharn: "I think you found everything I need to fill in the blanks. Let's talk."
"The documents you uncovered allow me to make sense of this unfinished dictation.
I believe I now know the contents of Euraxia's final order."
So what was Euraxia's final order?
"Euraxia ordered Captain Saulinia to assassinate a Dragonguard in an effort to appease the Dragons.
Saulinia plans to commandeer as many additional soldiers as necessary from Prefect Calo at Sandswirl Manor and retrieve a report."
Dragonguard? I don't understand.
"Neither do I, at least not fully. The Dragonguard were the sworn protectors of the Imperial Emperor. At least they were, until they fell out of favor.
Euraxia has ordered her assassins to murder what she claims to be the last Dragonguard."
The last Dragonguard?
"Don't ask me. The Dragonguard I knew failed to protect the Potentates and were disbanded in disgrace. They claimed to have descended from legendary Akaviri Dragon hunters, but that's all it was … a legend.
We need to get to Sandswirl Manor."
I'll head to Sandswirl Manor and find Prefect Calo as soon as I can.
"We can't take any chances. Euraxia's final order directs her assassins to murder the last Dragonguard. If the Dragons consider this threat real, we need it on our side.
Meet me west of the city, on the outskirts of Sandswirl Manor."
Do you know anything about Captain Saulinia or Prefect Calo?
"Calo is mentioned in Gharesh-ri's intelligence reports. He commands a garrison of troops in an estate seized when they conquered the region.
As for Saulinia, I've never heard of her, but an assassination squad—they're never a good thing."

Arrive at the estate and Tharn will teleport in on a nearby overlook.

Abnur Tharn: "An Imperial garrison housed in a Khajiiti estate. My half-sister spared no expense, I see."

You can then talk with him before you both set off:

"Prefect Calo commands a full complement of soldiers, mostly seasoned Imperials and not the Nibenese mercenaries that make up Euraxia's main forces.
It's probable that Saulinia and her assassination squad is here as well, so I advise caution."
You think we'll have to fight our way in?
"I prefer to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, of course, but these are enemy forces. We must do what we must to complete our mission.
I'll work my way down from the upper levels of the house. You find your own entrance and we'll meet somewhere inside."
All right, I'll meet you inside the manor house.
"Try not to alert the entire garrison to our presence. And keep an eye out for Captain Saulinia or anything related to Euraxia's final order. We need to determine where the assassination squad plans to strike if we're going to save the Dragonguard."
Tell me more about the Dragonguard.
"As I said, the Dragonguard I knew were the Emperor's protectors. I suspect this has more to do with legends that speak of their role as Dragon hunters of old.
Bah! Idle speculation isn't going to accomplish anything. If I were younger—"
Your age? Is that what's bothering you?
"I feel the weight of my years, and it gets worse the longer this goes on. In my younger days, I would have already corralled the Dragons and banished the necromancers to a forgotten plane of Oblivion.
Enough of this. I'll meet you inside."

Once inside the manor, Tharn will appear to you in a projection:

Abnur Tharn: "How good of you to join me. Let's talk."
"We need to speak quickly. I doubt I'll remain undiscovered for very long."
You really like to show off your magic, don't you?
"This projection? A simple spell. Nothing to it, really. But that's not what I want to discuss.
I'm hiding in an empty servant's quarters at the moment. I discovered that Prefect Calo is no longer in charge here. In fact, he's been arrested."
Why would the Euraxians arrest one of their own officers?
"That's the thing. Prefect Calo isn't really one of the Euraxians. His cohort of Imperials accompanied my half-sister into Rimmen, but he's been a vocal opponent of her coup and subsequent claim of rulership.
Apparently, he refused another order."
Where are they holding Prefect Calo?
"Calo's probably being held on one of the lower levels. See if you can find him. He should be able to tell us more about the Dragonguard and Saulinia's orders.
Wait a moment. I'm about to have company. I'll find my way to you as soon as I can."
All right. I'll try to find Prefect Calo.

Find Calo and his report and Tharn will appear:

Abnur Tharn: "Ah, there you are. And I see you've captured Prefect Calo. I presume he surrendered without a fight?"

After speaking to Calo, Calo will then address Tharn standing nearby:

Prefect Calo: "Grand Chancellor, I propose that you get Gharesh-ri to pardon the Cygnus Irregulars so we can form an alliance."
Abnur Tharn: "An alliance? Interesting. Comrades would be helpful in the battles to come."

Turning to you he'll command:

Abnur Tharn: "I'll return to Rimmen, plead Calo's case, and send someone to help you. Meanwhile, I suggest you start your search for the shrine at the Stitches."

You can then ask him what he learnt during his own investigation of the manor:

"I'll take the prefect to Rimmen and see if I can negotiate an alliance between him and Khamira. We could use the help, but I'm not sure our young queen will agree.
Meanwhile, you need to go to the Scar and find that shrine before the assassins do."
Did you learn anything important here in the manor?
"Well, news of Euraxia's death has reached her mercenaries. For the most part, they've decided that Zumog Phoom is their new leader. And they're willing to do whatever the Dragons say.
I suppose they think that's better than being eaten."
Do you think we can trust Prefect Calo?
"Trust? We'll have to see. From what I've learned here in the manor, though, it's evident that Calo and his Irregulars have no love or respect for Euraxia's mercenaries. That counts for something."
I hope we're not making a mistake here.
"Mistakes happen. They're a fact of life. But Prefect Calo is a trained Imperial soldier. I know his type well. Unlike the Euraxian mercenaries, he'll be as good as his word.
And if not, I'll turn him into a mudcrab."

Arrive outside the palace and Abnur Tharn and Cadwell will be there. Cadwell will be in the middle of an episode:

Cadwell: "It's happening again! I see … I see … a Dragon!"
Abnur Tharn: "Cadwell? Cadwell! What was that about a Dragon?"
Abnur Tharn: "Ah, there you are. See to Cadwell, if you would. Then join us in the throne room for the war council."

