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Morrowind:The Dwemer's Bone

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Help Balen Andrano's failing business by sabotaging his competitor, Jeanne.
Quest Giver: Balen Andrano at the Redoran Trader in Vivec's Redoran Canton
Location(s): Vivec
Reward: Sleep Amulet, Steel Shardmauler
ID: EB_Bone
Place the Dwemer's bone in the chest.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Balen Andrano in the Trader shop in the Redoran Canton.
  2. Plant a Dwarven Bone close to Jeanne.
  3. Return to Balen for your reward of a Sleep Amulet.
  4. (Optional) You can get another reward if you get rid of the menace for Jeanne.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Dwemer's BoneEdit

Speak to Balen Andrano in the Redoran Trader shop in the Waistworks level of the Redoran Canton in Vivec. Apparently his business has been doing poorly lately, a trend that he attributes to the trader Jeanne on the Foreign Quarter Canalworks level.


He asks you to plant a magic item, a Dwarven Bone, in a chest near her bed in an attempt to lower her sales. You can find the chest in Jeanne's locked back room, so the trick here is to unlock that door without Jeanne seeing you. If she sees you, then you will get Journal entry 55 and will be unable to finish the quest. You can either count on your own Sneak skill, use a helpful Chameleon spell or item, or get the key on the table in the left corner of the shop (which also requires sneaking). The chest inside is also locked but with the door closed, Jeanne will be none the wiser. Return to Balen once you've planted the bone to receive a Sleep Amulet as a reward.

But Wait, There's More!Edit

If you travel back and speak with Jeanne, you'll find that lately her customers have been scared off by a Dwarven Spectre haunting the premises, and she even asks you for your help. You can either kill the ghost, which is in her bedroom, or remove the cursed bone from the chest. If you do not even want to open the bedroom door and deal with the ghost, you can simply buy the bone from her. (It appears in her inventory upon placing it in the chest.) Speak with Jeanne again afterwards to receive a Steel Shardmauler. Talk about working both sides...

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Dwemer's Bone (EB_Bone)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have heard rumor that Balen Andrano is having a rough time with his business.
15 Balen Andrano has asked me to do a job for him. He would like me to place the bone of a dead Dwemer in the shop of one of his rivals, the Redguard trader Jeanne. He claims that it will be a bad luck totem for the more prosperous merchant.
20 I have agreed to place the Dwemer bone in Jeanne's shop. Andrano tells me I must place the bone in a chest near the merchant's bed, so while she sleeps, the bone will work its evil magic. If I am spotted doing this, though, the magic will not work.
30 Finishes quest  I have decided not to help Balen Andrano.
40 I have successfully placed the Dwemer bone in Jeanne's chest.
50 While trying to sneak the Dwemer bone into the chest near Jeanne's bed, I was spotted.
55 Jeanne admonished me for attempting to enter her private quarters, and threatened to call the guard if I did not stay away.
60 Finishes quest  I have returned to Balen Andrano and collected my reward, a sleep amulet.
70 Finishes quest  I have returned to Balen Andrano, who was very disappointed in my failure.
80 After returning to Jeanne's store, the shopkeeper tells me that she has been haunted by a dwarven ghost, and her business is suffering. She would like me to rid her of this evil spirit.
90 I have killed the dwarven spirit haunting Jeanne's store.
100 I have removed the bone from the chest in Jeanne's bedroom, and the dwarven spirit has disappeared.
110 Finishes quest  Jeanne thanked me for my help, and rewarded me well for my efforts.