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This pages lists all quests not associated with the main quest, a great house, or another faction; for those quests, see the Quests page.

Ahemmusa Camp QuestsEdit

Ald'ruhn QuestsEdit

Ascadian Isles QuestsEdit

Ashlands QuestsEdit

Azura's Coast QuestsEdit

Bitter Coast QuestsEdit

Ebonheart QuestsEdit

Gnisis QuestsEdit

Grazelands QuestsEdit

Hla Oad QuestsEdit

Molag Amur QuestsEdit

Moonmoth Legion Fort QuestsEdit

Pelagiad QuestsEdit

Sadrith Mora QuestsEdit

  • Gateway Ghost: Solve the case of this haunted inn in Sadrith Mora.

Seyda Neen QuestsEdit

Sheogorad QuestsEdit

  • Thelas' Pillows: Discover the lost shipment of Drarayne Thelas' pillows in the Abandoned Shipwreck.

Suran QuestsEdit

Tel Branora QuestsEdit

Tel Vos QuestsEdit

Urshilaku Camp QuestsEdit

Vivec QuestsEdit

West Gash QuestsEdit