Enter the throne room and you'll witness:

Abnur Tharn: "The archives were extremely helpful, once I found the appropriate documents.
Khamira: "Our Moon-Singers and Moon-Priests have always paid particular attention to detail. What did you learn?
Lord Gharesh-ri: "Tharn found documents regarding an ancient agreement with the Dragonguard. They apparently provided a weapon to use against the Dragons.
Khamira: "This relates to the legends of Khunzar-ri and Queen Anequina, yes?
Prefect Calo: "Pardon the interruption, Queen Khamira, but that sounds like the Dragonhorn we found.
Prefect Calo: "That Dragonguard didn't survive, but he gave us the Anequina Dragonhorn.
Khamira: "Hrrm. So this alliance I reluctantly agreed to has borne fruit?
Prefect Calo: "The Cygnus Irregulars assisted, but your agent did the important work.
Khamira: "A weapon from the Dragonguard? Interesting. Come, five-claw. I want to hear your report."

Cadwell the BetrayerEdit

After speaking to the council and Khamira, look for Tharn and you'll find Cadwell in the throes of yet another episode:

Cadwell: "Hold, varlet! Don't you dare attach that foot to my ankle!"
Abnur Tharn: "This is Cadwell's longest episode yet. Perhaps I can—"
Cadwell: "That's it! Time to give you knaves what for!"
Lord Gharesh-ri: "Bizarre visions, dismembered bodies … I hate necromancy! Cadwell trusts you, five-claw. You talk to him."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Cadwell keeps moving around. He won't stand still long enough for me to cast a scrying spell. Talk to him and see if you can distract him."

After speaking to Cadwell, and after Cadwell vanishes, Tharn will say:

"Of all the foolish, idiotic, misguided things that Cadwell has ever done, this may be the worst of them all! He fancies himself a hero, but he's given Zumog Phoom exactly what he needed."
What do you mean? Why does Zumog Phoom need Cadwell?
"I'm no expert on necromancy, but it's obvious that our Cadwell is the last piece Zumog Phoom needs to restore the Betrayer.
He has all the parts of Cadwell's dismembered body. And now Cadwell has handed him the final component—his very essence."
Cadwell's essence? You mean his soul?
"Does a Soul Shriven have a soul? I have no idea how the philosophy of Oblivion accounts for such things, but there must be some kernel of the original Cadwell inside the one we know.
It stands to reason the necromancer would need that as well."
How do we help Cadwell? We don't even know where he went.
"I managed to scry Cadwell's portal before it winked out. It connected to an ancient crypt in the Scar, not far from the Stitches.
Head there immediately. The rest of us will make preparations and join you as soon as we can."
I'll find Zumog Phoom's lair in the Scar and meet you there.
"Cadwell's impulsive nature will be the doom of us all! He rushed headlong into danger without thinking! What am I saying? Cadwell does everything without thinking!
We have to get to him before Zumog Phoom completes his necromantic ritual."

Arrive at the Sepulchre of Mischance and Tharn will be waiting, impatiently:

"Abnur Tharn:' "You took your time. Let's talk."
"Travel never used to take this much out of me. Ah, well.
Now that you're here, we can begin our investigation of the crypt."
Where are Zamarak and Prefect Calo? I thought they were going to meet us here.
"The adept and the prefect volunteered to scout ahead. They haven't returned.
That means it's up to us. We must stop Zumog Phoom from reanimating Cadwell the Betrayer."
You think something happened to Zamarak and Calo?
"Something has prevented them from returning. I can only assume the necromancers or their undead have done them in. Where they were forestalled, we must prevail. Otherwise Zumog Phoom and the Dragons get one step closer to fulfilling their plans."
All right. Let's go.
We can't give up on Zamarak and Calo.
"Don't be a fool. Our first priority is to stop Zumog Phoom and keep him from aiding the Dragons. After that, we can worry about everything else.
Provided we survive, of course."

Enter the crypt and you'll see Cadwell, holding on for support:

Abnur Tharn: "Cadwell? What happened to you?"
Cadwell: "Tharn, old sport, they ripped it out of me …."

Speak to Tharn and he'll say:

"We may be too late. It appears Zumog Phoom has already taken what he needed from Cadwell.
You check on him. I'll stand back and be ready to act. Just in case the necromancer placed some sort of trap upon our Soul Shriven friend."
What kind of trap?
"After taking what he needed, Zumog Phoom could have enchanted Cadwell. An explosive rune, a sigil filled with a wasting disease … the necromantic possibilities are endless.
Talk to Cadwell. I'm sure it's safe. I'll just be over here. Planning."

After speaking with Cadwell, he'll say:

Abnur Tharn: "I'll delay Zumog Phoom's ritual as long as I can. You take Cadwell and see if you can recover his stolen energy."

He'll then disappear through a portal.

Come to the third ritual site and you'll discover that Tharn too has succumbed to Phoom's ritual. Defeat his captors and he'll beg:

Abnur Tharn: "Get rid of … that damned cloud!"

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Zumog Phoom is stronger than I anticipated. Or perhaps my powers have degraded more than I realized.
Either way, you arrived just in time. If I had to listen to my half-sister prattle on for an instant longer, I would have chewed my own arm off."
How did you wind up as part of the ritual?
"Believe me, it wasn't my intent when I opened the portal. Phoom used a siphoning ward of some sort. It redirected my spell and trapped me in that cloud of energy. They're using Cadwell's essence to power their ritual. It's rather ingenious, actually."
Was that really the ghost of Euraxia Tharn?
"I really have no idea. Perhaps it was an echo pulled from my deepest, most morose memories. Perhaps not.
While I recover my strength, head through the southern door. I sense a culmination of magic. Zumog Phoom must be close to completing his ritual."

Back at the Palace Khamira will call for a council. Enter the study and Khamria will begin:

Khamira: "Cadwell spoke of Anequina, one of Khunzar-ri's champions. He mentioned a key. I think he meant my pendant."
Zamarak: "Zamarak remembers. Your mother wore it before you. Does it have more than sentimental significance?"
Khamira: "It hides me from magical detection. Mother would take my pendant in her hand and whisper, 'When Khunzar-ri smiled, Anequina asked the Moons to move for him.'"
Abnur Tharn: "The Shadow Dance Temple ruins? Is that where the Betrayer has gone?"
Khamira: "I discovered as a young girl that the pendant and this ancient map interact in interesting ways."

