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This page lists all the different categories of quests in Morrowind. They are organized by faction, and can also be found under the specific articles for their locations.

Main QuestEdit

  • Main Quest — Walkthrough for all parts of the Morrowind main quest

Great House QuestsEdit

Guild Faction QuestsEdit

Other Faction QuestsEdit

Miscellaneous QuestsEdit

  • Miscellaneous Quests — All quests not associated with the main quest, a great house, or another faction

Bloodmoon and Tribunal QuestsEdit

  • Bloodmoon — All quests added by the Bloodmoon expansion pack
  • Tribunal — All quests added by the Tribunal expansion pack

Settlement QuestsEdit

All quests starting in and related to settlements in Vvardenfell. "*" indicates there are no quests starting in these settlements, only related quests.

Cities Towns and Villages Imperial Forts Ashlander Camps

Unfinished QuestsEdit

Several quests are present in the game files but cannot be started. Details can be found here.

Quest TimingEdit

Recommendations regarding which quests to complete early and which to save until later, as well as details regarding missable and conflicting quests, can be found here.