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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Return ancient relics to their rightful place.
Zone: Eastmarch
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Fort Morvunskar — Liberate Fort Morvunskar from the Stormfist invaders.
Quest Giver: Lieutenant Koruni
Location(s): Fort Morvunskar
Prerequisite Quest: Blindsided
Next Quest: Victory at Morvunskar
Reward: Burial Jewel of the Brief Queen
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
The orders from Fildgor Orcthane suggest that the Stormfists are after something precious in the royal tomb. The spirit of Queen Nurnhilde and Lieutenant Koruni both asked me to return the relics. While I'm at it, I'll see what else is going on.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Lieutenant Koruni.
  2. Enter the crypt.
  3. Return the relics to their proper places.
  4. Pursue Fildgor.
  5. Defeat Shukul gro-Agluk
  6. Talk to Captain Hamar, then talk to Queen Nurnhilde

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Enter the crypt to the north, behind the barracks. The ghost of Queen Nurnhilde is waiting for you. Talk to Nurnhilde. She tells you to relics you have are very important, and the draugr were disturbed when they were removed. The relics must be returned to the exact spot they were taken from.

The Old Nord CupEdit

When you enter the first burial chamber Queen Nurnhilde will tell you that the Old Nord Cup should be placed on one of three altars (simple, nondescript and ornate) but she does not know which. She tells you that the cup was to honor those who served the royalty and that you should examine the cup and chose wisely. You may examine the altars to get a fuller description before choosing which one to place the cup on. The old nord cup belongs on the simple altar.

When you enter the second burial chamber Queen Nurnhilde tells you that a book was taken from this chamber, but a page has been torn out. You must find the missing page and return the restored book to the pedestal.

There is a Singed Page on the floor near the brazier to your right, a Damp Page on the floor just in front of Queen Nurnhilde's ghost, a Dusty Page on low shelving to the northeast rear of the burial chamber, a Dry Page on a marble table to the northwest rear of the burial chamber. If you talk to Queen Nurnhilde she tells you a number of books were damaged and that someone with your skill should be able to compare the contents of the book to the pages you have found to select the correct page. You should read the pages to determine which one belongs in the book, Truth of the North.

Solving the Book PuzzleEdit

To solve this puzzle, you will need to use deductive reasoning to figure out which page belongs in the book. Start by reading Truths of the North. The poem describes the changing of the seasons. The first stanza describes spring, when the snow fades. The next describes summer, when the sun beats down upon the world. Next is fall, when the frost begins to return and the days seem to get shorter. Every season contains the phrase "The wise Nord knows". The poem also utilizes a poetic element known as "enjambment", where the poet starts a thought on one line, and finishes the thought on another line. The pattern for enjambment here is the thought starting on one and ending on the very next line, as in:

"When the snow fades/and the rivers run fat,/The sun sits like a flower/on a young boy's hat."

"When the snow fades/and the rivers run fat" is one thought. When you read these four lines in succession, there is a longer pause between the second and third line. The third line starts a new thought, which is finished the fourth line. If this weren't poetry, you would read the first/second and third/fourth lines as one sentence, as such:

"When the snow fades and the rivers run fat, The sun sits like a flower on a young boy's hat."

Here, the idea of enjambment is illustrated in these lines as two separate thoughts in one sentence, if that makes sense. The first two lines about snow and the river are one thought, the sun and the hat are another thought, and you can put them together to form a meaning. When spring comes, the sun sits on the boy's hat like freshly picked spring flowers that the child may adorn it with. These separate thoughts form a coherent idea that tells us what this section of the poem is about.

It is also important to note the number of lines in each stanza. A stanza, to put it simply, is kind of like a "paragraph" for a poem. There are three stanzas in this ruined copy of Truths of the North. The first has eight lines, the second has ten, and the third has eight lines. Presumably, you need to find the page that contains the final, missing stanza. This page's fragment of the poem will logically have between eight and ten lines.

Now that we're familiar with some of the elements of poetry that are important in Truths of the North, let's move on and figure out which page is the missing one.

Finding the Correct PageEdit

Analyze the damp page. This poem, although it mentions the final and missing season from Truths of the North (which is winter), it doesn't match up with the rest of the book. It starts off a little bit like Truths of the North in terms of rhyme scheme, but then incongruously, the last four lines begin to rhyme. In Truths of the North, the rhyme scheme is different. The damp page also doesn't include the ongoing them of "The wise Nord knows" which is present in the ruined book. Even though this page has eight lines in its stanza, the rest of the poem doesn't quite match up with the contents of Truths of the North, so you can conclude that the damp page is not the right one.