Speak to him and Tharn will speculate:

"Interesting. A magic pendant. I wonder if Khamira would allow me to study it?
After she's finished using it, of course."

When you arrive at the entrance to Shadow Dance Ruins, you'll find that Abnur Tharn and Zamarak are waiting.

Abnur Tharn: "Khamira's waiting for you inside. If the Dragon circling overhead spots us, I'll try to drive it off."
Zamarak: "Zamarak will assist."
Abnur Tharn: "Yes, I'm sure your fists will make all the difference."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"The Dragons are definitely anxious about something. No sign of the Betrayer, though.
Go inside and help Khamira, but do it quickly. We're too exposed out here for my liking."

Enter the ruins and Khamira will be waiting. As she begins to recite the words to open the portal, Tharn and Zamarak enter the chamber:

Khamira: "When Anequina's blood calls, the shadow dance begins!"
Zamarak: "By the Moons, you opened a path!"
Abnur Tharn: "You go ahead. Zamarak and I will deal with the Dragon outside … somehow."
Khamira: "Moons watch over you. Come, five-claw, let us see where this leads."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"We came to check on you and tell you that one of the Dragons spotted us. I threw up an illusion, but it won't confuse it for long. We need to get back out there. So you go with Khamira.
Gods, I never expected to act so heroic."

Jode's CoreEdit

After Khamira asks you to find your companions, you'll find him enjoying his drink on the patio of a building just east of The Sugar Bowl.

"Wine used to rejuvenate me after periods of intense exertion and spell-casting. Now I can barely taste the stuff. A good thing, too. Khajiiti wine is cloyingly sweet. Like drinking candied plums boiled in moon-sugar.
I presume you have news?"
Khamira wants us to gather at the Moon Gate of Anequina.
"The Moon Gate? A noble but futile proposition, I fear. The Khajiit should pack up and flee while they still can. Let the alliance armies deal with this. Show them some fights are more important than deciding whose posterior best fits the Ruby Throne."
Are you suggesting we give up, Abnur Tharn?
"No. No …. Just pondering other options. Too much of what we're facing was the inadvertent result of my actions or the actions of my family.
Dragons, Euraxians, necromancers. The responsibility falls to me, and balance must be restored."
So you're still with us?
"Would you stand a chance otherwise? Without my arcane and strategic insights, anything you try is destined to fail. I won't have that on my conscience.
Now, allow me to finish this sickeningly sweet inebriant. One last indulgence before the end."
I'll see you at the Moon Gate.
"By the way, I believe I understand the purpose of the Dragonhorn. After much consideration, the use and function of the ancient instrument has become clear.
The Dragonguard were clever, I'll say that for them."
You know how to use the Dragonhorn?
"Theoretical knowledge isn't the same as practical experience, but I believe I understand the fundamentals of its operation.
The Dragonguard prepared a horn taken from a massive Dragon and engraved it with arcane runes, giving it astonishing power."
The Dragonhorn is actually a Dragon's horn?
"Oh yes, I'm fairly certain of that. And I found historical references indicating the Dragonguard gifted such relics to key locations. For their protection, you see.
The one you located was originally in Rimmen before it was moved to the sanctuary."
So how do we use it?
"We have neither the time nor resources to move the large relic, but the small horn you brought back—it's called a combat horn, by the way—was designed to be carried into battle.
Once charged with energy, its sound weakens Dragons."
Khamira charged the horn at the Shadow Dance Temple.
"One problem solved, then. The next is sheer age. This ancient combat horn is exceedingly fragile. I'm not sure how many times we can sound the horn before it disintegrates into dust.
For that reason, I suggest we save it until we absolutely need it."

Once you reach the moon gate, you'll find Abnur Tharn and Khamira battling a dragon:

Abnur Tharn: "My shield won't hold much longer!"
Khamira: "The Dragonhorn, five-claw! Do you have it? Use it, quick, quick!"

After you use the horn, you can talk with Tharn:

"The moons have aligned and the gate has opened! Khamira definitely gained something at the temple, but she hasn't figured out how to control it.
You were with her. Talk to her. See if she can close that aperture before it's too late!"

Once you defeat the Euraxian Lieutenants, the dragons will approach and enter the gate:

Khamira: "Five-claw, Mulaamnir and Kaalgrontiid approach!"
Abnur Tharn: "The Dragonhorn! It's our only chance!"
Khamira: "No, five-claw! Not yet!"
Khamira: "Through the portal, both of you! And bring the Dragonhorn!"
Abnur Tharn: "Khamira, wait!"

When you enter the portal, you will find Tharn and Khamira looking out over the Plane of Jode:

"When I awoke this morning, traveling to the Plane of Jode wasn't on my agenda."

Speak to him after speaking to Khamira and he'll say:

"Remember, my friend, I am not the battlemage I once was. I need to reserve what magic remains to me for when it will do the most good.
Consequently, if we run into any obstacles, I'm going to leave them for you to deal with."

As you make your way through the core, Muulamnir will do a strafing run through a narrow canyon, Tharn will warn you:

Abnur Tharn: "Avoid Mulaamnir as best you can!"
Muulamnir: "Go no farther, vermin!"

And as you approach the core:

Khamira: "Jode's Core is close. I can feel it."
Abnur Tharn: "Mulaamnir, Kaalgrontiid, and Jode's Core. Are you ready for this, Khamira?"

Once you enter the Core, Tharn and Khamira will survey the situation. Kaalgrontiid is powering himself up while Mulaamnir stands between you:

Abnur Tharn: "Kaalgrontiid is absorbing Jode's Core! As long as the moons remain aligned, the power flowing through him is unimaginable!"
Khamira: "Get me to that platform, Tharn. I can separate the Moons using the altars."

