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Morrowind:Liberate the Limeware

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Steal a shipment of limeware from a ship at the docks.
Quest Giver: Alarvyne Indalas in Vivec's St. Delyn Canton
Location(s): Ebonheart
Reward: 1500 gold or 500 gold
ID: EB_Shipment
Getting through the trapdoor unseen won't be easy

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Alarvyne Indalas in the Glassworker's Hall on the Plaza of the St. Delyn Canton
  2. Obtain five Limeware Cups and five Limeware Bowls.
  3. Give the limeware to Alarvyne Indalas or (for a smaller reward) to Bolrin at the East Empire Company offices in Ebonheart.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Liberate the LimewareEdit

Speak to Alarvyne Indalas in the Glassworker's Hall on Vivec's St. Delyn Waistworks. She will complain that Dwemer items are becoming more difficult to obtain, possibly due to manipulation by Bolrin at the East Empire Company offices in Ebonheart. She knows that a shipment of Dwemer limeware can currently be found in the ship Chun-Ook at the docks at Ebonheart and asks you to steal the limeware for her. Specifically, she wants five Limeware Cups and five Limeware Bowls.

The Chun-OokEdit

Go to the dock on the east side of Ebonheart. Nevosi Hlan, the shipmaster, stands on deck near the locked (25) trap door to the upper level of the ship's interior. There is no key, so you'll have to break in.

Two guards patrol inside the upper level. They don't seem to mind if you take anything in this room, but if they see you attempt to open the locked (30) trap door to the lower level, they'll attack and say "You can't be in here, %PCRace. And I'm afraid I can't let you leave. The Company wouldn't like that at all." It's fairly easy to break in undetected, however, by standing behind part of the wall near the trap door, out of sight.

You'll find no guards in the lower level. The second crate on the left (near the barrel with candles on top) contains the limeware you need: five cups and five bowls.


You can return the items to Alarvyne back in Vivec for 1500 gold. Alternatively, you can return them to Bolrin in Ebonheart for 500 gold (for pointing out the lack of security in the operation).


  • Alarvyne will accept any five Limeware Cups and Bowls; they do not have to come from the Chun-Ook.
    • The nearest place to obtain the limeware is from a crate in the Vivec Arena Storage area (accessed from the west end of the Arena Canalworks). The northeast room of the Storage area contains a crate whose contents are identical to the one found on the Chun-Ook.
  • You won't receive a bounty for unlocking the trap door on the deck of the ship.
  • You could also choose to never complete the quest and sell the limeware to any merchant; the base value of all ten pieces comes to 3715 gold compared to just 1500 gold from Alarvyne. For characters with low mercantile skill, however, what you obtain after bartering may actually be less than Alarvyne's reward. Selling the items to Creeper will avoid this problem.
  • If you talk to Bolrin with the stolen goods in your possession but don't hand them over, his disposition towards you will drop by ten.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Liberate the Limeware (EB_Shipment)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Alarvyne Indalas, a trader in the St. Delyn Glassworks, would like me to steal a shipment of limeware from a ship in Ebonheart. She claims that Bolryn [sic] at the East Empire Company has been manipulating the costs, and charging huge mark-ups for all the merchandise. If I steal the limeware, she promises to reward me very well.
20 I have agreed to steal the limeware for Alarvyne Indalas. It is supposed to be held up in customs aboard the Chun-Ook, which is docked in Ebonheart. I should expect it to be well guarded, though.
30 Finishes quest  I have decided not to steal the limeware for Alarvyne Indalas.
35 I spoke to Bolrin about the limeware, but did not give it to him.
40 Finishes quest  I have recovered the limeware and returned it to Alarvyne Indalas, who rewarded me well for my efforts.
50 Finishes quest  I have taken the limeware and returned it to Bolryn [sic] at the East Empire Company. He was not happy to hear I was able to breach the security on the ship, but rewarded me for the information, and for the return of the limeware.