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Okur (Okur)
Home Town Hla Oad
House Okur's House
Race Argonian Gender Female
Level 2 Class Commoner
Other Information
Health 46 Magicka 102
Alarm 0 Fight 30

Okur is an Argonian commoner living in Hla Oad. Okur is having trouble with a restless spirit and needs your help putting the spectre at ease. She is wearing a common shirt with matching pants, belt, and amulet. Like all Argonians, she is immune to poison, has a resistance to disease, and can breathe underwater; otherwise she knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Restless SpiritEdit

When first spoken to:

"Thank you for coming. I have been visited by the spirit of Julielle Aumine. She says she chanced upon a band of smugglers, and was murdered to seal her lips. She says that her spirit will not rest until her amulet is recovered and returned to her husband, and until the four smugglers who murdered her are slain. When I have Julielle's amulet and you have the lives of her murderers, I shall see that her spirit is laid to rest."
four smugglers
"The four murderers' names are Dudley, Larisus Dergius, Ralos Othrenim, and Thervam Drelas. I have the sense that they are strong and well-armed. Julielle's spirit says that their smugglers cave is called 'Yasamsi', and it lies south along the road from town, before the bridge across the Odai River."
Julielle's amulet
"It is nothing but a common amulet, worth little. But it bears an inscription that shows it belongs to Julielle Aumine. She says that the smugglers burned her body and scattered the ashes. Perhaps that is why her spirit is so restless, and why her amulet is so important to her."

If spoken to again:

"When you have killed the four smugglers who murdered Julielle Aumine, and found her stolen amulet, bring me the amulet, and I shall see that her spirit is laid to rest."

Once the smugglers are dead and you have the amulet:

"Yes, this is Julielle Aumine's amulet, as her husband described it to me. I shall return it to him. May the Nine bless you for your deeds. Return to Kaye, and tell him that now I am sure I can lay the ghost of Julielle Aumine to rest."

Whenever spoken to again:

"I will return Julielle Aumine's amulet to her husband as she requested. Then I shall wait for her spirit to visit me again. At that time, I am confident that I can lay the ghost of Julielle Aumine to rest. So thank you again, for all you've done."

If asked about the smugglers and amulet after the quest is done:

four smugglers
"They got what they deserved. I have no sympathy for them."
Julielle's amulet
"I will return it to her husband as soon as possible."