She'll then turn to you and say:

Khamira: "You must deal with Mulaamnir, five-claw. I will divert whatever energy I can into the Dragonhorn, but use it sparingly."

While Abnur Tharn will mostly help Khamira, he will created shields for you when Muulamnir performs his shout.

Abnur Tharn: "Get inside my shield or the Dragon's shout will kill you!"
Abnur Tharn: "Get into my protective aura, now!"
Abnur Tharn: "Mulaaminir prepares to attack! Let my magic protect you!"'

When Mulaamnir is slain, Kaalgrontiid will be vulnerable:

Abnur Tharn: "You killed Muulamnir. Good."
Kaalgrontiid: "I will be … the equal of Akatosh!"
Khamira: "The Moons. I need to finish the ritual."
Khamira: "Jone and Jode, hear me!"
Kaalgrontiid: "The power, it belongs to me!"
Khamira: "Separate and resume your eternal dance! Now, five-claw, sound the horn!"

Once Mulaamnir and Kaalgrontiid are taken care of, Tharn will turn and congratulate Khamira:

Abnur Tharn: "You did it, Khamira. You ended the eclipse. But that means …."
Khamira: "The Moon Gate has closed. We are trapped, yes—but Mulaamnir is dead and Kaalgrontiid has been defeated."

Just then, Cadwell and his timely portal appears:

Cadwell: "Oh, hello! You always find things in the last place you look!"
Abnur Tharn: "Kaalgrontiid, I wonder …? I'm actually pleased to see you, Cadwell. Come, Khamira. Your people await their queen."
Khamira: "Thank you, my friends. For everything."

Back in Rimmen, you'll see Khamira be fussed over.

Defense Force Warrior: "Queen Khamira, have you been injured?"
Khamira: "I am fine, just tired. But look, the Moons are no longer aligned!"
Khamira: "Tell me … tell me about the Dragons. The Euraxians. What is the state of our forces?"
Defense Force Warrior: "Our scouts tell us that most of the Euraxians and Dragons fled when the Moons parted. Our own troops have not returned, but the Mane has sent an envoy."
Abnur Tharn: "An envoy from the Mane? Hmm. If you'll excuse me, I have other business to attend to."

Tharn will then head into the palace, with Cadwell following behind and mimicking his stride.

The Heir of AnequinaEdit

Approach the palace, and Tharn and Cadwell will be exiting the building while in conversation:

Cadwell: "Abnur, you simply must stay for the ceremony. It's not every day we get to see a lovely cat receive a crown!"
Abnur Tharn: "Nonsense. And don't call me Abnur. Besides, I think I've overstayed my welcome as far as Khamira is concerned."

Speak to Tharn and he'll say:

"You and Cadwell, the two of you just can't leave well enough alone.
No one was supposed to notice as I slipped out of Rimmen. Of course, very little has gone according to plan since the Wrathstone tablets set me on this path."
You're leaving, Tharn?
"I am neither sentimental nor enamored of pomp and circumstance. My time in Elsweyr has shown me that I have limits. I am not the battlemage I was in my younger days.
Besides, I hate parties. Small talk, speeches, canapes … totally unbearable."
Don't you want to be there when Khamira's crowned queen?
"I watched firsthand as a remarkable young woman became a leader. She's already a queen. Everything else is simply … ceremony.
I've lingered here long enough. You were an able enough traveling companion. I may call on you again sometime."
I have a letter for you. It's from the Mane.
"Hmm. An intriguing question. Are Khajiit born under a forced eclipse next in line for the Mane? But this other bit confirms my suspicions. I must travel to Pellitine at once.
I'm sure we'll see each other again. Until then, farewell."
Good luck, Tharn.
"We accomplished much, but I fear we haven't seen the last of Kaalgrontiid. I must investigate reports coming from the south.
You, however, have a queen to crown! Take Cadwell with you and make sure he behaves. And tell Khamira … she did admirably."
You think Kaalgrontiid is still a threat?
"We saw no body, and there's no reason to suppose Kaalgrontiid couldn't escape from Jode just as we did. He absorbed a remarkable amount of energy while the moons were aligned, after all.
I'll send for you if and when I confirm my suspicions."


The Dark AeonEdit

Khamira and Abnur Tharn will appear in Nahfahlaar's Chamber. Khamira has used a portal to get here.

Khamira: "Moons, Tharn! How do you stand it? My head pounds like an Orc drum!"
Abnur Tharn: "You get used to it. And that was your best one yet."
Sai Sahan: "Abnur Tharn! you arrogant, vexatious, son of a bleary-eyed—"
Abnur Tharn: "Save your posturing, Sai. I missed you, too, but we have a bigger problem to deal with."

Speak with Abnur Tharn.

"I see that my instructions were followed to the letter. The Champion of Anequina, Sai Sahan, and the Dragon Nahfahlaar, together in the same place. And I have brought Khamira.
We have much to discuss. It concerns … Kaalgrontiid."
Kaalgrontiid? We dealt with him at Jode's Core.
"Kaalgrontiid absorbed a good deal of the core's power before we stopped him. I hoped he was lost in the void after we dislodged him, but like us he made his way back to Tamriel.
I've been hunting for him ever since."
And you found him?
"Not just that. I pieced together his ultimate plan.
Kaalgrontiid boasted he would become the equal of Akatosh. And your dealings with Laatvulon and the Cult of the New Moon suggest they were preparing for an ascension."
And what does that tell us?
"Isn't it obvious? Kaalgrontiid plans to become a god.
There's an island off the coast. Dragonhold. In the Khunzar-ri legends, it was the Dragon's seat of power. I can't open a portal to it. I can't even scry it. It's protected by potent magic."
So how do we get to this island?
"You faced the cult of the New Moon. The cultist revere Kaalgrontiid. They must have a method for getting to and from the island.
I assume their base at the New Moon Fortress holds the answers we seek."
Caska and I saw an altar surrounded by a strange green stone. That's probably where we should start.

