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This article is about the Sixth House base along the Bitter Coast. For the cave in the Sheogorad region, see Assumanu.

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# of Zones 2
Ash Creatures, Dreamers, Daedra
Console Location Code(s)
Assemanu, Shrine
Bitter Coast, [0,-11]

Assemanu is a Sixth House cave in the Bitter Coast, on a small island west of Vivec's Hlaalu Canton.

Assemanu, Shrine

Assemanu is home to a large branch of the sinister Sixth House, led by a named Ascended Sleeper called Dagoth Hlevul, who is influencing various people on Vvardenfell. When Dagoth Hlevul is killed, the following Sleepers are awoken: Alvura Othrenim, Eralane Hledas, Nelmil Hler, Relur Faryon, and Vivyne Andrano in Vivec, Neldris Llervu in Suran, and Daynasa Telandas on Arano Plantation. Talk to each of them for a Reputation point.

Also in this cave is the Robe of St. Roris, which you may be asked to recover as part of a high-level House Hlaalu quest. The cave is quite dark and has ledges and bridges; levitation and some form of light is helpful here. The doors to the shrine are locked (35-75); however, an Old Key to open them is found on a dead Ordinator. Be careful if you enter the Inner Shrine area through the middle door, as four Dreamers will rush you.

The Inner Shrine is locked from the inside, and requires a key to open the doors; the key is on the body of a dead Ordinator in the cave entry area, up a ramp in the north end. To get around this trap, use Recall or Almsivi or Divine Intervention to get out of the central shrine. The Robe of St. Roris is in a hard-to-reach locked chest above the bells that may require levitation or extreme Acrobatics skills to reach. It's a useful item even if you don't have the related quest. A Rusty Key found on a Dreamer here opens the chest. The place is pretty light on treasure otherwise, although a fair amount of Indoril armor - which is of good quality and sells for a lot of gold - can be found on the three dead Ordinators in the outer cave. Of course, there's the usual Sixth House Bell Hammer, as well as twelve ash statues, and Dagoth Hlevul has his own 6th House Amulet.

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House HlaaluEdit



  • A section of wall next to the ledge with the chest has no collision and can be passed through. ?
  • The doors in the shrine area are set to lock level 0 and therefore cannot be opened without a key. Unsure if this is intentional or a bug.


Map of Assemanu