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Morrowind:Arenim Ancestral Tomb

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Arenim Ancestral Tomb
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Console Location Code(s)
Arenim Ancestral Tomb
Azura's Coast, [18,-2]
Arenim Ancestral Tomb

Arenim Ancestral Tomb is a large tomb on Azura's Coast south of Sadrith Mora, east of the Erabenimsun Camp, and close to the Holamayan monastery.

To find this tomb, start from the Erabenimsun Camp head due east until you reach the coast. Follow the shoreline south for a little while, and the Arenim Ancestral Tomb will be on your right, a little way inland. You will find a Dark Elf just inside of the tomb, named Satyana, who asks for your help. There are six undead enemies here. You can find some potions, some minor armors, A Dance in Fire, Chapter V, some ingredients (including a diamond), an enchanted claymore, two keys (to a chest and to a door), and an apprentice probe.

Family MembersEdit

There are six known members of the Arenim family, most of which are members of House Hlaalu:

Related QuestsEdit



Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Satyana   Dark Elf Battlemage 14 161 158 0 30


  • Not far from Satyana in the corridor lies a very rare unenchanted shirt. It is an expensive shirt related to ashlanders (expensive_shirt_01_z), and this copy is only one that can be obtained peacefully, since other 3 shirts are worn by essential NPCs (Sonummu Zabamat, Kaushad and Ashibaal).


Map of Arenim Ancestral Tomb