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Morrowind:Aeta Wave-Breaker's Jewels

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Retrieve two family heirlooms stolen by a Khajiit and his band of thieves.
Quest Giver: Aeta Wave-Breaker in the West Gash
Location(s): Shushishi
Reward: 300 gold
ID: MV_BanditVictim
The thieves are hiding in Shushishi

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find Aeta Wave-Breaker in the West Gash region, east of Caldera, and tell her that you will help recover her stolen jewels.
  2. Find the thieves' hideout: the cave Shushishi, northeast of Aeta.
  3. Make your way through the cave until you find the Khajiit Dro'Zhirr.
  4. Either kill Dro-zhirr, or "convince" him to give you the jewels.
  5. Bring the jewels back to Aeta to receive the 300 gold.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Finding AetaEdit

Aeta can be found in the West Gash region, directly east of Caldera, looking wistfully across the hills to the east. If you don't see her there, find the armorer's shop, and look for the stone wall opposite his entrance. Go around the northern end of the wall and head southeast for a few steps; she should be easy to spot. Speak to her about "some notorious thieves" and agree to retrieve her jewels.

Finding ShushishiEdit

The cave of Shushishi, where Dro'Zhirr and his fellow bandits are hiding, is northeast of Aeta, roughly east of the Caldera Governor's Hall. If you are able to use a levitate spell (or have a similar way of getting across high obstacles), get to the top of the hills northeast of Aeta. (Otherwise, you'll have to head south and take the long walk around the hills.) You should see a ravine that runs north-to-south on the other side; the entrance to Shushishi is right at the southern end of the ravine. If you have reasonable climbing skills, you can also climb the cleft in the hills just southeast of the Indalen Ancestral tomb, northeast of Caldera. You will end up just above the Abaelun Mine. It is then just a short walk east and south to Shushishi.

Inside the CaveEdit

When you enter Shushishi, prepare to be attacked by an Orc carrying a random magic axe. As you progress through the cave, you'll encounter several other bandits as well as four slaves. Dro'Zhirr himself won't attack, so you can either persuade him to give you the jewels or take them by force.

Collecting the RewardEdit

When you've obtained the two pieces of simple jewelry (an expensive amulet and ring), make your way back to Aeta. Speak to her, and she'll give you 300 gold for her family heirlooms.


  • Killing Dro'Zhirr is optional, as he can be persuaded to part with Aeta's jewels if you offer to split the reward money with him (an agreement which, of course, you do not necessarily need to keep).
  • If you do not repay your debt to Dro'Zhirr, all members of the Thieves Guild in Caldera will refuse to do business with you. This really isn't a big deal, since the only Thieves Guild operative in Caldera is Elmussa Damori, who doesn't provide any services. The only way this could possibly affect you is if you used Command Humanoid to drag a Thieves Guild service provider to Caldera.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Aeta Wave-Breaker's Jewels (MV_BanditVictim)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I met a traveler named Aeta Wave-Breaker, who has apparently been attacked by a band of thieves. Although she seemed unharmed, she was robbed.
20 Aeta Wave-Breaker has had her ring and amulet stolen. Both were apparently family heirlooms, and she is willing to pay me their value for their return. She even believes she recognized the thief, who is apparently well known in the area--Dro'zhirr.
25 Aeta Wave-Breaker tells me the jewelry she has lost included a ring and an amulet, both inscribed.
30 I have agreed to return the jewelry to Aeta Wave-Breaker, should I be able to recover it from the bandits. They are rumored to be located in a den somewhere to the east of Caldera.
40 Finishes quest  I've decided not to help Aeta Wave-Breaker. Of course, I could always try and recover the jewelry for myself.
50 I've spoken to Dro'zhirr, and offered him one half of the reward money for the jewelry, which is much more than the pieces would be able to bring on the black market. He has agreed to this proposition.
60 I've told Dro'zhirr I just want the jewels back, which seemed to anger him.
100 Finishes quest  I've returned the stolen jewelry to Aeta Wave-Breaker, for which she was very grateful. She has paid me handsomely, as promised.
105 Finishes quest  I've returned the stolen jewelry to Aeta Wave-Breaker, for which she was very grateful. She has paid me handsomely, as promised.
110 Finishes quest  I've returned the stolen jewelry to Aeta Wave-Breaker, for which she was very grateful. She has paid me handsomely, as promised. Of course, I owe half of this reward to Dro'zhirr, but half is still better than what these goods would fetch on the black market.
120 Finishes quest  I've paid Dro'zhirr the portion of the reward money owed him. He seemed pleased with the outcome. Knowing this rogue, he'll probably just steal them another time.