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Morrowind:Fargoth's Hiding Place

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Find out where Fargoth is hiding his money.
Quest Giver: Hrisskar Flat-Foot at Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen
Location(s): Seyda Neen
Reward: 100 gold, Engraved Ring of Healing, Journeyman's Lockpick
Disposition: +40 (Hrisskar Flat-Foot)
ID: MS_Lookout
Fargoth not acting at all suspicious

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk with Arrille at Arrille's Tradehouse to find out about Hrisskar Flat-Foot's money troubles.
  2. Talk with Hrisskar about finding Fargoth's hiding place.
  3. Observe Fargoth at night and locate his hidden stash.
  4. Return to Hrisskar for a petty reward. Alternatively, you may simply keep the 300 gold by not returning to Hrisskar.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

A Nord's Money TroublesEdit

In the town of Seyda Neen, you can find out from Arrille that Hrisskar Flat-Foot has been having money troubles lately. Hrisskar, in the bar upstairs, will reveal that he believes Fargoth, whom he regularly bullies for money, has been holding out on him and he asks you to help find Fargoth's hidden stash.

Lighthouse LookoutEdit

If you wait at the top of the lighthouse until at least 10pm, you can watch Fargoth sneak to his secret hiding spot in the hollow treestump in the mud pool behind Teruise Girvayne's house. Climb down and check out Fargoth's hiding place; the tree stump will contain a journeyman's lockpick, 300 gold, and Fargoth's Engraved Ring of Healing, but only if you gave it back to him in the Fargoth's Ring quest.

Return to HrisskarEdit

Return to Hrisskar to complete the quest. He will take the 300 gold and give you back 100 for your troubles.


  • Until you receive the quest from Hrisskar, the treestump remains empty and Fargoth will never visit it.
  • Upstairs in the lighthouse, there's an Unarmored skill book, The Wraith's Wedding Dowry—don't forget to read (or take) it while you're there.
  • When you are at the top of the lighthouse, as soon as Fargoth starts to sneak, you can jump down and he will go into the swamp regardless of your presence.
  • If you ask Fargoth himself about his hiding place, it will lower your disposition with him by 10 points, even after completing the quest.
  • You could simply choose to not complete the quest by not returning to Hrisskar with the gold and keep everything from Fargoth's hoard. The extra 200 gold is a handy sum when starting off. Of course, once funding becomes a bit larger, you can return to Hrisskar and give him the gold to complete the quest. If you talk to Hrisskar without 300 gold in your possession, he is annoyed and his disposition drops ten points.
  • If you ask Hrisskar about Fargoth's hiding place after you've given him the gold, he will admit to being the one who put Fargoth's ring in the barrel near the Census and Excise building.
  • If you are a member of the Imperial Legion and lack your Legion uniform or sufficient rank, Hrisskar won't talk to you.


  • If you rest in the town itself (not in a building or bed), Fargoth will stay in his "sneak" pose and refuse to speak to you even once it's daytime. A simple, quick fix to get him unstuck is to go indoors and then outdoors again, and he should start sneak-moving again.
  • You will be unable to finish this quest if Fargoth dies before you tell Hrisskar the location of his stash. Hrisskar will only berate you for killing Fargoth and will not acknowledge the stash being found.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Fargoth's Hiding Place (MS_Lookout)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Hrisskar Flat-Foot asked me to do him a favor. He believes that Fargoth has been hiding money from the Imperials, and he'd like to know where it's gone. If I will work for him, he will give me a share of the bounty.
20 I've agreed to help Hrisskar find the money that Fargoth has been hiding away. I am supposed to keep an eye on him from atop the lighthouse in town, and watch where he goes. Hrisskar believes I should watch him at night. I'm not supposed to approach him at any time. I should then retrace his footsteps and find out where he's hidden the money. When I've found it, I should report back to Hrisskar.
30 Finishes quest  I've decided not to help Hrisskar.
40 I've found Fargoth's hidden stash. He keeps it in a hollow treestump in a muck pond in town.
100 Finishes quest  Hrisskar was grateful that I found the money that Fargoth had been hiding. He rewarded me with some gold, and told me I could keep anything else I found in the bag besides the money he wanted.