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Morrowind:Favors for Orcs

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Help deliver some notes in exchange for a "useless" rock.
Quest Giver: Bugrol gro-Bagul on the road outside Caldera
Location(s): Caldera
Reward: Diamond
ID: MV_Bugrol
Bugrol gro-Bagul in hiding

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find Bugrol gro-Bagul behind a tree on the road northwest of Caldera.
  2. Take his Note from Bugrol to Bashuk gra-Bat in Caldera.
  3. Take her Note from Bashuk back to Bugrol gro-Bagul to collect your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Favors for OrcsEdit

You will find Bugrol gro-Bagul hiding from the Caldera authorities behind a rock northwest of town, near the first fork in the road. He will ask you to deliver a note to his friend, Bashuk gra-Bat, in Caldera. Bashuk is in her house in town and will give you another note to return to Bugrol.

A Useless Rock?Edit

Return to Bugrol who will try to short-change you by giving you a useless rock (which is actually a not-so-useless diamond).

Aside from this, you can actually find out what the Orcs are up to by reading some notes in Bashuk's and Valvius Mevureius' houses in town.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Favors for Orcs (MV_Bugrol)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I met an orc [sic] in the woods north of Caldera named Bugrol. Seems he's on the run from the town guards, or townbosses, as he calls them.
20 Bugrol wants me to deliver a note he gave me to his friend Bashuk gra-Bat in Caldera. He promises me a present if I do so. I can only imagine what that might be.
25 Finishes quest  Bugrol wanted me to deliver a note he gave me to his friend Bashuk gra-Bat in Caldera. I couldn't imagine a bigger waste of time.
30 Delivered Bugrol's note to Bashuk in Caldera. Quite a pair these two are.
35 Bashuk gra-Bat gave me a note to bring back to Bugrol, assuming the little coward hasn't run off somewhere. This is so demeaning.
40 Gave Bugrol the note from Bashuk. I can't believe I'm playing messenger for these two.
100 Finishes quest  There don't seem to be any more notes to pass between Bugrol and Bashuk, thank the gods. I feel I'm actually a bit stupider for ever having talked to either one of them. But, the fool did give me a diamond as his "present." Apparently he thought it was just a shiny rock. Probably found it while he was "hiding."