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Daedric Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon
Worshippers, Daedra, Slaughterfish
Console Location Code(s)
Ashalmimilkala, Shrine
Bitter Coast, [-8,-2]

Ashalmimilkala is a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon southwest of the Hlormaren stronghold. If you're having trouble finding it, look to the string of islands in the shape of a "C" to the west of Morrowind's coast. The enemies within consist of a leveled Daedra, two worshippers, and some slaughterfish. The pearl on the altar is cursed.

The shrine to Mehrunes Dagon within Ashalmimilkala

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Imperial CultEdit

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  • There is a hidden scroll of Drathis' Soulrot (Paralyze for 5 seconds on touch, Poison 15 to 45 pts for 5 sec on touch, Damage Endurance 0 to 50 on touch, damage willpower 0 to 50 on touch) behind the rock table that Carecalmo stands next to.
  • The following may be found on the table nearby: A scroll of Flamebane, a scroll of Black Death, a scroll of the Black Storm, Song of the Alchemists, and Spirit of the Daedra.
  • There are two locked chests (level 15 and 10), both with leveled items (mostly potions).
  • Crates, containing mostly alchemy ingredients, can be found inside the ruin.
  • A Scroll of Fiercely Roasting can be found on the table next to Urjorad.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Carecalmo Male Altmer Mage 22 168 2000 0 90 Casts paralyze, as well as burden.
Meryaran Male Altmer Knight 18 164 138 0 90 Armor: Full Steel Set
Urjorad Male Khajiit Healer Imperial Cult Initiate(Initiate) 9 0 25 0 80 Already dead


Map of Ashalmimilkala