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This article is about the cave. For other uses, see Mamaea (disambiguation).

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# of Zones 3
Ash Creatures, Ash Vampires, Adventurer
Console Location Code(s)
Mamaea, Shrine of Pitted Dreams
Mamaea, Sanctum of Black Hope
Mamaea, Sanctum of Awakening
West Gash, [-8,9]
The entrance to Mamaea

Mamaea is a Sixth House cave in the West Gash, high on a hill west of Dushariran.

One of the interesting features of Mamaea is that it consists of "spine" or "bone" textured cave sections that run directly from the entrance to the depths, the Shrine of Pitted Dreams. Various ash creatures lurk in the darker, more commonly textured caves on either side of this spine, including Dagoth Araynys, the only Ash Vampire outside the Ghostfence.

Hannat Zainsubani is in a circular room in the Sanctum of Black Hope; he is not wearing a shirt, so be careful not to confuse him with one of the many Dreamers around. In the Shrine of Pitted Dreams, a Dreamer priest named Zula guards a trough holding a Daedric Face of Inspiration, a pair of ebony boots, and the Fang of Haynekhtnamet (a magical dagger).

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit



Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Hannat Zainsubani   Dark Elf Thief Thieves Guild Ringleader(Ringleader) 8 85 26 0 30 Sanctum of Black Hope
Zula   Dark Elf Dreamer Sixth House 2 40 82 0 90 Shrine of Pitted Dreams


  • Since this is no ordinary cave, a high level is recommended (~30). You should be strong against magic, as you will face many Ascended Sleepers and Ash Ghouls.
  • In the Sanctum of Black Hope, a locked cell is opened by a key held by Zula as well as by the Dreamer Prophet in Vivec, Foreign Quarter Underworks.
  • In the Sanctum of Black Hope, if you swim to the bottom of the deep pool of water, you will be teleported back to the entrance, as is common when one falls through the ground.


Map of Mamaea, Sanctum of Awakening
Map of Mamaea, Sanctum of Black Hope
Map of Mamaea, Shrine of Pitted Dreams