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# of Zones 3
Almsivi Intervention Gnisis
Divine Intervention Gnisis
Console Location Code(s)
Andasreth, Lower Level
Andasreth, Propylon Chamber
Andasreth, Upper Level
West Gash, [-9,5]

Andasreth is a stronghold in a pocket desert of the West Gash region.

It is one of the ancient strongholds from a brighter time for the Dunmer. It can be found north of Gnaar Mok, just over the mountains north of Khartag Point.

The strongholds seem interesting to the traveler but should be approached very carefully. They have largely been abandoned, but have since generally proved attractive to whatever group feels strong enough to hold them. At last report, Andasreth has been taken over by bandits. Four dead Redoran guards, presumably killed by the bandits, can be found on the Lower Level of the stronghold.

Two hostile bandits, Athesie Andas and Folvalie Omalor offer training services if successfully calmed or snuck up on. Andas offers major training in Short Blade, Light Armor, and Sneak while Omalor offers medium training in the same skills.

Andasreth has a propylon chamber linking to Hlormaren and Berandas.

Related QuestsEdit

House RedoranEdit


The Andasreth Propylon Index can be found on a shelf in the dome on top of Hlormaren.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Aloie Indaram   Dark Elf Archer 9 103 23 0 90 Outside
Andril Othran   Dark Elf Thief 6 66 96 0 90 Lower Level
Athesie Andas   Dark Elf Agent 18 123 118 0 90 Upper Level Trainer
Beleru Hledri   Dark Elf Thief 9 76 106 0 90 Upper Level
Brelar Andas   Dark Elf Rogue 18 150 108 0 90 Upper Level
Dareru Omalas   Dark Elf Rogue 9 87 92 0 90 Lower Level
Dinor Thilandas   Dark Elf Thief 6 66 96 0 90 Lower Level
Folvalie Omalor   Dark Elf Agent 15 107 110 0 90 Upper Level Trainer
Gilas Llervu   Dark Elf Battlemage 9 83 136 0 90 Upper Level
Giryn Nirith   Dark Elf Archer 9 103 23 0 90 Outside
Ildos Rothren   Dark Elf Agent 9 81 98 0 90 Lower Level
Lleran Andoril   Dark Elf Rogue 12 111 98 0 90 Upper Level
Nalsie Radas   Dark Elf Rogue 15 126 102 0 90 Lower Level
Raynilie Andromo   Dark Elf Battlemage 12 97 148 0 90 Upper Level
Sulis Rendas   Dark Elf Archer 6 82 22 0 90 Outside


Map of Andasreth