Lore:Smokefrost Peaks

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Smokefrost Peaks
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Appears in ESO, Legends
Map of Smokefrost Peaks circa 2E 582

Smokefrost Peaks is a fairly mountainous region situated in the region of the Rift, within the province of Skyrim. The Smokefrost Peaks consists of the southeast Rift, and is primarily located on the intersection where the Jerall Mountains meets the Velothi Mountains. Two of the region's centerpieces is Lake Honrich on the northern end and the mountain that contains Forelhost in the southern end. The city-state of Riften is found in the center, on the shores of Lake Honrich.

The region is known to contain Smokefrost Rosewood, which is used in basic drinkware and other uses in the region.[1] The Smokefrost Peaks contains various ruins that hearken back to the Dragon Cult, such as the aforementioned Forelhost, and Lost Tongue Overlook. The region is found on the base of Mount Trolhetta, a large volcano that meets with the two mountain ranges, and the Valus Mountains. The region contains a road pass that leads into Stonefalls in Morrowind.



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