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Khartag Point
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Almsivi Intervention Balmora
Divine Intervention Buckmoth Legion Fort
Console Location Code(s)
Khartag Point
Bitter Coast, [-9,4]
Northwest of Gnaar Mok
Khartag Point

Khartag Point is located northwest of Gnaar Mok, and east of the Neglected Shipwreck.

Boethiah's newly built shrine at Khartag Point

It is something of a monument to Orcs, since a famous Orc warrior died there after a battle. Another Orc was dared to jump off the cliff, leading to his demise. A broken skeleton found in the water to the southeast still wears an Orcish left pauldron, suggesting it might be all that remains of the Orc who jumped to his death.

Khartag Point is the site that Duma gro-Lag chooses to build the new shrine to Daedra Lord Boethiah, if you complete his quest.

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The four Orcs listed here will only be at Khartag Point during the construction phase of the statue. Afterwards, only Duma gro-Lag the sculptor will be present.

Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Dumburz gro-Bulfish   Orc Pauper 3 57 64 0 30
Lazgar gra-Durog   Orc Pauper 3 57 84 0 30
Shulong gro-Azorku   Orc Pauper 3 57 64 0 30
Ugdumph gro-Lumbuk   Orc Pauper 3 57 64 0 30


  • Khartag Point also appeared in The Elder Scrolls Online along with an Orc named Khartag, who was in the business of freeing slaves in Dunmer lands and fell afoul of the Camonna Tong. It was presumably named after him.