The following exchange will occur after you address Abnur Tharn:

Sai Sahan: "Strange green stone? Does that sound like what you're looking for, Tharn?"
Abnur Tharn: "Indeed! Since I read about it in your reports, I've wanted to examine it. Khamira, can you—"
Khamira: "No more portals, Tharn. Not right now. I have duties other than conveying you around, you know."
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, very well. Sai, let's talk. We'll meet our friend at the fortress."

You can speak with him further after the exchange.

"I need a few moments to confer with my old companion, Sai Sahan. Privately.
We'll meet you at the New Moon Fortress in short order. If you need a reminder about your time there, why don't you seek out this Caska you mentioned?"
Where have you been since we worked together in Northern Elsweyr?
"I've traveled from Rawl'kha to Torval, scouring libraries and harassing moon-singers to learn every tale related to Khunzar-ri. Those legends provide our only window into Kaalgrontiid's history.
That's what led me south, to that confounded island."
Remind me about Khunzar-ri.
"Khunzar-ri, the mythic Khajiit hero. His legends led me to the Halls of Colossus and gave us the insights we needed to disrupt Kaalgrontiid's plans in Anequina.
It was Khunzar-ri and his companions who supposedly trapped Kaalgrontiid so long ago."
Supposedly? You don't believe the legends?
"If I didn't believe them, I wouldn't have studied them. But three or more embellishments accompany every fact a legend contains.
Forgive me if I remain skeptical of the tales that he tamed comets and bedded Malacath on a dare."
You and Sai Sahan don't seem to get along.
"We get along just fine. I am affable and gregarious, after all.
That said, I may have ridiculed his outlandish oaths and blatantly disregarded his code of honor once or twice. The difference between an idealist and a pragmatist, you understand."
Are you two going to be able to work together?
"As I'm sure you surmised by now, I take great pride in using every weapon in my arsenal. The shirtless mammoth falls squarely into that category.
Besides, we have too much to do to worry about stepping on each other's feelings."

When you arrive in front of the New Moon Fortress, it is clear that Tharn is exhausted.

Sai Sahan: "You need to rest, old man. Don't pretend otherwise."
Abnur Tharn: "If you … insist."

Speaking with him before Sai Sahan:

"Talk to Sai … I need a moment."

Speaking with him after Sai Sahan:

"I'll be fine … magic just takes more out of me than it used to.
Go with Sai and find a way into the fortress. The sooner we learn how the cultists move between here and the island, the sooner we can put an end to Kaalgrontiid."

When you find another way into the fortress, the following exchange occurs between Sai and Tharn:

Abnur Tharn: "You found a way inside. And without my help. Good."
Sai Sahan: "Back on your feet, old man? Let me know if you need a litter."
Abnur Tharn: "A jest? I find it hard to tell through all that facial hair. Now focus. We'll need your fighting skills inside."
Sai Sahan: "Hmm."

Speaking with him here:

"Would you like an engraved invitation or can we enter the fortress now?"
Well, you certainly sound better.
"For now. I recommend we move quickly, however.
These bouts of weariness strike after I use my magic, and with more and more frequency of late."

Inside the fortress, Tharn begins to ruminate.

Abnur Tharn: "You never cease to surprise me, Sai."
Sai Sahan: "What now, old man?"
Abnur Tharn: "In the past, I considered you nothing more than Varen's muscle. But here you are, leading a new generation of Dragonguard."
Sai Sahan: "Your point, Tharn?"
Abnur Tharn: "Just contemplating how some people adapt to change."
Sai Sahan: "Some seek change, others have it forced upon them."
Abnur Tharn: "Wisdom from an empty well, here in the belly of our enemy. Let's stick to the matter at hand, shall we?"

Speaking with him:

"For a bearded mammoth, Sai Sahan is surprisingly stealthy. Good thing, too. I expected his clomping footsteps to alert the entire cult to our presence the moment we stepped inside."

As you approach the amphitheater, you will hear Kaalgrontiid's voice.

Kaalgrontiid: "Through the portal, fleas. There is work to do on my island."
Abnur Tharn: "Kaalgrontiid? Here? We must find him!"

Speaking to him before entering the amphitheater:

"Kaalgrontiid! I recognize that monster's voice from our encounter at Jode's Core. We need to find him!"

When you enter the amphitheater, Tharn confronts Kaalgrontiid, who is overseeing a portal to the island of Dragonhold. Kaalgrontiid flies off and his portal closes.

Abnur Tharn: "Kaalgrontiid!"
Kalgrontiid: "You shall be the first to behold the rise of the Dark Aeon!"
Sai Sahan: "The portal just closed. Tharn, can you open it?"
Abnur Tharn: "Perhaps, but not by myself. Champion, let's talk."

Speak with him.

"I know Sai was hoping for a confrontation, but I doubt we could have survived an encounter with Kaalgrontiid. He looked even more powerful than when we saw him at Jode's Core.
Now, about that portal …."
Can you open the portal to the island?
"This array of stones forms the portal's focal point. That's aeonstone, mined from sites throughout Southern Elsweyr. I did a little research after receiving Sai's report.
We need to energize the stones to activate the portal to Dragonhold."
How do we energize the aeonstones?
"Aeonstone has no intrinsic power. It amplifies whatever energy it absorbs. That's the key to activating the portal.
If you step close to the stones, I'll siphon a bit of your vitality into them. That should provide power enough to open the portal."
My vitality? I hope you know what you're doing, Tharn.
"As I said, I did some research. Approach each aeonstone and I'll siphon a little of your vitality into them. That should provide the energy I need to activate the portal to Dragonhold."
For a little bit of research, you seem to know a lot about this aeonstone.
"You think so? My knowledge is infinitesimal and it irks me.
The stone exists only in Southern Elsweyr. It absorbs and amplifies energy using a process I can utilize but don't fully understand. The cultists certainly accumulated a lot of it, though."
And you think Kaalgrontiid needs the stone to finish his ascension?
"You take great pleasure in forcing me to admit to gaps in my knowledge, don't you?"
You did the research, not me.
"Point taken.
Kaalgrontiid absorbed a significant amount of energy from Jode's Core. With all the stone he had the cultists send to the island, I assume its unique properties factor into his plans in some fashion."

