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Zainab Camp
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Alignment: Zainab
Region: Grazelands

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:

Zainab Camp

The Zainab Camp is located on the western edge of the Grazelands region, southwest of Vos and south of the Dwemer ruins of Nchuleft. From here, the Zainab control the southern Grazelands.

The camp's Ashkhan is Kaushad and the resident Wise Woman is Sonummu Zabamat. During the main quest, Ashkhan Kaushad requests that you take care of a vampire who has taken up residence in a nearby ancestral tomb and then to help him acquire a high-born Telvanni bride in order to win his support as the Zainab Nerevarine.

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The Zainab Camp has three resident traders: Ashibaal, who trades solely for the Zainab Camp, and Ashur-Dan and Ababael Timsar-Dadisun, who willingly trade with outsiders. Ababael and Ashur-Dan both offer Blacksmith services and Ababael is a master trainer in Mercantile. Ababael also provides training in Armorer and Long Blade. The resident healer is Tussi, who also has a variety of potions and ingredients for purchase.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

  • Zainab Nerevarine: Travel to the Zainab camp in order for them to recognize you as the Nerevarine.

House HlaaluEdit

  • Ashlander Ebony: Convince the Zainab Ashlander camp to sell ebony only to House Hlaalu.



Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Ababael Timsar-Dadisun Male Dunmer Trader Service Ashlanders Clanholder(Clanholder) 25 236 45 90 30 Ababael Timsar-Dadisun's Yurt Merchant, Master Trainer
Ashibaal Male Dunmer Champion Ashlanders Gulakhan(Gulakhan) 12 134 25 90 30 Ashibaal's Yurt
Ashur-Dan Male Dunmer Trader Service Ashlanders Brother(Brother) 12 129 29 90 30 Ashur-Dan's Yurt Merchant
Kaushad Male Dunmer Champion Ashlanders Ashkhan(Ashkhan) 21 225 28 90 30 Ashkhan's Yurt
Minassour Male Dunmer Champion Ashlanders Gulakhan(Gulakhan) 15 162 26 90 30 Minassour's Yurt
Patababi Male Dunmer Scout Ashlanders Brother(Brother) 12 144 26 90 30 Patababi's Yurt
Sakulerib Male Dunmer Herder Ashlanders Initiate(Initiate) 13 159 25 90 30 [9,10]
Sonummu Zabamat Female Dunmer Wise Woman Service Ashlanders Clanholder(Clanholder) 16 266 25 90 30 Wise Woman's Yurt Merchant
Tussi Female Dunmer Healer Service Ashlanders Brother(Brother) 10 70 100 90 30 Tussi's Yurt Merchant
Zaba Female Dunmer Hunter Ashlanders Initiate(Initiate) 14 131 30 90 30 [9,10]