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Morrowind:Rabinna's Inner Beauty

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Deliver a slave from Relam Arinith in Hla Oad.
Quest Giver: Relam Arinith in Hla Oad
Location(s): Balmora or Ebonheart
Reward: 400 gold, possible Ring of Medusa's Gaze, 10 Moon Sugar (several combinations of these are possible)
ID: MV_SlaveMule
Difficulty: Easy
Relam Arinith has a slave with a heart of sugar for sale

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Relam Arinith at Fatleg's Drop Off in Hla Oad about Rabinna.
  2. Lead Rabinna to Vorar Helas in Balmora.
  3. Either defend Rabinna or let Vorar Helas kill her.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Speak with Relam Arinith in the basement of Fatleg's Drop Off in Hla Oad. He needs a slave named Rabinna delivered to Vorar Helas in Balmora. Evidently the actual slave is not important, but what she carries is... illegal drugs of some form. Along the way to Balmora, you can talk to Rabinna (if you raise her disposition to 50) to determine that you have a choice of what happens in the quest.

If you decide to deliver Rabinna to Vorar Helas on the east side of Balmora, he will attack Rabinna immediately (to get the drugs). Once she is dead, you can talk to him to receive a reward of 400 gold and a magic ring. If Rabinna dies on the trip and you rescue the Moon Sugar and deliver that to Vorar Helas, you'll just get 200 gold and no ring.

Alternatively, you can help Rabinna kill Vorar Helas (or just avoid him entirely), and deliver her to Im-Kilaya at the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. The easiest way is to hop on the boat in Hla Oad. Once you have delivered her to the Argonian Mission, you can talk to Im-Kilaya to receive a 400 gold reward and a 10 point boost in disposition with the Twin Lamps.

Finally, you can speak with Relam Arinith after freeing Rabinna. If Vorar Helas is dead, he will consider the matter resolved. If Vorar Helas is still alive, then Relam Arinith will attack you.


  • It is possible to receive both rewards from Vorar Helas and Im-Kilaya. Take Rabinna to Vorar Helas and hand her over to receive the first reward, then aid her in killing him, loot his corpse and take her to the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart to receive the second.
  • If you enter through the back door so Vorar Helas doesn't see you, the Journal will still update as if he had immediately attacked and killed Rabinna. He won't attack her since neither he nor Rabinna will move where they can see each other. If you talk to him, he will give you the gold and ring. Rabinna will no longer follow you or offer any useful dialogue, but if you taunt and kill Vorar Helas, he will have 20 units of Moon Sugar on his corpse as if he had killed and gutted Rabinna. Then she will thank you for killing him and ask you to take her to Im-Kilaya.
  • If you kill Vorar Helas at any time, you can loot his corpse for 400 gold, the key to his house, and the ring that you would have received from him as a reward.
  • If you are unable to raise Rabinna's disposition above 50, you will need to kill Vorar Helas to ease her fear so she will talk to you about taking her to the Argonian Mission.
  • You can complete the quest by taking her to the Mission without ever talking to her or seeing Vorar Helas. Rabinna will thank you on arrival and Im-Kilaya will reward you.
  • The moon sugar you specifically obtain from Rabinna after killing her or looting her corpse is not required to complete the quest. Any such moon sugar will do, as long as you have at least ten units thereof.
  • You can complete the quest without accepting Relam Arinith's offer to deliver the slave. Talking to Rabinna after refusing Relam's offer will open up her dialogue to have her follow you.


  • Taking Rabinna to the Argonian Mission will not mark the quest as completed in your Journal.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Rabinna's Inner Beauty (MV_SlaveMule)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 There is a man in Fatleg's Dropoff in Hla Oad who would like me to deliver a slave for him to Balmora. The slave looks pathetic, malnourished, and broken.
20 It seems this slave is the final part of a payment for some deal Relam Arinith has made with Vorar Helas in Balmora. If I agree to do this, Helas will reward me upon my arrival.
30 I have agreed to deliver the slave, Rabinna, to Vorar Helas in Balmora. He can be found in the east side of town.
65 Rabinna has told me the "payment" owed to Vorar Helas wasn't she herself, but rather what the she was carrying. Apparently, Arinith had forced the slave to swallow a large quantity of wrapped moon sugar, and this was what was owed to Vorar Helas.
75 Now that I have gained Rabinna's confidence, she has told me Helas will likely slaughter her for the drugs once we arrive in Balmora. She feels her only hope of survival is to be taken to Im-Kilaya at the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. Apparently, Im-Kaliya [sic] has been known to help smuggle slaves to freedom. Helas will likely slaughter her for the drugs once we arrive in Balmora.
95 I have agreed to help Rabinna get to Ebonheart in the hopes that someone in the Argonian mission [sic] might help her obtain her freedom.
100 While I understand Rabinna's desire for freedom, I have decided to deliver her as planned to Vorar Helas in Balmora.
101 Rabinna has been killed while I was escorting her.
102 Upon arriving at my destination in Balmora, Vorar Helas immediately attacked the slave Rabinna, attempting to kill her.
103 Vorar Helas tells me that the "payment" owed to him wasn't the slave, but rather what the Rabinna was carrying. Apparently, Arinith had forced the slave to swallow a large quantity of wrapped moon sugar, and this was what was owed to him.
105 Vorar Helas has told me I'd better get the moon sugar he is owed, or there will be trouble.
108 Finishes quest  Vorar Helas has rewarded me well for my effort in bringing him his "payment." He has given me 400 septims and an enchanted ring. It's a shame about Rabinna; she would have been a fine slave, had she survived.
109 Finishes quest  I've finally gotten Vorar Helas his moon sugar, and he's given me my payment.
110 Finishes quest  Vorar Helas was very unhappy I showed up again without his moon sugar, and he attacked me.
111 Rabinna is grateful that Helas is dead, as he would have killed her for the drugs she carries.
112 I have agreed to take Rabinna to Im Kilaya [sic].
113 Finishes quest  Rabinna will find her way to freedom on her own.
114 Rabinna and I have arrived at the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart.
115 Finishes quest  I have delivered Rabinna to Im Kilaya [sic] in Ebonheart, for which both were very grateful. Im Kaliya [sic] has given me some money to help fund any further slave emancipations I might participate in.