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This article is about the building. For the Bloodmoon faction, see Bloodmoon:East Empire Company.

Console Location Code(s)
Ebonheart, East Empire Company Hall
Ebonheart, East Empire North Warehouse
Ebonheart, East Empire South Warehouse
Ebonheart, [2,-13]
The offices at Dragon Square

The East Empire Company is an Imperial trading company with offices in Ebonheart and Fort Frostmoth. You cannot join the company in Ebonheart, but you can in Fort Frostmoth. To do so you need to have Bloodmoon installed.

The Ebonheart offices and warehouses are located in the eastern section of the city. The only services offered here are some moderate training from J'Zhirr. The warehouses are "guarded" by members of the Fighters Guild, though the guards in the Southern Tower are not nearly as diligent as those in the Northern Tower: they both have their Alarm set to 0, which means that they won't try to stop you from taking anything or even cause you a bounty if you do. At any rate, there is not much of value in either the warehouses or the offices, but look for a copy of A Dance in Fire, Chapter 6, a skill book for Mercantile, on the shelf in Canctunian Ponius' office.

Related QuestsEdit

House HlaaluEdit

  • Epony Trade: Convince Canctunian Ponius to buy Ebony from House Hlaalu, or shut down the Sudanit Mine.

Imperial CultEdit



Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Bolrin Male Wood Elf Merchant 13 110 138 0 30 Company Hall
Canctunian Ponius Male Imperial Noble 13 111 118 0 30 Company Hall
Company Guard Male Imperial Guard Imperial Legion Spearman(Spearman) 20 210 122 100 30 Company Hall Respawns
Fiiriel Male High Elf Barbarian Fighters Guild Protector(Protector) 13 127 120 90 30 North Warehouse
Haening Male Nord Rogue Fighters Guild Protector(Protector) 13 128 80 90 30 North Warehouse
J'Zhirr Male Khajiit Agent 9 76 98 70 40 Company Hall Trainer
Okan-Shei Male Argonian Savant 13 94 146 0 30 Company Hall
Shazgob gra-Luzgan Male Orc Trader 9 100 86 0 30 Company Hall
Siltalaure Female High Elf Rogue Fighters Guild Protector(Protector) 13 108 120 0 30 South Warehouse
Thoromlallor Male Wood Elf Barbarian Fighters Guild Protector(Protector) 13 122 100 0 30 South Warehouse