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The Ascendant Order

The Ascendant Order was a secret order of knights led by the Ascendant Lord, a mysterious figure who threatened to disrupt peace talks for the Three Banners War and condemn Tamriel to endless conflict.[1] There main base of operations was in the Systres archipelago The Order had been generally non-hostile until their recent thwarts to disrupt peace talks between the three alliances, stealing a Society of the Steadfast master medallion and various others to curse them with fatal enchantments. As they were Breton-influenced, they liken themselves to a Knightly Order, though most of the other Orders thought of them as a rogue order of well-armed fanatics. They counted people from high society among their ranks, such as Count Damard Dufort, who was secretly the Ascendant Magus, the second-in-command of the Order.[1]

The Ascendant Lord was unmasked by The Vestige as none other than Lord Bacaro Volorus, a philanthropist and founder of the Society of the Steadfast. Volorus' ultimate goal was to become the new Druid King and bring an era of destruction to Tamriel, replacing the fallen Empire with his own "Ivy Throne". The Vestige confronted him at Mount Firesong, defeating Volorus and saving the archipelago from destruction.[2][3]


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