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Dwemer Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
Dwemer Centurions, Dwarven Spectre
Console Location Code(s)
Bitter Coast, [-7,1]

Aleft is a small Dwemer ruin located southeast of Gnaar Mok and northwest of Hlormaren.

The interior of the ruin

It is the only Dwemer ruin lying within the Bitter Coast region. It is a small ruin containing only two rooms with nine leveled Dwemer Centurions guarding them. There is no special loot present in Aleft, just the basic Dwemer finds.


  • There are two Heavy Dwemer Chests (each contains 10 Dwemer coins and two random Dwemer items) and an Ornate Dwemer Chest (contains 25 Dwemer coins and three random Dwemer items). The key that opens the Ornate Chest can be found lying around. For exact location, check on the second floor, southwest corner.
  • Look inside the hollow log just outside the ruins for some gold and lockpicks.
  • Aleft also appears in ESO.


Aleft, interior map