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Morrowind:Dreams of a White Guar

Morrowind: Quests: Grazelands / Miscellaneous
Help Urshamusa Rapli find the white guar she has been dreaming about.
Quest Giver: Urshamusa Rapli at the Ahemmusa Camp
Location(s): Grazelands
Reward: Amulet of Ashamanu/Shield of the Undaunted
ID: MS_WhiteGuar
The White Guar, the five stone fingers, and the fork in the path

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Urshamusa Rapli.
  2. Follow the directions to the White Guar.
  3. Retrieve the Amulet and return it to Rapli.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Speak with Urshamusa Rapli in the Ahemmusa Camp to learn that she has been dreaming of a White Guar which she believes has been sent to help her tribe, and she wants you to find it for her.

Find the White GuarEdit

The guar's general location is northwest of Tel Vos. Rapli suggests that you start looking somewhere near a fork in the path, like she saw in her dream, in an area with stone fingers (cryptic enough for you?). Head out on the path to the west of the camp and keep following west and south. Past the Sinamusa egg mine, you'll find a T in the road with five stone fingers. The guar should be nearby, though it may have wandered a short distance away.

Retrieve the Clan's AmuletEdit

Once you approach it, the guar should begin to move west. Follow it and once it stops explore the area to find the corpse of Ashamanu. On the corpse you'll discover the Amulet of Ashamanu (a minor Restore Health and Cure Blight Disease item). Return the amulet to Rapli to receive the Shield of the Undaunted, a light armor shield with a minor Restore Fatigue Cast When Used enchantment. Though the amulet may be more useful if you don't feel bad about keeping it.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Dreams of a White Guar (MS_WhiteGuar)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 While traveling near Tel Mora, I came upon an Ashlander camp. Here, I spoke with a wise woman, Urshamusa Rapli, who spoke of dreams and visions.
20 The wise woman has had dreams and visions of a white guar. She feels if someone can find this guar, it will help her tribe prosper. The tribe has been ravaged by the blight, and he has no hunters to spare. She would like me to find the white guar for the tribe.
30 I have agreed to try and find the white guar. The woman tells me that the guar in her visions is near a forking trail where "the rocks grow from the earth like fingers on a hand."
40 I have decided not to try and find the white guar from Urshamusa's vision.
50 I have found the white guar. Once I got in range of it, it immediately began to move west.
60 The guar has led me to a cluster of rocks and trees. Here, I found the corpse of a woman who looks like she was once a healer.
65 I have come across the corpse of a woman who looks like she was once an Ashlander healer.
70 I have returned to the Ashlander camp and spoken with Urshamusa Rapli. She seemed aware that I had found the guar and where it had led me. She also knew of the amulet I found on the corpse. It is called the Amulet of Ashamanu.
80 Finishes quest☑ Urshamusa believes the amulet will allow her to cure her people of the disease that has plagued them. In gratitude, she gave me the Shield of the Undaunted, which is apparently a local legend.