The singed page is not a poem, but rather a fragment from a short story. The dusty page is a fragment from Fjokki the Bard's bawdy works, which is not at all what Truths of the North is. Aside from these factors, the singed and dusty pages aren't poetry. In the case of Fjokki's piece, it's at least not the same kind of poetry as Truths of the North, both in content and in structure. Thus, you can rule these two out as an improper match.

Finally, we come to the dry page. The poem here describes winter, when the snow returns. It has the same rhyme scheme as Truths of the North, and contains the ongoing theme of "the wise Nord" knowing something present within the ruined book. It also utilizes enjambment, just like the poetry in the ruined book, and has eight lines to its stanza, matching the structure of the other poem. Therefore, you can conclude that the dry page is the one that fits in Truths of the North. Use the altar to place the book, and fit the dry page into the poem so you can move on. You place the page in the Book by touching the Altar a bit lower down and a Choice of pages to fit, click on the Dry Page.

The Final Burial ChamberEdit

Queen Nurnhilde tells you the third and final burial chamber is hers, you should meet her there with Queen Nurnhilde's Amulet. When you arrive in her burial chamber, it is clear that Nurnhilde is upset. Her remains and crown, the legendary Crown of Freydis, have been taken, and this could only have been done by royal blood. She realizes that her brother, Fildgor, must have been the one who did this, and asks you to go stop Fildgor. Exit the tomb via the nearby tunnel, which the Stormfists dug, and pursue Filgor Orcthane.

When you leave the tunnel you hear Fildgor giving orders to his men to stop you. Defeat Shukul gro-Agluk and his Stormfist cronies, then speak with Captain Hamar, who has now retaken Fort Morvunskar and is waiting inside with his men by the south gate. He tells you how they retook the fort and thanks you for your assistance. The quest ends with Queen Nurnhilde appearing before you to thank you. She says you should keep her amulet so that you will always be connected.


  • You can also solve the book puzzle simply by looking for which page out of all the loose leaves contains the phrase "The wise Nord knows".

Quest StagesEdit

Sleep for the Dead
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
  Queen Nurnhilde wanted me to meet her at the entrance to the crypt. It should be right behind the barracks.
Objective: Talk to Queen Nurnhilde
I need to enter the royal tomb and return these relics to their proper resting places.
Objective: Enter the Royal Tombs
I'm inside the royal tombs beneath Fort Morvunskar. I should make my way to the first burial chamber and see if I can determine where to return the relics.
Objective: Find the First Burial Chamber
I need to return the old Nord cup to the appropriate altar in the first burial chamber. I should ask Queen Nurnhilde if she has any advice.
Objective: Return the Old Nord Cup
Objective Hint: Talk to Queen Nurnhilde
With the old Nord cup returned to its proper resting place, I should locate the next burial chamber.
Objective: Find the Second Burial Chamber
The Truth of the North, a book of Nord proverbs, was damaged when the Stormfists plundered it. I need to recover the missing page and return the restored book to the pedestal.
Objective: Return the Nord Book
Objective Hint: Talk to Queen Nurnhilde
Hidden Objective: Crumpled Page
Hidden Objective: Damp Page
Hidden Objective: Singed Page
Hidden Objective: Dry Page
With the book of Nord proverbs returned to its proper resting place, I should locate the final burial chamber—Queen Nurnhilde's tomb.
Objective: Find the Final Burial Chamber
I made my way to Queen Nurnhilde's burial chamber. I see her standing by her stone coffin and she seems upset. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Queen Nurnhilde
Fildgor and the Stormfist invaders stole Queen Nurnhilde's body from her coffin. They also took her crown, the legendary Crown of Freydis. I should track their path through the tunnel they used to access the tomb.
Objective: Exit the Tomb Via the Tunnel
Fildgor and his Stormfist allies have stolen Queen Nurnhilde's body and the Crown of Freydis. I should try to catch up to them before they get away.
Objective: Pursue Fildgor Orcthane
Fildgor Orcthane has left an Orc champion named Shukul gro-Agluk behind to hinder my pursuit. I must defeat the Orc before I can continue the chase.
Objective: Defeat Shukul gro-Agluk
Fildgor escaped with Queen Nurnhilde's body and the Crown of Freydis, but I was able to defeat his Orc champion. I should return to Fort Morvunskar and tell Captain Hamar what happened.
Objective: Talk to Captain Hamar
Finishes quest  After I learned of Fort Morvunskar's liberation, the spirit of Queen Nurnhilde appeared again. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Queen Nurnhilde
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