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Morrowind:The Silver Bowl

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Return this silver bowl found in a smugglers' cave to its rightful owner.
Quest Giver: Beluelle's Silver bowl at Ulummusa
Location(s): Pelagiad, Piernette's Farmhouse
Reward: +1 point of Mercantile skill, free membership in the Imperial Cult (if you wish to join)
Disposition: +20 (Ygfa)
ID: MS_Piernette
Beluelle's Silver Bowl

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Silver BowlEdit

This is one of the rare quests that doesn't begin with a person, but with an item. In the smugglers' cave of Ulummusa, northwest of Pelagiad, you may come across an ordinary silver bowl named Beluelle's Silver bowl. If you've already found it you may have suspected that it was involved in a quest of some sort, and hopefully have it safely stashed away somewhere. If not, the bowl can be found on top of the chest at the end of the cave.

Once you take the bowl you should receive a journal entry about the bowl's inscription. Although the inscription mentions the East Empire Company, nobody there will give you any information about the bowl or Armond Beluelle.

Detective WorkEdit

Ask around Pelagiad about the bowl to learn that there is a Piernette Beluelle on a farm to the east. You will be directed to the healer at Fort Pelagiad, Ygfa, for further directions.

Return the Bowl to PiernetteEdit

The farm is east of Pelagiad, north of Vivec, and southwest of Suran. The bridge leading to the farmhouse which Ygfa mentions in her directions is just north of the silt strider platform at Vivec. Speak with Piernette to learn that the bowl was her husband's and was stolen. Return the bowl to her without asking for any reward to receive a 1-point Mercantile boost. If you acted honorably and returned the bowl, you can talk to people about the bowl in Pelagiad to receive a boost in disposition. Ygfa will also allow you to join the Imperial Cult for free.

If you refuse to hand over the bowl, Ygfa's disposition will drop 20 points, and a further 20 if you talk to her again. Other Pelagiad residents' dispositions will drop by ten.


  • The Mercantile reward does not count toward your level-up requirements if Mercantile is a Major or Minor skill, nor will it count toward your Personality level-up multiplier. It also cannot raise your Mercantile skill above the 100-point maximum; if your Mercantile skill is already maxed, you will effectively receive no reward from this quest.
  • It's not necessary to talk with Ygfa about the bowl; you can return it to Piernette right away.
  • Although Ygfa describes the structure as a "rope bridge", it's made out of wood planks supported by wood posts, similar to other small bridges just north of Vivec.
  • You can give the bowl to Piernette even after telling her you're keeping it for yourself.
  • If you kill Piernette after completing the quest, the bowl will not be on her body.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Silver Bowl (MS_Piernette)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
1 I found a silver bowl with the inscription "To Armond Beluelle, from the East Empire Company, for courage and daring in the protection of the Company's couriers, with our thanks."
10 Ygfa says that her friend, Piernette Beluelle, had a silver bowl stolen. She gave me directions to her friend's house starting from the north entrance to the Foreign Quarter of Vivec. Due north from the bridge to the Foreign Quarter of Vivec is an east-west rope bridge across a lagoon. Cross the bridge east, then follow the path as it heads north. Pass Nilera's farmhouse on the left, and the next house north will be Piernette's farmhouse.
90 I told her that I found the silver bowl, and that I'm going to keep it. She threatened to tell others about my 'disgraceful behavior.'
100 Finishes quest  The silver bowl I found belonged to Piernette and Armond Beluelle. Armond had received the bowl as a gift from grateful merchants when he drove off bandits attacking one of the East Empire Company's couriers. I returned the bowl to her, and to show her gratitude, she gave me some very useful information about local merchants and how to get the best prices from them.