After you energize the aeonstone, Tharn opens a portal to Dragonhold.

Abnur Tharn: "Good, good. The aeonstones hum with energy."
Abnur Tharn: "That should allow me to open the portal to Dragonhold."
Abnur Tharn: "This is … harder than I thought …."
Abnur Tharn: "It's open … our way to the island. Sai, go prepare the Dragonguard …."
Sai Sahan: "Go? You can barely stand, old man!"
Abnur Tharn: "Don't argue with me. Kaalgrontiid's plans near completion … and it will take all of us to stop him. Go!"
Sai Sahan: "Damn you, Tharn. I'll go, but you better not die before I return."

Speaking with him after the portal is open:

"I remember when spells such as this … took barely any effort.
While Sai rallies the Dragonguard, our job will be to reach the island and find a way to lower its defenses. Then we can take on Kaalgrontiid with our full contingent."
Any idea what we can expect on the island?
"We're going to the ancient seat of Kaalgrontiid's power to face a Dragon that not only possesses the might of Jode's Core but the amplifying abilities of the aeonstone.
I imagine we'll need to be ready for anything."
What about you? Are you going to be all right?
"Your concern is touching, but I'd prefer you save it for someone of lesser stature.
Now, as we leap into the maw of near-certain death, we have one advantage. Kaalgrontiid doesn't consider us a threat. Let's show him the error of his ways."

Speaking with him after entering Dragonhold:

"It appears that the portal deposited us inside an ancient structure. I assume we're somewhere beneath the island of Dragonhold.
The architecture reminds me of both the Halls of Colossus and the barrows of Skyrim. Interesting."
Why do you call this place Dragonhold?
"That's an approximate translation of the Ta'agra text. From the secret histories of the moon-singers. Kaalgrontiid reigned from here before Khunzar-ri imprisoned him in the Halls of Colossus."
What are we looking for on this island?
"Some sort of powerful magic isolates this island. An aegis.
We need to find the source of the aegis and destroy it so Nahfahlaar and the Dragonguard can join us. We'll never stop Kaalgrontiid without them."
All right. Let's find the aegis and destroy it.
"Everything I learned about Kaalgrontiid came from a few oblique references in the Khajiiti myths. Let's see if we can find anything to add to our knowledge while we search for a way to dispel the aegis."
Why do you call it an aegis?
"An aegis is a defensive spell. While the magic used in the matrix surrounding Dragonhold is unknown to me, it bears some resemblance to spells I've cast in the past.
I assume the aeonstones serve as a key component in the process … whatever it is."
Can Kaalgrontiid actually become a god?
"That supposition was simply an educated guess. But yes, I believe that by channeling the energy from Jode's Core through this strange aeonstone, Kaalgrontiid can achieve an unprecedented level of power.
Will that equal godhood? Who can say?"
Tharn faces Joorahmaar

As you travel through the ruins, Abnur Tharn comments on their structural integrity.

Abnur Tharn: "Hmm, I don't like the way this island is shaking."
Abnur Tharn: "Let's not linger in these caves. It feels like the ceiling might collapse at any moment."

Finding the first tapestry:

Abnur Tharn: "That tapestry. Give me a moment to study it."

Speak with him.

"Obviously of Khajiiti origin. Old. Maybe as ancient as these ruins. Perhaps older.
I think this depicts one of the forbidden legends."
Why would a legend be forbidden?
"I can think of any number of reasons for a culture to declare a myth or legend forbidden, though most involve topics too disruptive or dangerous to discuss openly.
This particular tale deals with the rise of the new moon."
The rise of the new moon is dangerous?
"Indeed. Anything that hints at changing the status quo poses a danger to those in charge.
See the number of moons? The Khajiit acknowledge multiple moons, but they rarely depict any besides Jone and Jode. The third moon is larger than both of them."
What else do you see?
"The figures at the bottom. Those must represent the New Moon cultists. And see the aeonstone, emanating energy that gives rise to the third moon?
Yes, I'm certain. This depicts the legend of the Dark Aeon."
The Dark Aeon?
"I came across another one of the secret moon-singer myths during my research. It predicts the coming of a powerful new moon, the Dark Aeon. I think Kaalgrontiid seeks to make this ancient prognostication a reality.
Now, let's find the aegis!"

You can ask him more about the Dark Aeon before moving on.

Tharn, tell me more about the Dark Aeon.
"According to the legend, this new moon presages a time of darkness and the birth of a new supreme being. Kaalgrontiid seeks to make the prophecy come true.
Damn it, I won't have my legacy tarnished by a mad Dragon I inadvertently released!"
We stopped Mulaamnir. We'll stop Kaalgrontiid, too.
"Ah, the confidence of youth.
Very well, then. Let's get on with it. We still need to find the source of the magic that's protecting this island."

The tremors get worse as you traverse the halls.

Abnur Tharn: "The tremors seem to be intensifying. What's happening?"

You will see Joorahmaar in a large courtyard, where he orders a group of cultists to sacrifice themselves.

Abnur Tharn: "A Dragon, but it's not Kaalgrontiid!"
Joorahmaar: "Continue to feed the ritual sites. Kaalgrontiid demands a throne in the sky. We must accomplish this or perish!"
Abnur Tharn: "A throne in the sky? Forget the source of the island's defenses. We need to destroy these ritual sites!"

Speaking to him here:

"The ritual sites take precedence over removing the island's defenses. Whatever Kaalgrontiid hopes to gain, it seems only prudent that we put an end to the rituals."

Disrupting the first ritual site:

Abnur Tharn: "Interesting. Let me try something."
Abnur Tharn: "The power coursing through these stones … it could move a mountain!"

You can ask him about the ritual sites.

