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Morrowind:Thelas Ancestral Tomb

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Thelas Ancestral Tomb
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# of Zones 1
Shrines St. Veloth
Console Location Code(s)
Thelas Ancestral Tomb
Bitter Coast, [-4,-9]
Thelas Ancestral Tomb

Thelas Ancestral Tomb is a small tomb west of Seyda Neen on the Bitter Coast.

The first room contains a shrine of St. Veloth and two urns filled with bonemeal and is guarded by an ancestor ghost and a leveled undead creature. The lower room is guarded by another ancestor ghost and undead creature and contains three more bonemeal-filled urns, a scroll of divine intervention, a hackle-lo leaf, a guar hide, a fire petal, and a key to two locked chests, which can be found in the ashpit. The small locked (10) chest contains rings and gold and the larger locked (10) one holds jewelry and gold. However, both have a fairly high chance of containing nothing.

The first room of the tomb

Family MembersEdit

There are three known family members:

The main chamber of the tomb


  • The key to the chests might clip under the ground of the ashpit, making it unreachable.


Thelas Ancestral Tomb, interior map