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Morrowind:Marsus Tullius' Missing Hides

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:For a similar quest, see Girith's Stolen Hides.

Recover some guar hides stolen by two Ashlanders.
Quest Giver: Marsus Tullius on the road northwest of the Erabenimsun Camp
Location(s): Molag Amur
Reward: 200 gold/Herder's Belt
ID: MV_InnocentAshlanders

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find Marsus Tullius.
  2. Go to the Erabenimsun Camp and talk to some of the Ashlanders.
  3. Speak to Tinti and Hairan and either obtain the hides through force, being an adopted Ashlander, or allow them to keep the hides.
  4. Return to Marsus Tullius.
  5. If you brought back the hides, go to Stentus Tullius in Tel Aruhn for a reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Stolen HidesEdit

Find Marsus Tullius northwest of the Erabenimsun Camp and northeast of Uvirith's Grave who has been robbed by two Ashlanders who stole some guar hides from him. Marsus asks you to find the thieves and return the hides. Return to the camp and ask around to learn that the Ashlanders responsible are actually the respected warriors Tinti and Hairan who probably were offended in some manner by Marsus. Speak to the warriors in the camp to confirm the story that Marsus was stealing hides from the camp's herds, and that they merely took back what was rightfully theirs. If you've already completed the Meet Sul-Matuul quest (part of the Main Quest), the two warriors will actually give you the hides they stole.

Allowing the Ashlanders to keep the HidesEdit

If you refuse to take them you'll receive a Herder's Belt. When you return to Marsus Tullius he will apologize, saying that he had no idea the hides were from guars belonging to the Erabenimsun Camp. He goes on to say that his father will not be able to pay you a reward since it relied on delivery of the hides. If you talk to Stentus next time you are in Tel Aruhn he will also thank you and express his regret that he cannot reward you.

Returning the hides to MarsusEdit

If you are not yet an Ashlander or if you take the hides from the Ashlanders, you must either kill the two warriors or pick their pockets to get the hides. Once you return the hides to Tullius, he will refer you to his father Stentus in Tel Aruhn for a reward. Visit Stentus walking around Tel Aruhn for a 200 gold reward. Unfortunately for this quest, you cannot return just any guar hides to Marsus.


  • It is possible for Tinti and Hairan to attack you. If you kill them and take the guar hides without talking about the incident, the quest might never progress beyond the stage where you need to talk to them. In this case you will be unable to give the guar hides to Marsus, or receive the reward from Stentus. The quest will remain unfinished in your journal, unless you use the console to complete the quest. ?

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Marsus Tullius' Missing Hides (MV_InnocentAshlanders)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Marsus Tullius tells me that he has been robbed by a couple of Ashlanders, and they've stolen the guar hides he was carrying to Tel Aruhn.
20 Tullius says that if I am able to recover the hides for him, his father in Tel Aruhn will reward me handsomely.
30 I've agreed to help Marsus Tullius recover his stolen guar hides. Tullius could give my no information on his attackers, other than that they were Ashlanders. It will probably be best to check the nearby Ashlander camps for any clues.
40 Finishes quest  I've decided against trying to track down the Ashlanders who robbed Marsus Tullius.
45 I've spoken to members of the Zainab Ashlander tribe. They seem to have no knowledge of the guar hide theft.
46 I've spoken to members of the Urshilaku Ashlander camp, and they seem to have no knowledge of the guar hide theft.
47 I've spoken to members of the Ahemmusa Ashlander camp, and they seem to have no knowledge of the guar hide theft.
50 I spoke to members of the Erabenimsun Ashlander camp, and they tell me that two of their tribe, Tinti and Hairan, do have the hides. However, they tell me that both of them are honorable warriors, and would not have taken the hides without good reason. They suggest I speak to those two directly, if I have the courage.
60 Tinti and Hairan tell me that the guar hides that Marsus Tullius had in his possession were taken from the Erabenimsun Tribal Herds. They question his right to call them thieves, when all the have done is reclaim what is their own, in their eyes.
70 Because the Ashlanders have accepted me as one of their own, Tinti and Hairan are willing to give me the hides to return, in the name of friendship.
75 Tinti and Hairan have told me that the hides are theirs by tribal right, and they will die before giving them back to the Imperial trader.
80 I've refused to take the hides from Tinti and Hairan. The hides do seem to belong to the Erabenimsun, and should stay with the tribe. They seem pleased with my decision, and have given me a Herder's Belt as a token of our friendship.
85 I've accepted the hides from Tinti and Hairan, along with their blessing to return the hides to Tullius, with the understanding that he will never approach the Tribal Herds again.
100 Tullius has his hides back, and I've told him the Ashlanders' conditions for their return. He swears to stay away from Erabenimsun lands in the future. He is pleased to have the hides back, and told me I should visit his father, Stentus Tellius, in Tel Aruhn for my reward.
105 I've returned the hides to Tullius, and he seems pleased to have them back. He tells me I should visit his father, Stentus Tullius, in Tel Aruhn for my reward.
110 Finishes quest  I've told Tullius of my decision not to accept the hides from the Ashlanders. He genuinely seemed surprised that the herds belonged to the Erabenimsun people, and was only dismayed that he would have to find more hides to replace them. Unfortunately, his father financed this trade excursion, and without the hides, he has no money with which to reward me.
115 Finishes quest  I've spoken with Tullius' father, and he's rewarded me for helping his son.