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# of Zones 3
Console Location Code(s)
Grytewake, Cabin

Grytewake, Lower Level
Grytewake, Upper Level

Bitter Coast, [-7,-6]
The Grytewake

The Grytewake is a smuggler's ship located at a secluded harbor along the Bitter Coast southwest of Hla Oad.

The ship belongs to Velfred the Outlaw and his ensemble of thieves. Searching the lower levels, you will discover that Velfred is smuggling ash statues as well as narcotics. If you query him about them, he will state that you have "seen too much," and will promptly attack you.

Related QuestsEdit


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Bedrir   Nord Barbarian 13 142 80 90 30 Cabin
Hefadmir   Nord Rogue 5 76 66 90 30 Lower Level
Ilfhild   Nord Battlemage 9 88 116 90 30 Deck
Sittar   Nord Barbarian 9 113 72 90 30 Upper Level
Velfred the Outlaw   Nord Barbarian 17 166 86 90 30 Deck




There are three chests in the cabin. A small stone chest under the bed contains random clutter. A large chest at the foot of the bed holds common clothing and some gold. The last chest behind the table has a 25pt lock and contains at least 25 gold.

On top of the small shelf, there are two skill books: Charwich-Koniinge, Volume 1 and Bone, Part Two, which raise your Unarmored and Medium Armor skills, respectively.

Bedrir stands guard over this meager assortment of loot.

Upper LevelEdit

Upper Level

Most of the loot here consists of common clothes, food and various clutter. However, two crates under the stairs hold four pieces of raw ebony each. Two more chests by the west wall contain the same loot but are watched over by Sittar. There is an ash statue under one of the hammocks.

Lower LevelEdit

Lower Level

Hefadmir is stationed here, where three more crates containing four pieces of ebony and two more ash statues litter the floor. One crate holds mostly smuggled goods. Under the stairs, a floating barrel bobs as though it was in water.