Any idea what purpose these ritual sites serve?
"Now that I've gotten a closer look, it's clear that the aeonstone absorbs and amplifies the life energy the cultists feed into it. I sense a connection to levitation magic, but as for the ultimate purpose …?"
Let's keep looking.
"One moment. I want to check one more thing.I sense that I might be able to draw energy from the stones as well. It will return me to my old levels of power, but at a cost.
All right. Let's move on for now."

Disrupting the second ritual site:

Abnur Tharn: "Stand back, let me try."
Abnur Tharn: "I may regret this later, but I'm going to borrow some of this energy. Let's return to the central chamber and get our bearings."

Speaking to him:

"We should return to the large chamber where we saw the Dragon. From there I can get my bearings and possibly detect the location of the aegis.
With the energy I absorbed from the aeonstone, we should be able to handle anything."

Back in the courtyard, you'll encounter Joorahmaar once more. Abnur Tharn stands up to him.

Joorahmaar: "What pests dare scurry into this sacred place?"
Abnur Tharn: "I'll deal with this creature."
Joorahmaar: "You think to challenge me, bug?"
Abnur Tharn: "So much … power!"
Joorahmaar: "Savor this reprieve, mortals. You cannot stop the Dark Aeon!"

Joorahmaar flies off.

Abnur Tharn: "That … drove it off. Now … to find the source … of the aegis."

Speaking with him:

"So much for … feeling like my old self again. It took every iota of energy I absorbed from the aeonstone, and all I accomplished was to wound the Dragon and drive it off.
And now … I'm as used up and worthless … as an empty water skin."
We need to find the source of the aegis that protects this island.
"The injured Dragon. There's nothing more dangerous, but also totally predictable.
It will head to a secure location to mend its wounds. What could be more secure than the source of Dragonhold's defenses?"
Using that energy seems to have made you weaker.
"Your observational skills never cease to amaze me.
The energy gave me a boost, but it also wreaked havoc with my body. A mortal vessel was never meant to contain such power. Now that it's gone, I'm nearly spent."
Let's follow the Dragon and find the aegis.

You can ask him another question before moving on.

"I'm not sure we stopped the ritual in time. There's a … disturbance in the air. Something's about to happen.
Come on. Let's find the source of the island's defenses while we still can."
Couldn't the Dragonguard use the same portal we did to reach Dragonhold?
"The humans and Khajiit could, but not Nahfahlaar. We need that Dragon and the bond you share to defeat Kaalgrontiid.
As long as the aegis is in place, Nahfahlaar can't reach Dragonhold. We need to remove it."

Entering the Depths:

Abnur Tharn: "More cultists. Where do the Dragons find these demented Khajiit?"

Finding the second tapestry:

Abnur Tharn: "Another tapestry. And that's clearly a Dragon. Hmm."

Speak with him here.

"This tapestry continues the legend of the Dark Aeon. I suppose it would be more accurate to call it a prophecy."
Why would prophecy be a more accurate term?
"Because the cultists don't believe what we see here happened in the past. They believe the Dark Aeon will arise in the future.
The very near future, if Kaalgrontiid has his way."
What do you see in the tapestry?
"I think the land at the bottom represents this island, Dragonhold. See the vast amounts of aeonstone, including the spire at the center? Its energy feeds into the new moon as it rises into the night sky."
And that silhouette. That's Kaalgrontiid?
"That's the Dark Aeon, the new moon—the new god—that Kaalgrontiid plans to ascend to. But all that energy … that must be the source of Dragonhold's defenses.
We have to find this location."
Then let's find and destroy it.

You can ask him another question before moving on:

"We need to hurry and find the wounded Dragon. The tremors grow worse with every passing moment and I fear we're running out of time."
What happens when we find the wounded Dragon?
"We kill it, though I'm hardly fit for another battle.
Even so, I doubt we'll be able to deal with the aegis while the Dragon still lives."

Entering the next courtyard:

Abnur Tharn: "Up there! That's Kaalgrontiid!"
Kaalgrontiid: "That foul scent. I know these worms. You cannot stop me. This island will ascend and I shall become the Dark Aeon!"
Kaalgrontiid: "Joorahmaar! Protect the aegis!"
Abnur Tharn: "Protect me while I try to destroy the aegis! Joorahmaar may be wounded, but he's still a Dragon!"

After Joorahmaar's defeat:

Abnur Tharn: "I destroyed the aegis, but now we need to get out of here!"
Kaalgrontiid: "I am the Dark Aeon!"

While running through the halls, he'll comment on the state of the ruins.

Abnur Tharn: "Dragon's bones, we're up in the sky!"
Abnur Tharn: "I may have dealt with the island's defenses, but whatever Kaalgrontiid is doing is getting stronger."
Abnur Tharn: "These ruins won't stand much more of this. We need to get out of here!"

You soon reach a dead end.

Abnur Tharn: "A dead end. There's no choice. I'll open a portal to the main land."
Abnur Tharn: "Hurry. It will take the last of my remaining strength to hold this open."
Abnur Tharn: "Find Khamira and Sai Sahan. Prepare the Dragonguard to attack. I'll … be ready when you return."

Speaking to him here:

"There's no time. Use the portal … find Khamira and Sai ….
I'll keep … my head low until you bring the Dragonguard back … to the island."

New Moon RisingEdit

You will rejoin Abnur Tharn back on Dragonhold after destroying the third aeonstone formation.

Khamira: "By the Moons … is that Tharn?"
Abnur Tharn: "Late again … how typical."

Speak with Abnur Tharn.

"I had a feeling that you were behind the disruption of the other focal points. Figured I'd help … by taking out this last one."
Tharn, you don't look so good.
"Ever the voice of … support and tact. Considering the circumstances, I could be worse.
Unfortunately, I believe we … solved one problem … and created another."
What do you mean?
"To safely absorb all that energy … Kaalgrontiid needed the focal points. As close as he is to his ascension … safety will be the furthest thing from his mind.
If he proceeds with his ascension and makes even the slightest mistake …."
Tharn, what happens if Kaalgrontiid makes a mistake?
"If Kaalgrontiid tries to ascend without the focal points … he could unleash all that pent-up energy. The resulting blast would destroy Elsweyr … perhaps all of Tamriel …"
Tharn, are you all right?

