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A scene from the Bitter Coast, showing typical wildlife
The smuggler ship Grytewake
Gnaar Mok is a small, dilapidated fishing village
Map of the Bitter Coast
Bitter Coast Region Weather Table
Clear 10% Thunder 10%
Cloudy 60% Foggy 10%
Ash 0% Blight 0%
Overcast 0% Rain 10%
Snow 0% Blizzard 0%

The Bitter Coast, named for the salt marshes along the coast, is the part of Vvardenfell's coast nearest to the mainland of Morrowind. This largely uninhabited area is in the far southwest of Vvardenfell and lies between the mountains of the West Gash to the east and the Inner Sea to the west. The northern boundary of the region is generally considered to be marked by Khartag Point just north of Gnaar Mok, and it follows the coast south and eastward through the tiny fishing and smuggling village of Hla Oad and the Imperial outpost at Seyda Neen, finally merging into terrain more reminiscent of the Ascadian Isles just west of Vivec.

The Bitter Coast is dominated by humid, putrid swamps and salt marshes. The giant bull netch float gently through the air, fearing no cliff racer or mudcrab. Off the coast, divers find kollops with pearls, but even more slaughterfish and man-like dreugh with their hard shells and tentacles. Herbalists come to this region to harvest the various mushrooms, which thrive in the marshy environment. The region is also known as The Smuggler's Coast, since the secluded coves and islands are littered with smugglers operating out of their hidden caves. The ever-present fog and rain provide additional cover for their boats. No major action has been taken to curtail their actions, as many smugglers count on support from locals unhappy with high taxes on liquor. Great, ragged trees provide a canopy beneath which pools of stagnant water grow a steady incursion of green-brown moss. Local flora is replete with fungi including bungler's bane, hypha facia and violet coprinus, and the murky pools can reward the strong-stomached with glowing ampoule pods. Local fauna is mostly predatory, but not all that dangerous to the traveler. The few truly dangerous creatures on the Bitter Coast are kwama foragers and nix-hounds, the latter of which are delicious and useful for making potions.

The unwary traveler venturing into the open waters off the coast is in another league, however. The eternally persistent slaughterfish is thought by some to be a distant cousin to the cliff racer, as their temperament is very similar. For more information, see the lore article.

Bitter Coast PlacesEdit

A list of places found in the Bitter Coast, Vvardenfell, Morrowind.

Cities and SettlementsEdit

Smaller TownsEdit

  • Seyda Neen — A small Imperial harbor village and trading post in the southern Bitter Coast, and the port where the game is begun. (map)
  • Hla Oad — A small Hlaalu fishing village and smuggler's stop-off on the Bitter Coast. (map)
  • Gnaar Mok — A small Hlaalu fishing village on the Bitter Coast. (map)
  • Rethan Manor — A Hlaalu stronghold located on the Odai Plateau, southwest of Balmora. (map)

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Daedric RuinsEdit

Dunmer StrongholdsEdit

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Related QuestsEdit

A list of quests that are related to the Bitter Coast.

House HlaaluEdit

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Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Dreynis Nothro   Dark Elf Spellsword 17 135 124 50 30 [-8,2]
Farvyn Oreyn   Dark Elf Battlemage 6 83 126 50 30 [-8,2]
Fjol   Nord Barbarian 8 106 72 50 50 [-6,-4] Road Agent, wanted by Larrius Varro
Holmgeira   Nord Barbarian 17 161 86 0 30 [-8,0]
Ilfhild   Nord Battlemage 9 88 116 90 30 [-7,-6]
Processus Vitellius   Imperial Agent Imperial Cult Novice(Novice) 5 0 96 0 30 [-3,-9] Already dead
Tarhiel   Wood Elf Enchanter 6 5 22 0 0 [-3,-8] Blacksmith; Merchant (sort of)
Vala Herennius   Imperial Knight 17 161 116 50 30 [-8,2]
Velfred the Outlaw   Nord Barbarian 17 166 86 90 30 [-7,-6] Captain of the Grytewake