You can ask him more questions after this.

"You worry more than … a Nord nurse maid ….
To the center of the island. It's time to end this."
What happened to you after the island started to rise?
"I ran … dodged falling bricks and leapt over collapsing floors. Made my way to the surface … only to find we were a league or more in the sky."
Then what did you do?
"I did what any proper battlemage would do … I hid. As you can see, I'm in no condition to take on Kaalgrontiid by myself. So I watched … and waited.
How did you get back here, by the way?"
Khunzar-ri's spirit led us through the Jonelight Path.
"Of course he did. If we survive this, you can explain that to me later.
Now, let's go try to kill that damn Dragon."

Approaching Kaalgrontiid at the pinnacle, Tharn gives you instructions for combat.

Abnur Tharn: "I'll cast spheres of protection upon the grapple points when Kaalgrontiid prepares to shout!"

He will call out to you when Kaalgrontiid takes flight during combat.

Abnur Tharn: "Damn that Dragon's wings! Wait for him to return or force him to land!"
Abnur Tharn: "Kaalgrontiid takes wing! Prepare yourself!"
Abnur Tharn: "The Dragon! Force him down or wait for his return!"
Abnur Tharn: "You can't beat him in the air. Force him down or wait until he lands!"

After Kaalgrontiid's death:

Khamira: "We … we actually did it. We killed Kaalgrontiid!"
Sai Sahan: "The island. It's shaking apart. What's happening?"
Abnur Tharn: "The energy in the aeonstone … we need to contain it before it explodes!"

Speak with Abnur Tharn.

"Even in death, that damn Dragon haunts me! If that aeonstone shatters, Tamriel is doomed!"
Tell me how to stop this, Tharn.
"No, my friend. This task requires a Dragon … and a battlemage.
Take Khamira and Sai Sahan. Find a way out of here. Nahfahlaar and I will contain the explosion."
We're in this together, Tharn.
"And we have accomplished amazing things. But this … this isn't something you can help me with.
Save the others. I need to reach that crystal before it explodes."
I can't just leave you here to die, Tharn.
"I prepared for a moment such as this. I insist that you trust me, this one last time.
If this is goodbye, my friend, it has been a privilege."
Do what you have to and finish this, Tharn.

After speaking with Tharn, he and Nahfahlaar begin to contain the explosion.

Nahfahlaar: "I will do what I can, mage."
Abnur Tharn: "Get them out of here, Khamira. I know you can do it."
Khamira: "Tharn …."
Sai Sahan: "Tharn will do what he always does. He'll save Tamriel."
Sai Sahan: "We need to get out of here. Nahfahlaar, can you fly us off the island?"
Nahfahlaar: "I must aid the wizard or the explosion will destroy everything."
Khamira: "Moons take you, Tharn! I suppose I have to try …."

Abnur Tharn BustEdit

The Abnur Tharn Bust furnishing has unique dialogue. Each interaction may begin with one of the following phrases:

"You are listening to the wit and wisdom of Abnur Tharn, battlemage and advisor to emperors. "
"These are the words of Abnur Tharn, battlemage extraordinaire and advisor to emperors."
"To anyone hearing these words, know that Abnur Tharn recorded them with zeal and purpose."
"I see you have accessed my living testament. Good for you."

Afterwards he may say one of the following:

"A legacy must be cultivated, nurtured, allowed to grow. But don't try to rush it, for that way leads to oblivion."
"The Elves of Tamriel represent different branches from a common root. I have yet to determine the veracity of the root, however."
"Orcs. I have absolutely no opinion about Orcs."
"Argonians are an intriguing people. Their supposed connection to plant life needs further investigation. When I have the time."
"Nords are thick-skinned and large boned, which makes them well-suited to the northern climes. It also makes them two loaves short of a picnic, but such is life."
"I earned many titles and accolades in my long years of service. I suppose I collect them, much the same way a Khajiit gathers fleas."
"The influential mage risks all. There is no reward for those who never try."
"A mage of influence is a catalyst for change and progress. I myself have been responsible for many of the achievements we now take for granted."
"Sometimes a simple lie saves a few lives. Imagine the benefit of a complex deception."
"Be decisive. Be bold. Anything less is a disservice to your own state of being."
"If you assume that everything is a trap, then you're always ready for any challenge."
"The secret to living more than one-hundred-and-sixty years? I'll keep that to myself, if you don't mind."
"Warriors and steel are much alike. When either loses its temper, it also loses its worth."
"I don't pay much attention to the gods, and as far as I can tell they don't care all that much about me. Works out fine for all of us."
"The owner of a ridiculous idea is absolutely certain of its merit."
"The only obstacle to true happiness? Family, no question about it."
"Step closer and listen well. Believe in yourself and success will follow. Unless it doesn't. Not everyone is cut out for success."

He may say one of the following as a closing statement:

"And thus ends this session of the wisdom of Abnur Tharn. Call upon me again when you want to continue your education."
"So says Abnur Tharn, overlord of Nibenay, Chancellor of the Elder Council, and battlemage extraordinaire."
"That's enough for now. Wouldn't want you to strain anything."
"I think we're done here. I wouldn't want to overstimulate your cognitive processes with an overabundance of my impactful words."

Cut ContentEdit

There are cut lines of dialogue in the text file for Update 1 indicating that the sacrifices in God of Schemes would have conferred different powers. The corresponding player responses (whose indexes are marked 31131 - 31133) are missing from the file.

"Despite his failure to become a true Dragonborn emperor, Varen is clearly blessed by Akatosh. His powers will not be those of raw force or destruction, but of mysticism and redirection."
"It's hard to think any being of power favoring that oafish she-troll, but Stendarr's touch is upon her. Much as she irritates me, she is a force of righteousness and altruism that will burn away the darkness."
"He's something of an enigma even to me, but his iron will is nothing short of astonishing. He endured years of hideous mental and physical torture in the Halls of Torment. Arkay no doubt favors him."